Reversed Hour 01:10 Meaning and Significance With Guardian Angels

The mirror hours, as well as the reverse mirror hours both, have their own connections in regards to both numerology and astrology. If one day you look up to your watch and see these hours, it is because there are some major forces at work and the universe is trying to send a special message to you.

But the thing is that the message is vague and symbolic and you have to be the one to interpret the meaning behind it. The idea of the reverse mirror hours and mirror hours was first presented to eh world by the psychiatrist Carl Jung who correlated it with his idea of Synchronicity.

The word Synchronicity refers to an occurrence of the simultaneous and accidental sorts of two different events that do not have any obvious link between each other. In plainer words, Synchronicity is the occurrence of two phenomena that happen at a simultaneous time without having a direct relation to each other or occur without the influence of each other.

To put it in perspective of the Mirror hour phenomena, there is not a thing that is connected to a person’s watch, their alarm clock or any other clock when it suddenly shows the mirror hours or reverses mirror hour when a person looks at them.

What to do when seeing 01:10 Reverse mirror hour?

We tend to gander our watches many times each day to check what time of the day it is. Sometimes when we look at the watch, we will be surprised to find what time it is showing. We can find the time on the watch a bit shocking with the same numbers being repeated either in continuity or in reverse. For example, we may come across a repeated mirror time like 01:10. If we come across such a number then it is an indication that it is being shown to us due to a reason. This showing of the mirror hour is not a random coincidence; it has its own significance.

When a person comes across the mirror hour 01:10, it is a sublime message from the universe for the person to take note of their weaknesses and strengths. There could be many reasons for this time to appear like a person’s spirits are in some sort of trouble, the person in question is being betrayed, or they are about to make a fatal discovery, what they are going to learn is going to bring them harm or they are going to be facing certain obstacles in their efforts.

01:10; Relation to Guardian Angels:-

If a person comes across the reverse mirror hour like 01:10, they are being contacted with the umber’s Guardian Angel. The angel who is in relation to 01:10 is called Angel Elemiah, which is tasked with things like success and protection. The angel in form of this reverse mirror hour is trying to send a message to you.

Elemiah is trying to provide you with the comfort of mind as well as help you look out for the people who might betray you or have already betrayed you. The goal behind this is not to seek revenge but to make a person have the ability to make peace with it.

Elemiah also is trying to send the message that he will help you in your professional endeavours. He is there to provide you with a sense of enterprise and initiative. With the strength of this guardian angel, you will find it easy to take make decisions and take action upon them. He is giving you the natural sense of authority along with truth, integrity and equality.

Elemiah is also telling the person that their energy is that of an optimistic individual and that they need to keep this state of mind for making through some of the difficult times in their life easily. Even if the problem seems improbable to overcome, with his help, you can overcome them. You must live your life in peace and do not let any trouble or worry keep you from having it.

Another message behind the 01:10 reverse mirror hour is that Angel Elemiah is an angel who protects people from sorcery, curses, witchcraft and other occult influences that can harm a person. Elemiah is right beside you to keep the evil away from you as well as fight against the violence and anger that is coming your way.

With means of 01:10 reverse mirror hour, Elemiah is also pushing in a forceful will and courage into you. This is to help you to overcome adversity in your life along with giving you energy and time to have a happier and serene life. He will guide you to find that inner strength of yours so you can use it to not only help yourself but also others.

01:10; Meaning in relation to Numerology:-

The number 11 in the reverse mirror hour of 01:10 is a representation of qualities like Idealism, Courage, Willingness, and Intuition. But at the same time, it also is a symbol of negative qualities like tension and contradictions. The number 11 is a channel that directs the information from both ends so it is also a bridge of sorts between the unconscious and conscious mind.

The number 11 is a dominant number and thus gives the person a strong desire and ambition to accomplish a great thing. Still, one needs to be conscious of this number as it is also a source of stress and anxiety. Seeing this reverse mirror hour and number 11, one must ensure that they must have only specific goals.

This number also gives the person the power of Invention. It helps the person become patient and to have great finesse and skill for supporting others. This will help the person work in a group while maintaining the group’s harmony. Still, one must work their best to develop the ability first to benefit from it.

This number also gives the person a strong sense of rhythm, beauty and balance. It helps the person become more sensitive and passionate. Your natural clairvoyance will provide you with awareness of the desires and needs of your partner. Once you have that realization, you will be able to give your partner a sense of fulfilment with your thoughtfulness.


Your guardian angels and the Universe have bestowed upon you a rare gift: seeing the mirror hour 01:10.

In general, it could indicate progress on the spiritual path, an opportunity for new connections and emotional fulfilment and harmony, or the beginning of a leadership role and a process of organizing people.

The Universe and your personal guardian angels are there to help you succeed in this job, whatever it may entail for you.

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