History of the Flower of Jericho, care and rituals

History of the Flower of Jericho, care and rituals

There are many plants that have medicinal, aromatic and even magical properties, among which we can mention the Jericho flower . If you want to know everything related to the Jericho flower care , and what the Jericho flower is for , be sure to read this article, because we bring you everything about this interesting plant.

Jericho flower

The Jericho flower is a very particular type of fern, since it is characterized by the fact that it can appear in two completely different states, depending on the characteristics of its environment; In this sense, when the circumstances around it are unfavorable, it can be seen in a ball, so it is seen as a simple withered bush. On the other hand, when it is enclosed surrounded by sufficient humidity and more favorable conditions, it appears with extended sporangia and has a vivid green color.

It is pertinent to mention that both phases have occurred alternately on a large number of occasions, for approximately more than twenty years. Within the world of the occult, this plant is known as a sacred plant, and also with certain magical powers; In this sense, it has been used by shamans and sorcerers for different purposes based on its magical properties, for thousands of years, and later began to be part of the elements used in alchemists’ laboratories.

It is believed that the Jericho flower absorbs all the energies coming from the place where it is located, especially the negative ones, which it later transforms into positive energies. This flower is also known by the name of Doradilla or resurrection plant; in addition to the fact that different magical uses have been attributed to it according to certain cultures, among which the property of blessing and protecting homes can be highlighted, as well as the ability to attract luck, fortune and money in the field of business .

Those people who practice voodoo also use this flower in order to attract love and money; but this authentic talisman also has another series of benefits, in the sense that those people who decide to work with a flower or Rose of Jericho, or want to include it in their lives, will experience certain improvements in their married life or as a couple, in their health, workplace, business, their offspring and may also be economically prosperous.

This interesting plant grows in the extensive meadows of the United States, and can also be found in certain regions of northern Spain, western France, Belgium and the Middle East. It also has a sugar molecule whose name is trehalose, which is believed to have the ability to resuscitate, as well as other plants and animals that use it to get out of states of apparent death.

It can also be found in various species of seaweed and fungi, where it would play a very important role in the hydration and dehydration processes.

The particular properties of this interesting plant have been known for a long time, on the one hand the Greeks called it the sacred plant of the resurrection, while the Arabs called it rose of ariha. On the other hand, those who were called the medicine men of the Hopi Indians looked for the flowers of Jericho that grew among the rocks, since they claimed that these were the best in terms of medicinal uses. It is also recognized for its therapeutic properties, especially diuretics and for the improvement and healing of wounds.

It is not known for certain at what point in history it received the name of Flor de Jericho, also Rose of Jericho, since it is not a native of this Palestinian city. However, it is believed that some travelers brought it there during the first centuries of the Middle Ages, at which time it was given the name Rosa Hiericontea.

By the time it arrived in Jericho, specifically to an important commercial point where different aromatic and medicinal herbs were sold, it began to be used in order to bless houses and attract fortune in business; Since then, its fame of being a magical plant has spread.

However, during the 13th century, the use of the Jericho flower in the magical arts began to be known in Europe, and it is believed that it was initially used to divine the time due to its high sensitivity to changes in the humidity.

Similarly, shamans and magicians paid special attention to the flowers of Jericho that grew in the desert, since with the arrival of humidity they opened slowly, but when the rain came, they expanded more quickly. On the contrary, when there were times of drought or rainfall was absent, these flowers remained closed.

In the same way, the alchemists and magicians of antiquity used this flower in their laboratories, where they also baptized it with the name of Divine Flower. For their part, the French occultists affirmed that if a pregnant woman places one of these flowers in a glass of water it will rain, and these will later unfold, indicating that the birth will take place without major complications. It is so much so that even today, in the Wallonia area (Belgium), you can see jars or plates full of doradillas in homes and public businesses.


The Jericho flower is a plant that has been able to attract the attention of many gardeners and naturalists, due to its ability to withstand extremely dry periods. In this sense, it can dry up completely, contracting its leaves completely and acquiring a spherical shape, and can remain dry for years. Now, once the plant is hydrated again, either because the environment is humidified or because it comes into contact with water, it will recover all its splendor.

This Jericho flower has tiny roots, which contract along with the plant and remain dormant during the dry period, so that the plant can detach itself from the ground and roll for long distances. Said exchange of phases from dry to green can be repeated many times over years; In addition, this plant is characterized by the fact that it does not usually exceed fifteen centimeters in height, and during its flowering period it will produce small white-colored flowers.

Legends of the Flower of Jericho

Regarding the rose or flower of Jericho, its origins and others, a large number of different legends have arisen around the world; among them, it stands out that during the Middle Ages it was used to predict the weather, since it reacted to the humidity of the environment. In this sense, the Flower of Jericho began to open if the weather changed and announced the rain; thus, the speed with which it carried out its transformation meant the approach of the rains.

Another of the stories put forward around this mystical plant comes from medieval times, when when a knight of Catalan origin belonging to the nobility of Vallespir, whose name was Guillaume, returned from the crusades with several of these flowers, convinced of all the magical properties attributed to it in the East.

Once he returned to his land, the knight found out that his son was suffering from the most lethal disease of those times, which was leprosy; however, this gentleman, moved by an unshakable faith in the face of this event, decides to collect holy water from a nearby church and put a Jericho flower in it.

Now, based on the occult tradition of the novenas, he kept the flower there for a period of nine days, and after this time he had his son wash his face with that water. According to this story, the knight’s son was cured almost immediately, and this greatly surprised all the people who were witnessing this fact. Evidently it caused a great fury among all, who began to believe in all the magical powers that were attributed to this peculiar and mysterious plant.

In addition to this, Christians also have many legends about this plant, one of them being that when Mary and Joseph were fleeing from Herod to prevent him from killing the Child Jesus, Mary got off the donkey and at the moment of touching the ground a flower of Jericho sprouted from it to greet Jesus.

Another of the legends affirms that when Jesus died crucified, all the roses withered, but they reappeared three days later, thus coinciding with the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is also believed that the Jericho rose or flower appeared when Jesus shed his blood for humanity.

Another legend indicates that when Jesus was praying in the desert, a flower from Jericho fell at his feet; Later, when it dawned, the humidity of the environment was transformed into drops of Dew, which were placed delicately between the branches of the plant, and these drops were collected by Jesus with his fingers to bring them to his lips and thus quench his thirst. , after having been praying all night.

Maintenance of the Flower of Jericho

The Jericho flower is an extremely resistant plant, and is capable of withstanding practically any adverse situation to which it is exposed. However, if you want to cultivate a plant that grows better, it is necessary to take into account certain recommendations, which are explained below.

Sun exposure

This is a plant that is used to growing in deserts, under very strong sunlight; For this reason, in order for this plant to grow properly, it needs approximately eight hours of sunlight per day. It can also be located in a place where it cannot receive direct sun, but must have at least good lighting. It should be ruled out that this flower cannot withstand temperatures below 16° Celsius, so icy climates do not suit it at all.


It should be mentioned that this plant is not particularly sensitive to the quality of the soil in which it is planted, so it can grow in perfect conditions even in normal garden soil, since it is an optimal place for planting. It will also depend on the area in which we live, since it will be preferable to plant the Jericho flower in a pot if the temperatures during the winter are very low, since it will be easier to take it to a place with the best conditions for it.


Another aspect that must be taken into account so that the Jericho flower plant grows in perfect conditions is that it must be regularly and constantly watered, at least three times a week when it is very hot, and once or twice during periods of higher humidity.

A technique used to identify if this plant needs watering is to carefully observe the substrate of the pot, since if we notice that it is dry, it means that the flower is in need of water.


It is appropriate to point out that the fertilization of the Jericho flower should be done with the sole purpose of stimulating its growth, so it is only enough to do it once a year, specifically during the spring, adding substrate or compost to the garden or to the soil in which is growing.

Finally, it should be mentioned that there are people who buy this plant completely dry and put it in a fish tank, where it remains submerged and in a few hours it opens completely. Thus, this flower can be kept in water without having to put it in a pot, always taking the precaution of changing the water in the fish tank frequently. It can also be placed on a plate with water, and the rose will absorb the liquid, remaining green in its entirety.

Rituals with the flower of Jericho

There is a large number of rituals that can be performed with the Jericho flower, given its well-known magical properties and others; however, it must be kept in mind that when we are working with magic, it is necessary to go to the triangle of truth or to the three essential factors, which are the following:

  • Faith: this must be total and frank on the part of the person who is performing the ritual.
  • The Positive Mind: It is very important to have positive thoughts when performing this and any other ritual, since what a negative mind is going to do is attract bad vibrations, and they are not going to leave us with anything good.
  • The Will: it is very necessary to be completely willing to carry out the work to the letter, without adding or subtracting details of any kind.

In any case, and based on the elements described, the following rituals can be performed with the flower of Jericho; one that can help us get a job, and another to protect and take care of our home from bad influences.

Ritual to get a job

To perform this ritual in order to get a decent job, the first thing to do is place the Jericho flower inside a glass fishbowl or a glass bowl, with pure water. Next, the desire to obtain a job as quickly as possible should be written on a piece of paper, in pencil or with virgin ink.

Once this is done, this piece of paper should be wrapped around a small magnet or a magnetic stone, to form a small package that will be tied to the roots of the plant, as long as it is not too heavy. The following prayer should then be recited for a period of 28 days:

“Santa Rosa and San Pancracio, I make this offering to you, with a clean and pure desire, and the great illusion, that the serious and long work reaches my heart”.

Completing this sentence, the work must be finished by burying the flower somewhere in our garden or on the balcony, in order to collect all its protection.

Ritual to protect the home from bad influences

This ritual is very useful to perform when certain strange events are happening in our lives or in our house, or when we suspect that we are victims of an evil eye, also to clean a house before starting to live in it, or in cases similar to these. The first thing to do is take three flowers of Jericho and three candles, one white, one red and one green.

It should be taken on a Monday night, to place in a corner of the house three bowls of water with a flower in each of them, and the three should form a triangle with more or less equivalent sides.

Now, in the center of the triangle formed, the three colored candles must be placed, which are previously rubbed with mandrake oil. These candles must be lit for three minutes each day, for nine days, reciting with great faith and in a low voice the following prayer:

“For the holy flame be Melquisedec, for the divine flower that is reborn, for the colors of San Alejo (green, white and red), that the evil of my house is suffering, for the three divine forces (make the sign of the cross ), disappear forever from my chambers.”

Then, when the prayers and prayers have been completed, as well as after the indicated days have passed, it is necessary to take the remains of the candles, the flowers and the water and throw them away, since all the bad vibrations or energies that could exist in the house, will have been impregnated in these remains.

Small children should also not be allowed to touch these remains. A new Jericho flower can also be placed in the house, in order to strengthen the ritual and as a preventive and security measure.

It is extremely interesting to see how this peculiar flower is capable of contracting in times of drought, appearing to be completely dry, and then resurrect and turn such an attractive green, when the conditions are the most suitable for its growth.

In short, there is something mystical in its characteristics, a very interesting mystery that makes so many people so devoted to this plant, it can heal and can ward off bad influences and vibrations from anywhere.

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