Learn why God's mercy is new every day, here

Learn why God’s mercy is new every day, here

The mercy of God is considered a divine attribute, which is made up of elements of kindness and forgiveness, related to the petitions that they ask God, with the aim that he has mercy on them for each sin committed throughout his life. . This term is specifically linked to Christian precepts and is present in the passages of the Bible.

Mercy of god

Mercy is for Christians an attribute considered divine, it is then part of the kindness and forgiveness of those believers who ask God with the aim that he has enough mercy to forgive their sins and disobedience.

This is precept among Christians and is found in many passages in the Bible. It is important to mention that, for Jesus, man must be merciful to those who are part of his life.

People should not have feelings such as resentment, revenge, contempt and other negative elements. On the other hand, it should be known that mercy can be observed in different ways, as is the case with the Holy Spirit.

Many people make the mistake of confusing mercy with pity, even though these are two different concepts. Pity is not considered an attitude that persists in the personality, it is rather a passing sensation. It is important to understand then that pity has nothing to do with kindness or mercy.

divine mercy

This is considered a principle of devotion felt towards God. It essentially demonstrates the trust that exists between Jesus and his believers by his gracious sacrificial act on the cross for the cleansing of our sins.

Through these sacrifices, the Church indicates that all those believers who are sons of God who repent of their sins from the heart, will be forgiven in the name of Jesus every sin committed, because this is a symbol of salvation that allows us to be part of the kingdom of God.

In addition to that, this is directly related to the lifestyle that Christianity wants for its believers. Where the interior actions expressed in the faith in God and in the promises of him are of the utmost importance. Like all external elements of worship towards religious aspects, it is expressed through prayers and acts of love for God.

Understanding of God

God is considered a being of mercy and grace. That is why his children must start with acts where mercy is really originating towards the believers around him.

It must also be understood that God is merciful even with those who offend his word through sins and impure acts related to his divine law. Although the Lord knows every act of guilt that we carry, he does not always deliver the deserved punishment to the unfaithful.

Despite this, it is important to understand that all sinners do not have the glory of God, being justified only by their repentance and faith in the grace of the Lord.

It is important to understand that we are all sinners and many times we do not carry out correctly the factors of justice that God wants us to carry out. But the real repentance of our sins is what makes us different.

This is because God, with his infinite mercy, found a way to forgive our sins through the sacrifice that our Savior Jesus Christ made on earth, even though we do not deserve it.

Along with grace, mercy was also granted to us, since God really loves his children deeply and only begs us to accept his teachings with faith and love towards him. (You can perform the high-level intercessory prayer )

To whom did God bestow mercy?

God asks us to do justice, mercy and humiliate ourselves before him. With his acts of love towards humanity, God has shown us that he is good and is capable of responding to everything that concerns our well-being, offering mercy to all believers.

God shows us every day what is good. He is able to forgive the wickedness of his children and forget it if the person repents from the heart, through his mercy. In addition to that, he does it because he enjoys offering his mercy to man.

Throughout the Bible, the mercy of God is reflected, some of the greatest examples are in Genesis 37 to 45, through the story of Joseph, the son of Jacob. In this biblical story, God is remarkably merciful to Joseph’s brothers, despite betraying the Lord.

On the other hand, in the illustrations of King David of the Psalms, mercy is reflected. That is why it must be understood that God’s mercy is inexhaustible and is found from the beginning of time to the present.

the ultimate benefit

It is important to understand that the primary benefit is that a merciful God describes what he is willing to do for his children. For the Lord offers us forgiveness even though he is aware of all our faults.

It is he who gives us life every time we find ourselves in the hands of the evil one, through his love. Thanks to him we can get rid of our sins. Our Lord is the one who makes us divest ourselves of all those acts in which the flesh dominates the soul and thoughts become dark. He strips us of the anger that we naturally possess.

God is rich and abundant in mercy, because he has a great love for us and this love is what allows us to be so blessed with his actions towards us despite our mistakes.

Although we are dead in sin, thanks to the sacrifice of Jesus, God gave us life. By his grace we are saved people. What allows us to resurrect and remain in heavenly places with Jesus eternally in his kingdom (Do not stop learning about spiritual liberation )

Jesus is our abundant wealth of blessings. Faith is part of the grace of salvation from sins committed. God is our main support and guide to the right path, it is he who prepares us to open our hearts to his grace and mercy eternally from him.

When we feel down with sadness

Sadness is a feeling that can be part of our lives at any time. How we act before it varies according to our commitment to the Lord. Well, God is not indifferent to our pain.

He, as our Father, cares about us because we are his children. That is why he, with his great mercy, manifests himself to us through other people, with the aim of making us feel better.

On many occasions, because of their pain, people deny the acts of the Lord towards us. What makes us not understand that there are many situations that are full of mercy delivered by God. He is our consolation, that is why we must not lose hope in the Lord.

Problems always have a solution if God goes with us because he is our happiness. He will never turn his back on us, he does not waver like us, because he is glorious and divine.

Our Lord is firm and strong in his promises, he is our consolation, who loves us and guides us towards happiness and abundance.

when we commit a sin

God’s mercy is what gives us the opportunity to purify ourselves again from all the sins we commit throughout our lives. (See article:  Prayer to succeed at work  )

Confession is part of this divine act that God has given us, with the aim of cleansing our sins. What allows us to unload the full weight of the evil that we carry on our backs.

The Lord gives us the perfect opportunity to start over. Through salvation that makes us stronger and more worthy of our Creator’s love. It is important to understand then that God is our true peace and he is always with us waiting for us to give him our hearts eternally.

Given this, we must face our sins, because this is the true way in which we accept God’s help eternally. If we accept and start with merciful actions, God manifests his mercy with greater accentuation. Well this is part of your real repentance and the need to return to the kingdom of God.

When God gives us the opportunity to recover from illnesses.

Faced with this type of painful problems, it is extremely important to remember that God in his great mercy offers us opportunities that are divided into the testimony of faith and courage in the face of diseases, where it is used as an example of life and purification of spirit, to thus reach the cure.

The healing process is based on the miracle granted by God through his mercy towards us, offering his love to his children in exchange for commitment and faith in his word. God gives everyone the opportunity to turn to his mercy, it is up to you to know how to use it.

As human beings we find it hard to accept how fragile we are and that is why on many occasions we do not ask God for help as it should be. He knows our feelings and that is the center of him to act on him, because it is the feelings that really test our faith.

when we can forgive

Human beings find it very difficult to forgive, which is why it must be understood that true forgiveness comes only from God, since he is the one who has true mercy.

For in our own strength we are not capable enough to forgive all faults. That is why it is recommended that when you feel unable to forgive, you leave it to the Lord.

Despite this, we must always ask the Lord for mercy, so that little by little we can be good people, loved by God. We must leave behind bitterness, anger, desire for revenge and negative thoughts.

When the person you cannot forgive comes to your mind, sit down and talk to God and ask him to give you enough wisdom and mercy to forgive. In this way we can be at peace with God. In addition to this, it helps us to put ourselves in the other’s shoes, thus achieving true forgiveness thanks to mercy.

When we experience ourselves loved again

Many times loneliness is a feeling that does not allow us to understand that our life needs love to have a heart that is much more kind and capable of giving mercy and love to others in the way that God wants us to do it.

It is also important to understand that our Lord is the only one who is aware of the feelings that we have inside us and that is why he is the only one in charge of placing in our paths the right people to make our life a fuller and happier one. . He is the Lord the only one who can allow us to feel loved again.

However, it is important to understand that everything must be in its time. God can do everything and therefore he sees and hears everything. For this reason, he is attentive to our prayers and intends to please us in his infinite mercy. But it is important that in order for him to give us what we ask for, fill us with a lot of patience and faith.

Impatience can lead people to make mistakes, we must start accepting the will of our beloved Lord. It is understood that every human being wants to feel loved and wanted by another person, but this desperation sometimes separates us from the Lord and leads us to make bad decisions. (See Article:  The power of prayer )

We must first feel that we are loved by God and in turn love the Lord from the heart. With this we can understand the value of our existence, since God is so merciful that he gives us many virtues and love, both to give and to receive.

Thanks to the mercy of God is that we find true love and we give ourselves with his blessing, in addition to that, thanks to him we learn to love each other from the heart.

When we achieve a goal

It is extremely important that we keep in mind that it is thanks to the mercy of God that we achieve goals. Well, it is he who gives us the necessary strength to fight and prevail in any situation.

God is the one who gives us the energy to sacrifice ourselves and so that every time we fall we stand up again with even more strength. We must remember that we are children of God, that is why our life has to revolve around them.

It is also important to keep God in mind when we find ourselves at the top, since it is he who makes it possible for us to achieve everything positive in our lives. When we get excited about an achievement we should thank the Lord.

We must voluntarily allow him to direct our lives, for he will always lead us to a good destiny. We must not forget the merciful plans of God, he is the one to whom we must tell our wishes and dreams.

God listens and acts according to his will, not according to our plans and these take time. That is why we must understand that God’s time is perfect and he is the one who gives us the security of achieving our goals.

when the impossible happens

Our prayers are heard, when that loved one who has passed away for some time returns with the conversion of a family member through the news of a pregnancy. That is why we must understand then that there are thousands of miracles that occur daily.

In some cases, these miracles are small and even for some insignificant and therefore they are not given much importance. However, they are of importance and it would be impossible for them to occur if God had no mercy.

God is the only one who gives us love through mercy to his people. You must then keep in mind that everything is the work of the Lord. (Learn more about high-level intercessory prayer to ask for God’s mercy )

When we are able to help others

When we get to the point of feeling satisfaction in helping, we get one of the greatest feelings there is. This is because we feel useful and at the same time very important.

It should be known that helping others makes us better human beings every day and in turn allows us to see the events of the world with different eyes. Helping can take many forms.

We can volunteer in foundations, teaching good deeds in communities, educating, collaborating with the elderly, joining in every campaign for life or being a spokesperson for those who need help.

That inexplicable feeling that is felt when we give love is part of the gratitude and compassion that is related to mercy and this is responsible for bursting inside us and improving our lives. It is this then, part of God’s mercy that enters our lives.

When we discover ourselves children of Mary

The moment we discover our mother we understand that she is a gift to our souls and that is why we should feel lucky. God’s mercy gives us the best of mothers. A beautiful woman chosen by God to bring the Savior to earth.

Our dear mother does not stop following us on our way, she is the one who listens to us, comforts us, hugs us and intercedes for us every day. It is she who takes us out of purgatory.

The mother is merciful and that is why God gave her the mission of bringing her son to earth. Well, Maria is perfect, since she is an example of a daughter, wife, mother and friend. God is so committed to us that he gave us such a great woman as a mother.

She is the one who lived in the flesh the strongest pain in the world, seeing her son fall. When we speak of the greatest pain felt by a woman, we think of Mary Most Holy, who suffered it in the flesh.

Mary was the one who conceived before marriage and therefore was rejected and expelled from her land. She also became a widow before the crucifixion of Jesus and she saw her son die in the worst possible way.

It is she more than anyone who knows about our pain and that is why she has so much mercy. (See Article:  Miraculous prayer of the Holy Spirit )

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