Oshun Day All The Importance It Has In Santeria!

Oshun Day All The Importance It Has In Santeria!

Oshun is one of the most important deities that exist within the Yoruba pantheon. She represents feminine power as the sensuality that characterizes women. She is a very brave goddess and loved by her followers as she brings fortune to those who come to her. And especially when they ask him on Oshun’s day .

oshun day

There are multiple people or faithful to this religion who celebrate Oshun’s day on different dates. There is a reason for this. Religious syncretism was based on hiding the customs or traditions that the people of West Africa had when they were brought to other continents for the purpose of slavery.

Since they were in other countries with strong control by the Catholic Church, they could not exercise their Yoruba religion, so they hid their saints, their traditions under the names and festivities of other saints or virgins who resembled them within. the Catholic religion.

This is why Oshun’s day is celebrated on two different dates. Because of the great impact that these two religions had on people who still follow these different beliefs. The santeros only celebrate Oshun on September 12 but there are others who are also part of this religion who prefer to do it on the date they celebrated for Catholic syncretism on September 8.

It should be noted that on September 8 for Catholics, the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre is celebrated. She coincidentally is the patron saint of Cuba where there is a high percentage of santeros in this country. Most choose to honor veneration to the two divinities in these 5 days that are separated from September 8 to 12.

Over the course of five days people make a number of meals, all you have of drinks for the goddess, at least like rum. As well as ceremonies that require animal sacrifices or also that you have to let go of a part of you, deliver what weighs you down to this deity. Requests are the daily bread during this period of time. Very important since she is known for her miracles. Prayers should not be left aside because she likes attention and more when it is her date.

Altars are made for him where all those fruits that he likes are. People usually dress in colors of yellow and white as these represent them. They also usually gather to make songs and dances in commemoration since almost all of their patakies suffer a terrible compassion with human beings. Simply do not go under the table on Oshun’s day .

Proper Offerings to Oshun

Food is very important. A variety of dishes are given to her, but the goddess’s favorite is the Ochinchin, which includes shrimp, eggs, and onion. She likes a lot of seafood like crab and yellow rice. As well as sacrifices of chickens or pigeons in her honor. There is not enough space for the food that they make to him, this means that the more they make him, the greater the amount of veneration they have for him.

Regarding the dance that should not be overlooked as it is a primordial offering, it was mentioned earlier that this deity is very sensual and provocative. This is precisely how the dance that commemorates it has to be. That exudes passion for all the movements that people make as well as dance steps that are very loose with the belly to the men with whom they are dancing. This is to indicate movements that are made during sex. Since this goddess is responsible for couples so that they continue to maintain the strength of passion.

Honey is also involved as part of the dance. This is placed on the body of the person who is dancing and he rubs it all over his body in slow and seductive movements. It should be noted that they only apply this because they want all the gifts and qualities that Oshun has to be reflected in the dance, such as her extreme sweetness and being exotic in the steps, just as she is.

People are required to go at least once in these five days to the rivers that are located closest to where they live. Because Oshun is the patron saint and lady of all the rivers that exist in this world. She can ask petitions or make prayers in her honor, as well as drink by the riverside. Do not confuse Yemaya, owner of the seas, with Oshun, who is the one of the rivers. Although they are related by being sisters and by water, since each one fulfills a different purpose in the Yoruba religion.

Patakies of Oshun

Oshun since he was born has never stopped loving the people who live on this earth. So as she was the goddess of her fortune most of her prayed to her to intercede her poverty. So many asked her and she helped them all, to the point of being left in ruin.

Since he had no money, he dedicated himself to working in the river, washing other people’s clothes. And these in exchange for his work they paid him with copper coins. She only had one coin left at her mercy and even by fate she fell into the water and she was dragged by the current to the sea.

He implored Yemaya to do everything in his favor to get his coin back, because this was to feed his children. She listened to her. And she from the sea she showed him all the riches that Yemaya possessed but Oshun just took the coin from her and she returned.

Yemaya, impressed with what he had done, only told him: “For your love of your children and honesty, I am going to give you a part of my fortune and I grant you the river in your honor. But one piece of advice, never give more than you can have.”

This shows us the love that Oshun has for us. But it also gives us a great teaching of what we do not have to do. We must think first of solving for ourselves and in this way we can help others. Oshun’s day gives us the opportunity to give this deity everything she gives us.

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