The Phrases of Pope Francis

The Phrases of Pope Francis: Christian Reflections

You are a person very devoted to the Catholic religion and you follow the Vatican very closely, so don’t wait any longer and continue reading The Phrases of Pope Francis with his Christian Reflections.

Who is Pope Francis?

Said character is the current Pope number two hundred and sixty-six of the Roman Catholic Church without counting that he is also the eighth sovereign and the head of State of the Vatican City, this position was attributed to him, since the former pope named Benedict XVI He resigned, so on March 13, 2013 he was elected after two days of voting.

Long before entering the Vatican as a novice, he worked for a time as a chemical technician and then changed jobs, as follows, between 1964 and 1965 he became a professor of psychology and literature at the Jesuit Immaculate Conception School in Santa Fe. , in 1969 he became a priest and between 1980 and 1986 he became the rector of the Faculty of Philosophy and Theology of the Partido de San Miguel and the Colegio Máximo.

After this, he traveled to Germany and Buenos Aires where he stayed for six years in the City of Córdoba, having a great character and spirituality, he was seen by Cardinal Antonio Quarracino for what led him to the twenty of May 1992 appointed bishop of the diocese of Oca and one of the four auxiliaries of the archdiocese of Buenos Aires. After spending this time as a bishop on June 3, 1997, he was promoted to coadjutor archbishop, having the right to advance in office, so shortly after, after the death of his mentor, he was given the post of Episcopate, becoming a great chancellor. within the Argentine Catholic University.

On February 21, 2001, he was given the position of Cardinal Priest of San Roberto Bellarmino, but after the death of the Holy Father on April 2, 2005, he was allowed to be a candidate to opt for the position of such father, who did not got. He then became the president of the Argentine Episcopal Conference for only six years in a row, since for the next election he was unable to attend because of his studies.

Then on March 13, 2013 he assumes the position of pope after the resignation of Benedict XVI, and he was named Francisco in honor of the Saint of Assisi, Pope Francis is the first Jesuit from the southern hemisphere of America being the first pope in not being European since Gregory III. Pope Francis is known for his great humility, his importance in listening to the poor and his permanent commitment to dialogue with each person, whether of different origin or belief.

Within his work as pope, he has shown a number of very simple gestures, including the one who does not want to live inside the House of Santa Marta, this house is where all the popes live in their time as parents inside the Vatican. since 1903. Pope Francis is also characterized by having various initiatives which have carried a lot of weight over the years, one of them is the reform of the Roman Curia that ranges from health, canon law, ecclesiastical courts, the economy, administration, finances to the same social communities.

Said pope, by giving the reform, was able to exercise different solutions within the most complex issues such as the Vatican’s finances, economic activity, the fight against pedophilia, abuse, the nullity of marriage, among others. Shortly after this, Time magazine considered Pope Francis as one of the hundred most influential people in the world, for which he was named the person of the year.

Biography of Pope Francis

In the life of the Pope it can be highlighted that it has four fundamental parts which are:

The firsts years

Jorge Mario Bergoglio was born into a very religious family on the date of December 17, 1936 in a Buenos Aires neighborhood called Flores, Bergoglio was the eldest brother of the five children formed within the marriage of his father Mario José Bergoglio, an accountant who was born in Portacomaro emigrated to Italy and from his mother Regina María Sivori who was a housewife born in Buenos Aires Argentina despite being the daughter of immigrants from Piedmont and Genoa.

In his childhood, he was marked by a family rooted in Italian and Catholic origins, so his parents decided to baptize them on Christmas Eve in 1936 in the Basilica called María Auxiliadora y San Carlos located in the neighborhood of Almagro. In studies he began at the Salesian school called Wilfrid Barón de los Santos Ángeles.

Despite everything that said man did not have much communication with his grandparents, he always says that his grandmother was the woman with the greatest influence on him in his life, with some time Pope Francis was able to finish his high school at the ETN Hipólito Irigoyen where he graduated. as a chemical technician. Career that he exercised within the laboratory called Hickethier-Bachmann analyzing various agents that were completely intended to control food hygiene. Within all his youth he had to be operated on for a lung disease, so half of one was removed without any problem in his daily life, despite the fact that he must take care of himself so as not to have a respiratory infection that would lead him to death in being the case.

Jesuit priest

Already twenty-one years old, he was looking for a way to become a priest, so he entered the seminary called Villa Devoto and then the novitiate of the Society of Jesus, where he spent two years. Once he had completed his studies, he began to take a course in Classical Sciences to deepen all his studies in the branches of history, literature, Greek and Latin.

Between the years of 1964 and 1966 he dedicated himself to teaching psychology and literature at the prestigious Colegio de la Inmaculada de Santa Fe, later he became the spiritual director of some young Catholics who joined a Peronist group called Guardia de Hierro. This group is known as an organization created while the Peronist Resistance existed, despite everything it was dissolved in 1974.

In those years of the year sixty-seven and seventy, he also managed to study some studies related to theology within the Faculty of Theology at the Colegio Máximo de San José by the time he was thirty-three years old, precisely on the date of December thirteen, 1969. in priest. In the years of 1970 and 1971 he achieved his third approval of the novitiate in the Spanish city of Alcalá de Henares which would be the last test for him to fully enter the Society of Jesus.

In 1973 he was appointed as provincial of the Argentine Jesuits, but despite this, twenty days before this secession, he was asked to transfer the entire administration of the Society of Jesus, together with that of the University of Salvador, to a very small group. of Laity trusting various people previously known.

For the year of 1976 he had to experience the kidnappings of various priests by the dictatorship experienced at the time in that year he could see deaths and torture of friends very close to him but without counting that at times he had to participate in various disappearances and torture so that he would not be caught by the Jesuits.

Said man also managed to create a secret network so that the opponents who were persecuted could flee to Brazil without any problem, he was also a witness to testify against all those tortures that he had seen within State terrorism, this was recorded and published so that society knew the reality of the time. Already after this for the year 1980 he became the rector of the famous Colegio Máximo de San Miguel until 1986.

By 1990 he was appointed to go to the city of Córdoba to live in the company’s Residence and thus act as a priest as punishment for some investigations that were in his life, despite this he saw it as a purification and thus focus in what he wanted.

Bishop and Cardinal

After several years as a priest, he became the titular bishop of Oca and thus became an auxiliary bishop, not to mention that soon he would be promoted to bishop of the cathedral, then he became coadjutor archbishop, since his successor was in a very delicate state of health. Already on February 21, 2001 Saint John Paul II made him a cardinal so that he could possess the investiture of pope.

Being a cardinal, he had to assume his responsibility within the organisms of the Congregation for the Clergy, the Congregation for the Institutes of Consecrated Life and the Societies of Apostolic Life, the Pontifical Council for the Family, among others. In addition to these organizations, he also had to face the Argentine Episcopal Conference, since he was also Archbishop of Argentina Buenos Aires.

In 2005, Bergoglio, already president of the Episcopal Conference, authorized the murdered members of the society of apostolic life to be given the concession for their beatification, not to mention that at the same time he also carried out a very extensive investigation on the massacre where they died.

Over time, he also fought for the legislation of homosexual marriages and abortion, giving him great problems with various authorities such as Nestor Kirchner and his wife, social, political, feminist organizations, among others, not to mention that he also had to face countless Argentine bishops suggesting that the Catholic Church should accept same-sex marriages.

Being a cardinal and archbishop, he has shown great humanity and having a simple life, since he simply lived in a small apartment, he owes the residence he deserved for having said positions, in addition to that, he also renounced luxuries such as his limousine for the simple fact that he wanted to travel on public transport like the others and cook himself.

Bergoglio was also well known for being a reader of Fyodor Dostoevsky and Jorge Luis Borges, this man before being elected as pope had to resign as archbishop when he turned seventy-five.

2005 conclave

After the death of John Paul II there were already almost one hundred and seventeen cardinals under the age of eighty who could vote to elect the new pope, in this one I know how to find Bergoglio who considered himself eligible to be pope but despite them he came in second place although for Shortly before February 2013, when Benedict XVI resigned, the cardinals held a meeting where they decided to give Bergoglio the position of pope.

Pope Francis, as he calls himself, is not a supporter of Marxism and all the versions of the theology that exist within liberation and capitalism, which is why he is against consumerism and mass development. Despite this, he has actively collaborated in what would be the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba and the retention of the civil war.

Phrases of Pope Francis

Within the time that he has in his position, he has been recognized infinities of iconic phrases which are carried precisely in various topics that he considers important such as phrases of attitude, motivation, reflections to be better Christians, declarations, messages of faith and hope. , thoughts about family and love. With them, believers in God and even non-devotees often have great interpretations of following a quiet life, some of these phrases are:

“Far from annihilating, as we often intend or want to do, mercy approaches every situation to transform it from within”

With this phrase we can understand that before thinking about acting and performing an act of bad faith it is better to let everything fall with the weight of God because he sees everything from heaven.

“There is always the possibility of change, we are in time to react and transform, modify and change, convert what is destroying us as a people, what is degrading us as humanity”

In this phrase we can understand that in life everything can be changed the way you want as long as you have a goal and much more if it is done with good faith and without acting badly so that others do not obtain the achievements they want.

“Injustice that radicalizes young people, they are persecuted and threatened when they try to get out of the spiral of violence and the hell of drugs. And what about so many women whose lives have been unjustly taken from them?

Within this phrase, Pope Francis makes himself understood that over the years there is more and more violence in the world and that in general all young people who want to get out of the bad life are threatened so that they do not leave it and for those who do. You must run away as far as possible so that they are not killed for having abandoned the bad steps.

“The school of prayer is the school of life and in the school of life is where we are doing the school of prayer”

In general, with this phrase we can base ourselves on the fact that while prayer is possessed within our lives we can learn to cope with all the bad as if we were in a school learning new things.

“It is the tears that can give way to transformation, it is the tears that can soften the heart, it is the tears that can purify the gaze and help to see the circle of sin in which one is often submerged”

What can be understood within this phrase is that showing a tear or crying, even in private, can release the stress that one has and if a brief prayer is said to God, it can heal our wounds.

“You learn to pray, as we learn to walk, to speak, to listen”

This phrase has a great reason for most people, from a very young age, we are usually instilled that we should pray even once a day or go to mass every Sunday, so certain prayers are learned and that as our lives go by we are adopting our form of prayer with which we feel that God can hear us.

 “Our Father God does not know how to do anything other than love us and make us want, and push us, and take us forward, he does not know how to do anything else, because his name is love, his name is donation, his name is delivery, his name is mercy”

Within this phrase it can be understood how Pope Francis has faith that God meets all people whether they are devout or not, watching their backs and supporting them at all times to get ahead in the face of any adversity.

 “God asks you to have a gaze capable of intercepting the question that screams in the hearts of your people, the only one that has a screaming party on its own calendar. To that cry it is necessary to respond that God exists and is close through Jesus”

Under this phrase, Pope Francis acclaims that all those people devoted to the Catholic Church shout for a prayer at each mass so that God hears them and thus makes himself present in all of them.

“We have forgotten to focus on what should really be our real concern: the lives of people, their families, those who have also suffered because of this cycle of violence”

With this phrase it can be understood how today people are not interested in knowing about the lives of other people, but only about their own, which is why Pope Francis always asks that they be aware of their own families.

“Art and sports widen the soul and make it grow well, with fresh air and do not crush life. Keep being creative, keep it up, looking for beauty, cute things, things that last forever, and never let yourself be trampled by anyone “

This phrase wants to tell us that those things that we enjoy, whether things like art, sports, enlarge the soul and enrich our spirit, that we must look for what makes us happy, dream and enjoy those things that life brings us. .

“Because from the hand of Jesus Christ it is possible to live fully, from his hand it is possible to believe that life is worthwhile, that it is worth giving the best of oneself, being leaven, being salt and light in the midst of friends, in in the middle of the neighborhood, in the middle of the community, in the middle of the family”

This great phrase of Pope Francis shows us that going hand in hand with Jesus, that is, believing in Jesus Christ, it will be possible for us to believe in the wonders that life gives us and make us understand that life is worth living and giving the best of each one. believing in Jesus Christ, be it in the midst of any community or family to which you belong.

“Dear brothers, you are the wealth of this Country and, when you doubt that, look to Jesus Christ, who is hope, the one who denies all attempts to make you useless, or mere mercenaries of foreign ambitions”

With this phrase he makes us understand that we (the people) are the great wealth that each country has, and that we should not fall into doubt about it, but if this were to happen we should see heaven look for Jesus because of the fact that this is the hope that will disprove any doubts we have about it.

“It is convenient that from time to time they argue and that a plate flies, it is fine, do not be afraid of it. The only advice is not to end the day without making peace”

For this very significant phrase of the pope is that there is no need to be afraid of arguing between couples because it is common in nature not to agree on some issue but what is of great importance is not to continue being upset for a long time, since This leads to the destruction of the relationship.

Election of Pope Francis

Once the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI was completed and once the vacant seat was closed, the 2013 conclave began in which Jorge Bergoglio was considered as a reformist candidate, who was considered to have the capacity and age to be able to reform. the Roman curia, however this was not listed as one of the most notorious papacies. But long before Pope Benedict XVI became effective, he had a gesture for Jorge Mario Bergoglio in which the pope would have appointed him as a member of the Pontifical Commission for Latin America, with which he interpreted it as a great message in who placed his trust.

Cardinal Jaime Ortega, the Archbishop of Havana, was the one who at the time made known the unique documentation with the power of Jorge Mario Bergoglio before the cardinals and the conclave. On March 13, 2013 at six past seven after the fifth round of elections and on the second day of the conclave, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected as successor to Pope Benedict XVI.

The great Cardinal Protodeacon Jean Louis Tauran was the one who announced the election of Francis from the balcony of Saint Peter’s Basilica and expressed with the Latin formula: «Annuntio vobis Gaudium Magnum: Habemus Papam.  Eminentisimun ac reverendisimum dominum, dominum Giorgium Marium, Sancte Romane Ecclesiae Cardinalem Bergoglio; qui sibi nomen imposuit Franciscum»

Which if we translate it into Spanish tells us: I announce a great joy, we have a dad. The Most Eminent and Most Reverend Sir Don Jorge Mario of the Holy and Roman Church Cardinal Bergoglio, who has given himself the name of Francis.

This was the first pope who had American origin as well as the first who does not have a Middle Eastern, European or North African nationality, as the popes have been on previous occasions. Pope Francis also stands out because he was the first non-European pontiff since 741, the year in which the great Gregory III died, who was of Syrian nationality and also Pope Francis is the first pope who belonged to the company of Jesus.

If you are interested in learning more about Pope Francis, we recommend you click on the following video:

He took the name of Francis, who was sometimes incorrectly named Francis I (First), and this in his first public appearance he raised a great prayer dedicated to his predecessor Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI with which after that he spoke that he would begin a path, and with it he asked his faithful followers to pray for each other to create a fraternity.

After the appointment of Pope Francis, many of his faithful followers gathered in front of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires to celebrate his election and then celebrate a mass in the temple also for this reason.

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