The Powerful Catholic Prayer to Remove Fear

The Powerful Catholic Prayer to Remove Fear

One of the most important battles that every Christian has to face is his fight against fear. Irrational fears force us into irresponsible lives or prevent us from doing what is responsible and being bold in sharing our faith. The fear of God is the only fear that can overcome all other fears. Here we leave you this prayer to remove fear .

How to pray when you feel afraid?

It is human to feel fear, so it should not surprise us that even the most powerful or wealthiest person has felt fear at some time in his life and has sought to overcome it. Here is a prayer that will help you overcome your fears:

God, today I have the need to speak to you with the humility of a poor person, with a weakened but completely loyal heart.

I suffer, Lord, because I feel fear, a lot of fear, more than ever. I don’t understand why, or rather, I do understand why: since You, God, lovingly want it. And I admit it.

But I still hear your friendly voice: «Do not be afraid, do not let your heart be dismayed.
It’s me. I will stay by your side until the end.” You have to repeat it to me always Lord, and in the most difficult times, bring around me very humble souls who remind me of it for you.

I am afraid, Lord, very afraid. Fear of not understanding my brothers and saying the words they need.

Fear of not knowing how to chat, of not knowing how to choose my friends well, of not knowing how to order my life, of not knowing how to organize myself, of letting myself be subjugated by one person or another,
of not being adequately secure, like being all father and husband, of not knowing how to make amends in time, of not knowing how to suffer in silence, of worrying too much about things, and still, I am sure that something will go wrong. Therefore, God, I ask for your help.

It does me good to feel humble, very little, very useless and penitent. Now I am deeply sorry for my sins. I have missed a lot in my existence and you, Lord, continue to seek me and adore me.

But I repeat, I still feel fear, a lot of fear. I wouldn’t be sorry if he were more humble.
I think I am afraid of the possibility of failure. I am afraid of being wrong, particularly after they waited so long for me. But I do not consider that You also failed,
that not everyone accepted your teachings. Many abandoned you because “they thought it was hard” and your behavior was illogical.

It never went well for you, Lord: they were always very critical of you and wanted to throw you off the cliff.
If they didn’t kill you before, it was out of fear of the people who supported you. But the priests disowned you; Judas deceived you; Peter denied you; All your disciples abandoned you, and did you not suffer then?

And I, do I want to be more than the Master and more fortunate than my Lord?
Jesus, you have to teach me to say yes and not to let myself be overcome by fear.

When a son addresses his father with humility and absolute trust, he gets everything from him. We all need security and we are in search of it. It scares us when there is no certainty, when we lose our securities or when they are challenged or diminished.

A good job gives you confidence, being accepted by others, the things you have, the friends who support you, a familiar environment, your skills, your professional training, your promotions, money, obtaining recognition and dignities, being asked, receive care, your home, proper health, etc.

When our security is compromised, we are afraid. Our securities are torn down or reduced and we are in danger of being depressed. When this happens, we find ourselves in the position of the humble, the one who has never possessed anything or the one who has given up everything for lost and fully depends on the gratuity of the Lord’s love.

Prayer to Free You from Fear, Anguish and Emotional Pain

Today more than yesterday, we Christians have to convince ourselves that one cannot be cowardly or fearful. We must fight until we draw our final breath. We must be people capable of facing the test and defeating it. To do this, God has equipped each of us with talents and skills.

All of us have the strength and power, granted by God, to overcome all difficulties. We have to make an effort to defeat that problem and that situation that is hurting us. He reflects: if there are many who have been able to get ahead, you can still achieve it!

You only need to believe in what the Lord can do in your existence. Take control of your life right now, take advantage of the opportunities that the Lord has given you. Hold on to his love!

Prayer to Remove Fear

Lord, be clarity in my mind, calm in my heart, erudition in my decisions, love in my relationships. I need you, only You have the power to placate my sorrows. Only in You have I placed my hope, only in You will I have to find a place to shelter myself and thus not leave room for fear and the different forms of evil.

Numerous fears are those that attack me daily. For this reason, today, I have to admit to You that I am full of miseries, and I attend You as a friend and brother, so that you fill me with your joy and your rejoicing so that you renew that hopeful energy that raises from the ground all those who trust in You for help.

My Lord, You know that all my emptiness can only be filled by your mercy and your presence. My fears, my anxieties, my pains, my chaos, can only find solutions and healing in You. I understand that with your help I will be able to overcome all those fears that do not allow me to move forward.

Move me with your Holy Spirit. You keep me company and give me courage to face such circumstances that make my knees tremble. I stand loyal to You, as I am sure that You will not fail me. I give you my life Lord, I give you my mind and my heart and make me a loyal disciple of your love.

You grant me the security of a calm and joyful hope when, on many occasions in your Gospel, you indicate “Do not be afraid”. Whoever is a believer in You will never be disappointed and there will be no fear that makes his faith succumb.

I want to allow you to always approach me, to exist in communion with you all my existence, that my sins never separate me from your love since I always seek your absolution. All fear that is within me vanishes when I accept you and my mouth confidently pronounces: “I believe in You, my God.”

Touch my heart, heal it, free it from fear and the opposite situations that make it restless. You are my strength and I am confident that your love and compassion are not separated from my spirit.

I have to trust in your loyal promise, and in your Word that revives me. I also want you to speak to me those words of optimism that you said to Joshua “Do not be afraid or cowardly, since I, your Lord and God, will be by your side wherever you go.” (ver 1.9)

Blow my God, blow hard, blow the blessings on me that your Holy Spirit carries with them so that you help me to believe and give an authentic testimony of your love to the world, without fear and without fear.

Move me, my Jesus, with your Holy Spirit, may you always keep me company in all my challenges and in those moments of helplessness and weakness that sometimes I feel like they throw me to the ground and make me unable to continue the battle to be better every day. .

Grant me the strength and your power to overcome fears and be free from restlessness. Guide my heart and mind with the Holy Spirit, that powerful apparition understood in your three divine persons that illuminates our lives and makes us be determined and courageous people in faith.

I adore You Jesus, and I trust that at this moment, You are breaking with all those chains that keep me subject to despair, and even though I walk down dark paths, I will no longer doubt or fear, since your strength and your power They meet me and instill confidence in me. Amen

Trust in the Lord your God! Now abandon those fears and bravely dare to fight against those feelings that want to discourage you and make you feel worthless. Do not let that happen! You are a child of God! All the efforts you make in the vigorous Name of Jesus will have their results from one moment to another.

Your God is powerful, great and full of love. He can make the impossible possible. Pray to God at this time that he acts in your existence and in your family. Pray that he will turn your afflictions and inconveniences into joy and opportunities.

Prayer to Repeat During the Day

Lord, being full of worries, your reliefs fill me with joy (Psalm 94,19) I can overcome all the fears and sorrows of the road, since I go by your side, I am with you and I live with you. Amen”

The Lord bless you and free you from fears and sorrows and take away all emotional affliction from your soul. In the mighty name of Jesus.

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