Top 13 Natural Ways to Ease Muscle Stiffness: Move Freely, Live Naturally!

Suffering from muscle stiffness every now and then? Does it tend to spike up more after a workout or a long day at the desk? Well, they can be a real issue, affecting our daily lives. No wonder many people are so heavily dependent on pain relievers.

However, at the end of the day, these painkillers come with a lot of side effects. And instead of doing any good, they just stop the pain for the time being while causing more harm to the body. 

So, are there any natural ways to ease muscle stiffness?

Well, good for you because there is not just one but several natural ways to bid farewell to these unbearable pains.


First off, we have the CBD. 

Derived from the Cannabis plant, CBD (Cannabidiol) is a natural remedy that not only lessens muscle stiffness but also offers a certain kind of calmness to the area. 

Don’t worry; they will not get you high. They do help heal things in the most effective way possible. 

How do they do it?

Well, this natural compound interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the body to dial down muscle pain in a charismatic way. And for the best part, they are available in various forms – oil, cream, or even gummies.

However, when it comes to the purest form, then nothing can beat the CBD flower. No additives or fuss. Hence, whether your muscles are recovering from an intense workout or just need a daily dose of relaxation, these buds can do that trick. Thinking of using it frequently? Consider buying CBD flower wholesale, so that you don’t run out, especially during the time of need, as this is the most unfiltered remedy you can get!

2.Raw Onions

Raw onions? Yes, you heard it, right! They are more than just your yummy salad ingredients. In fact, you will be surprised to know that they are one of the most effective and beneficial things for lessening pain. 

How? They contain a variety of compounds (quercetin in abundance) to decrease the swelling associated with muscle stiffness. Plus, they contain antioxidants that are needed to keep the whole body in good health.

And in case you don’t know, antioxidants are helpful chemicals that are directly associated with renewing cells quickly and rebuilding the lost tissues. This stops the pain from repeating.

So, just bring some lifestyle changes and make sure to keep these little healers on your diet list. They will keep the stiffness at bay.

3.Apple Cider Vinegar

Packed with potassium, apple cider vinegar is an incredible ally when it comes to fighting against muscle stiffness. 

From preventing the build-up of lactic acid to alleviating discomfort, they work like magic due to their anti-inflammatory and alkalizing properties. Plus, they are super easy and convenient to use. 

Just mix a tablespoon with water and a dash of honey (optional), and you will be all good to savor this magical potion, taking all your muscle pain. You can also directly apply it to the affected area. No wonder they have been used for such a long time now! 

4.Epsom Salt

You, a warm bath, and Epsom salt are a perfect trio for lessening muscle pain. Don’t believe it? Well, this won’t be any average kind of soak; instead, it’s like a therapeutic plunge into the ultimate relaxation. 

How do they do it? These salts consist of magnesium and sulfate, which gives them a unique ability to penetrate right through the skin and work their magic directly on those stiff muscles. The moment you start soaking in this salt-infused warm water, you will feel the tension going away slowly. 

That’s how powerful they are! What makes it even better is how affordable they are. For optimal results, try this three times per week. However, people suffering from heart problems or hypertension should talk with their doctor before trying this out.

N.B: You can also light up some candles to set the ambiance and get that spa day feel in the comfort of your own bathroom! 

5.Try Some Exercises

Working while in pain? Yes, we are serious! If you are wondering whether that will worsen your condition, you can relax, my friend! Some types of workouts can help remove your muscle stiffness.

But don’t go doing full-blown HIIT training! Try doing gentle stretches and yoga poses, which particularly focus on the affected area.

So, start small, one stretch at a time – allowing the needed blood to flow properly so that it can shake off the stiffness.

  1. 6.Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the common ingredients in most households. Did you know this everyday pantry item can soothe all your aches and pains away in the most natural way?

How? Just take a warm massage with olive oil!

Along with giving you a spa day treatment, these oils will practically take away all your muscle stiffness by giving them a soothing hug from outside in! To make things more relaxing, you can add some calming music.

7.Essential Oils

When it comes to natural remedies, the list is incomplete without the inclusion of essential oils.  They are the aromatic superheroes of all time. 

For example, there’s lavender oil. It contains so much calming power that with a single massage, you will find your muscle stiffness going away while giving aromatic healing to your mental health.

On the other hand, there is peppermint oil. It tends to bring a whole new level of refreshing burst to the entire ambiance with its super soothing, minty vibes. Its cool and satisfying burn makes you forget that you were suffering from pain!

And the best part? All you need is a few drops (1-2) to give yourself a holistic treatment at home.


Chamomile is quite famous for its tea. But do you know that by having this tea, you will be doing a favor to your body?

This herbal elixir boasts anti-inflammatory properties and that extra little love needed to relax your muscles. And as you start sipping the tea, the first thing that will hold your breath is the delicate and refreshing aroma.

However, they are not limited to just tea. This versatile herb can be infused into a soothing bath or applied as a compress as well. No matter which one you use, the result will certainly mesmerize you – bringing harmony to your body and soul.

9.Cherry Juice

Packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, cherry juice is another yummy and natural warrior against muscle stiffness. All credit goes to their rich content of anthocyanins, which fight off the stubborn aches and take you to the ultimate state of relaxation. 

So, make sure to include them in your post-exercise drink. Both your taste buds and muscles will surely thank you for this juicy and helpful drink. 

10.Beet Juice

Don’t like beet juice? Well, you will like it once you know what power it holds! 

Coming with nitrates, this beet juice directly works by increasing the blood flow to the tired muscles, eventually promoting quicker recovery along with offering comfort to the stiffness. 

Plus, they are also known to improve the overall exercise performance. Hence, the next time you feel the stiffness creeping in, make sure to reach out for that earthy and refreshing remedy – a glass of beet juice. 


Energize your muscles with a cup of delightful coffee. Believe it or not, a cup of coffee is enough to lessen your muscle aches. 

But how? Well, thanks to caffeine, which not only works as a wake-up call for the brain but also stimulates the central nervous system, promoting improved blood circulation. 

In return, makes sure that the muscles receive a fresh supply of oxygen and nutrients, effectively taking away all the muscle tension and stiffness.

However, it doesn’t mean you should have it whenever you feel like it. Instead, stick to a moderate amount of caffeine – 1 to 2 cups a day. Otherwise, the excessive amount can have opposite effects, leaving you feeling all jittery and worsening the muscle tension. 


Let’s spice up things a bit with Turmeric.

Commonly used in curry dishes, this vibrant spice (high in curcumin) really knows how to put up a strong fight against muscle stiffness. So you can conduct your daily activities without suffering from any pain. 

Hence, if you don’t have the habit of adding them, consider including them in your diet. 

Whether it be through your roasted veggies or morning smoothie/golden lattes, adding a pinch of turmeric is enough to keep those muscles feeling as good as gold. Besides, they even make the taste super yummier by providing a warm and earthy flavor to the dish.

N.B: They are proven to be most effective for pain relief when mixed with black pepper and avocado.

13.Heat Therapy

Lastly, we have the heat therapy. They are the most efficient solution to provide ease to all your discomfort. And for the best part – they begin their work instantly. 

When applied to the affected areas, they immediately boost the blood flow, allowing the nutrients and oxygen to make their way all the way to the stiff areas. Ultimately, pampering the muscles and loosening up those knots causing all the pain. 

Whether it is a warm shower, a hot water bottle, heating pads, or a steaming towel, they are like the muscles VIP pass to relaxation that they cannot say “No” to. Hence, the next time your muscles throw a tantrum, treat them with a dose of heat therapy. 

Wrapping Up

So, there you have it – the top thirteen natural ways to ease muscle stiffness. They are a common occurrence in most of our lives, so why go through the pain when you have so many effective natural remedies? Each of these ways is extremely helpful and worth trying.

So, have you decided which remedy you will try first? If not, now is the time to choose one. 

By implementing these remedies, you will not just be alleviating discomfort but opting for a healthier life. 

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