Christmas prayer to bless the family

Christmas prayer to bless the family

Christmas prayer , can there be anything more beautiful than praying as a family? The truth is that few things could surpass this divine love and joy as we all pray together and follow the example of God’s life and the path he wants us to follow to enjoy an eternity with him.

christmas prayer

Christmas prayer : In itself, the Christmas season represents a beautiful time, of love and family union, can you imagine if this union and family sharing also includes asking God together as a family? Without a doubt, it becomes a doubly special and wonderful celebration.

That is why today, we have shared a beautiful Christmas Prayer so that this magical time has an additional touch of love and dedication to God on the part of each and every one of the members of your family.  

We are going to ask God for forgiveness for all those times in which we have failed him, for each moment in which we claim him for abandoning us, and for all the times that we have surrendered to the temptations of the evil one and committed sin.

Then, we will proceed to give thanks to God, for every favor he grants us, for never abandoning us even in our toughest battles, reciting our Christmas Prayer .

God, we thank you, for being alive, healthy, for allowing us to enjoy ourselves and be gathered at this table. Thank you, for always showering us with blessings and allowing us to be united regardless of the physical distance, because although this sometimes has an influence, you give us the strength we require to withstand this situation.

Thank you Father God, through this Christmas Prayer we want to express to you with all our love and humility that we owe you everything, including our lives, our parents and every day that we can breathe one more day on this earth.

We also thank you because you grant us the wisdom we need to be able to face any problem, correct our mistakes as a family and know how to forgive each other.

Thank you for granting us this Christmas Prayer and a wonderful family, because although we are not perfect our love for each other and for you, the devotion we feel towards you that you are infinite and great before us.

There is no greater gift than having them in my life, and if I were born again, I would not hesitate for a moment to choose them again.

Beloved Father, we ask you with this Christmas Prayer to always bless us, keep us united and allow us to live in harmony, solve our problems with wisdom and grow together, as the family that we are.

We thank you for all the blessings you give us and continue to offer us day by day, minute by minute, you are wonderful Father!

Prayer to bless the table at Christmas

The Christmas season is a time with a touch of magic, a special, comforting, pleasant warmth. It is a time of great love where the birth of the Child God, the birth of Christ the Redeemer, King of Kings, messiah and savior of all men are celebrated.

Christmas is a time of love, devotion, dedication, deep reflection for the people of God, and what a beautiful way to share as a family a prayer to bless the table as a way to honor and celebrate the birth of the Child God and what a special way to do it than with a Christmas Prayer .

Beloved God, we ask you to bless this table and all those present at it, cover us with your grace, your kindness and your mercy, so that in this family peace, harmony, union, solidarity, happiness and love.

We ask you Lord, God the Almighty and eternal Father, so that you bless this family and there are no tears, unless they are of joy, where we have plenty of smiles and our stomach hurts from so many laughs.

We also want to ask you Lord, on this special day, where we celebrate your birth and where your word is for us that light that can illuminate us in the greatest darkness, that light that always guides us and inspires us to be better every day. , to have more faith, and to shout from the rooftops that you and only you are our worship.

Father, we thank you with this Christmas Prayer for always being that light that shows us the path that you have traced for us. Thank you for guiding us just as you did with the wise men, just as you gave that sign as a sign to your people of Israel that the Messiah and savior of all men had been born as one of us.

Thank you Beloved Almighty God, for granting us grace, gifts and blessings through the Holy Spirit, for allowing him to dwell in our hearts and transform our spirits. Thanks to you, for always offering us a new heart and inspiring us to constantly be born again.

Father, we thank you, because you always offer us daily bread on our tables, because our work is satisfying, and abundance and prosperity are part of our life and perfect energy, always in constant movement.

Thank you God, for offering us hope in times of anguish, uncertainty and any problem that disturbs our spirit. Thank you for not abandoning us, for your mercy, kindness and generosity. We ask you to continue always guiding our path and each one of our steps.

Christmas Prayer : God, our Father, we ask you to bless this food that we have here today, so that it is never lacking in any home, so that there are no more people or families affected by hopelessness, hunger and despair. Protect them Lord.

On this special day, on this magical date, on this powerful day full of blessings for the birth of your son, we want to ask you for our family, for our community, for our region, for our country and for the entire world.

We want to ask you to bless our planet and every creature that inhabits it, always grant us strength, blessings, love and wisdom to be able to love us as brothers just as you have asked us through your word.

We want to be an obedient people, fearful of you, devoted to you, that glorifies you and loves you as much as our hearts can, for all this and much more, bless us and forgive us when we make mistakes.

Prayer to pray as a family before the Crib on Christmas Eve

This Prayer to pray before the Manger on Christmas Eve is a Christmas Prayer that we can also pray with our relatives, do you want to know what it is about? Continue reading.

This Christmas Prayer is not done with just one member of the family, but with the whole family, of which three members will proceed to read a part of the prayer or make a special request.

Reader one:

Father God, creator of the sky, of the earth and of every creature, plant and everything that inhabits our beloved planet earth, we want to thank you today for all the unconditional love you offer us, for satisfying our needs and giving us shelter. .

With this Christmas Prayer we want to thank you because thanks to you, we do not have empty walls, but rather a loving place to call home, where the warmth of the family always keeps us warm, comfortable and overflowing with joy.

Like any family, we accept that we have our differences, but also, we always keep in mind that in the face of discussions, love always triumphs. Our love is greater and the love for you always keeps us united and at peace.

Today, on this very special date, where we celebrate the birth of your son, we want to ask you to fill this family and every family that lives on planet earth with blessings and allow us to prepare our hearts to receive him with joy, happiness and all the love of the world

Allow us to receive your son with hope, with emotion, with happiness and with joy, allow him to enter our hearts and flood them with his love and innocence, with his goodness and allow us to perceive the world through his eyes. .

When looking at this manger, it becomes impossible for us not to remember those less fortunate families, who do not have food, comfort or shelter, and despite this, may be happier than us who always live claiming and demanding material things, instead of being thankful for how much do you give us

We ask you, so that those less fortunate families can also find a place to call home, feel protected and loved by their family.

reader two:

Beloved Father, with this Christmas Prayer we want to ask you not only for our family but so that the Child God may be born in each one of our hearts, so that he may inspire us to share so much love with our neighbor.

Father, help us to reflect your mercy through our actions and lives, allow us to glorify you next to your archangels and angels who guard and love you, these beautiful and perfect beings who inspire us with goodness.

In this part of the Christmas Prayer, a member of the family then proceeds to place a candle or decorated candle in front of the Christ Child who is about to be born.

Reader three:

This part of the Christmas Prayer is dedicated to a wonderful and special being, to the beloved Virgin Mary, Mother of God, Mother of men and Mother of all the creatures that inhabit our beautiful world.

The Virgin Mary is thanked because thanks to her Jesus was able to come to this world and take the form of a man. Thanks to the Virgin Mary who assumed with total love, joy, devotion and responsibility the request of God the Father so that she would be the Mother of her son and of all men.

God entrusted the Virgin Mary with a fairly large task, a responsibility and a commitment of love, devotion, above all, sacrifice, because this mission was not only to give birth as a virgin, but to raise her son and accept his death, not interfere in any way, that is admirable and only a mother’s love is able to withstand something like that.

As they say, honor to whom honor is due, in this case, we will perform this Christmas Prayer thanking him for assuming such an immense responsibility, for always interceding for us, for always protecting us and covering us with his sacred mantle.

Thank you for forgiving our offenses and always receiving us with your open hugs and with your great and pure love from every Mother.

We also thank Saint Joseph, for acting as a father and protecting the Child Jesus and the Virgin Mary. He is begged to help us keep our family always united and to be an example for our children, an example of reconciliation with others.

Then, proceed to pray: 1 Our Father, 1 Hail Mary and 1 Glory

Seven Christmas prayers that cannot be missing from your Christmas Eve Dinner

After this Christmas Prayer we offer you seven (7) more prayers so that you can glorify and give thanks to God for so many blessings and also so that you can celebrate the before and after the birth of Niño Dios in a very special way and as a family.

Prayer for the arrival of Jesus

God, we want to thank you on this day for showing us how infinite your love is for us by sacrificing your own son, sending him to die on the cross for us, for our sins and without deserving it.

We are sinners sir and yet you gave us your son in body, mind and spirit. You asked him to come into this world, to become a man, and then for him to die to save us.

We have no way of thanking you for everything you have done and continue to do, father, therefore, we surrender to you, to your word, to your power and immensity and we ask your forgiveness for every time that instead of thanking you we complain and demand like children. little ones.

Thank you for your kindness, thank you for this family, thank you for this home and for these foods that we can share today. We pray for those less fortunate so that they can enjoy a meal the same and that they never lack their daily bread.

Prayer for the unity of the Family

Beloved Father, on this day we want to offer you this Christmas Prayer for our family, so that you continue to bless it and keep it together, just as José did with your son.

We ask you, for those times when our differences generate tension so that no one feels excluded or not heard. We ask you Father, to grant us wisdom, mercy, sweet and loving words that allow us to heal our wounds and amend our mistakes.

We thank you for the blessings you grant us, for sharing this moment and this dinner together, because we are a family and families should always be united.

Prayer for happiness and joy

God, what greater reason to smile and feel our hearts overflow with joy than you, having you in our lives is the greatest blessing. You are always our greatest reason for joy, that living water that heals our wounds and transforms our tears and pain into laughter and special moments like this.

You are our hope, you are our greatest reason for joy, only you can make us feel full, complete and happy.

Prayer for Christmas memories

Beloved Father, we dedicate this Christmas Prayer to you for each of the memories that we can treasure every time we share a moment as special as this, where we celebrate the birth of the Child God, and the birth of Jesus in our hearts.

What a divine memory, to be here today, with our family, to share this dinner in honor of the birth of your son and continue to cultivate beautiful memories.

Prayer for the safety of traveling relatives

God, we ask you, together with the Virgin Mary, to protect our relatives on their trips, so that they reach their destination in a calm manner, we pray for them, and we trust that you will do so.

Prayer for the distant and lonely

Father, we ask you for all those less fortunate people, for those who feel alone or abandoned in some way, fill them with your love and kindness, we ask you, do not abandon them.

Prayer for wonderful gifts

Thank you father for offering us extremely valuable gifts: giving us your son, our wonderful family, having a roof, being able to breathe one more day. What greater gift than being alive and being able to adore you.

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