Prayer To Yemaya For Love And Attracting Money

Prayer To Yemaya For Love And Attracting Money

The prayer to Yemaya for love in Yoruba . It is one of the most requested that they make to this powerful entity. Being considered as the one that has the greatest weight in the Yoruba religion, because everything we know was formed from it. When Olofin created this world, the first being that was born from it was her. This is why the  prayer to Yemaya in any aspect that one prays to her, is treated with the utmost respect.

Prayer to Yemaya

This divinity is in charge of everything that is in nature and of life itself, since she is the mother of the Orishas. That is why, more than anything, it is the women who make them prayers or prayers. Especially pregnant women if they have a difficult pregnancy or have problems during it. And of those women who want to become pregnant. This does not mean that men do not go to her too, for this or among other reasons.

Goddess of love, with a lot of control over other people since she educated them in love. What is it that governs all of us for mutual balance. She stands out from the other entities of the Yoruba religion for her generosity and dignifies her in front of each of those who follow her. But she can be harsh with anyone who misbehaves with her principles. You have to be careful not to disturb her.

Queen of the seas where all her beliefs originated. Since in any sea, rivers that have to do with water are going to be strongly related to them because that is how she was born, with a secession with it. She is the patron saint of sailors, who is in charge of protecting them during her time at sea, offering her miracles and rewards. As already mentioned, you have to be careful not to do anything that is not to her liking since she can raise a storm when you are sailing. The following is the  prayer to Yemaya :

Oh, your divine Yemaya! Your mother who directs the forces of the seas. Granting your eternal defense over us.

O dear goddess! Help us in these material bodies and our eternal mind. Purify me with your magical and blessed waters from you, coming from the sea. It spreads respectability in the depths of our souls and in our beating hearts.

Answering with much adoration towards you, mother. For all your achievements that exist in nature. And he agrees that our army will take care of us and defend us.

We beg you divine mother Yemaya. Goddess of the seas this request to achieve. With everything you have and it overflows you, like love and equity. I implore you to give me the necessary strengths. Grant me even a little of your power to endure everything that comes. The blessed sea is your domain and that is where I want to prostrate myself before you. Protect me and all my family from any evil.

Oh help us, beloved goddess and sovereign of the pure sea!

Recommendations to be able to pray the prayer to Yemaya

At the end of this  prayer to Yemaya , a novena is required that is surrounded by flower arrangements, they must be unquestionably white and these must be tied by aquamarine bows in order to fulfill the prayer and what you asked for. On that same day, it is proceeded to be taken to the sea if possible, but to the closest river that you have and then be deposited in it, just at sunset. At the time of doing the above, you have to throw 9 coins too, while with each one of them, you thank him for the fulfilled requests. All this process happens at the moment of your entering the water.

For the love

Sometimes we get in life in a very lonely way. Where we see that we would like to breathe, feel less tired with the twists and turns of life. Exhale a little more if you had someone, to help us and that person also feels the same with you. May he share with us the good and the bad and even why not, the middle. There is no way, even though we are not consciously looking for it, we are looking for that special person. That partner.

That is why this prayer is perfect for you, if that is what you are looking for. Since this goddess has the ability to call and cause in the name of love. And not only this, she can capture the tranquility of the ocean and manifest in a relationship. Which makes it extremely convenient when seeking help to find a partner and thus be able to keep it for a long time and perhaps forever. The following is the  prayer to Yemaya for love :

Oh eternal and admirable mother of all the oceans that exist in this world. Divinity of splendid dominion and brilliant light. Great is your affection, mercy and love towards us. How you have maintained your reign over all the seas thanks to your blessed knowledge. Hear my prayers, great Yemaya, the prayers of my soul, and the prayers of my earthly body. Grant me what I am asking of you. And avoid at all costs, those who wish me pure evil, both known and unknown.

Oh pious goddess, that in your blessed seas you drown everything that torments to achieve love. Like my fears, anguish, pain, agonies for still not having that partner that I long for so much with all my soul and my heart. I beg you to attract my person (Please enter your full name) pious Yemaya, that being who shares and stays by my side.

Oh dear mother, lady of all women on the face of this world. With the deepest of all my strength I beg you to grant me the joy of being eternally loved by the man in whom I spent my whole life.

I thank you splendid queen. For hearing my prayers and fulfilling my wishes. 

Recommendations to be able to pray a prayer to Yemaya for love

You have to pray this prayer for 3 consecutive days, try to pray it only at night. Also, if you can, light a white candle and offer him a sweet fruit.

for unrequited love

Reciprocated love is usually one of the worst things that can happen to a person. Provoking in them an anguish every time they see the loved one, who does not correspond to them the same. It’s quite sad but thank goodness there is a powerful enough solution to at least mitigate our sorrow.

Everything in this life has a solution. There is no doubt about that, with this prayer you will gradually make your loved one notice you. Just as you fell in love from the first time you saw and met him. May the equal feel the same towards you. It should be noted that as a goddess and queen of love, she grants you something that you may not be seeing right now. The opportunity to be loved and reciprocated, probably from someone else, one does not know the wishes of our gods, so you always have to be open to that possibility. The following  prayer to Yemaya for unrequited love:

I come before you so I can implore you to help me. Discover with your wonderful eyes and make them happen to my beloved (Please enter the name of your unrequited love) to see the truth of my love. And that I also discover his love for me. Only and exclusively for me. Have no eyes for anyone else. That he has nothing else to do, just kiss me, hug me and above all love me.

Make your love as majestic as the incredible and immense waves that inhabit your seas and that only exist for you. And that has no arrangement in overflowing from it, just like the water when the glass is very full of it. May the person most loved by me (Please enter the name of your unrequited love) be enlightened with my love. Don’t let him perceive me, when I’m not next to him. Since I’m the only one who can make him completely happy. I implore you, venerated goddess of all the seas, Yemaya.

Recommendations to be able to pray the prayer to Yemaya for unrequited love

You have to do it every day, until you see that it is bearing fruit. With a white candle and preferably sweet fruit. All of this, it’s like a give and take. Since the goddess grants you to your unrequited love, but you will have to spread this prayer and help other people so that they can also fall in love with that love. Like a cycle. Do not forget it, because it is very important that this data.

for true love

We have always gone through a sea of ​​feelings. A sea of ​​people from here and there. Always getting loves that are not exactly right for us but hoping that they are. Although deep down we know. That is why finding true love, that love that is the only one, is not an easy task.

The good thing about the goddess Yemaya is that she controls the seas of all kinds. And she can find in it anything one needs like peace, changes, storms. Just as she can also get in the domain of this, that person that you need so much to be the one. The only thing you have to follow as a recommendation to pray this prayer is to have a lot of faith. Faith moves mountains if one truly believes. The following is the  prayer to Yemaya for true love:

my divinity Glorious mother Yemaya. You who are aware of what my greatest wishes are. You who are my patron saint and the director of my life. I beg you, my dear mother, that today you take my true love directly to me. Since you are the only one who can fulfill it. O glorious mother!

To be able to get pregnant

When we have a partner or when we think it’s time to start a family. Or it is possible when we already want to have it, to be able to have someone strongly close to you, so that you are always aware of that little person and see her grow. It is an idea that begins to make a lot of noise in our heads and that we do the unthinkable to be able to see it materialized in a child.

There is no doubt that we would like to feel that little being kicking our belly or having it in our arms. Sometimes life puts many obstacles in order to obtain that desire. They can spend years trying to make it happen together with your partner. Many back and forth with your doctor to tell you that it is very unlikely to get pregnant. But one of the things that women do not run out of is perseverance and faith. Something that we should never, ever lose because that way we can fulfill what we most desire with us.

Yemaya is known for being the creator of all living things. There is no better entity to which we can turn since it forms and creates the breath that gives us all the creatures that inhabit this world. Let’s put all our hopes and wishes in it. There is no need to doubt her blessed power, since by just praying this when you get pregnant, there will be no problems of any kind in him or when it is time for the birth of your child. Lots of strength. The following is the prayer to Yemaya to be able to get pregnant:

O miraculous mother. You who have no limits in terms of the love you give to your beloved children. Oh immense patron, of everything that contains water as well as all those oceans and seas that are your jurisdiction. Your power is unmatched in family and home protection. I implore you pious mother to call in your name that love that you grant to my womb. So that finally my house is filled with pure good things only as you give them, with love and happiness.

Oh beloved mother Yemaya. I beg you to listen to my prayers and to fulfill them. So send me that long-awaited baby into my womb. And try to fill my house with the purest things that exist. Oh beloved mother Yemaya.

for a mooring

In life, some situations may happen that manage to separate a couple, either due to external people or problems that have been going on for some time between those who make up the same. The point is that sometimes we don’t want those people to separate from us for whatever reason because we still love them and want them to be sharing every moment in our lives.

There is also another possibility that you know someone, but that person is no longer very interested in you or that you just want him to never cross his mind to separate from you. The important thing here is that you do not let yourself be influenced by the first, you have to have confidence and security in yourself, you are the best and if the other person does not see it, another better one will come.

Be careful, this is just for you to think about and contemplate such an idea. But if you still don’t want to let that person go for whatever reason, the divine goddess Yemaya can fix that. This is a very strong mooring, so you have to be aware that by doing it you are taking responsibility for what happens. Without further ado, the following is the prayer to Yemaya for a tie:

Oh divine Yemaya. You who are glorious. Goddess of the oceans. You who calm those storms that occur in the seas with your relentless love. Give me your gift so I can keep that love that gives my life a light so bright that it overshadows everything else. Transform the roof that I have as my home into a place for my real love to feel safe.

You miraculous, pious and eternal. Do not abandon me in this time of need and have mercy on me. Deplete what is in me like suffering and sadness, and replace it with feelings of happiness and joy. The moment I (Please enter the name of your loved one) return to me. And that you grant me the power to have him by my side. Until death separates us from each other. Amen.

To health

Health is vital for anyone. It makes everything better, you can go for a walk with friends, do sports with the family, do any kind of activity you like or even read. Enjoy your life. But when a disease arrives suddenly without any prior warning, that is indeed a surprise for you and for the other people around you. Since it deprives us of all the things we want to do and fills us with very ugly emotions, such as uncertainty, sadness, hopelessness and can even take away our faith, believing that there is nothing else to do.

If you are going through something like this or someone very close to you is also going through it, all you have to do is go with an open mind to the possibilities of the future and if you no longer have faith, surround yourself with others who still have it, who don’t lose it. It is something that no one can ever take away from us and that the only ones who can do it is oneself. Do not be discouraged, everything happens with something. And if it is the wish of the goddess Yemaya that you get better, so it will be, but first you have to pray to her, adore her with great veneration, so that it is fulfilled. Nothing in this life is impossible, least of all the power of the goddess divinity. The following is the  prayer to Yemaya for health:

Oh dear mother Yemaya. You who are the creator of everything that is in this world. You are that unstoppable and powerful force that is still supporting the weight of all creation, that only you made. Queen of all this and more here. Patron of all those who give life. Just like the sea and salt, your emblem and your mark. You who guard and protect each one of us, please I beg you to help me since your power is unlimited and without any return, glorious mother Yemaya.

Give us what is essential, which is health to be able to continue living fully. And that we do not run out of love, food and money. And without the will that we need so much to be able to get out of this situation in the best ways. That will that you, my dear goddess, can extract from the glorious sea. So neither is it that we are left without a place to protect ourselves, such as home. And may the disease never return to our lives. Oh glorious mother Yemaya.


At the time of praying, get a piece of paper and a marker on which the ink does not smudge or disappear because it gets wet. About 9 coins. It is important that the amounts of coins you bring are odd and also if you can afford it a bouquet of white flowers since this entity loves flowers of that color. Since it means purity and harmony with everyone who is related. And if you don’t have the flowers you can buy sweet fruits and make an arrangement with them.

On the paper you are going to write your deepest desires and even what you need most at that moment. And every time you write one, you throw a coin into the nearest sea or river you have. After you pray you approach the sea. And in front of her you invoke her name many times, in each one of them you will be asking for forgiveness or lamenting yourself for every mistake made.

This is a very important and essential step because if you are not apologizing with your whole being, nothing you had asked for will be fulfilled. Once you’re done doing this whole ritual, you’re supposed to feel at peace with yourself for admitting all the bad things you did. So that later the flowers or the fruit arrangement are thrown into the sea. It may be that even if you can afford it you can throw both.

for protection

Even if you don’t want it, you can always make enemies, anonymous ones and those that you already know exist, that have shown it to you. That is why more than ever you have to be protected by the divine goddess Yemaya. There is no need to fear when looking for her. Because she control her to the furies of the seas it is sure that she will take care of you the furies of more people who want to do evil to you. The following is the  prayer to Yemaya for protection:

Oh beloved Yemaya, patron saint of the oceans. Fill us with your blessed protection. Oh divine and powerful goddess. She purifies the souls of all our souls. Protect us against those who want to cause us harm and from those situations that cause us suffering. Cleanse these material bodies of all evil inside and outside. As well as our being. Grant us that your blessed hands take care of us and protect us. Oh protect us great mother goddess!

Recommendations to be able to pray the prayer to Yemaya for protection

You have to have with you at the time of praying two candles. One pink and one blue. The first is a symbol of the maternal love that this goddess has for her own, her children. And the second symbolizes the seas that she controls.

For it to work, you have to be extremely focused, it’s very important. And only have the blue candle lit. If you can buy incense with the smell of white roses and at the end of the prayer, you put out the incense and the blue candle. You should do this process every day.

To open new paths for you

We all want several opportunities to grow in life. Many of these aspects are of the utmost importance for personal growth, such as opening paths to job offers or promotions in this. Or maybe new opportunities that make you improve as a professional.

Work isn’t the only place for new ground to break. It may also be that you are leading a lifestyle that is not the best for you. What do you want to do other things to be able to feel good about yourself. And this can also happen with your closest friends, like with your family.

Thanks to the powerful goddess Yemaya this can become something feasible. The reality that you so much seek to be given to you is possible only if you believe it with your heart, soul and body. The following is the prayer to Yemaya to open new paths for you:

God keep you, beautiful, glorious and merciful queen of the seas. Patron saint of those who are passing through all your oceans. May your precious salvation and protection in your divine helpers, like all the species found within the sea, help us to find out which is the true path for each one. Protect us with your will so that this is our lantern that helps us see the path as dark as it may seem.

So that we do not go into places that do not suit us and that do us pure harm. Protect us. Please receive from this poor man my love for you. Oh divine goddess. So that I can walk with your brilliant light with my body and my soul without anything that can harm them and that they cannot interrupt the route given by you, for me. And so be it.

Recommendation to be able to pray the prayer to Yemaya so that they open new paths for you

You have to choose a day and a place where you feel considerably calm and that nobody disturbs you while you do it. Get a blue candle, because of the sea that is under your domain, next to it you can place a glass of water. And also a white candle, for its purity. You have to be focused enough for her to listen to her wants and needs. With eyes closed. Do not doubt the goddess in this process.

For the money

There are times when many debts come to us because the money has not reached us. So it is that you are going through a situation in which you are paying debts. Paying clinic receipts for health. There are many reasons why money becomes insufficient at the end of the month. As mentioned above, everything has a solution or at least alternatives to be able to solve everything.

The queen of the seas Yemaya. In addition to being the best in terms of love. She is also highly selected to be able to intervene in these circumstances. Since she is strongly related to bonanzas, happiness and above all with good fortune since when the sailors enter the sea, they pray to this goddess to be able to get enough merchandise to be able to obtain money from it. And most get it. The following is the  prayer to Yemaya for money:

Oh great blessed mother, Yemaya. Patron saint of all the oceans, seas and waters that inhabit this earth. Brilliant queen of splendid light. You who know everything. For your wonderful powers that only you contain. You who fill the heart of each of your children is matched by blessed knowledge, yours. And that is why you are the patron saint and lady of your waters. Please beautiful mother Yemaya, hear my pleas. They are full of despair.

I beg you to listen to the reason why I come to you. Powerful mother, Yemaya. Take away from me being, soul and body all the evils that torment me like my fears, anxieties, sufferings. For not being able to have enough money to support myself. Take my person (Please enter your full name) pious mother Yemaya. That fortune that I have been waiting for so long, the well-being that having money entails and the peace that I deserve so much after spending many nights overwhelmed. I thank you divine queen for hearing my prayers and grant me what I wanted so much.

Recommendations to be able to pray the prayer to Yemaya for money

The only things you have to get are to perform this prayer. It is to look for a green candle, which symbolizes money. Another blue color for the characteristic emblems of this goddess and a white candle so that all the money you get is in the best way, pure. Never go to place money on it, since that would be an offense.

Try to buy sweet fruits for her and build an altar. In which you are going to pray every night, for the days that you see necessary since this goddess is going to make you fulfill it immediately. You have to be in a state of relationship and harmony, although many things go through your head. You have to get calm. You can only pray to this entity when she finds you like this and with a lot of faith.

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