Prayer to achieve True Inner Peace

Prayer to achieve True Inner Peace

It may happen that at some point in life you feel distressed by an event that disturbs you and steals your peace of mind. That is the precise moment to take a break and raise a prayer to God for inner peace . We invite you to discover in this article how to achieve harmony between your thinking, acting and feeling. Don’t stop reading it.

Prayer for Inner Peace

Throughout their existence, human beings can face various situations such as difficulties in studies or work, breakup of a relationship, problems with children, economic problems, illnesses, fatigue or constant sadness.

Such events are those that threaten your inner peace, producing anxiety, anguish, restlessness and discomfort. Some believe that it is very easy to solve these moods, but this is not the case because they can lead to depression and even death.

If you present the characteristics indicated above, then this article is for you, we will give you important advice so that you can transform everything, using prayer for inner peace as a tool .

The first thing you should do is remember that prayer is a means to be in contact with God, therefore, it is He who will solve all the difficulties you are going through. In this regard, Matthew in chapter 11, verse 28 states that the Lord said: ” Come to me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

So proceed to change those negative thoughts that overwhelm you so many, ask the Creator to free your mind and heart from the burden that overwhelms them and pray with faith so that your pleas are heard.

Bible verses that bring peace to your soul

In this same order of ideas, we advise you to read the Holy Scriptures, especially the verses that we quote below:

“The peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:7)

“ Live in peace; and the God of peace and love will be with you.” (2 Corinthians 13:11)

These passages from the Bible reveal that only God makes us feel calm and without anguish, since he gives us the solution to all our problems. For something it is said ” God will not give you a load that you cannot carry “

What does the peace of God do? Peace makes us live calm and calm regardless of the problems, why does this happen? if we are in the presence of God we can be confident and calm that he will give us the solution, this prevents anguish from coming.

Next, you will be able to read a prayer for inner peace that breaks the chains of anguish, restlessness and despair: you should not see it as a piece of writing that you will learn and repeat mechanically. On the contrary, it is just a guide for you to build your own sentences with the words that your heart dictates.

Prayer to have peace and be free from anguish

My Lord, today sorrows overwhelm me and I feel a heavy burden in my life, but I know that You with your infinite mercy will manage to heal me bringing peace to my existence.

For this I praise you, beloved Father, you are almighty and omnipotent, creator of what is good on the face of the earth and protector of your children whom you see with kind eyes.

I come to you to express what grieves me, although you know beforehand what I think, feel and need. Protect me, Lord, from all evil that approaches, illuminate my path and make me walk on paths of resplendent light.

Take away all doubt, impatience, pain, sadness, anguish, melancholy and allow me to feel peace with your divine presence. Put your hand on my mind, my heart and my soul and guide me towards tranquility.

In your name, I declare my life full of inner peace, free from anguish. I declare positive energies for myself and for all my family since You cover me with your holy mantle. Grateful I am with you forever. 

Prayer for inner healing

Dear Father, I thank you for life, because I see, I walk, I speak, I listen and I can feel everything that happens around me. I praise your name for that I thank you infinitely.

Today, the circumstances of the world in which I live disturb my heart, immense doubts distress me, I have no peace at night or day, my thoughts have been seduced by the darkness of evil.

Given this, I come to you, Lord, because only You can heal this restless spirit by endowing it with peace. You are the medicine that my soul needs. I ask you to listen to my prayers and eliminate negative thoughts and feelings from within me.

Give me strength to bear heavy loads, lighten my anxieties and sorrows, my Lord, let nothing and no one disturb me or worry me. Give me a solution to my problems and allow me to make the right decisions so that my life can have peace. I beg you Lord. 

Short prayer for inner peace

This last prayer that we present to you is simple but powerful to achieve inner peace. Do not hesitate to repeat it with faith and energy.

Who like you, my Lord, to transform these pains that today, like turbulent waters, bring down my body and my heart? Who can bring peace to my soul and mind in these moments of anguish and desolation?

Only you, beloved Father, because you are my protector and benefactor. On my knees I prostrate at your feet and beg you for my well-being and that of my family. Have compassion on us, lead us towards a life of joy and love, where your mere presence is enough to achieve the inner peace we need. Glory to you. 

Special recommendations to achieve inner peace

To obtain optimal results with the prayer for inner peace, we advise you to:

  • Before praying, take a deep breath and energize yourself with the Creator.
  • Find a quiet, quiet place and concentrate on what you are doing
  • Activate the faith that you have stored in the depths of your being.
  • Take the sentences above as an example, but let the words you want to express flow from your heart.
  • If you don’t know how to pray let the Holy Spirit enlighten and guide you.
  • Play soft music that lifts your spirits and allows ideas to come to your mind.
  • Do not forget to start your prayers with words of thanks for everything that God gives you.
  • Ask not only for yourself, do it also for friends, family and for all humanity.
  • Faith, faith and more faith, is the ideal recipe for the Lord to hear your requests and transform a chaotic life into an existence full of love, happiness, without worries and with inner peace.

When you think that everything is lost and there is no solution to the problems that afflict you, simply turn your eyes to God, asking him to fill you with his presence and you will see how everything changes in your favor.

Finally, we invite you to watch the following video that contains prayers to achieve peace and tranquility in the heart:

We hope that each prayer for inner peace has been to your liking, we ask you to share the information with other people who need help. Likewise, we put at your disposal the following electronic pages where you will find content of interest:

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