Prayer to be Prayed Before Meal

Prayer to be Prayed Before Meal

The Prayer Before Eating is a short prayer that is made moments before starting to taste your food, it can be made in the morning for breakfast, at noon for lunch or at night for dinner. Find out how it is and what is the Prayer before Eating .

Prayer Before and After Meal

The following prayer must be performed before and after eating, being considered a sacred act, providing God’s blessing on the food to be consumed.

Oh Lord we ask you to bless each of these foods, Amen…

At the beginning

It is important that we begin the prayer in the name of the Father, the son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Then we will proceed to raise our request to God, so that he blesses the food that we are to consume.

Our Father, we thank you for each of these foods, we ask you to bless this food, and that your provision is always present in our home, continue to supply what we need according to your powerful will. Amen.

By the end

Beloved God, we thank you once again for your infinite mercy towards us, we beg you to continue filling our lives with your beautiful presence, only you are worthy of glory and honor, thank you for your kindness, may your blessings flow at all times Only you, Lord Jesus Christ, live and reign forever and ever. Amen.

Prayers to Bless the Table and Food Before Eating

It is considered that this is one of the oldest traditions of the Church, for this reason it is important to incorporate this sacred act before trying any food in this way God will bless our food, then we will teach you how to perform some prayers designed in a simple way to bless the table and each of the foods before consuming them.

What does the Bible say about blessing food?

Generally there are many Biblical passages that are the verses to praise gratitude for food, one of them is the one that we can read: “And ordering the crowd to lie down on the grass, he took the five loaves and the two fish, and raising eyes to heaven, blessed the food, and breaking the loaves, he gave them to the disciples and the disciples to the crowd.”

This is known as the multiplication of the loaves and fishes. The blessing must be done long before tasting any kind of morsel of food.

Why should we bless food?

Now that people have a biblical background, it’s time we all talk about why the blessing of the bread is important; In the first place, this is done to be able to thank God for what he has provided us to eat; in a second place, we do it in order to be able to make the bread that we are going to consume supply us with the required energy, and thirdly, this is done to give thanks to God, in addition, to those who prepared it. That is why it is good to pray for Food.

Prayers to Bless the Table and Food

Now that the great importance of doing this type of process is known, and it is not just a kind of futile whim, we are going to list 3 prayer practices for you before eating:

Prayer to Bless Food

O Lord God; please I ask that on this day you be blessing all the food that is placed on this table that we are going to consume, I ask you my beloved Lord that you be blessing the hands that prepared these foods, I ask you my Lord God that the food never missing at our table, that it be you providing every day for my family and for me who never lacks, I ask you in the powerful name of your beloved son Jesus. Amen.

Prayer to Give Thanks for Food

This is a prayer for food , so that it is blessed by God and that we never lack food on the table.

Oh my beloved Lord please bless on this day, beloved father, all those who are sitting at this table sharing food; please bless everyone who has prepared all these foods; I also ask you to bless the one who has come to allow these to be here; Bless, oh my beloved lord, the one who has cultivated each of these vegetables and fruits.

O holy father! For the great fortune that you come to offer us today, all of us are fervently very grateful to you and with enormous tenderness to be able to adore and also praise for the bread that you placed on this table on this day. Amen.

Prayer of Thanks for Food Given

O holy father; today we ask you to be the one to join us at this table and to be the one to bless the bread that we will taste today in a moment; please mediate so that these are the fruit of our health and never abandon the one who is now struggling to get a bite. We praise you, oh dear Lord, and our grace is short for the lucky ones we are for all these foods! Please infect us with your great love and illuminate what is the good path that leads us to your room. Amen.

In this way, you will have come to act as the great God of Heaven wishes and you will be able to proceed to share with all the others the fruit of the divine creation of our Lord. To finish, you must remember the kind of attitude with which these prayers are made; The various verses of the book of Matthew 6.7 already say: “And when you pray, do not use meaningless repetitions, like the Gentiles, because they imagine that they will be heard for their talk.”

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