Powerful Prayer to Find Me Now

Powerful Prayer to Find Me Now

Have you ended your love relationship loving your partner? Are you attracted to someone who doesn’t notice you? Have they been unfaithful to you? Is the person you like in love with another? For any of these cases, pray the prayer for him to look for me and you will see how this powerful prayer takes effect immediately.

Prayer for you to find me

Who has not felt desperate in the face of a difficult sentimental situation? Many times we think that when the person we like or love moves away from us, he will not see us with good eyes again.

Well, it is not like that, there are thousands of ways to make his looks and thoughts be only ours, one of them is the powerful prayer for him to look for me and think of me.  

There are also other prayers for this purpose, among which we can highlight: the prayer for him to look for me desperately, the prayer for him to look for me in 10 minutes and the prayer for him to look for me right now .

As you can see, they are all meant to take effect quickly, continue reading this article and you will be able to read these interesting prayers that, if recited with fervor, have the desired effect.

You can make your own prayers freely or beg Saint Anthony, Saint Cyprian, Aphrodite or the archangels to grant your requests and that friend, boyfriend, husband, lover look for you desperately.

 What is the function of these prayers?

As its name indicates, the purpose of these prayers is to change the situation of loneliness in which you find yourself and make the individual you want to be by your side return to you.

That is why, before starting to pray, you are asked to clear your mind and feelings so that you know what you really want to obtain with these prayers, otherwise you would not focus on the objective to be achieved and, therefore, your pleas will not be heard.

Another aspect to consider is to analyze your own feelings, asking yourself how you will feel when he searches for you and if you really want this to happen.

It is also important to imagine if the person who will look for you will be comfortable by your side, if it is what they want to do or if they will simply return with you wanting the company of another being.

Reflect on the aforementioned aspects and when you pray the prayer for him to seek me, focus on doing it correctly, asking for the way you want him to do it, how you want him to feel and how you want to feel.

In short, the sentences that we will present to you will make them look for you, so point them in the right direction. Ah, one important thing you should know: According to those who understand the matter, the prayers to Saint Cyprian and Aphrodite are the strongest and most powerful.

Powerful prayer for him to desperately seek me now

Recite this prayer if you want love to come to you soon, use yourself with faith and you will see how that person will begin to miss you until they feel the need to look for you desperately.

It is a veneration of San Antonio, considered the saint of love, which is why the most traditional believers prefer it and invoke his name so that this feeling emerges in that person they long to have by their side. He says like this:

Venerable San Antonio, you who are the saint of love and offer help to anyone who is in need of this beautiful feeling. You who can do everything and see everything, help me in my needs.

I come to you today, so that you make it possible for (Mention the name of the person) to come to me soon and fill this absence that kills me. That he misses me as much as I miss him, that his eyes want to see me, his hands touch me and in his thoughts there is always me.

That (Repeat the name) cannot be calm without me, that he feels peace only in my presence and that he desperately wants to look for me. I ask you to bring everything you do to my presence.

Holy blessed, may I be your priority, your first and last thought when you wake up and when you get up. May you not be calm until you are in my arms radiant with love.

I want the sun to come to me, that when looking at the stars I see myself in them, that every step I take during the day directs it to the place where I am. San Antonio, make him desperate and look for me.

I trust you, blessed saint, that’s why my pleas will be heard and soon (Say the name) will be with me enjoying this infinite love.

Prayer for him to call me in 10 minutes desperate

Before starting this prayer for him to look for me, it is recommended to do a simple ritual that consists of putting your mind blank, thinking of that person and repeating their name and surname three times, then reflect on what you want to happen between that person and you in the next day, repeat it in your thoughts six times in a row. Now, meditate intensely on what you want with that person and start saying:

Celestial beings, angels of light, I (mention your full name) come to you today so that (mention the other person’s full name) leave wherever you are and leave whoever is by your side, proceeding to call me at this very moment .

Get rid of everything that prevents (mention the other person’s full name) from coming back to me. Break any knot that lovingly binds him, any sorcery or evil spell that has been cast in his name.

Make (mention the other person’s full name) think of me (mention your full name) and make his desperation so great that he feels the urgent need to pronounce my name and call me.

I want him to understand that he cannot live without me, that my eyes are his eyes and that his being is my being for all eternity. I want (mention the full name of the other person) to come quickly to my home, without thinking of anything else but joining our paths.

I thank you, Archangel Gabriel for hearing my prayers, I know that very soon (mention the full name of the other person) you will be where I want, showing me love and desire, loving me eternally. Amen, so be it.

Prayer for him to despair and look for me

Are you heartbroken? Have you done the impossible to get him to look for you and you have not succeeded? Do you want him to come to you completely in love? Then the occasion is perfect to address your prayers to Aphrodite.

The prayer for him to despair and look for me is made to invoke the presence of this goddess of love, it works in the most difficult cases and in separations in which it is almost impossible to get a reunion.

Therefore, do not hesitate to pray to Aphrodite to get a man to despair and drive him crazy for you, to the point that he begins to yearn for your presence with him. Repeat the following prayer for me to find:

O Goddess of love! Heartbroken and suffering from the pain of a love that moved away, today I come to you so that (mention the full name of the person you want to despair) come back to me.

He left me sad and heartbroken, he took my heart without caring about my feelings and my tears of pain. Nothing was worth so much sacrifice, so much dedication and the time we were happy.

I implore your help, goddess Aphrodite so that (mention the full name of the person you want to despair) only think of me, that their lips only want to pronounce my name and how much they love me. May I not have a minute of peace if she is not by my side.

Aphrodite, goddess of love, you are the one to make (Say the name) despair and come back to me. That she doesn’t sleep, don’t eat, don’t sleep, don’t think correctly if she walks away from my presence.

I thank you because I know that soon I will see my wishes come true and (mention the full name of the person you want to despair of) will come desperately looking for me. Amen.

Prayer for you to look for me even today

As we said at the beginning, the prayer for him to seek me dedicated to San Cipriano is one of the most prayed, especially in cases that are extremely difficult.

For some this is an evil saint but you can pray to him without fear, remembering that you cannot ask for evil for others because it can turn against you.

So do not be afraid to ask San Cipriano so that the person you love and who, for some reason separated from you, look for you today and madly desire your presence with him.

Blessed Saint Cyprian, today I implore your help in my life, so that (Pronounce his name) feel the need of me and start looking for me desperately. Keep away anyone who wants to get in our way.

Dear saint, I come to you in this moment of sadness and despair for a lost love so that you make me enter your thoughts and your heart. I want (Say the full name of the person) to look for me today, without delay and with passion.

Longing for my warmth, my smell, my words, my love and everything good about me. Make me the apple of her eye and become a slave to her thoughts, until he can think of no one but me.

You, as a saint of difficult cases, can make (Say the name) return to me and that our love be reborn forever. Place in your heart and mine a beautiful feeling full of kindness, solidarity, loyalty, respect, passion and joy.

With your help I will be able to achieve it and I will be grateful to you, today, tomorrow and always. (pronounces the full name) will come for me today. So be it. Amen.

I pray you call me desperate now

We come to the last prayer for you to look for me, this time it will be addressed to the three archangels: Gabriel, Miguel and Rafael. They can help you so that the person you love or that you like calls you right now.

Pray with faith, focus on what you want to achieve and these heavenly beings will listen to you and grant your wishes. Start like this:

(Pronounce the full name of the person you want to call you), there is no human power that can take you away from me forever, that’s why at this moment you will start thinking about me, wanting me, longing for me and loving me like you’ve never done before.

At this precise moment you will feel a force that pushes you to call me, you will insist on doing it without anything or anyone stopping you. You will want to hear my sweet voice when I answer you. You will think of me at every moment.

I implore the archangels Michael, Raphael and Gabriel so that with their presence they illuminate your heart, eliminating any uncertainty you may have and distancing those who wish to see us separated.

I ask the angel Michael to banish all unclean beings who think of harming us, Gabriel to bring my name to your ears and Rafael to heal our hearts of hatred, doubt and mistrust.

You will come to me, I know, you will call me and ask me to come back to you. There will be no shadows or doubts. It’ll just be you and me forever. Blessed Archangels, so be it. 

Do these sentences have contraindications, are they wrong?

When we hear about these types of prayers, we commonly believe that they are prayers intended to do harm, but this is not always the case. It all depends on the intention of the one who prays them.

The prayers that we show you here do not at any time entail harm to another person, we just want to help you so that your loved one looks for you soon.

Therefore, when you say these prayers, do it without fear, with faith and thus you will be able to recover that love that you already considered lost. You can do it at any time of the day.

However, remember that you must carefully analyze the situation in which you find yourself and if what you are asking for is the best for your life. It is useless to have by our side a person who is thinking and wishing for another.

True love is made up of small details that are born voluntarily, pray that you find that being who is honest, faithful, kind, loving, sincere, honest and loyal to you.

Pray for a relationship in which you feel full and full of happiness, where both are convinced of the love they feel for each other.

repeat the following mantras so that the person you want so much looks for you.

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