Spell of the glass of water and the piece of paper to tie

Spell of the glass of water and the piece of paper to tie

You want to tie a person, but you still do not know how, first of all, you should know that it is not a difficult task, however, it does require paying close attention to the tying rituals, since their effectiveness lies in following the instructions in this opportunity we will talk about the spell of the glass of water and the piece of paper.

Spell of the glass of water and the piece of paper

Who would not like that loved one that we love and desire so much only think of us and what better way to achieve it than a good binding spell through a ritual where you will achieve by following the instructions that are given, that only you and no one else is in that person’s mind. On this occasion we are going to be talking about the binding spells performed with a glass of water and a piece of paper, there are various rituals performed by writing a phrase or a request on a piece of paper and although it is hard to believe, the spells are very effective to achieve binding. being loved to you forever.

It is important to keep in mind that, if we are people who are emotionally unstable or who frequently have turbulent or malicious thoughts, we should not try to perform this type of spell for any reason since they will not work, and also that energy negative and manipulation that emanates from us due to those cloudy thoughts and the emotional instability of which we are victims can be a negative factor for ourselves.

It is also for this reason that the person who decides to do this type of ritual should at least half an hour before entering into meditation and in this way have his mind blank and avoid any bad thoughts and there he would be ready to start.

Surely it usually happens to us that when we are in love, there is always that special person in our thoughts and remembering them steals thousands of sighs and smiles from us, but we want that person to also have only us in their thoughts, but there is no need to worry with a powerful spell it can be, you just have to have a positive mind and at all times be visualizing what you want next to that person and you will see how the spell has its effect, of course you must also follow to the letter the indications that will be indicated more Go ahead and just wait for that person to be totally tied to you.

Now pay close attention as the materials will be described and the step by step to achieve a powerful spell of the glass of water and the piece of paper, through which you can tie that loved one and in this way only think in you and no one else. You must be careful when carrying out the procedure since the effectiveness of any spell is primarily in following each and every one of the instructions to the letter, and the most recommended thing is that to perform any type of spell you must be in a place with complete tranquility to avoid any type of distraction or interruption:


  • a piece of paper
  • A red ink pen
  • three red candles
  • a red ribbon
  • Glass of water
  • match the lighter

This ritual is a ritual of love to tie that person you want and that only we are in your mind, so we must take into account that this spell has no distinction, that is, it can be performed by both men and women. What if we must bear in mind that the ritual must be performed on a Saturday with a growing lunar phase and that, like any other spell, it is important to have positive energy and a lot of faith to achieve the desired results.

Step by Step:

To begin with the performance of this spell, the first thing to do is take the three red candles and on a table with a white tablecloth, proceed to form a kind of triangle with the three candles and when the Once you are ready, we are going to proceed to light them all with a match or lighter and place the glass of water in the middle of the triangle.

To continue, you must take the piece of paper and proceed to write on one side of it your full name in legible letters and on the other side of the piece of paper you will proceed to write the full name also in legible letters of the person you want, Once you have finished writing both names, you are going to fold the piece of paper and you are going to take the red ribbon and you are going to tie three knots on it and then with a clear and strong voice you are going to repeat the following sentence:

“In the name of Venus, you who reign in the perfect world, you who can soften or harden the hearts of mortals and make whoever you want fall in love just by saying a word, I call on you tonight so that you listen to my plea and make of this your will. Admired and respected Venus, I humbly ask you to make (say the person’s full name) love me and desire me fervently always and everywhere. Make her feel a deep love for (say your full name), that just by seeing me her eyes are filled with emotion, that just by hearing my voice her heart beats faster. O beautiful Venus, I will praise your name always and everywhere if you make my request a reality. So be it”.

Always visualizing what you want to achieve with that person, that is, imagining a life together and surrounded by love and happiness, where the love of both is so strong that they will only have eyes for each other, but no one will get in the way of their relationship, It is important that from the beginning of the ritual we have a positive mind so that it takes effect. Once you have finished reciting the prayer, you will proceed to extinguish the candles and take the piece of paper and place it under your pillow and the glass of water under you and there you will have it for 9 days and the spell will take effect.

Glass of water spell to make him think of me

If you want that person you love to fall in love with you too and be after you trying, praising you and not stop thinking that the ideal thing for you is this type of spell, you should know that it has to be done during the full moon phase and It must be done at night in this way to make the most of all the properties that this full moon night can offer you.

The only thing you are going to need for this ritual is to make a transparent glass and you are going to fill it completely with water. It should be noted that it is a very simple ritual, however, it requires a lot of peace and tranquility to perform and maximum concentration, which is why the ideal is to find a solitary place to perform it and thus avoid any type of interruption that interferes with the spell. It is ideal that while you are in the process of the ritual, no one else can hear or interrupt you, because if this happens, keep in mind that the spell will break and will not have any effect on that person.

To begin with the ritual, the first thing to do is to grab the glass and proceed to drink the water, after you have completely drunk the water, you will say the full name of that person inside the glass that you have in the go and then you are going to mention each of their physical characteristics without skipping any and as you say them you are going to imagine that person, those characteristics will be; hair type, eye color. If it is the case that you do not know the name of that person with which you imagine it and name its characteristics, it may be enough.

Then you are going to remove the glass from your mouth and you are going to repeat the previous process but out loud and with great confidence, that is, you are going to say out loud the name of the loved one and their physical characteristics while you imagine them, although you already know if their you do not know the name, the characteristics are enough, at the end of this step you will proceed to place the glass on the table of the place where you are, it can be any glass but it is recommended that it be a glass that spends a lot of time in some space of yours, that is to say your room and that you use it frequently.

You are going to leave the glass in that position all night and the next morning you are going to proceed to repeat the same ritual as the night before, the only thing that will change is that this time you must do it with much more faith and conviction, in this way you will believe more that the ritual will take effect then you will proceed to follow the following words with great force and security:

“(Pronounce the name of your beloved or beloved) you will think of me at every moment of your life. You will not rest until you see me. Just as I love you, you will do it for me, even more”.

You are going to place the glass in a place where no one else can see or touch it and you are not going to leave it there without moving or touching it until the spell takes effect and the person starts looking for you, when this happens you are going to take the glass and you are going to wash as normal and while you are doing it you are going to repeat the prayer for the last time, if the spell does not work for you you must wait 7 days and do the spell again, but this time you are going to light 2 white candles and an incense of jasmine and repeat the entire process indicated.

Glass of sugar water spell

This type of spell is ideal to be able to fall in love with that man or woman that you want so much, it also works to attract your ex-partner again and revive the call of love or to reconcile with a friend who has had a problem and they distanced themselves. , what you will need for this spell in the following:

  • A glass of water
  • a few tablespoons of sugar
  • A piece of paper
  • Un pencil or red marker

To begin, the first thing to do is to take the piece of paper and write in clear and legible letters the full name of that person you want to attract into your life, if you know the telephone number of that person you can also place it and the more details you can give on her the spell will be more effective and powerful.

To continue with the spell you are going to take two tablespoons of sugar and you are going to place them inside the glass of water, you must stir it well and you are going to proceed to drink and while you do it you are going to imagine that that person comes to you, that he is looking for you , calls you and wants to hear from you at all times.

After you have drunk all the water and the glass is completely empty, you are going to take the paper where you placed the data of the person to attract and you are going to place it at the bottom of the glass, it is best that there are a few drops of water left inside it , you are going to leave the piece of paper for 10 minutes at the bottom of the glass after this time you are going to take out the paper and you are going to throw it away.

You are going to wash the glass normally as you do it and you must repeat this ritual for 5 consecutive days without any interruption, it is very important that the person you want to attract to your side does not even imagine that you are doing the ritual since if this happens the will be affected. On day 5, that is, the last day of the ritual, you are not going to drink the water, but you are going to place it under your bed with the piece of paper at the bottom, you are not going to touch the glass until that person looks for the ideal is that the spell takes effect in two weeks.

Spell with paper and water to find a job


  • a piece of paper
  • A pen with blue ink
  • rapeseed oil
  • a glass cup
  • some water

Step by Step: 

This spell is not difficult at all, the truth is, to start with it, the first thing to do is to take the piece of paper, you will proceed to write your full name with a clear and legible letter on one side of the paper and on the other, clearly, you will to place the type of job you want to find, the name of the company, the sector to which the company belongs and finally you are going to place the salary that you consider you should earn.

Now, after you have finished writing what was indicated, you are going to take the glass and you are going to fill it halfway with water and then you are going to proceed to place the piece of paper inside the glass and you are also going to place a few drops of rapeseed oil. After you finish this step you are going to wait for the sun to rise and when this happens you are going to place the glass under the sun’s rays and looking at the sky with great faith and conviction, with a clear and strong voice you will say the following words:

“Bastet, Bastet, Bastet, you who symbolize happiness in the heart of mortals. You who have been venerated generation after generation by entire peoples. You who decide who will live in harmony and be prosperous and joyful, I call on you to come to my aid. I am desperate and I can no longer find comfort, I want to find a job like the one I have described on the paper that is in this glass, only in you can I trust at this moment. Make my wish manifest in real life, help me oh beautiful goddess, she exercises your powerful powers over me and do not abandon me. So be it”.

After you finish reciting the prayer you are going to leave the glass in your kitchen for a month, but where no one else can touch it because if this happens the spell loses its effect, and you will see how sooner than you expect you will find that great job you you want so much

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