The Powerful Prayer to Jesus Nazarene The Lord

The Powerful Prayer to Jesus Nazarene The Lord

The prayer to  Jesus Nazarene has great power and is capable of working miracles. Parishioners place a great deal of faith in him and trust more and more in his ability to grant petitions. Through this article, in addition to knowing different types of prayers, you will learn the proper way to perform it, for which you must have enough faith and provide an environment of complete serenity.

What is Saint Paul’s Prayer to the Nazarene?

At present, the prayer to the Nazarene of San Pablo is widely used, particularly at the time of Holy Week, although there is no date set by the Church for the veneration of the Nazarene festivities. This date varies according to the variety of native traditions that have welcomed this devotion.

In Venezuela, for example, it is commemorated on March 23, while in Spain it is celebrated on the first Friday of that month. Whatever the day, it is always celebrated for Holy Week.

Prayer to the Nazarene of Saint Paul

Glorious Nazarene Jesus, my Lord and Savior who helps the humble and needy that exist, I adore you, I am aware of the immense sacrifice you suffered for all of us who reside on this planet, oh my beloved Jesus of Nazarene, may you be venerable forever, of the centuries for every day, I send you this prayer with my soul, I send you this prayer with my soul to your holy Heart, please grant me the blessing of your vigorous arm.

Jesus of Nazarene your heart is docile and modest, on your back you carried a heavy cross, you marched towards Calvary so that you could be nailed to it, I am aware that I am a humble sinner, the reason for your passion that caused you so much pain, I I praise and thank you for all the love you carried on your shoulders.

You carried on your shoulders the wood of your torture to pay for our faults, those of the whole world, absolve me, merciful Jesus of Nazareth, I ask you kneeling at your feet, I must also recognize each one of my faults, your enormous benevolence to suppress them with your beautiful and holy blood, you are my veneration, I love you above all things.

I promise to adore you and be loyal to you until the day of my death and beyond if possible, today I present myself before you my Glorious Jesus of Nazareth to beg your help, in this pressing need in which I find myself at this moment, that has me anguished and causes me enormous suffering, I am in a precarious state, I cannot face the debts and commitments that are my responsibility, I have very serious inconveniences in my home, and it is only impossible for me to get out of them.

Adored Jesus of Nazarene, help me to… (Here is your request) I beg you prostrate before you, with total modesty and all my certainty, I implore you please hear the pleas of this overwhelmed heart and favor me with what I ask so much, if it is benevolent for my soul and makes your glory grow my beloved sir, I recognize that your great benevolence and mercy has no limits, for this reason I beg you to remove the poverty and misfortune that is in my home today

Give us the blessing and protect us under your powerful protection, O Glorious Jesus, with your grace lead us towards the passage of your mandates to your perpetual Divine kingdom. Oh my beloved Jesus of Nazareth, may you be blessed for centuries! Amen.

It is required that for this Prayer to the Nazarene of Saint Paul a creed, an Our Father and a Glory be prayed. Likewise, this prayer and prayers must be repeated for three days in a row with great faith.

Prayer to the Nazarene for Healing

My adored Nazareno de San Pablo today I have to address you for an immense favor that I require, you know very well my lord, and I attribute the request of this modest servant who is prostrate at your feet, and I am sure that for your enormous compassion you will grant me the cure of all suffering that is in me, cure me of… (points to the disease you suffer), in you I have to trust my Venerable Nazarene of Saint Paul.

I implore you in the most humble way with the fullness of my heart and my soul, I long for your will to be done, my Lord, not mine, you know very well what is benevolent for me, you suffered for my sake and I owe you bless a thousand times since you were able to fulfill the commandments of the creator, the one who sent you to earth for the immense love you had for us, so great was that love that he sent you, his only son, to perish on a cross for each one of us. Amen.

Miraculous Prayer to Saint Nazarene

Affable Jesus of Nazareth, source of love, Father of compassion and God of all comfort, Who fills all around you with love. Every time I open my mouth, every time my feet and hands move, my heart beats inside my body, I will point out to you that at every moment I truly adore you,

This longing for love will be repeated as many times as the stars that are achieved in the sky, my lord, more than all the leaves of the trees that are found around the world, it will be repeated more times than each drop of water that is achieved on earth. , more than all the grains of sand of all the deserts of the world and all the grass that covers all the fields, most high Jesus Nazareno.

Oh my adored Jesus of Nazarene, you are our beloved savior, please, in memory of your immense holy passion, I sincerely implore you to help me so that I may be granted… (points to the desired request) If said request is convenient for your great Honor and glory will equally be for the good of my soul, Great Lord. Amen!

The Prayer to the Nazarene of Saint Paul has great power, you have to remember to do it with faith and in peace.

Prayer to Jesus Nazarene

This prayer can be prayed on any day and in the way you want; but undoubtedly, whoever prays it during the fifteen hours, which was the time that the Lord’s torture lasted, beginning on Holy Thursday at midnight, every hour, until Friday at 3 in the afternoon, will receive numerous graces and spiritual favors.

I adore you, Blessed Face of my Lord Jesus Christ, painted with the brush of Charity, and illuminated with your Most Beautiful Blood;
I beg you, for the relief you felt when you touched that coarse canvas bathed in the tears of that compassionate woman;
I beg you, for the impact caused by seeing your divine face reproduced in it, to serve as adoration to those who love you with the illusion of meeting you in heaven;
I beg you, for this act that will not be repeated again and that has become memorable for ever and ever, from parents to children;
I beg you, because of the deep sorrow with which you contemplated your Most Holy Mother in the initial meeting, without being able to alleviate it;
I beg you, for the immense affliction and the blush that you suffered when that man hit your Holy Face with the horrendous slap;
I beg you, for the humiliation that he caused you when deprived of your clothes, in front of that intolerant and corrupt crowd you found yourself;
I beg you, for the infinity of lashes that they gave to your Most Holy Body, mercilessly;

I beg you, for the torments caused by the crown of thorns that made your head stained with blood;
I beg you, for the fainting that you felt overwhelmed by the weight of the Cross, by the steps taken, by the tears shed, by your blood scattered in the streets of Jerusalem, by the torture of the nails, by the gall and vinegar, for the seven words that you said, for the discouragement that you suffered, finding us abandoned by the Eternal Father, for the anguish that you had to perish, for that enormous affliction that you suffered seeing the Most Holy Virgin troubled in that despair, without being able to come down from the Cross.

My Father, for reminding us of these sad events, I beg you for alms for the redemption of my soul and the healing of my body. Amen.

(Our Father and Hail Mary)

My Lord Jesus Christ, who does not want anyone to suffer; who is never asked without a promise of commiseration, since you indicated by your own, holy and sacred mouth, that all things that are implored in your Holy Name, you will grant them, I beg you by your Holy Name to grant me (here is included the petition).

Jesus of Nazareth

Jesus of Nazareth or the Nazarene, also known as Jesus, Christ or Jesus Christ (born in Bethlehem, Judea, Roman Empire around 4 BC and died in Jerusalem, Roman Empire around 30-33 AD), He is the central character of Christianity and one of the most influential figures in Western culture.

Almost all scholars of antiquity corroborate with certainty the historical existence of Jesus. According to the opinion mostly received in academic centers, based on a critical reading of the writings about him, Jesus of Nazareth was a preacher of Jewish origin who existed at the beginning of the first century in the areas of Galilee and Judea, and He was crucified in Jerusalem around the year 30, under the regime of Pontius Pilate.

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