Very Effective Prayer For A Terminally Ill Patient

Very Effective Prayer For A Terminally Ill Patient

It is difficult to see those you love most, family or friends in such distressing states, in which there is practically no hope. It is for this reason that the prayer for the terminally ill is necessary to pray. It helps us to have better energies because we leave it in the hands of our Lord, God.

Prayer for a terminally ill

In this life God put us here for a reason. As something bigger than us, we don’t know it but we can console ourselves with the idea that for God each one of us is special. And that he deserves to be treated that way until the last breath of our lives. No exceptions of any kind.

This is why it is important to continue maintaining this type of behavior with those that God sent to illuminate our days. Change our expectations of people or ourselves. Every person who is part of our lives, even if they are small, is important because they leave you a lesson and you always have to be grateful for that. We must not forget him, especially when those people are going to be in the heavenly kingdom of our almighty father.

These prayers and more than all for the prayer for a terminally ill . They are those that keep us hopeful, not only that our loved one is better but in God, who sees all the sorrows they are going through, listens to all those cries that resound over and over again through hospital rooms and who feels the great pain of the person who is fighting to stay alive as well as the one who is enduring so that their faith is not broken. When everything is going to be alright.

It is not easy, but if there is one thing we can be sure of in this life, it is that nothing should be impossible, nothing. God’s ways are not simple, no one said they would be this way, not even God himself said such a thing. We are aware with the form and acts of Jesus Christ that his destiny was not easy but he achieved what most believed impossible. He totally freed us from the burden of our sins with his sacrifice in order to achieve with forgiveness, the new ones that are formed.

Faith in prayer for the terminally ill

He also gave us hope that on the other side of death he and our almighty father would be waiting for us. They say that faith is the last thing to be lost, it can be said that it is true. Because even though the people you love go to another heavenly plane, you can have faith, that they are there safe from all pain, conflict or malice that exists in this earthly world. Your faith is what will keep you alive, keep you going.

Don’t just think about your pain. Also think about what the other person must be going through. That he must be very afraid of what he can expect on the other side. In this you can intervene, show him through the love of our father that there is no need to fear, sing to him, pray to him so that his soul is found without any type of fear. Because in God we leave everything that wants to do us harm.

Also show him all the reasons to hold on tight to life. Don’t be selfish and think about how you could be without him. What really matters now is what he feels since he doesn’t know if he’s going to have enough time to get over it. But you do, because you know you have time and life ahead of you. So cheer him up, put aside the rest. Invest time in recovering from it, the important thing is not to let the bad energies fall. Enjoy all the time that God grants you.

Safety in prayer for the terminally ill

Giving a prayer for a terminally ill person is not only good for that person but also for growing oneself spiritually. Since throughout this moment you have realized something very important, which is death. And not only that victory. We are able after death to be at peace in the god realm. What more victory would that be? And the beautiful and miraculous promise that afterwards we will be in an eternal life.

alternate sentence

You who are in heaven. That you are the father of every living being that is on this earthly plane, in the same one that you created for us. I just want to say that I am extremely grateful for the act of love that your son Jesus Christ performed for us. There are not enough words to describe my eternal gratitude. There is nothing that can be bought from you and what you have done for us, since you loved us before anyone else did.

Here before you, I find myself kneeling. And with nothing to cover my interior. I beg you to forgive all my bad acts, my words that were misdirected, some action that was not correct and for having omitted you at some point in my life. My biggest or smallest sins that I have done, some lack towards you or towards your son Jesus Christ. Please, I implore you to forgive me.

You who know how enormously grateful that you were here listening to my prayers and giving me the opportunity to show my love for you. I know that you will not turn a deaf ear to my supplications because you are a wise and very compassionate being with your children.

I take this opportunity of supplications for you to intercede for the soul of (Please enter the name of your loved one, your relative or friend). I implore you not to abandon him at any point in this process. And if at any time he had any fault towards your blessed holiness, have mercy on him. Since you are a kind and light-filled being, do not let him wander. And may he not suffer any more than he is suffering right now.

My father and all of us. You are the only one in the entire universe who fully knows our purposes. That’s why you know what’s best for him. Since I have never doubted your plans nor do I pretend to know them. I’m just your faithful follower. The only thing I implore you is that you give us the wisdom to face what is in your hands and desires. This prayer for a terminally ill person is only possible because of the trust I have in you, my lord. Just don’t let us down. For the holy trinity. Amen. And so be it.

simple sentences

  • Your beloved son of God. Our Lord Jesus Christ. We beg you to have mercy on the soul of this fervent servant of yours. Amen.
  • Please dear sir. Enlighten him so that he finds the right path and that he is close to your kingdom. Amen.
  • Oh blessed Jesus Christ. You who always saw the injustices in this world, the evils that made us go through, that always caused you a protective instinct and made your heart tremble. We ask you to see in this moment, in the same way, as you always have, this soul that is in its weakest earthly state. Have mercy on him and let him rest as soon as possible by your side. Amen.
  • All that he is, on this earth, I give to you almighty father. So that his spirit rests in your divine realm. Amen.
  • Oh my God. we beg you to forgive all the sins of your son, which he is suffering. Make him part of heaven with you and that way he can give his last great breath, in peace, with all his sins forgiven by you, my lord. Amen.
  • My dear Jesus Christ. Take all your passion to release the soul of your deer that is in that state. Amen. And so be it.

merciful prayer

Oh God father. Founder of heaven and earth. We entrust to you the soul of our beloved brother or sister (Please enter the full name) so that at the time of his death his healthy spirit can arrive safely at your longed-for side.

I know that with the help of God, he will send his army of angels to protect you throughout your process. May you be drawn to the heavenly choir of him. In this way you will not fear because the Apostles will also be with you, who will be your guide. You will feel the peace that only the Martyrs have for having given their soul and body to our almighty lord.

May the love and justice of virgins around the world make you feel welcome, so that not a single bit of doubt enters your soul. Do not let despair take over you right now, that is why there is Saint Joseph, who will not let that happen because he is the blessed guardian of everyone who is dying.

Make an act of presence of presence before our Lord Jesus Christ, son of God. Let yourself be filled by his kindness and his great love that he has for us in a way that we would never imagine, since this is unlimited. He will not let your soul have any kind of contact with darkness. In this way the devil will not dare to take you with him in any way, because of the power that God gave him he will not let anything happen to you on your way. Amen. And so be it.

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