​​History and Importance

Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre: ​​History and Importance

Oshun is one of the darlings within the pantheon of the Yoruba religion. Not only because of her charismatic and loving characters, but also because she is a goddess who is so attentive to those who come to her that she simply should not be neglected. The charity of copper offerings , is used, with the date of the virgin to celebrate Oshun.

copper charity offerings

This virgin of charity of copper coincidentally is the patron saint of the beautiful country of Cuba. Where the majority of its population practices Santeria. That is why with her catholic syncretism they assimilated her with the goddess Oshun who has similarities with her.

The two of them share a strong relationship with water. Oshun is in charge and owner of all the fresh waters found on earth. And the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre tells her story that her image was found floating in the sea. Also that these two their clothes and the correct way to venerate them is always through the color yellow, which they both share.

The important thing is that you can venerate Oshun in the name of the virgin, without any problem or simultaneously. Although if towards the goddess you have to know that she is mostly to ask her for jobs that have to do with love. With exploring the sensualities or sexuality of each one and how that would contribute to couples. To seek motherhood. And even to attract the good vibes of fortune in our lives.

Offerings are of vital importance in every religion. No matter what it is, these are essential to pay tribute to the figures that make our day, week, month and year much better. We cannot be if the company of something beyond us that takes care of us and the offerings are those that we take advantage of to thank them for everything they do for us.

They are also used not only to worship our deities, but to pray for us, for our loved ones or to ask them to do some work that is important to us. As long as one correctly does the necessary care so that the offering is good, then everything we ask for will be fulfilled.

It is said that most of the people who make the offerings have to be aware of the amount of food or objects that are given to them. Since depending on how many things they ask for or the magnitude of your request, this will be the hunger craving that your Orisha will have.

Attentions to Oshun and to the charity of the copper offerings

It should be noted that all the Orishas found in the Yoruba religion are totally different from each other. Since each one has a different purpose in terms of their responsibilities and powers. And not everyone likes exactly the same thing. This means that the clothes that she wears, the elekes that you are going to use and the food are specific to Oshun and the tastes of this Goddess.


Oshun can have several varieties of foods that are her most chosen by her and the ones that she likes the most, in terms of taste. But the Ochinchin, is considered her dish. This should not be missing even once in each offering that is made to it, since it is prepared only for it and you have to know the proper way to cook it. This is one of the dishes that make her happy the most.


Before preparing it you need to make a list of these ingredients (this depends on the amount you want to make, this recipe is for two dishes):

  • Two packages of Swiss chard
  • At least three or four eggs
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • An onion
  • a bag of capers
  • A teaspoon of pepper and salt
  • Two tablespoons of olive oil
  • A kilo of fresh shrimp

First you have to make sure that all the ingredients that need to be clean, that they are. There is nothing like making a totally flawless offering. The chard that are found together, you have to cut them into small pieces, not very short, just enough. The size of a short pasta.

Shrimp if you find a head, you have to remove them and remove the shell that covers them. Also the waste that they carry inside or the black vein. First, fry the onions with the capers in a pan in the butter or olive oil. What you think, much better. Of course, the butter will bring a better flavor to the food and the olive oil will make it less heavy and healthier.

When the onion has reached the right point of golden color, the shrimp are added. And then the chard (you can leave these at the end, since they can still be eaten raw). When everything is perfectly cooked, add the three or four eggs. Don’t let it turn into an omelette. Just stir and turn them off shortly after incorporating them because they should be left with a watery texture.

And that’s how easy it is the favorite dish of the beloved goddess Oshun. You can also eat it with her and the other children that you invite to your house, to venerate her. Leaving aside from her a very large plate for her on her altar where the other things are in her offering.

Other foods for the charity of the copper offerings

  • Honey is essential for these ceremonies, it symbolizes the sweetness that this goddess has in all her splendor. It can also be used to prepare sweets with this product. And when dances are offered in her honor, it is best to add honey to your body while you dance.
  • You can prepare varieties of river fish just for her. Like the goldfish, the Sábalo and the Surubíes. The important thing is that the meat is fresh and comes from the river.
  • There are some peanut bars, which the goddess is fascinated by, which are wrapped in honey or other products. This in other countries is called Palanquetas de gofio.
  • Pumpkins you never have to forget. This vegetable is important as there is a Patakie that tells the story of this goddess’ relationship with him.

How to make the offerings?

There is no proper way to do it or a written process for how to do it. But yes, you have to set up an altar in his honor. First so that you venerate her and she knows that she is loved. Because this goddess likes her attentions.

To be able to set up your altar correctly and that you lack nothing. You have to be aware of how the goddess is. If you have studied it before. Having asked your godmother or godfather for advice to have a clearer idea of ​​what she wants you to put on her.

If you already know it, it is essential that you gather all the qualities that you have studied or have been recommended to you about the goddess. But so that you do not miss anything, you will be left with a list with the main characteristics for her altar that it should have:

  • Try that everything you bring for food or decoration is in a limited amount. Since the goddess’s favorite number is five, you have to be five of each. Or at least related to this number, for example: 15, 25, 35…
  • Fabrics such as plates should be yellow or possibly white. Sometimes when you don’t have either, the best color to stray from would be an orange but make it very light.
  • If you are going to make the offering during the week, the favorite day has to be Saturday. It is worth mentioning that as the goddess Oshun shares a relationship with the virgin of charity of copper, she can be honored on the date of such virgin. On September 8.
  • You should not place blue objects, candles or fabrics on it as it would be confusing with the sea goddess Yemaya. Despite the fact that they are sisters and the truth is that they look alike, each one deserves the respect that is properly due at the time.
  • Yeyeo, Omoriyeeo and Kari are some of the greetings that you must present to the goddess Oshun. This shows respect for her, for what she does for you and that you love her for all that she is hers.
  • You must find an appropriate place to mount your altar. In the corners of your house would be ideal. But it also serves in the living room where everyone who enters your house can see the altar and how beautiful it will be. You should never hide your altar on the dates of tributes or when you are about to make an offering.
  • Look for a painting that has the image of the goddess Oshun or the virgin of charity of copper. The truth is that this does not matter, as already mentioned by Catholic syncretism, these two deities are celebrated as one.
  • The fruits that you place on it should always be sweet and yellow in color. The goddess in case her personality is sweet, you must find fruits that are also sweet. Like pineapple, orange or tangerine.
  • As for the flowers, these should be the same color as the goddess and the altar cloths. Everything has to be perfectly combined with your favorite and representative colors. Several examples of flowers that you can get are: lyres, sunflowers, freesias and daffodils.
  • For decoration, copper coins can be special to Oshun. There are several Patakies where it is explained what she did with the coins. In the first one, her bravery contributed to being named the goddess of the rivers. And in the other patakie the love she has for her children and the people who adore her, she gives everything, just so that you have fortune.

Don’t think about it, it can cost everything you need because that can be an offense to Oshun. In addition to the fact that you can provoke his anger if you think or feel that. Since she is the one who has given you the necessary opportunities for your life to be satisfactory. Do not be shy about her budget, that she is worth it and more everything you want to get when you ask her.

Prayer to Oshun

The prayer to this goddess can be made as soon as you finish your offerings. Or when you’re done celebrating her with the dances from her to her. The main thing about this is that if you can afford it, you move to the closest river for you. In this way you will be more connected with her, you submerge yourself to the trunk of your body and begin to pray the following prayer:

Oh my beloved and revered Oshun. You who are the patron saints of all those sweet waters that spread throughout the world. bless us You are in all the streams of the lakes. Of the rivers that sound as they pass through the stones that are part of you. Those beautiful and majestic waterfalls that flow down your power, as well as the curves of your body. There is nothing equal to you, my beloved goddess Oshun.

If it wasn’t for you, we’d die of thirst. Your power makes us great, invincible, without you we are nothing. Since you give us that, which makes us alive. We beg you to protect us and take care of us with your expected blessing.

I (Please enter your full name) am here present in your waters for you to help me. You who lead the currents, also lead my life along paths that are best for me. Don’t leave me without your love, because if I wouldn’t be adrift, aimlessly. Protect me from the futures that are written for my life. So that I can get up and not take long to do so.

I beg you to listen to my wishes which are (Please enter your needs). This way I will be one step closer to all my goals. I fully know that this will be the case, I do not doubt it. Because you achieve anything your children ask of you.

Clarify my waters that are dark. Filter them with your power so I can see my life clearly. May they not meet with dirt, anguish or evil. I call you because my whole body, mind and soul I leave at your mercy. Knowing that you will fully take care of everything I have. That is why I hope that everything I am asking of you is fulfilled. Because you have never left any of your followers without your blessing. Amen.

This prayer can be done in the same way inside the home if you cannot move to a river. No problem. The only thing that has to be present at the moment of praying is that you have a lot of faith, that you feel the connection that the two have, that bond that nothing will be able to break. You just have to be sure of it.

And that you find a place where you feel yourself. Without interference with absolutely no one, neither family nor friends, no one who can alter the energies that you want to transmit to the goddess Oshun and through the charity of copper offerings .

Copper charity offerings for love

Most of the works that are done to the goddess Oshun and the charity of copper offerings for love, are to tie people to our lives. And this is not convenient or safe all the time because everything will depend on what the goddess thinks. Whether she thinks it’s a good idea to pair that person up with you or not. And if the purposes with which you are doing it are good. Here is the list of products you will need for the love offering:

  • You need to buy fruits that are sweet like pineapple. And cut it into cubes.
  • Get honey. But this will have to be originally pure.
  • A porcelain plate preferably yellow or white. It may even have some borders but this cannot be of other colors that do not come close to the Oshun color category.
  • You can get cinnamon. And it doesn’t matter if it’s powder or sticks.
  • A few copper coins.
  • White paper
  • A pencil
  • Two candles that are yellow or gold
  • golden frost

We have to be aware of the day we are going to do it. Since this goddess likes that when you go to her it is on an Oshun day, it can be a Friday. And in terms of dates too, it has to be an odd day, month. If being in a year that is odd is also correct.

With the objects ready, we proceed to begin the offering of love. We move in front of our altar already set up with the image of our beloved goddess Oshun. We grab the white paper and write down with the pencil in capital letters, clearly understandable, the name of the person you want in your life. Once we have done this step, we fold the paper as if it were a letter and put honey on it so that the petition sticks and does not open.

In this way, with the honey, we paste it on the bottom of the porcelain plate. We place it in front of the image of Oshun. And on top of the plate, we add sweet fruits, such as pineapple, orange or tangerine. Already chopped into cubes, we add the golden frost on top, and apart from that, also the cinnamon, if it is powdered on top, the same as the frost, if not, they are placed on the sides of the fruit. Same as copper coins.

The last step should be with more honey. Since it is your favorite and your request needs to be as sweet as possible. More honey is added to the fruits above, trying not to be too much. Once all this is done, the golden candles are lit and left to burn. You don’t have to turn them off for anything. A fact that is of vital importance is that while you make the whole offering you are talking to her about your life and your needs.

Copper charity offerings for money

Oshun and the charity of copper offerings for money is renowned for its miracles and for bringing much needed fortune. It is not a problem for her to help her children financially. Rather the complete opposite. A Patakie tells that she was left with absolutely no wealth just to give to her faithful followers. She is the one for the money offering and these are the following products you need:

  • A medium loaf.
  • You have to get a golden candle.
  • Cinnamon, preferably powdered, although it is also valid as a stick.
  • A porcelain plate that is yellow or white.
  • Honey
  • Milk
  • Knife

The knife and the plate are specified because at no time will they have to be reused, they will only be bought for that sacred moment. On her altar in front of her, the plate is placed along with the bread. This should be opened in two by the knife. And in both parts honey, milk and cinnamon should be placed.

Close both halves with the ingredients already added. And in the middle of this bread a hole is created where the golden candle will go. Just when the candle is lit, you have to start praying to Oshun. It should be left to consume until it is reaching the height of the size of the bread. In the end you have to break it down. Put it in water to boil. It is strained and with the resulting water a bath is made, to attract fortune, thanks to the goddess Oshun or as it is also commonly identified, the virgin of charity of copper.

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