Prayer to pray for cancer patients

Prayer to pray for cancer patients

You can pray this beautiful prayer for cancer patients wherever and whenever you want to pray for all those people who fight every day against this terrible disease. In union is strength and prayer has power.

Prayer for cancer patients

Prayer for cancer patients : This is a beautiful prayer for all those people who have not allowed themselves to lose the battle against this disease and fight every day to heal, to get back in balance and ask God for a second chance.

Jesus, in his short life managed to heal many patients, that is why praying this healing prayer for cancer patients has power and although cancer can sometimes be a deadly disease, at least we can provide a better quality of life.

prayer for cancer patients that is prayed very frequently is the prayer to Saint Peregrine, better known as “the maker of wonders”.

Oh, dear Saint Peregrine, today I turn to you, to your help. I offer you this prayer to ask for a sick person (name and surname of the sick person) so that you allow him to heal, recover from this serious illness, but with your intercession and the power of our God the Father he can heal.

Saint Peregrine, today I want to ask you for the recovery of my sick (friend, family member…) and I dedicate this prayer to you for a terminally ill person because although I know that his days are numbered, you can give him relief and peace at the time of his departure.

I turn to you, Saint Peregrine, in the midst of my desperation and my selfishness, for wanting to keep this person by my side, but you well know the pain of losing a loved one, therefore, I ask you to grant me the miracle that I beg you.

To you, Saint Peregrine, I dedicate this prayer for cancer patients so that you grant them relief, peace, mercy and intercede before God the Almighty and Eternal Father so that when they leave this physical plane they can rest in peace with the Father and enjoy the eternal life with him.

Saint Peregrine, to you who were healed by Jesus himself of your illness, I ask you to help all those people sick with cancer or any other illness to heal, to not feel so much pain, or at least to make it bearable (name to the person or persons to whom this prayer is dedicated to ask for a sick person ).

psalms for cancer patients

There are psalms for cancer patients , which can help alleviate the pain and sorrow that this disease brings, among them, we can mention: Psalm 6, 31, 41.

Each of these psalms are words of comfort for the sick person, they are strength for the body and spirit, they can help improve the quality of life of these people considerably.

Sometimes, it is not so important to heal or not, but to know that we can count on people who love us from the heart and who stay by our side despite the circumstance.

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