Common Meaning And Symbolism Of The Ganeshas

Common Meaning And Symbolism Of The Ganeshas

There are many deities that are just as beloved and iconic as those in the Hindu pantheon. In each of these gods you have to know the meaning behind them. One of those who need to know what his story is is that of the Lord of abundance. Ganesha meaning is important to know.

Ganesh meaning

Perhaps you have already known him for his particular appearance, where instead of a human head, there is an elephant. His followers venerate him for being the god of knowledge and that he helps those who want to learn.

They also turn to him when they feel that they cannot visualize their future because of the walls in their situations, so he is in charge of breaking them down so that you can visualize and walk your chosen path. This means in the same way that he is a being that summons prosperity and the good results of our choices.

Ganesha symbolism meaning

Each region of her body symbolizes a characteristic different from the others and that the people who worship her should take into account to apply it in their day to day life. In most of the portraits of her, she is presented with a paunchy-looking god, this symbolizes the state of plenitude in which she dissolves things, enjoys the good ones and lets the bad ones take their course. His colors are usually gray or silver, gold is not very common for him. The rest of Ganesha’s body is said to be maya as it signifies our time on earth.


It has four hands that transmit through them the different events of the spiritual and celestial. And in one of his left hands he holds an axe, this means that any union, whether it is a relationship, family or friendships that are toxic, he is going to cut them. On the other on this same side he keeps his palm open, letting others know that they are sure that he is going to protect them and that they can safely walk the path of spirituality since they have his blessing.

In one of the right hands, he holds a lasso or a rope, it can be any of these, the important thing is that it be an object long enough and strong enough for various things. First, so that in this way we can scale our dreams and goals.

Second, to unite much more with our creator, God. The other right hand keeps in it candies of different varieties. This means that he has a sweet knowledge of life and that this in turn is sweet, you have to enjoy it.


Having the head of an elephant only signifies the reality of our validity in this world. Besides how big he is, he can think of many possibilities and create goals. The huge ears, it is to have the quality of listening much better. The eyes that look through their small holes, say that it is to better visualize situations and people, to see without good or bad for one. And that you have to focus on what you want.

The Ganesha mouth meaning by its diminutive size, which is the type of deity who prefers to listen before speaking. And if when he does it is that he is going to say something important with great impact on those who turn to him.

His trunk is called Om and even produces this sound, most think that the vibrations of this make you see beyond this world, and be in the spiritual while it sounds. It also means that it can bring you into a state of deep emotional and physical stability. And that he can get used to any type of environment since he is a very adaptable divine being because of his trunk.

He has a broken fang in his head, and it doesn’t matter what else one has if he no longer does anything productive for our lives, it’s just keeping things and people that are positive and inspire you more. That the bad thing or that it is already broken, discard it because it does not do anything occupying limited time that can be important for other better things.


There cannot be so few gods that do not have another spirit that is with them accompanying them. And this is not the case with the deity Ganesha, who does have it and takes the form of a rat. It symbolizes the desire for many things, it denotes problems since you always want more, but if everything is controlled everything will be fine, your desire will not get out of control. He is identified when he appears prostrate to Ganesha. Although in other representations this Ganesha on him.

Devotion to Ganesha

As he is well known for helping others to face what they consider to be obstacles or walls. This deity does the impossible for one to see the reality of things. And that everything has a solution. After people realize this they also turn to him to start life again from when they took it up.

People call it when they are starting a new venture after a failure or when it is their first. When buying a house, apartment or home. It is also good for those people who move to shared places for student reasons so that he defeats some bad energy of the place.

He is called on very rarely to do the opposite of what he is capable of. Create obstacles, in this way you will prevent any evil from happening to them.

Many today consider that it can also be a source of inspiration for writers since in several paintings it appears with its fang and in this one as if it were writing in the form of a pen.

It is best to place an image of this deity on the doors so that they are obstacles to those who want to enter with bad intentions. And in the different spiritual and Hindu temples it is also very popular to have several sculptures of him there. And you can give him gifts or gifts through the sweets that are his favorite, of any kind. Since Ganesha meant, he is the one who enjoys and wants others to do the same.

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