Cure with the Hands How to learn it?

Healing with the hands is one of the most ancient forms of alternative medicine, discover in this article everything you need to know about how to heal with the hands, we will inform you about what it is and about the most used techniques to achieve it.

heal with hands

Perhaps many people may be a little sceptical about this healing technique, however, healing with the hands is one of the oldest techniques that the human being has used to heal. When we analyze the form of healing used by the saints, we can identify that they used their hands to heal or perform miracles, but there is also much evidence that seers also use the posture of the hands to achieve the healing of people.

All human beings are energy, that is why we all have the possibility of healing with our hands, we are an energetic vehicle and we only have to learn to redirect that energy to heal people, of course, to achieve this we must learn, inform ourselves and practice so that our hands are the healing tool.

It is not something that is learned overnight, but it can be learned and by contacting that energy that is within us and around us, it is possible that it will heal. We emphasize again that you must have patience and practice, it is not something that you can do from one moment to another, but do not worry, here we will guide you how you can get started in this ancient healing technique.

At present, alternative medicines that are based on energy have taken a significant rise and are being accepted by science and conventional medicine because they work, in addition to this, scientific studies have been carried out that support and give solid support on the mechanisms action of this type of medicine.

We live in a time where we have a silent enemy such as electromagnetic pollution, perhaps more harmful than air pollution and that is affecting the health of human beings, it is a challenge that must be addressed seriously soon, they cannot be followed doing the incredulous before a reality like this.

The existence of waves such as radio frequencies, microwaves, cell phones, satellite waves, among others, are modifying and affecting the energy balance of people and therefore diseases arise more easily.

Healing with the hands is being supported by modern research that indicates that the healing of human health, from an energetic approach, is possible. People who do not believe in healing by laying on of hands are based on the laws of science, which become paradigms.

These paradigms are being knocked down over time, so people begin to doubt that it can’t really be possible and still doubt the results, however, the evidence that it does work is beginning to become very evident, so that the creation of a current, of a movement of followers, is already beginning, which is the moment in which we find ourselves today. So the first barrier to break down when it comes to healing with your hands is that this type of healing is not possible.

There are many years in which healing with the hands is used and with effective results, the advancement of science and molecular knowledge of the human body and its behavior, made man forget and will leave this ancient technique in the background, however Currently, man is rediscovering it and current medicine is integrating a biophysical dimension that transcends the knowledge and paradigm of molecular biology.

Today the similarities between what science describes and the experience of therapists or healers, who have used this healing technique that comes from centuries ago and that this procedure of healing with the hands has been transmitted for generations, are recognized by researchers. . Let us then learn more in depth about this extraordinary way of healing, how it is to heal with the hands.

Importance of knowing the disease

One of the first things you should know is that to heal with our hands we must know about the disease we want to cure, so that we can direct our energy towards the root cause, towards the real problem, because by not knowing who we are fighting against, the effectiveness of our energy will dissipate and will not achieve the desired effect. When we focus on the esoteric definition of illness, it is not as complex as the definition used in conventional medicine.

The healers identify the disease as an imbalance on a spiritual level, they do not identify it as a physical problem, the physical is only the consequence or expression of the spiritual imbalance. Therefore, when the disease begins it is because the person becomes unbalanced internally, that energy out of balance is distributed by the different energy bodies, thus generating the disease in the physical body, developing the disease.

Understanding then how the energy mechanism works, we will be able to redirect the energies to make them reach their balance again and achieve the healing of the person. It is important that we as healers are convinced that healing with the hands is possible, we must keep in mind the importance of mental power.

If the healer is not convinced that nothing is impossible for the spiritual world and that our mind has the power to lead and make our thoughts possible, then we are already failing as healers, because our energy will not have enough healing force, since it is being guided by the distraction of the doubt of our mental power.

So convinced that everything is possible, we must recognize that there are diseases that are the expression of karma, when this is the case there is not much that can be done, because it is necessary for the person to go through that experience, in order to learn from it and grow spiritually. In these types of cases we must be strong spiritually, emotionally, and mentally, but we must accept it.

This is one of the most important aspects to take into account, the souls of people must learn through life experiences and some are pleasant and others not so much, when healing with the hands we must understand that there will be diseases that we will not be able to cure and we must accept it, it is not easy but the foundation and although it sounds contradictory to the formation that everything is possible, there are spiritual laws, which govern and we must respect.

Hand healing techniques

There are many techniques and even healers generate and customize their own technique, but healing with the hands involves the technique of laying on of hands, this being the most ancient procedure of all. We can even say that the imposition of hands is a technique that occurs instinctively in the human being, for example, when we get hit or a part of the body hurts, what is the first thing we do? We place our hands on the affected part and without realizing it almost immediately you feel relief.

What we discussed above is one of the most notable evidences that healing with the hands is possible. The laying on of hands consists of putting hands on the person, specifically on the area that is sick, the healer will concentrate and send healing energy to the sick person and the affected area.

How will you send this healing energy? There are several ways, some healers pray, others remain silent and using the power of faith, lead the healing energy to the affected area. This is the most popular and well-known technique of healing with the hands.

Another of the techniques used is to manipulate energies, this technique is also ancient and is used or was known through Filipino doctors who use this healing technique. Reiki is a technique that is widely accepted today and that uses precise methods that have been developed for a long time and that is taught or passed on from person to person.

As we indicated before, when we have pain in an instinctive and natural way, we take our hands to the affected area and without knowing it, we are already applying the fundamental technique of Reiki. This is an ancient oriental technique, its effect has been proven and it is so effective that there are currently conventional medicine clinics that are implementing this healing technique.

As we know energy is vibrations and healing with the hands implies channelling that powerful source of energy through them, this powerful element is found internally in our body, but it is also about using all that energy that is outside and around us. We must learn to guide it within ourselves and project it towards other people, to heal the energetic illnesses that are causing the physical illnesses.

It is a healing procedure that we can all learn, that is why it is important to know about the subject, it is a possibility of bringing healing through us, hence the importance of this article, that you understand that it is not a reserved form of healing for a few, healing with the hands is an alternative medicine technique that can be learned by anyone.

As we can see, the hands are the indispensable tool to carry out the technique of healing with the hands, our hands are the channel to transmit the healing energy, when we rub our hands we can feel the caloric energy that is generated, when we clap our hands, we can recognize in our body the emotion, when we caress with our hands, we transmit love. As we can see in our daily life we ​​use our hands full of energy, we just have to learn to channel it, to make it healer.

Benefits of healing with your hands

There are many benefits that can be obtained with the technique of healing with the hands, the first thing that we must highlight is that it is an ancient technique that is still in force, which gives it a high level of credibility. It is also a technique that treats and comprehensively corrects the individual, conventional medicine only corrects physical illness, the consequence of energy imbalance, therefore, it is temporary and incomplete cures.

For its part, healing with the hands corrects the root cause, that is, the energy imbalance that is causing the disease, which makes it more effective. Another benefit of healing with the hands is that it is a non-invasive technique, so it does not involve the consumption of medications, which can affect some organs of our body, nor does it inflict physical pain.

Another benefit is that all human beings have the power to heal, so healing with the hands can become a form of mass healing that reaches many. Healing with the hands is a way of knowing ourselves internally, recognizing those energy blockages that cause the disease, so healing is long-term and allows us to grow spiritually. Below we will discuss some specific benefits that have been found to be very effective when healing with the hands.

against depression

One of the diseases that prevails in the 21st century is depression, being then the technique of healing with the hands, one of the methods to balance energies, we can use this healing technique effectively, since we can through of the imposition of hands, redirect the psychic ailments making them disappear. Depression generally has its origin in an emotional blockage and through reiki, it is very possible to release those contained energies by improving depressive symptoms.

As this medicine must observe the individual in an integral way, it allows to recognize both the body and the spirit and as the diseases are produced by the imbalance of these planes, it intervenes in the root cause of the problem, being then a technique with excellent and lasting results. .

This is a technique that allows us to recognize ourselves internally, recognize our essence and identify what we must change. It is possible that as patients we do not agree with the diagnosis and resist, we must give in and accept to restore the energy balance and therefore the state of health.

ideological conflicts

Another benefit of healing with the hands is that the technique does not conflict with any type of religion, as we know conventional medicine sometimes has to use treatments that are not accepted by some religions, such as blood transfusions in people with ideology such as Jehovah’s Witnesses, who because of their beliefs do not allow this type of intervention.

These types of obstacles do not occur with the technique of healing with the hands, since as it is linked to energy and faith, it does not conflict with any ideology or religion. To confirm this assertion we can highlight the fact that there is evidence in some religions such as Catholic and Christian, in which it is confirmed through the scriptures that Jesus healed by laying on his hands and the apostles performed miracles using the laying on of hands to heal. in the name of Jesus.

As we can see, healing with the hands is one of the most accessible alternatives, which is within the reach of “our hands”, we cannot lose this gift from the universe, we hope that by reading this article, we have managed to make you recognize that you can be a healer and be part of that wonderful movement, full of energy and light that helps in the healing of people.

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