Moorings and spells with hair to fall in love

Moorings and spells with hair to fall in love

You are looking for moorings and love rituals to knead and dominate that loved one to bend him before you, if so, you should pay close attention to this post since it will be dedicated to describing spells with hair to make a person fall in love and that only have eyes for you, so do not stop reading the post and pay close attention.

Spells with hair

The spells with hair to fall in love prevent from the voodoo religion, which is a fairly old religion that originates primarily from the African ethnic groups but with the passage of time I managed to reach the Caribbean territory that adopted them as their own, it should be noted that the spells that are made with hair today enjoy great fame worldwide for their power and effectiveness in those who perform such spells, believers in esotericism are completely sure that this type of spell is the best way to attract love to our lives or recover the love of the loved one if it were the case that we lost it for some reason.

The effectiveness of this type of spells is due to the fact that over the years, voodoo believers and practitioners around the world have dedicated themselves especially to studying and enriching themselves with solid and relevant knowledge about this type of spells and spells where its main ingredient is the use of hair. The practice or performance of love spells with hair are very common in Latin American countries, such as: Haiti, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia and even Mexico among many others.

With a hair spell you can manage to dominate anyone, be it an enemy or the person you love or this spell also works to revive the flame of passion in your relationship if you see that things are not working as before and you feel that you are losing that person and that your relationship is soon to end, if you feel that the harmony in the relationship has ended and the problems and conflicts overwhelm you, it is time for you to take action on the matter and what better than a spell with hair to revive the flame in your relationship or to dominate or tame any person.

Now, pay close attention to what we will describe in the following lines, since following the instructions to the letter is essential for the effectiveness of spells and moorings.

Love Spells with Hair

If for some reason the loved one is lost, it is a very painful and complicated situation for anyone and on many occasions we find ourselves with our hands tied because no matter how hard we try we cannot recover that loved one and return to our side, it is there where we resort to divine help and turn to love spells since we find ourselves in a desperate situation to recover the love of that person and return to our side.

But it should be noted that with a spell it is the perfect solution, pay close attention to what you will see next and do everything step by step without skipping anything.


  • Two red candles
  • wooden pencil
  • rose oil
  • gold color thread
  • Lavender
  • Red cloth bag
  • Locks of hair (one of yours and one of the person you love)
  • lighter the match

Step by Step:

To start with the spell, the first thing to do is to take the two red candles and on one you will write your full name along the candle, and on the other candle you will proceed to write the full name of the person you love. throughout the sail.

Then you are going to take a little rose oil and you are going to spread it on your fingers, and once you have your fingers spread with oil you are going to take the candles and you are going to spread them from end to end, that is, from the bottom to the bottom and after you have spread them all, you will proceed to light both candles.

Once you lit the candles, you are going to take the candle where you had previously written the full name of that loved one and repeat these words several times (3 or 4 times) in a clear and strong voice: With the power of the elements, baptized (name of your loved one).”

After you finish reciting these words, you are going to leave the candle in the place where it was before and you are going to take the candle that has your name and you are going to repeat with a clear and strong voice the same prayer indicated above.

At the end of this step you are going to place a candle next to the other as close as you can, you must place them on a table or on a surface where no one else can see or touch it for 9 days. You’re going to take the gold thread and you’re going to tie both candles firmly and you’re going to tie them both in the middle and you’re going to return them to the surface where you should have them for nine days.

Then you are going to take a little lavender or the flower of your choice and together with the strands of hair, both your hair and those of the loved one, you are going to grab and place them inside the red cloth bag.

You are going to take another piece of golden thread and you are going to proceed to close the red cloth bag, making nine knots. You are going to take a bag once you have finished tying the knots and you are going to place it in front of you with the lit candles and with a strong and clear voice you are going to repeat the following words nine consecutive times while visualizing yourself next to the person you love: “Our love and passion They will burn together like the flames of these candles.”

It is important to keep in mind that this step is the most important of the entire spell, since this is where you will be invoking the spell, which is why you are going to repeat these words nine times with great faith and you must do it with great faith in what you want with conviction, love and feeling.

Once you have finished all these steps, you will proceed to extinguish the candles with your fingertips and leave them where no one can see them. You should always have the bag with you, even to sleep and you will have it until the loved one begins to fall before you due to the effects of the spell and will begin to think and dream simply.

Spell with hair to fall in love

Loving someone else is the best thing that can happen to any human being, in other words, it is the best thing that can exist in the world, love inspires you to do anything for that loved one and you want to always experience that feeling of love for the whole life. Being in love, everything around us changes radically and everything seems more wonderful to us with that person, however, not all of us are lucky that the love we feel is reciprocated and many times we find ourselves in need of resorting to some help such as it is a love spell to have that person by our side.

That is why below we are going to learn a simple love spell with hair that will help us to attract the love of that loved one, but it is essential to follow each of the steps that are specified in the lines to the letter. following since, as has been commented, the effectiveness of the spells lies in doing them correctly.


  • fresh honey
  • Transparent container with lid
  • Lock of hair of the person you love
  • lock of your hair
  • 10 candies (your partner’s favorites)

Step by Step:

To begin with this spell, the first thing to do is take the honey and place a little inside the transparent container and then you are going to proceed to place the locks of hair both yours and those of your partner.

You are going to take a clean teaspoon and you are going to proceed to stir well the content that is inside the container until the strands of hair are well submerged with honey.

Once you finish doing what was indicated above, you are now going to close your eyes and place both of us on the container and you are going to recite a prayer of love that comes out of you in a strong and clear way, where you must mention all the good things that you want for yourself. relationship and for that loved one, while you are reciting the prayer you must visualize in detail each moment that you hope to live with that person, especially how it would be to live together as a couple. Everything you are going to visualize must be done with all your energy and conviction that what you want will be possible.

After finishing with the prayer, you will proceed to remove your hands from the container and you will introduce the 10 favorite candies of the loved one into it and then you will proceed to continue mixing until you submerge it all once you have finished doing it, you will keep it inside from the refrigerator for 2 hours.

After the two hours have elapsed, you will remove it from the refrigerator and you will store the container in a place where no one else can see it, much less touch it, and you will keep it until you begin to see that the spell has had its effect.

Spell with hair to dominate


  • A photo, it is recommended that for this spell we can get a personal object from the other person, it can be a physical object close to it or a piece of their hair
  • a black thread
  • A blanket large enough to cover the object
  • A container where everything fits

Step by Step:

To comment on the ritual, the first thing to do is take the personal object of that being that we want to dominate. Specifically for this spell, a lock of that person’s hair is going to be needed, then we are going to proceed to take the black thread and They are going to make 10 knots respectively on the personal object of the being to dominate, when the 10 knots are ready, they will proceed to repeat the following words in a clear and strong way: “With these knots I tie at your will, from now on you will be docile and I will dominate you:”

Once you have completed the spell, you are going to take the lock of hair which you have already tied the 10 knots and you are going to wrap it inside the blanket and once this step is ready, with all your energy and faith you are going to repeat the following words 4 times aloud: “You will be blind to this spell, from now on you will only see what I show you.”

When you finish reciting the words, you will proceed to save the strand of hair in the blanket and you will see how that person will be completely submissive and dominated by you.

Love spell with hair 2


  • Small clear jar
  • Saliva of the person you love
  • Liquor that the person you are interested in likes the most
  • three hairs of yours

Step by Step:

The main thing to carry out this spell is to find a little of the saliva of a loved one, this can be somewhat difficult, but everything will be up to your ingenuity and the desire that you can put into it to find a little saliva and perform the love spell

When you manage to find the saliva you are going to place it inside a transparent glass bottle, then you are going to fill this same bottle with that person’s favorite liquor halfway and then you are going to place three strands of your hair.

You are going to take the bottle and with both hands you are going to shake it slowly and at the same time you are going to visualize that this person is looking for you insistently, that he calls you, sends you messages and that he wants you by his side, you should focus your thoughts on That person has a feeling of desperation because you are not by his side.

When you finish shaking the bottle very well you will take it and you will keep it very well in a safe place in your house where no one else can find it, after a couple of days you will notice with the spell it begins to take effect and it will be the universe sending you a sign that that person has already fallen in love with you.

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