Prayer to San Judas Tadeo to pass an exam

Prayer to San Judas Tadeo to pass an exam

As students, we often go to great lengths to get good grades, pass an exam, or simply pass a subject in its entirety. In this opportunity we bring first-hand a prayer to Saint Judas Tadeo to pass an exam.

Prayer to San Judas Tadeo to pass an exam

At some point in our lives it has happened to us that we have studied a lot to present an exam and when we find ourselves in the classroom, our mind goes completely blank and everything we have studied is completely forgotten and all the preparation we had was in vain.

That is why in this opportunity we will describe a prayer to Saint Judas Tadeo to pass an exam, this prayer is very effective and miraculous and if you ask Saint Judas for the great help that at that moment of being in front of your exam and illuminate your mind fully and you can apply everything studied and put the correct answers in your head. Of course, it is important to note that we must study and prepare for our exam and in this way Saint Jude will intercede for us to apply what we have studied:

San Judas Tadeo, friend and patron of impossible cases. I present myself to you, I am (name) and I am studying (your degree of study). I come to you because I need help. I find myself going through difficult times. I have questioned my success and I have been thinking about the possibility of failure, I ask you, kind sir, help me with this prayer.

I ask you to recover faith, guide me along the path of triumph and allow this servant to complete his studies. I promise to be a faithful devotee, venerate you as the friend you are and respect you as your divinity deserves. Also, in your divine presence I promise to serve my brothers, when I finish my studies, I know that I will be useful in society.

I appreciate your mercy and care. I am completely grateful because I know you help me. Thank you Holy Juditas. Amen.

In college

The university stage is the most difficult for any student since it is the preparation to move on to the professional level, which is why preparation is essential, especially when presenting an exam, as fate or nerves were previously named many times. they play tricks on us and everything studied we forget and our mind goes totally blank.

That is why we will present a prayer dedicated to San Judas Tadeo to help us pass a university exam, recite the prayer with great faith and confidence in San Judas Tadeo and you will see how on the day of the exam all your preparation will not be in vain and at the time of the exam your mind will be enlightened:

Benevolent San Judas Tadeo, who bears the name of the traitor to Jesus, but with a totally different heart.

You were a brother to the Savior and there are many people who praise you, but not only for your work as an apostle, but for your miracles.

With faith you are prayed to and with faith your blessing is received, a blessing given to the desperate, to those with problems who believe they have no solution.

However, you intercede before Christ and bring his divine power. I have always fought for my goals, I have never given up.

I am constant and I try to do things well, but I find myself facing an immense wall that has stopped my walk and has collapsed my will.

Soon I will face an exam at my university, I find it very difficult to be victorious, but that’s because I’m trying alone.

But now that I turn to you and await your blessing, an aura of peace has come over me that does not allow worry to disturb me.

In so many impossible cases you have intervened, that it is difficult for me not to be hopeful. I know that you will accompany me in my study and you will bring the grace of Christ to my eyes and my mind, so that everything is reflected in my memory.

There will be nothing that will not allow me to move forward, I trust in your greatness Saint Jude. In addition, being one of the 12, so close to Christ, he shows that, in the same way, you are close to his divinity.

Even after life, you serve the majestic Messiah, just as I hope to serve him too.

And how not to do it, yes through his blessing I have been given so much and will continue to be given to me every time I ask.

While I kept my prayer, this giant wall that I observed from the beginning, became smaller and smaller, now I just have to make an effort to pass it. I thank you for your blessing given through you by Christ Jesus.


Prayer to San Judas Tadeo for Difficult and Desperate Cases

Oh wonderful San Judas Tadeo you who are blessed patron of the desperate and difficult cases, have mercy on me and intercede with our Lord Jesus Christ so that I can alleviate this situation that I am experiencing at this moment.

Sacred Saint Jude, help me, do not ignore my request, because I am desperate and with the greatest hope that you will help me with this request, I turn to you to use the privileges that were granted by being with our Lord Jesus Christ sitting at his side.

Through this prayer, I wish to ask you with great fervor to give me the necessary strength to endure a great problem that afflicts me and weakens my heart. Glorious Saint Jude make my sorrows be filled with joy, make me feel your powerful intercession before our Lord, you who knew suffering very well in life, make my hardships be appeased with your wonderful power.

(Pray 5 Our Fathers and 5 Hail Marys and continue the prayer)

Saint Judas Tadeo, you who are at the right hand of the Lord, intercede for this request, have mercy on the suffering that afflicts me, for the love of the Blessed Virgin Mary and our Lord Jesus Christ, who in earthly life was your cousin, intercede before me.

To show you all my gratitude, I promise never to forget this favor granted, in the same way I will do everything I can to encourage your devotion, among those who are desolate and desperate for love, faith and hope.

Pray and intercede before our Lord Father, for all those who fervently beg you, never allow mistrust to reign in me, give me your protection over all aspects of my life.

Oh my San Judas Tadeo!, you who are always watching me going through all my torments, you know how bad I feel today, I need to feel the peace of mind knowing that you listen to me, I entrusted you with my job request to get money, please help me.
Jesus was not wrong in choosing you as an apostle, in allowing you to be by his side, in preaching his word in every corner, everywhere and wherever you went, filling more hearts with fervent love, which can only be had for a human being. so special, to the only one and to the owner.

To the master and lord, to our Savior who we are sure that thanks to you, today we come to him, Being listened to, favored and blessed, for ever and ever,


Prayer to San Judas Tadeo to give thanks for the favors received

Many times we focus only on asking for favors and we forget to give thanks for the favors received to our person, that is why in this opportunity we will describe a prayer dedicated to San Judas Tadeo for the favors that we have received from him, as already We know he is the patron of impossible causes and if we ask him with a lot of dedication and devotion, he will listen to us and come to our aid. We should only go to him with great fervor and being confident in his goodness and his love for us:

I beg you my God, that you allow me; end this prayer by thanking a martyr for your gospel; man capable of leaving everything to enforce your statutes.

Saint Jude, I thank you for listening to my prayers; even when my voice was no longer heard, and it was only a whisper in the midst of my despair.

I thank you, oh Servant of God; for praying for my cause to the God of armies, in my moments of difficulty; and for filling my prayers with favor.

When I found myself with no way out, Santo; You helped me find her in the hole I was in. Patron Saint of Lost Causes; thanks to your timely intervention, my hope is strengthened, and witnessing your mercy; I come to you with great joy.

Giving thanks to San Judas Tadeo, thanks to your presence in my life, I have once again been able to see the light of day and the sky in my favor; and every day that passes I keep remembering your goodness in my life.

As a faithful Protector, you have separated me from all those who wish only evil for me; and you have protected all my loved ones, and more to those who have begged you for a miracle.

I thank you, oh Saint Jude; for helping me every time I call on your name, and for that reason in my life I will only serve to do good to my neighbor; and prevent evil from growing in the body of your server.

Continue Holy of God, working in the lives of those who invoke you with faith and hope; do not allow them to be carried away by the fear and uncertainty of tomorrow; Fill us with your favor and affection.

I know that, like me, many appreciate and will appreciate your great deeds. Because you are miraculous and timely. Thank you, thank you very much. For being a faithful companion of the miracles that become difficult to accomplish in human thought; then, for God nothing is impossible; and with your intercession it is more effective.

I beg you that your intercession in my life never fails when I cry out to your Holy name; and may the God of heaven work in my favor if what I pray for is in his plans for my life. San Judas Tadeo and the impossible miracles patron saint of impossible causes; I thank you for all the favors granted; I appreciate that you have attended my cry, and do not forsake me.

Your power is amazing and you have always answered me; thank you for your fidelity, blessed are you Saint Jude who walked with the Lord. God has granted you the gift of fulfilling impossible miracles, and I thank you because every time I cry out; you answer. Oh Saint Jude, Thank you for your powerful intercession; what you have done for me before him father, blessed are you for your great goodness; I thank you for not abandoning me.


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