What is the Mission of the Holy Catholic Church?

What is the Mission of the Holy Catholic Church?

There are many religions in the world, many trends, beliefs and spiritual positions, but the most widespread is the Christian faith that has many branches and aspects, despite this they all focus on talking about the love of God, let us know about what is the mission of the Church?

Mission of the Church and Our Mission

One of the most followed religions in the world is the Catholic Christian, composed of a large number of followers and believers, focusing mainly on the teachings of Jesus while he was on earth, which are expressed in the gospels of the new testament, in addition, They are also in charge of getting to know about the various doctrines focused on devotion to the Virgin Mary, the knowledge of the Saints and the Holy Trinity. With this it was possible to spread throughout the world.

As a church, it has a function and a mission to carry out, but not only reflecting it in that way, but also making known as people within the church what its mission is. The main reference they use to highlight their mission is Jesus Christ, who had his main purpose to die for all humanity and restore people’s relationship with the Father, which was broken due to sin, but mainly his goal was to teach us everything. God’s purpose in people’s lives.

19  Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit;

Matthew 28: 19

The main mission of the church in this world can be summed up in the text of the holy scripture, where Jesus makes it very clear that He would pay the sacrifice for us but the only task we have is to go to the nations to preach the gospel of God. , speaking of the news, that we were bought at the price of blood and were redeemed from sin; giving the opportunity to everyone who wants to believe in Jesus to be saved, it is an arduous task but it will never be heavier than the sacrifice that Jesus made on the Cross, where he gave his life for us.

Church of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit

The Catholic Church is responsible for reflecting different types of objectives that focus on its missions, among them is to demonstrate God as a triune entity known as Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, The three are one and the three are God. Showing the first (Father) as the creator of the universe, while the second (son) refers to Jesus the Messiah and savior, while the third entity (Holy Spirit) is the one who lives in the life of every believer and who comes to him, at the moment that they accept Jesus in their hearts.

Church of Jesus Christ

A church is commonly known as the place, the temple, the place where a group of people meet or congregate to listen to the word of God, that way of seeing has been very common for a long time; When Jesus came to this world, he changed many paradigms and many statutes, where he reflects that the church is us, every person who has Christ in his heart is a church and is a temple of the word of God that has life in his being.

For this reason, the church is the place where the main mission of Jesus is carried out, which is to preach the gospel as brothers, but the main church is us, having a complete unity first of all with the Holy Spirit and with whom one must have constant communication. , true salvation comes from speaking and acting as God wishes, let us be living testimonies of the words that Jesus left pre-written and let us give faith of each one of his works. Let us be participants in his work in communion with the Father.

Universal Sacrament of Salvation

The Catholic Church is characterized by applying various sacraments that represent signs that are sensitive but very effective that are applied to all those believers in various stages of age and training. But it should be noted that there are other sacraments considered universal within the church, which are described below:

  • The Church – Mystery: Represents the sign used by the power of Jesus, where his presence can be experienced and where his word is shared, where the various saving activities are carried out.
  • Church – Communion: Within the church the congregation of believers takes place and it is the point where everyone gathers to hear the word of God, therefore, the church represents communion.
  • Church – Mission: It is one of the activities most carried out by the Catholic Church, where people are constantly evangelized and the word of God is brought to the nations.

Tasks included in this mission

The Catholic Church has been characterized as one of the largest religions that have covered the world, therefore, it must carry out a system of complex activities and tasks that materialize all the proposed purposes, summarizing it in the following points to highlight:

  • Announce the gospel of Jesus Christ, mainly described in the new testament.
  • Dedicate oneself to forming and maturing diverse ecclesiastical communities.
  • Promote the promotion of people and inculcate the various Christian values ​​in homes.

Our Mission in the Church

For a long time many people think that by going to a church they are already completely saved or by serving within the church they have already exercised their role within the word of God, they are completely wrong, by attending on Sundays we are not saved, by participate in the work of the church, they are not saved; our mission in the church must be much more than attending a temple and that’s it.

The main duty that it has as a church is to evangelize the word of God, which represents making known the work of God in the hearts of people, it must be spoken and preached without any exclusion of person, therefore we must know how to live in communion with the brothers and also in participating in the various leftovers that reach homes, parishes, communities. This act leads us to be one with Christ, living from his example where Jesus moved to places where people frequented.


We have a great commandment in this life as believers described in the text of the holy scriptures, where it tells us that we must go to all nations to bring the gospel of Jesus that represents life and salvation. Many times it is interpreted as evangelizing and it is understood as carrying the various virtues of a faith, spreading the word of God to all people and all nations and thus everyone is a participant in the salvation of Jesus.

Every commandment demands a great obligation and duty, where it is necessary to preach the gospel of faith, highlighting at all times the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross of Calvary and making known the different conditions in which Jesus comes into our lives but always emphasizing that it must be by faith, all belief is intertwined with faith and goes together to reinforce our commandment in Jesus and the heavenly Father


Although the Catholic Church is responsible for offering mainly the different Christ teachings that were written in the Gospels of Saint John, Saint Matthew, Saint Luke and Saint Mark, reflecting at all times the salvation that entered humanity thanks to his sacrifice. Other of the most revered figures is that of the Virgin Mary, also known as the Mother of God, it could be said that today she is the central figure of Catholicism and with the highest type of worship.

Mary was the woman chosen by God to bring the Messiah into the world, since ancient times it was described that the coming of the savior would be through a virgin, since then the role of Mary for the church is memorable for this fact, for her grace, simplicity of spirit and for his obedience to God, where at no time did he refute or contradict God’s mandate but was obedient from the moment he heard his mission.

As Christians it is difficult to say that we do not have some obligation inside and outside the church, we simply keep in mind that we cannot be believers only by hearsay, we must be believers who constantly apply the word of God in our lives and also share the salvation that only through Christ can we obtain.

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