Miraculous Novena to the Blessed Souls in Purgatory

Miraculous Novena to the Blessed Souls in Purgatory

The Novena to the Blessed Souls in Purgatory is used so that God absolves the deceased from minor sins that had not been forgiven at the time of their death, for which masses, prayers and gifts are offered for their eternal rest. As the day of the departed devotees approaches, which the Church celebrates every November 2, there is a novena to pray to God for the Souls in Purgatory.

Novena to the Blessed Souls in Purgatory

The Catechism of the Catholic Church (1030-1031) indicates that those who die in grace and in the company of God, but not totally purified, although they are sure of their perpetual salvation, undergo a purification after their death, with the purpose to achieve the sanctification required to enter the joy of heaven.

The Church calls this process of final “cleansing” of the chosen ones purgatory, which is totally different from the penance of the damned. Likewise, Saint Gregory the Great, Pope and Doctor of the Church, was able to teach that “if Jesus Christ mentioned that there are sins that will not be forgiven, neither on this plane nor on the other, it is indicative that there are sins that are forgiven in the other world. ”.

Opening Prayer of Each Day of the Novena to the Blessed Souls

By the sign of the Blessed Cross, from our adversaries, free us, Lord, our God. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

act of contrition

My Lord, Jesus Christ! God and Man of truth, Creator, Father and my Savior; because you are who you are, eternal goodness, and because I adore you before anything else, it hurts me deeply to have insulted you; It also hurts me since you can mortify me with the pains of hell. Helped by your divine mercy, I firmly promise never to sin again, reveal myself and consummate the penalty that has been imposed on me. Amen.

Opening Prayer

My Lord, Jesus Christ, God and Man of truth, because you are who you are, and because I love you above all things, knowing how much I have missed because of me, one and a thousand times, I declare that having offended you It hurts; mercy my God, mercy. I firmly promise the reform of my life, Helped by your divine mercy, Amen.

Novena Prayer to the Blessed Souls

Angel who takes care of me, my sweet companion, do not abandon me, neither at night nor during the day. Until you make me be in peace and joy, with each of the saints, with Jesus, Joseph and Mary, Amen.

Proper Novena Prayer to the Blessed Souls

Merciful Father, in unity with the Church Triumphant in heaven, I beg you to be merciful to the souls in Purgatory. Keep in mind your perpetual love for them and teach them the eternal merits of your beloved Son. Consent to free them from sadness and pain so that they can soon enjoy peace and happiness. God, divine Father, I thank you for the gift of persistence that you have bestowed on the souls of the departed devotees.

Benevolent Redeemer, Jesus Christ. You, the King of kings in the country of happiness. He implored you, through your mercy, to listen to my prayer and release the souls in Purgatory, above all… .. Lead them from the prison of darkness to the clarity and freedom of the children of the Lord in the Kingdom of your glory. Benevolent Redeemer, I thank you for having saved humble souls with your precious blood, redeeming them from perpetual death.

God the Holy Spirit, kindle in me the flame of your divine love. Awaken my faith and trust, accept in a benign way the phrases that I offer you for the souls that suffer in Purgatory. I want to dedicate the virtues of this passion to help all Suffering Churches and in particular for my deceased parents, brothers, sisters, benefactors, relatives and friends. Hear my plea that we may come together in the Kingdom of your glory.

God the Holy Spirit, I thank you for all the favors with which you have blessed, fortified and comforted these blessed souls and in particular for comforting them in their current sufferings with the certainty of perpetual happiness. May they soon meet with you and listen to those holy words that invite them to the home of Heaven: “Come, you who are blessed by my Father! Take possession of the Kingdom that has been prepared for you since the beginning of time” (Mt 25, 34).

Offer for Every Day

Divine father! Affectionate father! that to redeem souls you wanted your only-begotten Son, already made man, to lead the most humble and sacrificial life and leave his blood on the cross for our affection! How would you allow souls in purgatory to suffer for a long time, who cost Jesus Christ a great deal and who are your adored daughters? How could you let blood of such enormous value be wasted?

So pity these humble souls and free them from their sorrows and torments. Also pity mine and free her from the yoke of vice. And if your justice asks for complacency for the consummated faults, I offer you the good deeds that I carry out in this novena.

A!, they have no value, it is true; but I unite them with the eternal merits of your divine Son, with the torture of his Most Holy Mother and with the heroic attributes of those who have been on earth. See us all, living and dead, with eyes of mercy and make us one day commemorate his commiserations in the perpetual rest of glory. Amen.

Daily Considerations for the Novena to the Blessed Souls

Below are the considerations for each of the nine days that make up the Novena to the Holy Souls in Purgatory. The assigned order must be maintained and, as far as possible, the execution of each offer must not be missed.

Considerations for Day One

Numerous are the pains suffered by the blessed souls in Purgatory, but the greatest of them is based on believing that because of the sins they incurred in life they themselves have caused their own suffering.

Oh Jesus, my Redeemer! I who many times have been worthy of hell, how much pain would I not suffer now, if I saw myself punished to believe that I myself had been the cause of my condemnation? I am grateful to you for how patient you have been with me, give me mercy to get away from the opportunities to offend you and have mercy on the souls who suffer in that fire because of me.

My Lord Jesus Christ, you want us to have great subtlety of conscience and complete holiness: we implore you to give it to us; and to those who for not having had it are under purification in purgatory, please apply our vows and quickly remove them from those afflictions to heaven. We beg you through the mediation of your pure Mother and Saint Joseph.

And you, O Mary, Mother of God! help them with your powerful supplications. Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be

Considerations for Day Two

The second sadness that afflicts these blessed souls on a high level is the time they wasted in life, in which they could have obtained greater virtues for heaven, and the idea that this loss will never be repaired by ending with life the time of being worthy.

Unfortunate me, oh Lord, who for so many years have existed deserving only the punishments of hell! I thank you because you still give me time to repair the evil that I have done and the good that I have not done. Give me your help so that what remains in my life, I use it only in serving you and loving you. Have mercy on me and on those blessed souls who burn in purgatory for not having used the time you gave them for their consecration as they should.

My Lord Jesus Christ, you are the leader of all your devout Christians who in you come together as members of the same substance that is the Church: we beg you to be more united and even more with you and that our prayers and vows of good works be of benefit for the souls of our brothers in purgatory, so that they arrive soon to join their brothers in heaven.

And you, O Mary, Mother of God! help them with your powerful supplications. Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be

Considerations for the Third Day

Another of the greatest sorrows that distress these blessed souls is the frightening panorama of the sins that they are purging. In the present life it is not known how little beauty sin is, but it is known in the other, and this understanding is one of the most powerful pains that souls suffer in Purgatory.

Oh my God! I love you above all things since you are perpetual goodness; It pains me with all my heart to have insulted you; grant me holy persistence; take pity on me and on those holy souls martyred with the panorama of sins that they did not want to avoid and consummated without horror.

My Lord Jesus Christ, condemn those who sin with justice in this existence or in the next: grant us the mercy of never sinning and have mercy on those who, having sinned, could not, because they did not have time, or did not want to, because they did not having will and for having love of the gift, feel satisfied in this life and are now suffering their pains in purgatory; and lead them and all quickly to their rest.

And you, O Mary, Mother of God! help them with your powerful supplications and also pray for us who are still at risk of being condemned. Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory.

Considerations for Day Four

One of the sorrows that most distresses those souls, wives of Jesus Christ, is believing that in life, because of their faults, they angered that God whom they adore so much. Penitents have been observed to perish in pain at the belief that they had wronged such a gracious God. The souls in purgatory know better than us how benevolent God is and therefore they adore him with all their might; therefore, believing that they made him angry in life, they suffer a pain greater than all other pain.

Oh my God!, and I who insult you so easily, without being moved by how much you have done for me, nor by the pains that await me in purgatory; have mercy on me and on those holy souls who burn in that fire for the contempt they made of venial sins and who now adore you wholeheartedly.

My Lord Jesus Christ, who demands penance even for venial sins in this world or in the next: grant us holy fear of venial sins and in compassion for those who, having consummated them, are now under purification in purgatory and free them and all penitents from their pains, leading them to eternal glory.

And you, O Mary, Mother of God! protect us so that we manage to live a perfect existence and help them to calm their pain. Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be

Considerations for the Fifth Day

Another of the important sorrows that sadden those blessed souls is suffering that fire without knowing when their tortures will end. It is true that they are certain to be free of them on a certain day; but the doubt that in how much time they will have to finish, causes them a severe torment.

Oh my God!, what great misfortune would be mine if you had sent me to hell, to that torture cell, being sure that I would never get out of it! Thank you I give you with me; Forgive me, I would rather perish than offend you again. Have mercy on me and on the blessed souls who on earth have not been afraid enough of the pains of purgatory.

My Lord Jesus Christ, that those who lead a pleasant life, who did not pay for their sin or did not have enough charity with the humble, you have to punish in the other life with the penalty that they did not do here: give us the virtues of sacrifice and compassion and mercifully accept our pity and vows, so that through them they arrive promptly at their eternal rest.

And you, O Mary, Mother of God! help them with your power and shorten the time that awaits them of the perpetual possession of God. Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory.

Considerations for the Sixth Day

How much greater is the relief that those blessed souls are caused by the memory of the Passion of Jesus Christ, by whose virtue they were redeemed, and of the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar, which granted them and still grants them so many graces, through masses and communions, even The idea of ​​not having corresponded in life to these two enormous favors of the love of Jesus Christ mortifies them more.

Oh my God! You who also died for me, and have given yourself to me in divine communion on many occasions, and I have always reciprocated with black disloyalty; more now I love you above all things, oh my Supreme Good! I feel very sorry with all my heart for having insulted you and with your mercy I suggest the amendment.

Give it to me, Lord, and have mercy on me and on the souls that burn in the flames of purgatory for the low value they made of your pitiful passion and for the communions missed due to carelessness, or made with indifference.

My Lord Jesus Christ, who longed for us to honor our parents and relatives and differentiate our friends: we beg you for all the souls in purgatory, but particularly for the parents, relatives and friends of those who perform this novena, so that they achieve eternal rest.

And you, O Mary, Mother of God and our Mother! advocate for them to receive forgiveness. Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory.

Considerations for the Seventh Day

All the individual benefits that they obtained from God, such as having obtained baptism, having come into the world in a Catholic country, God having waited for them in penance and obtaining forgiveness of their sins in so many occasions; because all these benefits make them better understand the disloyalty with which they have reciprocated with God.

But, my God! Who has shown more ingratitude than me? You have waited for me with so much patience, you have forgiven me on so many occasions with love, and I, after so many promises, have insulted you again. Don’t throw me into hell because I want to love you and in hell I couldn’t. Have pity on my soul and compassion on those in purgatory, who due to their numerous faults have become less deserving of your mercy.

My Lord Jesus Christ, who purifies those who do not get ready in time for death, obtaining the last sacraments well and being able to purify themselves from the remnants of the bad past life, in purgatory with terrifying tortures: we pray to you, Lord, for the who passed away unprepared and for all the others, begging you to give them all the glory and us to obtain the last sacraments well.

And You, Oh Mother of Compassion! Calm with your power their sufferings. Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory.

Considerations for the Eighth Day

Another penalty, extremely bitter for those blessed souls, is to believe that in their lives God made use of numerous particular mercies with them that he did not have with others, and they with their faults forced him to sentence them to hell, despite that later by his compassion he has absolved and redeemed them, noticing them repentant.

Watch me here, oh my God!! I am one of those disloyal ones who, after having obtained so many graces from you, have despised your love and have forced you to sentence me to hell. I thank you for the compassion and patience you have had in waiting for me, I am sorry with all my soul for having insulted you, and I suggest the amendment with your grace.

Have mercy on me and on those blessed souls who, having managed to reach a high level of perfection on earth, now deserve to spend more time in purgatory for their constant disloyalty to those called to your grace.

My Lord Jesus Christ, that you keep those who existed in this world with too much affection for earthly possessions and abandoned by glory, so that they may purify themselves of their lack of interest in desiring it: calm down, compassionate Lord, their longings and fulfill their desires, so that they may soon enjoy your presence, and allow us to love heavenly goods in such a way that we do not crave earthly goods in an inordinate way.

And you, Loyal Virgin! Calm with your power her sufferings. Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be

Considerations for the Ninth Day

Immense are the pains that those holy souls suffer: the fire, the fatigue, the darkness, the doubt of the time in which they will feel free from that prison; but of all, the greatest for those holy wives, is knowing that they are separated from her divine Husband and deprived of her sight and presence.

Oh my God! How could I exist for so many years away from you, lacking your grace? O Eternal Kindness! I adore you above all things, I am sorry with all my heart for having insulted you and I would rather die than offend you again. Grant me holy persistence and do not allow me to fall again into your misfortune.

I beg you to have compassion on the souls in purgatory, particularly those of my parents, my siblings, my relatives, my friends… and all those who, out of my heart and my conscience, force me to ask you harder; that it is not because of my lack of interest or because of my faults that they stay there apart from you. Shorten the time of their expulsion and accept them as soon as possible to the joy of loving you forever in heaven.

And you, Oh Pleasant Virgin Mary, comforter of the afflicted, Mother of our Redeemer Jesus and of all loyal ones. You are also the Mother of the poor souls who suffer in purgatory, I beg with faith the enormous kindness of your Heart and I implore you to plead with your divine Son, so that due to the meritoriousness of his holy sacrifice on the cross, they receive consolation. and the freedom they yearn for. So be it.

My Lord Jesus Christ, whose virtues are infinite and whose goodness is enormous: look favorably on your children who cry in purgatory, longing for the time to see your face, to get your hug, to rest by your side and; Seeing them, take pity on their afflictions and absolve what they still have to pay for their sins.

We offer you our works and vows, those of your Saints and Saints; those of your Mother and your virtues; make them quickly come out of their prison and obtain from your hands their freedom and perpetual glory.

Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be

Individual Novena Prayers to the Blessed Souls

Here each one makes efforts according to their devotion, will pray internally to Christ on the cross what they hope to achieve through this Novena to the Blessed Souls in Purgatory and according to each case seen individually.

Prayer for a Family Member

Oh Good Jesus! The affliction and suffering of others usually shook your heart. Observe with compassion the souls of my dear relatives in purgatory. Hear my cry of mercy for them and make those whom you have separated from our homes and hearts soon enjoy eternal rest in the home of your love in heaven.

Prayer for Deceased Parents

Oh God! You commanded us to respect father and mother. For your compassion, have mercy on my father (mother) and do not evoke the sins of him. May I have the power to observe him (her) again in the joy of perpetual brilliance. I beg you through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Prayer for the Souls in Purgatory

(The Lord told Santa Gertrudis, prophet of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, that every time he prayed this prayer, he could free 1000 souls from purgatory).

Perpetual Father, I offer you the cherished blood of your Divine Son Jesus, in conjunction with the Masses commemorated today throughout the world for all the blessed souls in purgatory for all the penitents of the world. For sinners in the universal church, for those in my own home and in my family. Amen.

Final Prayer of Each Day of the Novena to the Blessed Souls

Receive, Lord My God, how many sacrifices have been offered to you and offer today everywhere your holy wife, the holy Church, and I beg you to dedicate them to the consolation and rest of the distressed souls for whom I make this novena. For the bitter pains of your Blessed Mother on the day of your pitiful Passion, grant her, Lord, refreshment. Convert the penitents, save the dying, and grant me sanctification in my state and the individual mercy that I ask of you, if you please. Amen.

Closing Prayer

Shorten, O Benevolent Father! the restlessness suffered by dear souls in purgatory. Do not prolong, Lord, the end of their sorrows, the blood of Calvary pleases your Justice and please accept it in your Holy Glory, in which we all see each other and can praise your mercies for eternity. Amen.

Final Prayer of the Novena to the Blessed Souls

Oh God! Our Creator and Savior, with your power Christ defeated death and returned to You glorious. May all your children who have preceded us in faith (particularly…..) Be part of your victory and rejoice forever having seen your glory in which Christ exists and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, God, forever and ever. centuries. Amen.

Grant them, Lord, eternal rest. Let eternal light shine for them. Rest in peace. Amen. Mary, Mother of God, and Mother of compassion, she implores for us and for all those who have died in the bosom of the Lord. Amen. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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