Prayers for after Communion in Church

Prayers for after Communion in Church

The Prayers for After Communion are a series of prayers that allow the believer to strengthen his faith, in the following article we will teach you how to perform these prayers effectively and thus obtain their benefits. Really learn what the Prayer After Communion is .

Prayers for After Communion

We are going to present a series of prayers for after communion that are addressed to people for after communion. These are a series of prayers that are performed by devout Catholics. First, if it is the first time you see something like this or you don’t know what Communion means, then let’s briefly know what Communion is.

The word Communion becomes the verb that is used by Catholic believers to say that they are receiving Holy Communion. However, what does the word Communion mean? the term Communion (“common-union”) becomes the union of Christ with all people and it is also about the union of all people with Christ. These are big words, right?

Act of faith

Oh beloved my Lord Jesus Christ! I believe that you are truly within me with your Body, your Blood, your Soul and also your Divinity, and I believe it much more firmly than if I saw it with my own eyes.

act of worship

Oh my beloved Lord Jesus! I adore you because you are present within me, and I also join the Most Holy Mary, as well as the Angels and all the Saints to be able to adore you as you deserve.

Thanksgiving Act

On this day my Lord I thank you, my beloved Jesus, with all my heart, because you have come to come to my soul. O Most Holy Virgin, my guardian angel, angels and Saints in Heaven, please give thanks to the eternal God for me.

Soul of Christ

O Soul of Christ, please sanctify me. O Body of Christ, please save me. Blood of Christ, I ask you to make me drunk. Water from the side of Christ, please wash me. Great Passion of Christ, I ask you to comfort me. Oh good Jesus, please hear me. Within your wounds, I want you to hide me.

Do not allow me to separate from You. From the evil enemy, please defend me. At the hour of my death, please call me. And also send me to You. So that with your saints I can praise you. Forever and ever. Amen

To Jesus Crucified

Please look at me, oh my beloved and good Jesus! On this day I find myself prostrate in your presence: to beg you, with the greatest fervor, to print in my heart the living feelings of faith, hope, charity , true pain. of all my sins and the very firm resolution of never offending you; while I, with the greatest type of affection and compassion of which I am capable, I am going to consider and also contemplate your 5 wounds, keeping in mind at all times what the Psalmist David said of You, oh good Jesus:

“They have drilled my hands and my feet and all my bones can be counted.” (Psalm 21:17-18)

to Jesus Christ

Sweet Lord Jesus Christ, I beg you that by your Passion be the virtue that strengthens me, as well as protects me and also defends me; may your wounds become food and also drink that feeds me, quenches all my thirst and comforts me; May the sprinkling of your blood be the one that washes away all my crimes.

May your death be the one that gives me eternal life and may your cross become my everlasting glory. May it be in this that I find food, joy, health and also the sweetness of my heart. You who dwell and live and who also reign forever and ever. Amen.

Stay, Lord, with me

(This is a significant Prayer of Padre Pio, which should be performed right after communion)

Oh dear Jesus on this day, you visit me as a Father and as a faithful Friend, full of love and compassion. I beg you to accompany me at all times. Guide my steps always. Stay, Lord, with me!

I ask you, beloved Jesus, to fill me with your light and to give me your grace to get ahead. That’s why with humility once again I ask you to stay, Lord, with me! Lord, I know that you can hug me and give me divine strength at all times, that’s why I beg you to unite me more to you every day. Stay, Lord, with me! Please join me in life. Your presence I really need. Without You I faint and fall. Stay, Lord, with me!

Declining is the evening. I run like a river to the depths of the sea of ​​death. Please stay, Lord, with me! In sorrow and also in joy be my breath while I live, until I die in your arms. Please, Lord, stay, Lord, with me!


I thank you, my beloved Lord Jesus, for the favor you have done me by coming to me. If upon receiving any gift, he came to thank you, how many more will I give to you, who have given me yourself in person! Thanks be given to you for such a great benefit. Now on this day I can tell you that I am yours, and you are all mine. As a correspondence to this great benefit, I will try to lead a life that is holier, as well as purer, and above all more pleasing to you. Amen.

To the Blessed Virgin

Oh beloved Mary, Virgin and also Most Holy Mother, I have come to receive your most beloved Son, who you came to conceive in your immaculate womb, always raising him and also feeding him with your breast, and who hugged him so lovingly in your arms at all times.

The same one that made you happy to contemplate and filled you with great joy, with love and humility on this day I present it to you and offer it to you, so that you embrace it, so that you love it with all your heart and so that you offer it to the Holy Trinity in a supreme cult of great adoration, for your honor and in the same way for your glory, and for each one of my needs and for those of the entire world.

On this day I beg you, most pious Mother, that you please obtain for me the forgiveness of all my sins and what is the abundant grace to be able to serve you, from now on, with greater fidelity; and lastly, the grace of final perseverance, so that at this moment I can praise him forever and ever. Amen.

To San Jose

The great Custodian and the father of virgins, Saint Joseph, whose faithful custody came to be entrusted by the same innocence, Christ Jesus, and also to the Virgin of virgins, Mary. For these 2 dear garments, Jesus and also Mary, I beg you and I also beg you to reach me that, preserving all kinds of impurity, which always serve Jesus and also Mary with a clean soul, a pure heart and also a chaste body . Amen.

Psalm of Love for Jesus

This is a psalm of love that devotees can perform after having received communion. It consists of the following words:

I love you as the Angels and Saints love you, who are with you in Heaven.

Oh Jesus, I love you and I want all men to know and love you.

I love you for so many infidels who do not know you and for so many impious people who blaspheme you.

I love you for so many heretics who deny you and for so many bad Christians who offend you.

I love you for the damned in hell, who will never have the joy of loving you.

A Psalm of Adoration

I adore you, my Jesus, within my soul, because you are my Creator and my Lord.

I adore you, as the Angels of Heaven who are in your presence adore you.

I adore you as the Angels who are around your altars adore you.

I adore you as your Most Holy Mother adores you; I adore you inside my heart.

Glory to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit: to a God in Three Persons I bless and sing.

Piety Prayer

This becomes a prayer for God’s mercy, towards all his devoted children. The prayer is as follows:

Prostrated at your feet, O beloved Lord Jesus, I address the following prayers to you with all my fervor so that they may reach your beautiful presence:

Eyes of Jesus, please look at me. Now that you are in me, look at my soul and please save it. Lips of Jesus, please speak to me. Tell me what I have to do to be able to sanctify myself. Oh Feet of Jesus, please follow me. I don’t want to go anywhere bad from now on. Great Hand of Jesus, please Bless me. With your blessing it will be much easier for me not to sin.

Dear heart of Jesus, love me. Knowing that you love me, I want and desire nothing more. O mighty arm of Jesus, lead me. Guide me on the right path of good and please keep me from evil. And to eternal glory please take me. Yes, I want to go to Heaven with you, with the Blessed Virgin, with the Angels and with the Saints. Amen, amen.

Prayer of Confidence

Oh beloved heart of Jesus, I trust in you and I also hope that you grant me the graces I need to be able to imitate you and be a true saint. For your Heart, now that he is so united to mine, I ask you not to allow me to ever separate from you because of mortal sin. For your great Heart, which is so humble, make me meek and humble of heart.

For your beloved Heart, which is so mortified, please give me the strength to be able to get away from me everything that could put me in danger of offending you. For your beloved Heart that is so obedient, make me become obedient to my parents and all my superiors. For your beloved Heart that is so pious, please grant me the spirit of piety towards God, and to be able to do each of my devotions with great perfection. For your beloved Heart that is so chaste and so pure, give me the gift of purity and also of chastity. Amen.

Prayer of Fear and Hope

This is a series of prayers that you must recite just as it is described in the following text: Oh my beloved Jesus, please attend to my prayer:

I fear hell; but I hope in you.

I fear mortal sin; but I hope you will give me grace not to fall into it.

I am afraid to present myself before You; but I hope that you will give me a sentence of salvation.

I fear the scandals of the world; but I hope that with your grace they will not deceive me.

I fear bad company; but I hope you will help me to get away from them.

I hope, my Jesus, to go to Heaven. Help me.

I hope to always live in the grace of God.

I hope to appear clean before You.

I hope I am not fooled by the world.

I hope to run away from bad company.

I contemplate you, my Jesus, adored by the angels, the Kings and the shepherds.

I admire you in the arms of Mary and in the house of Nazareth

I behold you preaching and performing miracles, died on a cross and risen.

Prayer of the Purposes

I have just arrived to receive communion: I have just arrived to receive you, Jesus, in me. Please listen to all my resolutions. Do I get angry easily? Does pride control me? I have a bad temper? Please help correct me. Did I misbehave with my family? Do I give some kind of dislike to my parents? I’ll behave much better. Do I read some kind of book, novel or even a magazine with not very decent stories or figures? I’m not going to read them anymore.

The Colloquy with Jesus

This is a conversation that takes place between the Lord Jesus and a young man.

  • Lord Jesus: Are you happy to have received me?
  • The Young Man: I can’t deny it, my Jesus; I feel in the bottom of my heart a great joy.
  • Lord Jesus: Wouldn’t you like to always have intimate, friendship with me?
  • The Young Man: Yes, I would like it very much.
  • Lord Jesus: It depends on you; I love you.
  • The Young Man: It’s true; but there is one thing in me that hinders me to be in your company
  • Lord Jesus: Tell me, which one is this?
  • The Young Man: I’ll tell you my good Jesus. They are the passions of my heart.
  • Lord Jesus: Precisely one of the effects of Communion is to calm those Passions.
  • The Young Man: Oh Jesus, I will try to receive Communion frequently and with all the fervor possible.
  • Lord Jesus: keep my soul from sin.
  • Lord Jesus, instill in me all virtue.
  • Lord Jesus: let me know how to imitate you.

The Colloquium with Maria

This becomes a conversation between the Virgin Mary and a young man who establishes a conversation with her:

  • The Virgin Mary: You have already received my Son. As I had him in my arms, you have him in your heart. Thank you for this visit.
  • The Young Man: Yes, my goodness, I would like to be very grateful to you: but how can I do it?
  • The Virgin Mary: Loving him very much and treating him well, that is, not throwing him out with mortal sin.
  • The Young Man: This is what I ask of Jesus: that nothing separates me from Him.
  • The Virgin Mary: How sad I am for certain young people who welcome Jesus, it is true, but immediately turn their backs on him!
  • The Young Man: Is this possible? Receive Jesus and soon after abandon him?
  • The Virgin Mary: Yes, this is what those who take communion in the morning do, and then they go with bad companies, and bad shows.
  • The Young Man: Well, I promise that I won’t be one of these. Help me know how to comply.


You have come to say, O Jesus: Ask and you shall receive. Therefore, I come to ask you:

  • … May you be everywhere much better known, much more loved, also more adored.
  • … May you bless and sustain the Pope of Rome, your representative on earth.
  • … May you increase the Priests and also the Missionaries who work for the salvation of all souls.
  • …May those who find themselves in the grace of God not fall into sin and may sinners turn to you and not be condemned.
  • … May you come to bless and sanctify my parents, my siblings, all my relatives, my friends and even my enemies, so that we all serve you on earth and can enjoy you together in Heaven.
  • … May you bless all my superiors and also those in charge of my education.

Saint Ignatius of Loyola Prayer of the Soul of Christ

This becomes an old medieval prayer, which usually appears in the various codices of the fourteenth century, to which the great Saint Ignatius had a very special devotion. And the good man, found what was his refuge in the Passion of Jesus and in this kind of prayer, repeating it with great mercy, in the hard trajectory of the cancer that he came to suffer. The prayer becomes the following: Passion of the Christ, please comfort me…

Look at me, Oh my great beloved and good Jesus!, Who prostrated before your divine presence on this day I beg and beg you, With the greatest fervor of which I am capable, that you deign to engrave in my heart some vivid feelings of faith, of hope and also of charity, the true pain of all my sins and the firm resolution of never offending you while I, with all the great pain and compassion that I am capable of, I am also considering your 5 wounds, Bearing in mind everything what, of you, said the holy psalmist David

“They have drilled my hands and my feet and you can count all my bones” .

With the usual conditions, you can get to profit from the plenary indulgence always reciting it before a Crucifix after receiving communion. And if you want, you can also kiss the crucifix. The priest told his daughter, at the moment of arriving to celebrate her father’s funeral, that he was moved when every day he saw his father arrive to repeat these prayers with great mercy after taking communion before the crucifix and also kissing it afterwards.

Closing Prayer of the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola

How good is the custom of repeating, with piety, these great prayers after Mass, after Communion and getting to profit every day from the plenary indulgence that can even be earned and also applied for the souls in purgatory, or for a type of deceased, or by oneself. The plenary indulgence that is the one that forgives all traces of pain because of the sins committed and those already forgiven. Which, if it is not done here, will be done in purgatory.

The days that preceded the death of a young mother, who died at about 40 years of age and left behind about 9 children, from 6 to 20 years old, her daughter always heard her repeat, with pity and with great devotion , these sentences.

What a good habit she learned with the preparation for what is the First Communion, and getting to repeat them after communion every day after Mass and in this way, getting to insert them into her own life. How good the custom becomes to continue teaching them in the Preparation for what becomes the First Communion to all the children and also to the older ones. There is a kind of continuity in the trail of holiness. Those kinds of prayers from the 16th century are the ones that continue to help us today.

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