Saint Pancratius of Rome

Saint Pancratius of Rome: Patron Saint of Youth

If you are interested in discovering the fabulous life of Saint Pancras, I invite you to continue reading this article since here we will be telling you a little about his life and his fabulous prayers for young people, we hope you like it.

Saint Pancratius, who was he?

Currently there is not much information about the life of Saint Pancras , but until now it is known that there are four pieces of information that are very important about him. It is said that this great Saint of the lottery died in Rome, when he was just a child, this is because he, being a child of just fourteen years of age, decided to renounce the Christian faith, and at that time this was a sin , which was not forgiven, and was deserving of death at such an early age.

According to history, it is said that he was born in Rome in Phrygia. He was the son of Cleonio, being this a very noble man, and he had died when Saint Pancratius was seven years old, for that reason this Saint was raised by Dionysus his uncle, he dedicated himself to the education of his nephew, as time passed they decide to travel to Rome, and convert to this city, as their new place to live, and that is when they become totally believers in Christianity. Some time later Saint Pancratius decides to renounce his belief in him, and for this fact he was denounced before the Emperor.

When Pancracio was interrogated due to his renunciation of Christianity, he did not generate any repentance, so he was imprisoned and within days he was sentenced to death. The Emperor, who had been a friend of his father, was blinded by the rage that Pancratius renounced Christianity and it was he who ordered his beheading when he was just a child. His remains remain in Rome. Pope Symmachus ordered in the 6th century that the basilica of San Pancracio be built.

Years later Saint Pancratius became part of the so-called “Saints of Healers” and this belief was passed from generation to generation, today it is known as the Saint of young people, of health, of workers, of lottery and other ways. That is why there are prayers to Saint Pancras for different requests, which we will mention below.

Prayer to Saint Pancras

« Glorious martyr of Jesus Christ, my kind protector, Saint Pancratius, since the Lord listens so favorably to your prayers, helping spiritually and temporarily those who ask for his graces through your intercession, attend to the request that, with humble trust in the goodness of God and supported by your powerful encouragement, I raise to heaven in my present need, (in this part the request that you want to get from the Saint is requested)».

«To achieve your continued protection over me and over my family, I offer you to be faithful in fulfilling the law of God and in the duties of my state, and I will try to please you with the frequent reception of the holy Sacraments. Serving God and helped by you, I hope to enjoy your company in heaven. Amen» . This is one of the prayers that is made to San Pancracio, but there are many more supplications, which are made for different requests.


« Oh glorious Saint Pancratius who in the beautiful youth, which so rich and flattering presents itself to you with the promises of the world, nevertheless magnanimously renounced everything to embrace the Faith and serve our Lord Jesus Christ with great ardor of charity and with deep humility, and for Him you joyfully offered your life with a sublime martyrdom, listen, I beg you, my prayer now that you are so powerful before God».

“We obtain a living faith that serves as a light for us as we pilgrim in this world, an ardent love for God above all things and for our neighbor as ourselves. Obtain for us also a spirit of detachment from the goods of the earth and contempt for the vanities of the world, and humility to practice the Christian life in an exemplary manner. We also ask you in a special way for young people. Remember that you are the patron saint of youth; Therefore, lead all young people to the Lord, who have become pure and fervently pious through your intercession. Obtain for us all the happiness of Holy Paradise. So be it, (in this part an Our Father and a Hail Mary are made, and then it ends with an Amen) “.

Prayer to Saint Pancras to do well with money and work

« Oh Saint Pancras, kind young man, before you I come to listen to my voice and my prayers, I am desperate I lost my job and I don’t know what to do, I have many debts and I don’t have money to respond, the creditors pressure me, they visit me every dude, I don’t know what to do. Saint Pancratius, all my hopes are pinned on you, I am faithful and devoted, come to my care I beg you, I owe a lot of money and I urgently need to pay, let’s get the exit to get the goods we need»

“Intercede before God so that I can be given a decent job so that I can help my family. San Pancracio listen to my prayers and supplications, Give me health, work and money, to be able to solve my most urgent problems. Miraculous child, who receives us with love, listen to my voice that tells you, do not abandon me in such a critical situation, you know the hardships that you are experiencing, I am already very desperate, and I cannot find more miraculous solutions than you, the great Saint Pancras. Amen”.

This is a prayer to Saint Pancras for money , which is made by different believers when they are unemployed and with economic difficulties, it is for this reason that they go to Saint Pancras so that he is an intermediary between God so that he is able to provide the help your faithful need. You have to perform this beautiful prayer with a lot of faith and hope so that your wish is fulfilled.

Saint Pancras Prayer for a good job

«Glorious Saint Pancratius, who was martyred for declaring yourself a believer and faithful supporter of Our Lord Jesus Christ, who felt joy in your heart when until the last moment of your life you were able to be loyal to the love you had for the Lord, oh blessed saint! May we imitate you, and despite setbacks, may we always remain faithful to our faith. Blessed saint of those afflicted in poverty and in the lack of work, trusting in your effective intercession, we come to you so that you present our humble supplications to the Lord, (in this part the request for work is requested)».

«We beg you, with the afflicted soul, bring before Him our present needs so that they are urgently attended to, we also request your holy protection, because we know that God is pleased to attend, I request the requests of your devotees if they are to be of good for our souls and his greater glory. Candorous Saint Pancratius, help us with your infinite charity and obtain for us the joy of loving our Creator and Redeemer Jesus Christ more and more every day, whom, through your mediation, oh our holy protector!, we hope to see and adore always in the joyous Celestial Homeland. Amen» .

It is recommended to pray this prayer to get and keep a good job at least three times a week.

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