The Priory of Sion

The Priory of Sion: What is it? Did it really exist?

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What is the Priory of Sion?

The Priory of Sion called in the French language Prieuré de Sion, was a fraternity organization founded on May 7, 1956 and dissolved the same year due to a deception by Pierre Plantard. In the year 1960, Mr. Pierre Plantard started a false story in which he described the fraternal organization as a secret society that had been founded by Mr. Godfrey de Bouillon on the so-called Mount Zion within the kingdom of Jerusalem in the year 1099, which which confused the fraternal organization with a genuine monastic order called Hagia Maria Abbey of Mount Zion.

In the version that Pierre Plantard created, the Priory of Sion was dedicated to placing a bloodline in the so-called Merovingian dynasty exactly on the thrones of France and the Rest of Europe. This myth was expanded and made popular in 1982 by the book The Sacred Enigma and then in 2003 in the famous novel The Da Vinci Code.

After becoming a celebrity in the late 1960s through the 1980s, the Priory of Sion was exposed as a fake organization founded by Pierre Plantard as an excuse to become Nostradamus’ prophesied Great Monarch. In that period it was discovered that Pierre Plantard, like several of his accomplices, falsified all the evidence against the Priory of Sion to later sow it in support of its historical existence and the activities that they carried out before the year 1956 in many places throughout the country. France. However, since this has already been discovered, many conspiracy theorists still persist in believing that the Priory of Sion is still a conspiracy that hides great subversive secrets.

The great myth that he fixed the Priory of Sion was discredited by many journalists and a large number of scholars which was classified as one of the greatest hoaxes made in the twentieth century. Just as many skeptics express concern they express concern that the vast proliferation of this theory in books, movies, and websites inspired by this hoax contributes to all the existing conspiracy theories and other misunderstandings that are becoming more mainstream as time goes by. weather. Other people care more about all the romantic ideology that was unintentionally promoted in these Priory of Sion conspiracy plays.

History of the Priory of Sion

Within the history of the priory , it was analyzed that there is a great antiquity within the writings despite the fact that a verdict has not been given on it, for this reason it is taken as a conclusion that the Priory of Sion is based on the fact that the manuscripts carried by Pierre Plantard come from the family of Bérenger Sauniere precisely from his father, since he discovered them while he was carrying out different works within the church, therefore those deeds given by Pierre Plantard, which he had carried out together with his father, are taken as falsified. friend Philippe de Cherisey, since within them they intended to demonstrate what survival was like within the Merovingian dynasty of the great Frankish kings and thus be able to achieve a royal lineage for themselves.

By doing this Plantard looked for a way to manipulate everything related to Sauniere’s activities in Rennes-le-Chateau in order to manipulate and demonstrate what his claims to the Priory of Sion would be when this happened for the years 1961 and 1984 Plantard he had already invented his lineage within the Priory rising from the remnants of the Order of Sion. After this, another reason came to light for which the antiquity of the Priory of Sion is questioned, which is given by the registration of the official gazette of the French Republic made on July 20, 1956, where an alleged antiquity is written where it gives power is framed.

By the year 1989, Pierre Plantar looked for a way to maintain the deception, arguing that the Priory itself was founded in 1681 in Rennes-le-Chateau, but nevertheless it could not maintain its great projects and invaluable reputation. Then for the year 1993, seeing himself in a bad moment, he returned to invert another argument saying that Roger Patrice Pelat was one of the teachers of the Priory of Sion. Said person they placed as a teacher was at that time the closest friend of the President of France Francois Mitterrand who was seen in a great uproar together with the French Prime Minister Pierre Bérégovoy.

Plantard, when giving false arguments, is inspected his house where they review countless documents where they found proclamations where he was taken as the legitimate king of France, when he found all the false documents, said man had no choice but to confess all his plans until the same invention of master Pelat. Upon being discovered, the court of France immediately ordered him to withdraw from everything related to those activities of the Priory of Sion, for which he had to live in anonymity until he died on February 3, 2000.

For the present, many writers take the Priory as a false one, so they outlined in a very punctual way and with many arguments how the Priory of Sion should really be taken, which came to light after decades in a novel making it famous.

Scheme Devised by Plantard

Following what is dictated by article 1.C of the statutes of the Priory of Sion, of the original founded in 1956, this organization took said motivated a mountain that was close to the French city of Annemasse that was called Sion. The main objective of this organization was to carry out an avant-garde movement that would be dedicated to restoring the existing nobility and monarchy in France, through the royalty rights of Pierre Plantard.

For this Plantard showed these facts by means of parchments, which would be the ones that Father Bérenger Saunière discovers while he was fixing up his church, in which among these documents they also indicate the existence of a lineage from the Priory of Sion, which as it emerges from the remains of the Order of Sion, which would have been founded in Jerusalem in the first crusade by Lord Godofredo de Bouillón, and thus with all this documentation Plantard intended to demonstrate the survival of the great Merovingian dynasty and the Frankish kings .

Those closest to the real idea of ​​the existence of the Priory of Sion were based on some arguments, such as:

  • There is a large list of illustrious Grand Masters. This would indicate that the Order of Sion has a very long history which begins with the founding of the Knights Templar and its military and financial front. However, this list is based on a document that was recognized as false.
  • The Priory of Sion is said to have played an important role in promoting the myth of the hidden river of esotericism, the Alph, in medieval Europe.
  • It swears to restore the Merovingian dynasty, which represented the Frankish kingdom from the years 447 to 751 after Christ, on the thrones of Europe and Jerusalem, contrary to the fact that there are no descendants of that dynasty.
  • The order would have the purpose of protecting this royal dynasty, because according to the methodology of that order, the Merovingian dynasty would be the direct descendants of Jesus and his wife Mary Magdalene.

However, when conducting genetic studies in 2006, the History Channel’s program (Digging for the Truth) in search of the truth, made a genetic analysis of Arnegonda, who was one of the first Merovingian queens, in order to prove or rule out the lineage from Jesus or Mary Magdalene.

The result of that analysis determined that the origin of the lineage of that Merovingian dynasty was only European and was not genetically related to any population of the Middle East, which eliminates the fact that the French story about the descent of Jesus and Mary Magdalene is real.

Secret Currencies

Both in the Plantard family and in the Priory of Sion, the motto is described as Et in Arcadia ego, This was said in 1994, which would be a Latin phrase, and this is found on a tomb of a painting drawn in the year 1640 (The shepherds of Arcadia) painted by the French painter Nicolás Poussin, which really means “I in Arcadia I”.

But according to this story there is an added blur, which was not found in the original painting by Nicolás Poussin, which suggests that a word is missing in this sentence, and although it was not entirely necessary, the Latin grammar suggested the ending of this sentence with the word “sum” to give it the meaning of “I am in Arcadia”.

In addition to this, it was speculated that with the placement of the complete phrase “Et in Arcadia ego sum” it would mean an anagram of “Arcam dei tango lesu” which would mean: I have touched the tomb of Jesus, this meant that the tomb embodied in said painting would contain the altar of Jesus of Nazareth. However, this impressive theory ends in the conclusion that it is simply an argument without any historical foundation, since all this is not part of Poussin’s painting, which is very well documented.

Latest Objectives

The Priory of Sion would have as ultimate objectives:

  • Begin with the foundation of a Holy European Empire which would become the next superpower and the new promoter of a New World Order of peace.
  • The replacement of the Catholic Church by a new state and messianic religion thanks to the revelation of the Holy Grail which would demonstrate the causes of those followers of John the Baptist and would bring to light the descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.
  • The establishment of the King of Great Israel “The descendant of King David.”

Resumption of theory

At the beginning of the 21st century, interest in secret societies was revived, and especially in the Priory of Sion, this was given in part thanks to Dan Brown’s best-selling novel The Da Vinci Code in this book is demonstrated that the Priory of Sion plays a fundamental role, since many of its characters are directly involved with the organization, which has the mission of guarding the Holy Grail and other great secrets related to Gnosticism, pagan rites and the life of Jesus of Nazareth . It should be noted that Brown holds for his novel theories and studies older than the real one, as well as legends from some places in the south of France, all linked to the Knights Templar, Freemasonry and the Holy Grail.

Grand Masters of the Priory of Sion

French cartoonist Pierre Plantard published in 1956 a book called Grand Masters of the Priory of Sion, in which he stated that the great leaders of the clandestine Priory of Sion would traditionally be known as navigators.

Pierre Plantard invented every piece of data that was presented in that book. For example, he states in his book that the first official navigator of the Priory of Sion had been Jean de Guisors, who was present at the Tala del Elmo de Guisors, and who served the Priory from the year 1188 until his death in the year 1220, under the name of John II. He also wrote that the early navigators of the Priory of Sion had relinquished their leadership of the organization through a family line, however later this position was filled by some of the most influential artists, scientists and creative minds in all of European history.

In a chapter of his book called “Dossiers secrets”, Pierre Plantard invented a list of characters some of whom had certainly been Masons, some of these were Jean de Gisors, Marie de Saint-Clair, Guillaume de Gisors, Edouard de Bar, Jeanne de Bar, Jean de Saint-Clair, Blanche d’Évreux, Nicolas Flamel, René d’Anjou, Yolanda de Anjou, Sandro Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, among others.

What is Written in the Secret Scrolls of the Priory of Sion?

One of Brown’s best and undisputed most objective statements is his great statement of those mysterious documents, which were known as “The Secret Reports”, in which the Grand Masters of the Priory of Sion were supposedly identified, they appeared in the Library National Paris in 1975. The problem with these documents is that not even the authors of The Templar Revelation believe that these documents are authentic, since the researchers discovered that these documents are printed on the same press used by Plantard for his newsletters.

We could say that there was an authentic Priory of Sion founded in the year 1099, but this has nothing to do with the current Priory of Sion, since there is no reliable proof that Leonardo da Vinci had at least heard of it. Primitive priory, much less that he was one of its members back then.

Just as we can say that there was no grand master either, since in the original Priory of Sion the head of a priory is a prior and not a grand master. Thus there is no evidence to support the thesis developed by Brown on the connection of Leonardo da Vinci with the Priory of Sion. Then in the year 1099, the Crusaders of Western Europe, after liberating Jerusalem from Muslim power, found a new church on the ruins of an old Byzantine temple called Hagia Sion.

The new church was called Santa Maria, and the group of priests who attended it were known as “The Priory of Our Lady of Sion”, a nickname that combined the names of the two churches. There they persisted until the year 1217, when the Muslims demolished Santa Maria after reconquering Jerusalem. At that time, the Priory of Our Lady of Sion retired to Sicily, where they continued their ministry. The Priory survived for another four centuries (400 years), until, in 1617, its last members joined the Jesuits.

So with this we can say that the Priory of Sion was one of the many orders and societies that have come throughout history belonging to the Catholic Church. What those who study the Priory of Sion mention is that at the time Jesus offered his disciples his body and his blood, but not in the way we know. According to them, Jesus more literally presented these elements through Mary Magdalene, her lineage, her offspring.

The son of Jesus was revealed during the Last Supper, so the reactions are not about the betrayal, but about the revelation during the Eucharist. The son of Jesus is then, The Holy Grail, then it can be said that the secret that the Masters of that order of Sion hid was the offspring of Jesus Christ. It is very reasonable to say that there is a secret that the Church does not want to reveal to the world, since for them Jesus is the only son of God, for this reason the idea of ​​a Jesus who was not single and who left a lineage would completely change history. of the ecclesiastical world. Currently there is more evidence of this within Da Vinci’s painting, however it is full of speculation and theories about it.

Plantard’s purpose was to be, at the time, recognized as part of that secret and to be able to change the game. However, the Church has and will have power over all that information and the minds of those people who are very attached to the ideas that are already presented, so making a change would not make a big scandal in history.

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The Priory of Sion Today

On December 27, 2002, a statement was released in which it is written on Priory of Sion letterhead announcing to the public the relaunch of the company, signed by Gino Sandri, who allegedly was the former secretary particular of the Merovingian king Pierre Plantard, the French cartoonist in 1920-2000, under the title of general secretary. However, many of the experts see this relaunch as a publicity event to raise his personal fame.

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