Prayer to Find Lost or Missing Things

Prayer to Find Lost or Missing Things

You are usually a very devoted person to pray but you forget where you leave the objects and you have a hard time finding them, do not worry in this article we will teach you what is the Prayer to Find Lost or Disappearing Things.

What is the Prayer to Find Lost Things for?

This is better known as the prayer of Saint Anthony of Padua which is considered the Saint of lost things and helps solve problems, usually this prayer is used by people who are forgetful. Saint Anthony of Padua is one of the Saints who has the most devotees and countless prayers for people who need help.

In the life of this Saint, he was considered to be a man of great respect since he was a person with great humility, being also a teacher who gave excellent teachings throughout his life. This was a teacher of much thanks to the fact that Francis of Assisi himself asked him to give all those prayers in each adjacent town of the city where he lived next to this said Saint was also a very servant of God since he was a child so when he died he was placed as Holy.

Over the centuries, Saint Anthony of Padua has become a Patron of almost all countries with the name of the Patron of Lost Causes, since almost all apparitions are inexplicable due to what is said to be divine work and grace. the objects appear. With this, this Saint is popularly attributed to the fact that he is the most humble, loving man and fulfiller of requests to all devotees.

In the course of life there have been millions of miracles, conversations and appearances of Saints thanks to the great power that prayers possess, for many people it is usually very pleasant and comfortable to be able to pray every day to have inner peace with oneself and possess others. all the saints in your life.

How to Make a Prayer?

To make a prayer to find something lost , you should mainly know that said Saint usually asks for many things of different kinds, so it is advisable not to just make a simple prayer to be able to find what you are looking for, usually most of the people usually place a glass of water and a white candle next to their prayer and not only ask him when they need help but also to keep him present in life.

A prayer is actually taken as a mystical bridge between the Saints and all people, of course this must be done with faith, love and being very sincere with the heart in order to transmit what we want and be heard among so many requests. . For this reason, it is of great importance to maintain a habit where we pray with great commitment and discipline so that they give us the help that is needed.

In most prayers they are usually very different but they all go to the same saint, this is because each person has a different way of praying the prayer of Saint Anthony of Padua since despite being the same prayer many people they change words or usually join stanzas of the same. In these cases, there is no problem as long as it is done with good intentions and from the heart, since prayers are instilled in one from a young age, but over time one adapts the prayer to his or her own way.

Prayer to Find Lost Things

This prayer, being short, is very common for people who are not very devoted to prayers to look for it to find the things they lose, said prayer is:

“O great lord,

you who are merciful, kind and good with your people,

you who have all the power to move things your way

and restore everything that has been lost or has been moved from its place,

I ask you sir to please help me find (name of object)

that since (yesterday, the day before yesterday, a week) I can’t get it.

Lord, I also ask you to restore peace to my mind and spirit,

peace that I have lost in the search for my lost object.

This situation causes me concern and takes away my peace of mind;

My Lord, I ask you to please help me,

I know that you are in complete safety to do it,

Since you are omnipotent and almighty, I put all my faith in you. Amen.”

Prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua

This prayer is made by those people who are devout and somewhat forgetful and for this Saint it is easy for them to pray and in general the prayer is made as many times as the person believes necessary, in case you want to make the prayer this is:

«Most Holy and divine Father Saint Anthony of Padua, who with your compassion and hard work towards humanity, served the Lord by making his word reach all his children, you preached in all the places where you were, where you arrived they acclaimed your name in search of your blessing and unconditional help, that grateful and satisfied with your miracles made you a beloved son of Christ Jesus and the Almighty heavenly father. On this wonderful day, I wisely ask you to help me find the objects that I have lost.

I ask you Holy Father to help me improve my patience with myself, because I need myself and I deserve all my love to accept my carelessness, today on this day I find myself in a situation of scarcity that has brought certain material losses to my life. I ask for all your heavenly help so that with your hands full of light you illuminate the path I have traveled these days to find the lost objects.

So I ask you to help me understand why I lack attention, help me to discern if what I am unconsciously doing is a message from God the Father to attend to a situation in my life.

To you Patron Saint, I beg you to listen to my pleas and guide me along the paths of patience and care for my life and those around me, Amen.»

Powerful Prayer for Lost or Misplaced Things

Keep in mind that around the world there are different prayers for lost or misplaced things, so Catholicism made a prayer which they consider very powerful for the simple fact that miracles have been seen in fractions of minutes to find the objects, said prayer is as follows:

“O glorious Father!

You are good and fair,

help me get my lost item back as fast as possible;


I beg you to take pity on me and help me recover

what I have lost that today I need so much,

I put my trust and my faith in you,

for this miracle to be fulfilled my lord,

a miracle that I know you will not deny me since you are always looking out for me,

to give me your love, your compassion and your attention.

Thank you sir for hearing my prayer

I fully trust in your power, Amen.”

Prayer to Saint Cucufatus

Keep in mind that this prayer is not rooted in the Catholic Church since said Saint is devoted to those old towns that continue to work for them to this day, it is very important to know that at the beginning of this prayer it can be a bit rude but everything is for being one of the ancient peoples. When making this prayer, you must have a white scarf to which three knots will be tied while praying:

“Saint Cucufatus,

with this white handkerchief I tie the eggs to you

and until the moment when I do not find the lost (name the lost object) I do not untie them.

San Cucufato, what I have lost, I wish to recover

and with the knot that I am making, I tie everything to you.

And until my hands do not return what I want, I will not untie you. Amen.”

Prayer to Saint Expeditus to Find Lost Objects

Said Saint is considered to be the one who gives priority to urgent and just causes, so asking for him in emergencies is very helpful. When making the prayer you must have a candle of any color to leave it as gratitude, the prayer is as follows:

“San expedito,

Patron of all that is just, of all that is urgent,

intercede for me before God our Lord to come to my aid

and help me find what I have lost.

These hours have become desolate and hopeless for me,

for not finding (lost object)

San expedito,

my great Saint, you are a warrior, you represent the desperate,

to those who need your urgent hand,

to those we ask of you in those moments of anguish,

Give me your hand and guide me

Help me get what I want so much

what I had in my hands and now is lost,

grant me what I ask for your immense mercy and my devotion to you, father;

You see how desperate I am and how much I need to find a solution,

Through Jesus Christ our Lord and through your immense Redeemer,

San expedito; Amen.”

Recommendations for Praying the Prayer to Find Lost Things

Mainly to pray, some aspects must be taken into account, such as:

  • You should find a quiet space where you can make a spiritual connection and thus not be interrupted.
  • Prayers should always be performed in a happy manner and not being upset
  • It has to be recognized that what is needed is of great importance and urgency
  • In prayer you should be thankful for the good and bad times you have in life and for the people you love.
  • In all the prayer one must speak with the heart and great faith so that Saint Antonia de Padua listens

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