What is celebrated on Holy Sunday Roman Catholic?

What is celebrated on Holy Sunday Roman Catholic?

Human beings have celebrations for everything. And it is impossible not to think that I do not have a day to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. This what is celebrated on Holy Sunday is considered one of the most famous holidays for Catholics, its meaning increases the belief and faith of these followers. And therefore it is important to find out what this festivity entails as such.

What is celebrated on Holy Sunday?

This celebration is known by various names such as; Glory Sunday, Easter Sunday, Resurrection Sunday, Easter and simply Easter. No matter what name they give the holiday, it is the same and even its important meaning. It takes a lot of acceptance with respect to Catholics around the world since Jesus Christ won over eternal death, which at that time was believed to be death. But grace he grants us the entrance to the heavenly kingdom of our almighty father.

On this Sunday, a corresponding mass is held to celebrate that Christ was resurrected on the third day of being crucified and we remember the great act of hope that this holiday entails. It marks the end of Holy Week as well as the Easter Triduum.

In which the Paschal Candle is lit that is equivalent to the magnificent light of Jesus Christ, son of God, in his resurrection and that will have to be lit until the day of Ascension arrives, in which the son of God rises to heaven to sit next to him. In addition, the Easter season after this celebration lasts about 50 days and ends on Pentecost Sunday.

Resurrection of the body of Christ

This means many things for the religion. When they refer to the body of Christ, they are talking about him united with the church. Since his body represents the Catholic Church. Only. Just as he was; special, different, heavenly and divine.

In the new testament it tells us what happened to Christ after he was crucified. By which testimonies of the gospels; Matthew, John, Mark and Luke. That when a disciple of Jesus Christ, to whom he was a rich and righteous person. That man named Joseph of Arimathea asked for the inert body of Christ and with the help of many other people, they took him down from the cross and then surrounded him in a blanket, he even embalmed him and took him to a hill or mountain in which there was a cave to be able to bury it. In this one he made sure to cover the entrance with a huge rock.

After this, the women went to visit the tomb of Christ on a Sunday and saw that the stone was no longer in its place, but moved away from the entrance. In which there were some Angels, it is not known with precision if it was only one or two. The important thing is that they gave a message to those who were there that he had risen as he had predicted and that he would meet his disciples in Galilee.

He gradually appeared to his disciples who were already on their way to this place. And while he was passing this he was entrusting them with the tasks or missions to follow in order to promulgate the Christian religion across the horizons. As well as due maintenance regarding its organization, rules and duties. In addition to the moral, ethical behavior that each one had to maintain. And most importantly, to instill the Christian faith in non-believers of him and his father. Father of us all.

After making amends for all those things, he ascended to heaven to be able to help and command alongside our heavenly lord, God. And so wait for the day of judgment and be together with him, in the divine kingdom that is promised to us.

How is Holy Sunday celebrated?

That morning they are in charge of doing a mass in which they talk about the life and work of Jesus Christ so that later they light the Paschal Candle. Although there are some places that before beginning the mass a procession is carried out in which the image of Jesus Christ is carried out by a small number of followers and they walk it through the community.

In other communities or territories, they have the tradition of celebrating this day by hiding everywhere, especially in patios, decorated edible eggs for the little ones in the house to find. More than all this tradition is carried out in the countries of North America and on the European continent, very few are the countries of South America that carry out this custom. Others simply give away sweets on this day.

Easter bunny tradition

When God went to heaven. Christians marked a specific day of the year to spend what would be called Lent, which is about forty days before Holy Sunday. On these days they made sacrifices to purify their spirit as well as their soul. For some reason, one of the tasks they had to accomplish was to eat any portion or food that contains eggs or from the egg itself. So the Christians who had eggs on those days prepared them in a basket and gave it to the other people in the community.

Egg decoration dates back to the Egyptians. Since these had the habit of painting eggs to give as gifts or simply to decorate the interior of their houses or homes. But it is not until a Christian notices this tradition of the Egyptians and decides to implement it in the days of Lent. The other Christians followed this trend and it stayed that way. At present, decorated eggs are still given, but this time they are filled with chocolates or among other varieties of sweets and it is part of some of the traditions that are celebrated on Holy Sunday .

Legend of the Easter Bunny

This is a very curious legend. Since it says that there was a rabbit that was present when they took and deposited the body of Jesus in the cave, which did not come out of its hiding place because it scared him, all those people cried at the body they took. And that he stayed there hidden locked up with him, watching him to see if he didn’t do something. On the third day he saw how Jesus Christ got up and arranged the blanket in which he was surrounded. Some Angels removed the huge rock that was at the entrance and Christ walked out of the cave as if death had not even touched him.

At that moment the rabbit realized that the one that so many people cried was the promised one. The son of our heavenly lord. He had the immediate task of letting others know that the promised son had risen from the dead. Since the rabbit is an animal that does not have the ability to speak, he decided to bring decorated eggs to all the people in this world. And he knew that his commitment everyone would understand. And that is why the rabbit goes through the holidays to Holy Sunday to leave everywhere, house, gardens, land, decorated eggs to remind people of the sacrifice and resurrection that our Lord Jesus Christ made.

Also the idea of ​​the rabbit originates from Anglican festivals. That they considered this rabbit as a symbol of fertility. These celebrations were celebrated in the days of April and thanks to being so linked to when Easter falls, this was closely linked by the legends that were created around it and the Christian religion.

Importance of Holy Sunday

The magnitude of this festivity is not compared to anything else. It is through the resurrection of Jesus Christ that we can be free from Eve’s original sin. Thanks to her sacrifice for us that we can redeem ourselves just by looking at the sky and asking for mercy. This should be, despite the suffering that the Lord went through on the cross, the cause of our joy since he did it for that purpose and that is why Holy Sunday is celebrated.

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