Prayers to San Cipriano

Prayers to San Cipriano: Know the Best

The Prayers to San Cipriano , are a series of prayers made by many types of people devoted to this saint and his companion Justina. In the following article we will know everything about the various kinds of prayers that are made to him and to her.

Prayers to Saint Cyprian

Oh, mighty Saint Cyprian and beloved Justina, the faithful saint in his divine mission, on this day I beg you to grant me the protection against all kinds of evil that I need to be able to live in peace.

Without evils that lie in wait for me, beloved San Cipriano, that everything you grant to your faithful devotees. Blessed are you at all times, Lord and saint who is revered, in you many are those who trust, please give me your favor and also listen to this great desperate plea so that the evil of all black spells, envy and enemies.

Please give me divine Grace, I trust fully in your being, now and at all times, blessed Saint Cyprian! Please protect me forever. Amen

This kind of prayer is aimed at having to improve your life at all times and when you come to recite it with great fervor, since the requests to this specific type of saint become known by millions of faithful people, who attest of all its miraculous results. These are some of the prayers to San Cipriano and Santa Justina that you can make.

Who is San Cipriano?

He is the type of Saint of the Necromancers, of those who come to worship him from a point of intersection between the arts that are found and the Catholic religion. In his time he became very famous for his preparation of some potions, which placed him in history as a type of pagan sorcerer.

The story tells that Justina’s love was won, using this type of esoteric arts, so it can be said that he was one of the first to experiment with what is now known as the moorings.

Later, his faith came to gain ample ground in the dark arts, making him one of the people with great strength in his love for God, to the point that, in the year 304, he was ordered to have to sacrifice by the Emperor Diocletian, who was the one who offered as a type of sacrifice to all Christians in order to venerate Apollo Nicomedia.

In this way Cipriano never refused to have to renounce his faith, always recognizing as the only God of all Christians, and also Jesus Christ as our only Lord and Savior. At present he becomes known as the “Saint of sorcerers”, of those who come to use only white magic in their arts. These are some of the prayers to San Cipriano that work .

Prayers to Saint Cipriano and Saint Justina

With a powerful sublime prayer to the saint of all sorcerers, as Saint Cipriano is usually called that way, you can get to be helped in any kind of circumstance that requires it. Together with his companion, Justina, this great saint comes to realize the greatest desires of those people who come to him with great desperation and great faith. Some of the prayers are as follows:

to despair

Do you want your partner to get desperate for you? You just have to read this kind of prayer that is left here and you are assured that you will achieve it! You just have to pray with great animosity and do it with great faith, because it works… the saint will do the rest!

“By Your great power, oh, great Saint Cipriano Saint Cipriano, the apostle of those who come to suffer because of love, may your power that is incomparable do for all your devotees, what they yearn for so much today. This is one of the prayers to San Cipriano to despair .

Do in the name of this great devotion for your name, oh! Miraculous Saint of many and of the most needy, who (at this moment is going to say the name of whoever you want) returns to her, in body and soul and that no one is found for him or her more than me.

That he always needs me and that he sees through my eyes and always looks for me everywhere even though he knows that he is not in that place, that he despairs at all times for me, for being by my side at every moment and that he hugs the hope to be in my bed, on my table and also in my dreams.

Against Spells

With this kind of prayer, the person will be assured of a kind of protection for any type of evil that they do to him with different negative witchcraft for you. So you can get to recite the following prayer to San Cipriano for protection :

“Venerable saint of sorcerers, on this day many are those who invoke you so that all their loved ones and even themselves, have a kind of protection from all the evils of the world, from the evil spells that the evil beings themselves reach. deposit in those who live without evil… oh, beloved, San Cipriano!

You, who flagged all the miracles within the spells and spells, so I implore you at this time to protect yourself from so much kind of envy and also contempt from other beings that come to surround this land, to stop the evil with your great blessed power, that you make them aside from so much kind of injustice and so much cursed sorcery.

For what they ask you to cover with your trustworthy and very pious mantle and they will be by your side, always honoring your great holiness, oh, prodigy and also revered of those who come to suffer many kinds of evils… many misfortunes… against everything , please defend your devotees and theirs, with your great righteous rod and with the help of your protective ally, who becomes Justina, the kind companion of your days and nights…

Oh, miraculous, there are many who respect you and applaud their prayer, so you are asked to remove from their soul all kinds of impurities that have been placed on it, please remove them and protect them at all times, oh, Most High, San Cipriano, there are many who adore you and love you, do not leave them without your great help, make them your protégé, for all eternity and forever. Amen”

This is one of the powerful prayers to San Cipriano against all Evil , which you can do if you feel that you are tied down by something.

For work

This becomes a kind of prayer for this saint to help them find and keep a job. Getting daily support with a job that becomes decent work is essential to live in peace. Here I leave you a prayer to ask San Cipriano for a job, and if you have it so that it is protected and valued.

“Oh Saint and venerated Saint Cipriano of the humble, of the work that we always need to be able to live, on this day I ask you to send me from your hand and from your power a proposal that is worthy, so that I can manage to maintain my home in a decent way and I will thank you forever, oh, bless you!”

So we ask you to open your heart to me and enlighten me with your great power of Light, oh, magical saint, with the powers of a sorcerer and also of an apostle, please bless me with your charity. Remove this kind of gloom that closes my soul, give me your great Light, please we ask you, eternally I will always be grateful to you. So be it!”

Prayer to Saint Cyprian for Love

Do you know the enormous power that the various prayers have to attract love? Next, we will show you some of the prayers to San Cipriano for love and how to pray to San Cipriano so that you can win his heart, and only have eyes for you. The sentence goes like this:

The miraculous saint will be willing to help you in all your love conflicts, whether they are to make a man desperate or any kind of love urgency that requires, at all times and when you pray with great fervor and from the intimacy of your soul.

for me to come back

This becomes a kind of prayer that is very merciful to get that person you love so much back into your life. With his deepest faith, he will declare these same words day and night, until the miracle that he desires is fulfilled.

“Oh Pious and meritorious Saint Cipriano, you who become the patron saint of magicians and saints, I commend you for the great happiness of your devotees this day, oh, great apostle of the suffering and the resigned.

You are asked to make the anxiety of many of your faithful a perfect balm for them to travel this long road without obstacles, please grant that the being that your faithful love so much until exhaustion returns to their side, that they continue their life together with them, because if they don’t faint in a sea of ​​madness and whirlwind, without your love… please give them your king’s blessing… and here they will be for your grace always thank you… forever! Amen.

To Dominate, Tame and Fall in Love with a Man

Do you really want to have your man tied to your charms, that he is always crawling with love, without having sought it? Well, the power is found in the prayers to San Cipriano especially in this prayer. So you must pray fervently and ask Saint Cyprian with all your might and prepare to receive his wish granted from him. This is one of the prayers to San Cipriano to Dominate .

“With your sacred power, oh, saint of many in his devotion, so that I love him on this day, you are asked not to abandon him in his plea, since they require you to bring them to (at this moment he is going to say the name of the person you love) is crawling to me, imploring me on my knees to accept and love him…! So be it!

Total Mooring to Strengthen Feelings

By the time your relationship is faltering, you can pray this kind of prayer to San Cipriano and everything will return as before. With great faith and the request will be granted quickly. The prayer to San Cipriano to tie a man is the one that says:

“Oh, Lord, the ally of all the suffering and those who are disconsolate, please give them your power so that their sentimental relationship does not collapse, at this moment you are implored for mercy, you are begged, oh saint, to listen these prayers, that you make the love for (say the name of your partner) continue to maintain with the same strength as before and that nothing and no one makes it change towards me.

Saint Cyprian the adored, that no kind of person comes close to the being that the person who is praying this prayer loves so much, with libidinous purposes and intentions. So they need a lot from you. Amen!

To Start with the Prayer to San Cipriano so that your ex returns quickly

The first thing is to start this kind of prayer by putting a photo of your ex in your right hand, then close your eyes and then say the following prayer with great faith:


By the powers of San Cipriano and also of the 3 souls that come to watch over San Cipriano at this moment (at this moment he is going to say the name of his ex) that he come at this very moment behind me (say his name) that come crawling and also very much in love completely full of love.

Full of desire to come back and ask me for forgiveness for lying and to ask me in the middle of courtship that we proceed to marriage. May there always be pleasure only with me, may there be a great desire only for me and may your body become only for me, may you only have peace if you are with me at all times.

Thanks to San Cipriano

I thank you, oh San Cipriano, for coming to be working in my favor and for that I promise you that from now on I will divulge your holy name in payment for coming to bring it lovingly, in love, affectionate, dedicated and full of I want my arms.

You should do this kind of prayer over the course of about 3 consecutive days in the morning and also at night, in front of 1 white candle, after that you should get to publish your thanks and always proclaiming his name.

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