The Curious And Revered Popular Legend Of The Hummingbird

The Curious And Revered Popular Legend Of The Hummingbird

There are birds that are extraordinary, but none compare to the hummingbird. Considered one of the fastest and smallest birds that exist. It is not surprising that it is so popular but this is also due to the legend of the hummingbird . That marks a before and after in the culture of the American territory. Simply a bird that is magical in every way and it is good that it is known from an early age as a children’s hummingbird legend .

hummingbird legend

If we want to know in detail the legend of this emblematic bird, we have to go back to the time when the Mayans ruled the territory of Central America. His story has passed from generation to generation. From word of mouth because there is nothing written on paper that has been left. But they say that a long time ago, before the Mayans existed, at the creation of the world, the gods agreed on something.

They would grant each thing that was in this world a job so that everything followed a natural order and nothing harmed the rest, these things could be; all the trees, the rivers, the rocks, the plants, the animals of course, among others. However, at the end of its creation they realized that they were missing something extremely important to continue.

What they lacked was a messenger, capable of making their wishes and mandates reach men and other animals, and vice versa. Although it was complicated to create, because they had already used clay to shape all things and beings on earth and corn for their characteristics. They thought, until they noticed that there was a jade stone left, totally unique.

And they began to work it, at first they did not know what they wanted to create or what they were doing but the more they carved, the jade stone was taking the shape of a very tiny arrow, which symbolizes the delivery of something.

So to give life to the tiny arrow they created, the gods together blew on it so that none would be left without a messenger. This instantly, I take life from the magical and powerful breath of them. Suddenly the arrow gained strength, it flapped its wings so fast that it rose and began to fly. They called this new bird they had created a hummingbird.

They didn’t think it was fast enough to carry messages because of how small they had made it. But flying so fast they realized they were wrong. Being so tiny, it could go through a huge number of flowers and not touch any. Its movement is so fast that it does not disturb the stability of the rest created.

It was born so delicate but so beautiful, that if you were very still you could notice all the beautiful colors that it has in its plumage. As the jade stones are deep blue or green, so are their feathers but with greater brightness. And that when it was completely clear in the sunlight, it reflected sparks of many unimaginable colors. Simply a beauty.

Later the Mayans were being very greedy and killed to eat everything they wanted, almost any animal. They drilled most of the trees to build their temples. They no longer had respect for the rest that inhabited the earth. One day the Mayans while hunting were amazed to see a small bird so colorful, moving as fast as they had never seen before. They believed that they could also eat it and keep the plumage of this beautiful bird.

The surprise they brought when through the bird, the gods communicated with those Mayans. They sounded so angry that someone wanted to kill their messenger out of greed. They were told that “If anyone dares to touch even a feather, he will be dead.” This is why the Mayans venerate this bird so much.

Guarani Legend

They say that despite what you do, death always comes, but that this is not the end as we believe. The only thing we leave behind is our earthly body and that our soul cannot fly to heaven alone. It is for this reason that it settles inside a flower hoping that a creature that is between the different worlds will find it. And it is here where the hummingbird appears, to take the souls to the divine sky.

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