Prayer to Saint Rose of Lima for a Tired Mother

Prayer to Saint Rose of Lima for a Tired Mother

It is well known that in religious history there are different prayers that are prayed to give thanks, request a favor or praise God. Many times they are dedicated to a saint to intercede on our behalf, such is the case of the prayer to Santa Rosa de Lima. Discover her story here and learn about different prayers dedicated to her.

Prayer to Saint Rose of Lima

Some writers narrate the life of Santa Rosa de Lima, describing her as a chaste and pious woman. For this reason the faithful devotees of her demand many requests through this prayer.

In 1586, in the city of Lima, Peru, Santa Rosa de Lima was born, and she was baptized with the name of Isabel Flores de Olivia. Historians affirm that her beauty was extraordinary and incomparable, hence the name Rosa of her.

As a teenager, she decides to enter the convent of the Third Order of the Dominicans in Lima. This 16-year-old novice decided to take a perpetual vow of abstinence. Although she did not remain in a convent, from the moment she took her vows she consecrated her life to the service of others.

That is why he created a kind of infirmary to care for many sick people who came to his house looking for help and care. It is believed that he attended to San Martín de Porres himself. However, he was not satisfied with what he was doing, so every day he demanded greater and more painful tests from God.

Santa Rosa dedicated long hours a day and night to her meditations, her penances and her many prayers, constantly praying:  “ Lord, increase my sufferings and with them increase your love in my heart ” .

This young woman, despite her self-punishment and her long chains of prayer, found strength and time to dedicate to the Christian education of children, to the care of the sick and to charitable works, in particular those aimed at helping the poorest and oppressed of Peru. She died, Santa Rosa de Lima, at the age of 31 from tuberculosis, on August 24, 1617. To learn more about her story, we invite you to watch the following video:

Different prayers dedicated to Santa Rosa de Lima

The prayers to this saint have various objectives, they are used to thank a granted request, request protection of children or family and to ask for patience and calm in difficult situations.

However, this does not mean that you can create your own sentences requesting what you require in your particular case. Here we give you several examples that you can use as a model.

Just remember to pray with faith, focus on your requests, thank the favors received and, above all, also ask for the health and well-being of the people around you.

Prayer to Santa Rosa de Lima for a tired mother

Oh, Santa Rosa de Lima! Woman endowed with great beauty! You beautiful rose that grew in the rustic countryside; sweet rose that remained soft despite the raw thorns, you who were obedient and patient before the gossip of viperine people, your heart and personality did not immolate before the seductive carnal passions, rather you remained chaste.

You mother who suffered for others, who punished yourself in atonement for the pain of the world, you who increased your waking hours and fasting days on your own, always obedient, always submissive, added punishment to your life with the cutting of the hair, with the heavy crown that adorned your head, all to be worthy of your sovereign husband.

Beloved mother, you who by the work and grace of Almighty God received divine qualities, I beg you to intercede for me, stay by my side to carry the cross of my anguish and have your strength, your calm and humility, intercede so that the Holy Spirit dwells in me and enlighten me not to let myself be carried away by earthly passions.

Santa Rosa de Lima, I want to be like you, follow your example, be worthy of the love of my God, our father and savior who lives and reigns forever and ever. Amen

Prayer to Santa Rosa de Lima for the protection of children

Admirable, Holy Rose of Lima! Immaculate Mother, resplendent flower of God’s Eden, you who despite the anguish and afflictions, your fasts and self-inflicted punishments remained rosy, innocent, chaste, virgin and pure, worthy of divine service that absorbed you

Very pure, Rosa! You who, out of love for your parents, worked tirelessly to meet their needs, special was your love that without obligation you carried the weight of your family, great was your gift of service that cared for the sick with love, tenderness and extreme patience.

Oh, Santa Rosa, give me your Christian wisdom to be worthy of my children’s gratitude, that like you they may be attentive, meek and faithful children with me. with joy and abnegation I give everything for them. I only expect from them for loving retribution a prayer to you, to keep my life and protect my whole family.

Generous, Virgin Santa Rosa de Lima, tie your hearts and mine with ties of pure love, so that together we face the joys and the vicissitudes, and that union remains eternally, that your blessing and that of God the heavenly father be poured out abundantly on U.S

Santa Rosa de Lima, our mother, I implore you that every mother in the world pray for her children, mainly I pray for the children of America, patron saint of all, intercede for us.

May our existence be of true Christians, faithful, fervent servants, lovers and passionate about the good of others, may the family union remain in you and in Christ Jesus. The blessing of the father, son and the Holy Spirit be spread over each family , and may his blessing unite us all as his obedient children. Amen.

Prayer of Thanks to Saint Rose of Lima

Many miracles are attributed to Santa Rosa de Lima, which according to the faithful were granted by the power of prayer. That is why this prayer expresses the gratitude of the devotees towards her.

Oh, blessed Santa Rosa de Lima! symbol of decency, pleasant perfume of impeccable reputation, may your virginal and pure aroma be propagated in this world.

Santa Rosa, we implore that your strength and infinite goodness be the guide to face our faults, we pray to you, so that you pour out your gift of love, that through your lesson we love the Most Holy Mary and her son Jesus Christ.

Glorious, Santa Rosa de Lima, thank you for the favors received, thank you for listening to our pleas, and thank you for interceding before the Heavenly Father.
To God all the glory and all the honor, greatly bless all the mothers of America and all their children. Amen.

Simple prayer to invoke protection

The life of Santa Rosa de Lima was guided by many prayers, her walk through life and her faithful worship of the Lord allowed her to serve her neighbor with love.

We invite you to stand firm in prayer, do not lose heart and you will get a reward. The following is a small and pure prayer to invoke his protection.

Oh, blessed, Santa Rosa de Lima for the infinite and pure love you felt for Jesus, we your faithful beg your protection on earth and beg to be with you at the right hand of the Almighty Father guide us to be as you were to rejoice in the eternal joys . Amen

Saint Rose of Lima Model Prayer

Beloved Father Jesus of Glory, you allowed, by your holy will, that Santa Rosa de Lima remain immaculate, a pure and chaste virgin, and that out of love she dedicate herself completely to you and your work.

I ask you, O my Father, that your life be a model to follow, that you deposit in us the gift of Serving, that we be merciful to our fellow men and that by our works we testify of your glory.

Enlightened by the model of life of your Merciful daughter Santa Rosa, increase and fortify our love for you and for our brothers in Christ, so that united we may praise and glorify you at all times and at all times, forever and ever. So be it, Amen.

Fervent prayer to Santa Rosa

Oh, sovereign, Santa Rosa de Lima, “Mother and Patron of Peru”, your love for God was so great that you did not hesitate to grant your life to him, despite the strong expiations that you only went through.

As a disciple of Christ, you renounced your feminine appearance, you did not mind martyring your figure, so that the man would not notice you, on the contrary, you always guided him to the feet of our Lord.

That is why we ask you to guide us along paths of peace, to lead a full Christian life and thus achieve eternal goodness, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Prayer to Saint Rose of Lima for Christians

Oh, blessed Santa Rosa, God wanted you to be crowned in eternal glory, because your good works made you worthy of this favor, works that gave off a pious odor that permeated the entire house of God, we ask for your protection and your intercession to receive from the Father a generous, tender, loving, divine and upright heart like yours.

 Santa Rosa, fruit of Lima, patron saint of America, living Christian example, God is glorified in you, acquire for us the gifts of Jesus Christ. Help all Christians who venerate you, illuminate our paths with your magnificence, keep us from evil, keep us confident in the Lord, so that divine wisdom may be poured out on this earth and we may live in and for Christ Jesus, and receive us in his glory. forever. Amen

Finally, we can say that there are other prayers to Santa Rosa de Lima with different purposes than those expressed here. As an example of this, we present below a video that contains requests for a miracle, whether in love, health, financial situation or work.

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