Prayer for Him to Desire Me Sexually Now

Prayer for Him to Desire Me Sexually Now

Do not let monotony and custom make a dent in your marital relationship, enliven sexuality in your partner with the prayer so that he desires me sexually . Remember that this is one of the most important aspects between a man and a woman. That is why in this article we address this topic and teach you how and when you should pray these prayers.

Prayer for him to desire me sexually

For two people who love each other, there are elements that are essential for the relationship to function fully, some of these are: love, communication, respect, fidelity, sharing tastes and interests, and trust.

There is also something that cannot be left aside: sex. Well, even the most conventional couples know that pleasure and desire keep the relationship alive and that both men and women require pampering and care. However, many times that desire declines and a series of problems begin that are sometimes difficult to overcome. To solve this situation we put at your disposal the prayer so that you desire me sexually.

Once you have prayed this prayer you will realize how the sexual act will be transformed into a pleasant experience for both you and your partner.

This sentence also works when that person you like so much only sees you as a friend, without showing sexual attraction towards you. Likewise, it is effective in cases where libido has decreased.

In the same way, some people are affected because their spouse likes another, so don’t worry, you can read the sentence to want only you.

Whatever the problem you are facing, for your requests to be granted, it is essential that you pray with faith and maintain a positive attitude at all times. As an example of this, in the video that we share below we show you a powerful prayer to the goddess of lust

Different prayers for sexual desire

Next, we will present five prayers where the following objectives are highlighted: so that he desires you as you do, so that a man or a woman desires you, so that only you are the object of his desire and, finally, the prayer to that you want me sexually.

Prayer for your loved one to wish you as you wish

With this simple aspiration you will be able to make the desire reciprocal and the sexual experience in bed satisfactory for both of you.

At this time, in this place, I implore the Goddess of Passion to (Mention the person’s name) want me as much as I want him.

May my figure always be in your thoughts and when you evoke me you want me with frenzy, that my lips want to kiss and my body to possess.

Grant me this request that I promise to venerate you forever and ever, make him come to me right now and that in his eyes I can see everything I want to have.

Goddess of desire, I ask you that (Repeat the name) desire me vehemently and that you come to my chambers full of overflowing passion towards me. So be it.

I pray that you want only me

This sentence is useful when the partner, despite wanting you, spends his time fantasizing about other people and that makes you uncomfortable. If you want to change this situation repeat with faith:

Today I invoke you, Goddess of passion, desperate I find myself in this moment in which my partner feels pleasure to look at another. That brings sadness and despair into my life.

I know that you can reverse this situation, that’s why I ask you that the looks of (Say the name) be only for me and that in his mind only this me.

May my beauty captivate him and only I be the fruit of his passion, attract him to me completely, I ask you goddess of passion.

My bed will be your bed, my love will be your love, my wish will be your wish. Everything you think, feel and desire will be in me. My arms will be your shelter and only me will be in your bed.

At dawn and at dawn he will desire only me with mad passion. Goddess of passion trusted you. Grant me everything when I ask and I will praise you fervently. So be it.

Prayer for a man to want me sexually

Are you a woman and you can’t get that man to be only yours and to want you passionately? Then he prays this prayer:

I will give him a taste of my lips and from that moment on he will be mine alone. His look at my body will turn and that man surrendered at my feet will fall.

So I decree it and so it will be, because you Goddess of pleasure will help me. He will want to have me and my body, his lips will want to kiss my belly to sink into pleasure.

With this decree I will make him want me fervently, at every moment of the day and night. You will not be calm if you are not in my arms.

Goddess of passion, I beg you to make my wishes come true so that (mention the name) and I can be united and make our fantasies come true. So shall.

Prayer for a woman to desire me sexually

Now, if you are a man and want to attract a female to share her bed with you, this prayer is ideal for you.

Contrary to the previous sentence, this one is directed so that the woman of your dreams wants you and wants to spend all her time with you.

Oh, Goddess of passion and pleasure, keep away every man who comes close to my sweet beloved. Make her only feel desire for me.

At sunrise I am your first thought and at nightfall think of me and desire me with passion.

May my feelings be reciprocated and she wants me as much as I want her, without anything or anyone getting between the two of us.

Allow, beloved goddess, that my dreams come true and that (Mentions the name of the woman) be only mine as I will be hers.

I invoke you because I know of your power in matters of love, that’s why I know that she will soon come to me and we will merge with passion and lasting affection. Make her want to be by my side, sleep in my arms and only my mouth. kiss. May it be so, today, tomorrow and always.

Prayer for my partner to want me sexually

He loved me and he will love me. Her body will only be mine. Let no one dare to stand in the way of this real love.

Today that I feel that you are moving away, I know that you will return to my arms, your thoughts and desires will be mine alone because the goddess of passion will help me.

If you are far away you will want me and that is why you will soon return. If you are close you will yearn to be in my arms at every moment and to kiss my lips.

My Goddess, help me so that passion and pleasure revive and this relationship that unites us becomes stronger every day.

The wind will whisper my name in your ears and it will bring you to me, no matter if it is morning, afternoon or night because passion will shelter us.

An intense passion will be reborn between the two and will never die. For ever and ever, you will only be mine. Goddess of passion, so be it. It intervenes so that there is no mooring, spell or ritual that can ever separate us.

In addition to each prayer for him to desire me sexually that we have made available to you, you can compose your own prayers, for this you just have to focus on what you want to achieve and let the words flow slowly from your thoughts.

In the same way, on the web there are innumerable rites that can serve as support for your purposes, such as the one we show you in the following video.

How do prayers for sexual desire work?

First of all, we want to tell you that there are different resources to increase sexual desire: aphrodisiacs, prayers, rituals, spells and various fantasies.

But, there is no better tool than the energy of sincere and shared love, the one that can do everything. So it’s hard to get a person to turn to you if they’ve missed that feeling.

However, as the popular saying goes “faith moves mountains” and for this reason many people consider that praying for him to desire me sexually is a powerful tool to attract that man or woman we love so much.

This prayer works as a complete of the energies of love and sex. To do this you must have a positive attitude and surround yourself with good vibes.

Think at all times that you are attractive and beautiful, act accordingly, in these cases low self-esteem means that the prayer does not have the desired effect.

It is also important that you prepare yourself for intimacy, putting on provocative clothes, perfume yourself and accessing sexual situations in which you both enjoy.

The prayer for him to want me sexually works for many cases, however, do not hesitate to play foreplay where words and caresses intervene.

In short, faith, disposition, a positive attitude, the energy of love and sexual attraction will make the loved one happy by your side and feel pleasure for it.

When should I pray this prayer?

Today prayer is a resource used by people of various religions who, regardless of age, sex or social status, pray with faith to achieve their requests.

That is why many consider that preparation to pray is essential. In this sense, it is recommended:

  • Choose the best conditions to do it.
  • Focus on your requests, say when, how and what you want.
  • Relax and let the words flow from your heart.
  • Choose a calm and quiet place.
  • Pray with conviction.
  • You have to be sure of what you want.
  • Accompany your petitions with other devotional prayers.
  • Light candles as a sign of gratitude.
  • Do your part, do not leave everything to prayers.
  • Although there is no set time, it is preferable to pray these prayers moments before going to bed or when getting up.

Pray when you feel that your partner’s sexual desire has been decreasing, noticing that the passion is no longer the same as when you started the relationship and, what used to produce laughter and pleasure, now translates into monotony.

other tips

We want to remind you that nothing forced is good, so initially try to conquer that person by your own means.

  • Do not wait for the sexual desire between the two to decrease, assert all your charms and love arts.
  • Talk to your partner about what is happening, good communication is essential to solve this type of situation.
  • Dare to go further, if you don’t know how to do it, look for information on how to sexually satisfy the other person.
  • It is important that you feel wanted, loved and desired.
  • Reflect if that person whom you want so much sexually will feel good and happy by your side, if not, do not insist.
  • But if the opposite is the case, do everything you can to win him over.

As a final suggestion, we recommend praying the prayer for him to desire me sexually when you feel more attractive than ever, so you will attract good luck.

More than a feeling, sexual desire is an emotion that allows us to share intimately with another person. It is essential that these relationships be enjoyed by both, for this there must be affinity, passion, pleasure and why not? Love

We hope that the information contained in this article has been to your satisfaction, so we invite you to share it with your friends.

Finally, we leave at your disposal some prayers for dominance, attraction or for that person you like to think of you.

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