The Powerful Prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua

The Powerful Prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua

One of the most popular and adored saints in the world is Saint Anthony of Padua, Doctor of the Church and patron saint of the humble. According to tradition, this saint is implored to get lost objects. The Prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua has numerous versions in which requests of all kinds are made. Find out much more below.

Prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua

Are you in need of a personal grace? Like many Christians, entrust Saint Anthony of Padua with a prayer for his request! This saint who achieves miracles has been implored for centuries for objects that have been lost, as well as for married people, family and those who are sick.

«Oh Venerable and illustrious protector of mine, Saint Anthony of Padua! My trust in you has always been great in that you will help me in everything I need, imploring for me the Lord whom you served, the Blessed Virgin whom you loved and the divine Child Jesus who granted you so many favors. Pray to them for me, so that through your powerful mediation they grant me what I pray for».

«Oh Glorious Saint Anthony! Since the things that have been lost are achieved through your intercession and you work so many miracles with your devotees; I implore you and beg you to reach me from the Divine Majesty to recover the grace that I have abandoned for my sins, and the favor that I now yearn for and implore, being for the Glory of the Lord and benefit of my soul. Amen”.

Effective prayer to Saint Anthony for any need

If you want to achieve a spiritual benefit, be it for yourself or for a special person, you just have to pray this prayer with fervor, and that way there will be no impediment to its effectiveness!

“Remember, oh, glorious Saint Anthony! companion of the Child Jesus and adored son of Mary Immaculate, who has never been heard say that any of those who have begged you, begging for your protection, have been abandoned. Buoyed by equal confidence, I come to you.”

“O loyal comforter of the sorrowful! and sobbing under the weight of my faults I throw myself at your feet and sinner as I am I have dared to appear before you. Do not, therefore, reject my prayers, you who are so powerful near the Heart of Jesus, well, hear it favorably and deign to accede to it. Amen”.

Prayer to Saint Anthony who triumphs over all obstacles

For many believers, God seems to keep waiting. But we must understand that, whatever it is, the Lord always answers our prayers. If he does not immediately grant us what we implore him, he always supplies us with what we most require.

«Oh Saint Anthony, the kindest of all saints, your love for the Lord and all his creatures made you fit for prodigious powers on this earth. I beg you, mediate on my behalf. Whisper my plea to the ear of the Child Jesus, who loved to snuggle up so much in your arms… (state your request)».

«Oh Saint Anthony, saint of wonders, whose heart is full of human charity, I implore you, grant me my prayer and I will be eternally grateful. Amen”

Daily prayer to Saint Anthony

«I revere you Saint Anthony and I rejoice in the favors that our Lord has freely granted you. I remind you in particular of your moment of happiness when the Divine Child Jesus consented to embrace you with affection. Oh, what great joy and gladness would fill your heart at that opportunity!”

«For this particular privilege and for the joy of your holy vision, which you now get to see Him face to face, I implore you, I beg you and I implore you, Oh beloved Saint Anthony, to give me your help in my sorrows, difficulties and anxieties, especially in relation to (here indicate your problem, your request)».

Oh, let your heart be moved to mediate for me, to hear and answer me. Speak to the Lord of your godly client’s wants and needs. A phrase, a look from your heart that adores the Child Jesus so much, will consummate my success and fill me with happiness and gratitude. Amen”.

Saint Anthony whom the Child Jesus adored and honored, grant me what I ask of you.
San Antonio, energetic in word and action, grant me what I ask of you.
San Antonio, always ready to help those who cry out to you, grant me my request. Amen”.

V. Pray for us Saint Anthony.
A. So that we have the dignity of what Christ promises.

«Oh God, who helped you choose Saint Anthony as an example of all the merits for the blessing of all humanity, and you have transformed numerous souls through his sermons and good example».

«Grant to me that through your virtues and mediation I may truly and truly transform myself, resign myself to sin and all desire to fail, and may I become more and more of divine complacency through the exercise of authentic virtue. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen”.

Infallible Prayer to Saint Anthony

«Oh Glorious Saint Anthony, the most correct of all saints, your adoration for God and your piety for his creatures gave you the merit, when you were here on earth, of having prodigious powers.

«Miracles awaited your word, which you were always ready to manifest for those with difficulties or anxieties. Moved by this thought, I beg you to achieve for me… (state your request). The answer to my prayer may require a miracle, but still you are considered the saint of miracles.

“Oh Righteous and adored saint, whose heart is usually full of human mercy, whisper my request in the ears of the sweet Child Jesus, who loved to be in your arms, and you will have eternally the thanks of my heart.”

Pray 13 Our Fathers, Hail Marys and Glory Be.

Prayer to Saint Anthony to ask for his intercession

Oh Venerable San Antonio!, whom God has chosen as our mediator in the difficulties and losses of material existence, and as defender of the humble before the powerful: Protect us with your favor in everything we need and in the complications of our life”.

“Grant us honest love of the poor, great trust in God and high appreciation of perpetual life, for which all temporal life is in order. We particularly ask for your mediation in this favor that we beg of you.

Biography of Saint Anthony of Padua

Antonio de Padua, is also known as San Antonio de Lisboa and his birth took place in Lisbon, Portugal, around 1191 to 1195 and his death took place in Padua, Italy, on June 13, 1231. He was known as a religious of the Franciscan Congregation, being a preacher and theologian and revered as a saint and doctor of the Church by Catholicism.

Its competence in preaching was notorious, so much so that it was called the “Ark of the Testament” by Gregory IX. The Biblical references in the Sunday Sermons and Festive Sermons, the two works of his authorship, exceeded the figure of six thousand, which presupposes a degree of scholastic knowledge that gives justification to the special recognition that was granted to him, «evangelical doctor» .

The sanctification of Antonio de Padua is considered the second fastest carried out by the Church, after Saint Peter the Martyr of Verona. He is one of the most popular saints in Catholicism and devotion to him has spread widely, his feast day being commemorated on June 13.

Miracles of Saint Anthony of Padua

The Child Jesus appeared to him even as a friar when he was praying alone in his room. That is the reason why in the images of Saint Anthony of Padua he always appears with the Child Jesus in his arms.

Saint Anthony of Padua, when having a controversy with a heretic, was challenged to evidence the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. For which, they placed a mule on a fast, so that when it was released, it would choose between food and the veneration of Jesus. When the time came, the animal moved away from the hay to kneel in the presence of God, which caused a great impression among those present.

A huge number of followers were attracted by the popularity of his preaching, so that, on a certain occasion, the church in which they were found did not have room for everyone, so it was decided to celebrate it outdoors. Suddenly the sky showed threats of a terrible storm that made the parishioners flee, but the saint summoned them and guaranteed that they would not get wet. Indeed, the storm descended around them, leaving all the attendees dry.

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