Fleur de Lis

Fleur de Lis: Origin, History, and Symbolism

In this article you will have the opportunity to learn all kinds of interesting information about the fleur de lis , whose plant has been used since ancient times, leaving a message full of loyalty, respect, firmness and purity as the years have passed. Well, you can find the origin of this interesting flower, as well as the various uses it has had in the world.

History and Origin of the Fleur de Lis

The fleur-de-lis has been a transcendental emblem throughout the history of the world, appearing more intensely in the twelfth century beginning in the kingdoms of France at that time, which decided to use this beautiful flower as a symbol of their authority, using the figure of this to form a unique stamp. Those that would be used to leave an original mark of their domain and stand out from the other mandates that existed in that peculiar century. Thus, the fleur-de-lis became even better known throughout the world, leaving an interesting story over the years to the present day.

It can also be noted that the history of the fleur de lis goes even further, even before the arrival of Jesus Christ in the world. Thus, in Ancient Babylon, the image of this wonderful plant was used as a decoration of this old kingdom. Giving it in this way, an air full of power and elegance. Well, the fleur de lis has been commissioned over the years to be a very versatile symbol in its meanings and uses. For this reason, it has been the most used flower in important structures, clothing and decorations. Thanks to the subtlety and strength emitted by its image and origin.

In turn, it is important to emphasize that the fleur de lis has been essential to demonstrate jurisdiction, authority, honesty and nobility in the various kingdoms that have been formed for many centuries, up to the present. Leaving aside the meaning of this unique and rare flower in the world. In addition, this icon has been taken as a symbol that demonstrates the purity of the being and the soul of the human being on earth. For this reason, the fleur de lis has been known in this way, leaving a very long journey in the history of planet earth.

In this same way, the fleur de lis has been used in various movements, serving as an inspiration of encouragement in difficult moments or, when performing missions and tasks with great difficulty. Thus, it is how this flower has served the world, being an immense inspiration for groups seeking a particular goal. Giving them the opportunity to be highlighted with the purity and value of this image, so that they can fulfill their objective. As well, leave an original mark when using this symbol. Well, the fleur de lis has been used very few times, but it has left a great legacy in the history of the various groups of which it has served as inspiration.

Thus, the fleur de lis contains an infinity of uses, definitions and inspiration. Due to the different uses that this plant has been given in the course of the history of planet earth. Forming a very essential part of several speeches and reigns prominent in antiquity. Leaving a legacy thanks to the symbol of purity, loyalty and transparency. Being an important domain for those kings who wanted to be appreciated in their mandate, leaving the fleur de lis as a unique emblem and used only by those who are strong and sincere in their projects.

The fleur de lis has been used as a symbol of great importance since years before the existence of Jesus Christ on planet earth. Being used more than anything by the lineage of royalty, from France and even in Rome. For this reason, they can be seen in the temples of the churches and in the various thrones of kings. Being an essential emblem for these characters that represented leadership before a certain population. In order to demonstrate a good example and trust with the help of this beautiful and peculiar flower that exists and has been part of different stories over the course of time.

Likewise, it can be said that the origin of the lily was granted to France, since in that country this peculiar and striking flower was made known. Which has been able to demonstrate important and powerful messages, since thanks to the French the fleur de lis has been introduced as a genuine sign of loyalty, commitment and strength of the leaders of a campaign, towards the followers. This is how a greater use of the flower was initiated by other movements in later centuries. Becoming an important symbol in the history of mankind.

Also, in the English countries it has been observed that the fleur-de-lis has been important in their groups of power and royal hierarchy in the fourteenth century. Using this emblem on decorations and shields. In this way, they can be distinguished from the other existing topics in other countries. For this reason, the lily flower became essential for the kings and superior authorities of a country or city, this is how they could be seen in the uniforms of the warriors. Demonstrating that they belonged to a particular empire and marking victories and defeats under this royal emblem.

In addition, this fleur de lis contains even more meanings and uses. Which have been deduced over time. Leaving an evolution in the history of this wonderful flower in humanity. For this reason, the Scout fleur de lis was part of the Scout movement in 1898, being a very striking and important emblem that demonstrated the efficiency of the military that were part of this group. And from there you can name with better emphasis the different meanings that this flower can have according to the colors with which the defined project to be carried out is used.

Therefore, the fleur de lis to be used as a symbol in conjunction with the color blue can identify a message full of equality, compliance, sincerity and compassion. Which has served a lot for the royalty of previous times, in order to transmit even more power in their mandate thanks to this flower. However, the white color has been the one that shows union and honesty. Which was used mostly by religion as a more uniform sign and that demonstrated equality before the following people. Thus, by containing a yellow color it symbolizes the abundance of money, leadership and wisdom. Leaving a stronger and more reliable image for the followers of the kingdom than the flower in this way.

Over the course of human history, the fleur-de-lis has become a very important and prominent symbol. Forming part with other logos that emanate strength, courage and freedom. However, this flower has a French origin and contains an iris concept. Well, it is a peculiar flower that has very beautiful and striking colors in the eyes of the human being. In addition, each color has forged a notion for each of them, which have helped to highlight the purpose of each group that has decided to use the fleur-de-lis as an icon of their movement or purpose.

Thus, another curious fact about the origin of this flower is the familiarity it has with the lotus flower, which was seen in Egypt and with very similar meanings. But each contains unique and original features. In addition, it is important to note that the fleur-de-lis is also used on old and historical maps. Using it as an image to point to the North of the location, in order to have a better visualization of that position. For this reason, in those cases the flower is called “of the winds” thanks to this peculiar use that was given to it in ancient times and that turned out to be very novel and agile.

On the other hand, the fleur de lis , having an important position in the hierarchy of power, used its image as a symbol. Therefore, it is important to highlight that the physical presence of the flower is very essential to study, in the end it is the true inspiration of the symbol used in various emblems of antiquity. So, the flower is a plant that can grow from 20 to 50 centimeters, which consists of green leaves and a mostly red flower, however it can consist of other colors. It contains 6 petals that form a very peculiar image since 3 of them are fallen, while another 2 petals form on the sides and the other one grows upwards.

With the description given about the flower, we can create the veracity between reality and what is known in the drawings captured, which were implemented in various parts of the world. Being the fleur de lis an inspiration and important symbol in the antiquity of humanity. It is worth mentioning that this type of flowers contain special care to maintain the natural beauty it contains. In addition, it is important to emphasize how difficult it is to obtain this type of flower, which further influences the message of exclusivity that existed in ancient empires, because only royalty could contain them.

So, the fleur-de-lis has been a very transcendental icon in human history. Leaving a lineage of power, thanks to its beautiful figure and texture, as well as its peculiar growth form. In addition, to be an image used to give messages of healthy but strong authority regarding the obedience of the hierarchy before the people or followers. Being used in different centuries of the times lived, and thus differentiate the different types of powers existing at that time. However, the flower has been highly recognized in the world and cared for as a treasure. Thanks to its history and journey in the powerful countries of planet earth that spread its popularity.

Symbology of the Fleur de Lis

The fleur de lis has been used as a symbol in different hierarchies, military movements, religious beliefs, activities and in other situations. Which have helped the flower position itself with a value throughout the world. Well, this icon has been the bearer of various values ​​and mandates, which inform and implement a very timely message to the required population. In addition, this flower became a great treasure for power throughout the world, thanks to the first uses it was given in France until today. Leaving the fleur de lis as another symbol of authority before people.


The fleur de lis has served as a symbol that can identify any type of movement. For this reason, they can be seen in different countries like this flower, it has had the great privilege of being taken as inspiration. This is due to the different concepts by which the fleur de lis was used towards the military and fighting forces in previous years. This has allowed groups to exist in recent times for the defense of the country with weapons and force of men. Which have had as an inspiring symbol, this peculiar flower. To carry a message of courage, respect and power before the enemies of the nation.


For the year of 1907 Robert Baden Powell created this very peculiar and inspirational military movement. Therefore, the symbol of this organization was the Scout fleur de lis , whose figure demonstrates the values ​​and purposes of great importance to this group, which were scattered in different countries. For this reason, with the image of the flower they captured its main axes that should guide this movement, the three petals being the ones that emanate the values ​​towards God almighty, the family and loyalty to his country. Likewise, the petal that grows upwards is known on this occasion as the guide of the men who are part of this Scout circle.

In Tattoos

A symbol that is seen very often on people’s skin is the fleur de lis tattoo . Well, the unique and not at all singular form becomes very striking, in addition to the meaning that has been given to the flower as the centuries have passed. Since, the individuals who tattoo this image of the flower seek to capture with ink on their body what this wonderful flower implies, such as strength, purity and loyalty. Whose values ​​have been representing in the time of life, for this reason it has been one of the most worn tattoos in recent years. Following a good legacy of this incredible symbol of unbreakable power.


The fleur de lis has served as a symbol to cover weapons of war and security in the centuries of antiquity. Which the French were the ones who began to venture into this area, because they wanted to leave their legacy reflected and differentiated in battles, encounters and in their country. A very docile way of differentiating the highest hierarchy of power from the inhabitants who lived under its regulations. However, years later the English countries took this same symbol for its special and unique meaning that only that flower has been able to make known in the world. Thanks to its particular shape, color and importance.


In the mid-fifteenth century, this fleur-de-lis was taken as a symbol of this unique and striking group over the years, in order to demonstrate its basic principles through its figure, which have been used as ideals and principles for the search for eternal life. Well, your belief goes hand in hand with the unique discovery of a special and wonderful essence for a longer existence. For this reason, they have decided to take this incredible flower because it also symbolizes the tree of human growth. This is how the fleur de lis has become an emblem for alchemists.


The Fleur de lis has a very strong spiritual meaning, more than anything else in Catholicism. Since, for them, it symbolizes a presence of the Virgin Mary, as well as the Holy Spirit due to the three petals that make up the flower. For this reason, the country of Spain has been in charge of spreading this symbol in religion. Giving its believers and followers an emblem that transmits purity, peace and firmness. All this thanks to past centuries that used the fleur de lis as a symbol of great importance and positive values ​​for believers.


On this occasion, the symbol inspired by the figure of the fleur de lis has been taken by a psychological institution called ” Professional Collegiate Unit of Psychologists ” that is located in the country of Colombia. Being the message of interesting aspects of the human soul through this flower. Which defines a unique and peculiar figure for the explanation of this part of the human being, which suggests to be very complicated but at the same time, it is interesting and full of many discoveries. For this reason, the fleur-de-lis has been the perfect symbol in psychology. Well, it is a very different plant from the others, which is appropriate to combine with the purposes of psychologists.

Caring for the Flor de Lis plant

The Fleur de lis is a plant that served as a symbol and inspiration from the centuries of the Middle Ages to the present. It is a flower that has left various legacies and messages from different groups, which decided to use it as the emblem of their project. In addition to his figure that has served as an image, the seed of this peculiar plant has also been sown. In order to physically demonstrate the beauty of their being and, to have greater strength in the message of the various institutions that have taken the fleur de lis as their emblem.

Therefore, this plant must have a very sensitive care since the flower becomes very fragile while its growth is forged. Well, its unique shape is due to the delicate care that is given to it while it grows. Therefore, it is important to note that the fleur-de-lis is a very easy plant to care for because it does not need a specific place to grow. That is, it can be in a light environment somewhere, or outside in a pot. However, if you want it to flourish outside where you live. Your flower will take out the petals only in the months where summer is present.

In addition, the lily flower must be watered abundantly when its seed is just planted. But, at the beginning of its growth and development of its exquisite petals, the water should be watered at least twice a week. This way you will get a beautiful flower full of firmness. Also, it should be highlighted as a last point of care, the sunlight that this type of plant should take. You only need 6 hours in the sun so that you can satisfy your training requirements. In this way you will obtain a very enviable flower before your neighbors, if you follow these fundamental cares.

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