The Popular Novena to Saint Pancratius of Catholicism

The Popular Novena to Saint Pancratius of Catholicism

The Novena to San Pancracio , is a prayer that is made to a saint who gave himself to his faith at the age of 14 and at the same time he was baptized, a few months after his baptism he was persecuted by Roman soldiers and given death while still so young. Learn through this article how to make a Novena to Saint Pancras to obtain the required favors.

Novena to Saint Pancras

With the Novena to Saint Pancratius to get a job, you can find a way to place your trust in God through this patron saint of work and health. San Pancracio became a child who came to live in a town very close to the city of Rome. When he managed to reach the age of 14, this Holy child became an orphan, so he was transferred to Rome by his uncle to help him with housework and also in the field.

In that place, his uncle fell in love with the Lord Jesus Christ and converted to the faith and had him baptized, however, the day after his baptism, Saint Pancras was captured by the Roman soldiers as a prisoner because of the persecution of Christians which was led by the evil emperor Diocletian.

Next, you can pray the novena to San Pancracio through the following prayer that you must perform with great faith over the course of about 9 days in a row. First you should start with the act of contrition and then with the prayer of the corresponding day.

Sign of the Cross

By the sign of the Holy Cross, from all our enemies please deliver us oh Lord our God. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen

act of contrition

Oh beloved Lord Jesus, my God and redeemer, on this day I repent of all the sins that I have come to commit until today, and it weighs me with all my heart because with them I have offended such a good God. Therefore, I firmly propose not to sin again and I also trust that by your infinite mercy, you will grant me forgiveness for each of my sins, and you will lead me to eternal life. Amen

Prayer to Saint Pancras

Lord, Holy Father and full of all great goodness, on this day many come to your presence in search of your help and also of your divine guidance so that they can find a decent job and that it is adequate according to the gifts What have you trained them with? At this time, your glorious martyr, the young Saint Pancratius, is appealing to your intercession so that, with his divine assistance, my cry may reach your presence.

I want to get to use in a correct way the talents, that in your infinite goodness you have come to give me and multiply them for the good of my soul and that of mine, however, I require the opportunity to get to do it, counting on a good job that can give me the necessary sustenance to get to provide for my whole family and that is the right one and the one that best suits me to sanctify myself.

And to you, dear boy San Pancracio, assist in this moment of trial so as not to fall into despair. Therefore, many trust that today you will help them obtain the heavenly graces to always be firm in their faith and not abandon or feel weakened in this necessary search for a decent job for the good of their families. Through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be

All these prayers, that is, the Our Father, the Hail Mary and the Glory be prayed over the course of the 9 consecutive days. Therefore, we can highlight that thanks to the prayer of the Novena to Saint Pancras and the enormous faith that your request has, it will come true if you go to his presence with confidence.

First day

Our heart has become created to love: what a person has most to love is God; more than all the people, more than all the riches of this entire world, and in this way you will also avoid many disappointments.

In this way Saint Pancratius did it, and that is why he obtained so many favors from God. Ask him from your heart for this grace; you will live calmer and you will reach its protection in everything you need. It should end with prayers to the Holy Trinity, every day. Which is located further down in this article.

Second Day

God please allow us to love our family and also other people, as long as it is not an obstacle to love God. In this way the Holy Saint Pancratius did it, and in this way many souls went to heaven.

Ask him on this day with all your heart to love other people as good brothers, so that we love God more and we will obtain many graces from the glorious Saint Pancratius.

third day

Saint Pancratius came to have such a good heart, that at all times he pitied the poor and the unfortunate: that is why he came to achieve so many graces from heaven; Try to imitate him in these virtues too, and in this way you will be able to obtain many graces from God through his intercession.

fourth day

The Holy Saint Pancracio, not only tried to be good, but also worked to guide other souls to heaven, and that is why God granted him so much power in favor of his devotees. He also tries to do what you can to spread that devotion and see that others go the way of heaven. In this way you will achieve many graces, especially those that you need now that you are doing this Novena to Saint Pancras.

Fifth Day

In the world there are many people who, out of human respect, do not become good, so that they do not have them as fanatics. He tries that you are not like one of those: but, in imitation of Saint Pancratius, at all times defend the truth and good things. In this way you will achieve everything you need through the intercession of San Pancracio, who will always attend to your prayers.

Day Six

One of the things that costs our hearts the most is to forgive those who have wronged us. Ask the glorious Saint Pancratius to grant you this grace when someone has wronged you, since he forgave even the very ones who martyred him, and don’t doubt that you will be calmer afterwards and you will obtain for yourself and your family more than you can trust. .

day seven

In this world you have to have a lot of patience in everything, because more setbacks come than you expect. He takes as his model the glorious Saint Pancratius, who conformed to the will of God in everything, and thus managed to live peacefully and be a great Saint, in the midst of many sorrows. Ask him with a good heart to help you and he will grant you this grace and many more.

Eighth Day

Just as you want the portrait of your parents and other friends, you should also want the image of the glorious Saint Pancratius, not doubting that from heaven he sees how you kneel before the altar on which he is placed. The more fervently you do it, the more you will beg God to grant you what you ask for in this Novena, both for you and for the people in your family.

day ninth

Now that the Novena to Saint Pancras is ending, you are encouraged and have more desire to come to love Saint Pancras, and therefore, to become a person worthy of going to heaven to keep him company. Do not doubt that it awaits you there, and you will go if you fulfill your obligations well living as a good Christian; already achieving, from now on, its protection in everything, both for you and for your family.

Tradition goes so far as to say that he was subjected to torture and cruelty to make him renounce his faith, however, the young saint had already given his heart to Jesus and rejected all kinds of awards and aid.

Prayers to the Holy Trinity

This is a prayer made to God the Father, to Jesus the Son of God and also to the Holy Spirit of God who are with us every day of our lives.

Prayer to the Eternal Father

I believe, Heavenly Father, everything that is of Faith, and with it I want to live and die; Through the intercession of Saint Pancras, grant me and my family good health to fulfill my obligations. Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory.

Prayer to the Son of God

Oh! Good Jesus, grant me the virtue of Hope in your promises, as Saint Pancratius did, who always came to trust in your Holy Providence, and so I can obtain through his intercession work and the gift of success in the things I have to undertake. to attend to my needs and those of my family. Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory.

Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Please grant me the virtue of Charity, to come to love God above all things and my neighbor for love of God, as the glorious Saint Pancratius did. Through his intercession I hope to achieve this grace and to see myself free from misfortunes and ill-intentioned people. Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory.

Closing Prayer

Oh! glorious Saint Pancratius, I ask you on this day to reach me with the graces I need and especially with Health and Work, so that I can present myself before your image to thank you for the favors received. So be it.

In addition to the Novena to Saint Pancras, some 2 Prayers to Saint Pancras can be offered , which are:

Prayer to Saint Pancras I

Oh Glorious Martyr of Jesus Christ, my kind protector, Saint Pancratius, since the Lord comes to hear your prayers so favorably, always helping spiritually and temporally those who ask for your graces through your intercession, please I ask that you attend to the request that, with humble trust in the goodness of God and supported by your powerful support, I raise to heaven in my present need.

(At this moment the request that you want to get from the Saint is going to be made).

Since your immense love for God encouraged you to offer your life in testimony of faith, please obtain for me this same love and this great strength in the practice and in the confession of faith.

In order to achieve your continuous protection over me and also over my family, for which I offer you to always become faithful in the fulfillment of the law of God and in the duties of my state, and at all times I will try to please you with the frequent reception of the holy Sacraments. Serving God at all times and helped by you, I hope to enjoy your company in heaven. Amen.

Prayer to Saint Pancras II

O Holy and glorious Saint Pancratius who in the beautiful youth, which is so abundant and flattering for you with the promises of the world, Nevertheless, you magnanimously renounced everything to come to embrace the Faith and at the same time serve our Lord Jesus Christ with a great ardor of charity and with a deep humility, and for Him you came to joyfully offer your life with a sublime martyrdom, listen, at this moment your devotees beg you, the prayer now that you are so powerful before God.

Please obtain for each one of them a kind of living faith that will serve as a light for them while they wander in this world; an ardent love for God above all things and for their neighbor as themselves. Reach them equally a spirit of detachment from the goods of the earth and contempt for the vanities of the world; and of great humility to practice the Christian life in an exemplary manner.

You are also begged on this day in a special way for all young people. Remember that you are the patron saint of youth; lead, therefore, to the Lord all young people, made pure and fervently pious by your holy intercession. Please obtain for everyone what is the happiness of Holy Paradise. So be it.

Then there is an Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory. Finally, if you want to complete the novena and the prayers, you can make a TRIDUUM: For the sign…

Closing Prayers For Every Day

Each of the prayers to conclude each day are: About 3 Our Fathers, Hail Marys and Glories, to the Holy Trinity so that in honor of Saint Pancratius it may grant us the grace that is requested on that day. At the end of each of the prayers add the invocation: “Saint Pancratius, pray for us.”


Glorious Saint Pancratius, you who as a reward for your virtues and as a reward for the sacrifice of your life for faith, enjoyed and will enjoy for all eternity the glory of heaven, please make me walk the path of virtue in the course of a lifetime and come one day to enjoy with you the eternal glory of Paradise. So be it.

You must offer this novena to Saint Pancratius with great faith and devotion and in this way Saint Pancratius will assist you!!

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