Prayer to Saint Ignatius of Loyola to keep people away

Prayer to Saint Ignatius of Loyola to keep people away

By reading this article you will be able to acquire all the necessary knowledge about the legendary Prayer of Saint Ignatius of Loyola to be able to ward off those people who are not only bad, but who do not have good intentions towards us.

Public life of Saint Ignatius of Loyola

Known as Saint Ignatius, he was born in 1491 in the north of Spain, inside an old castle in Loyola, Guipúzcoa, very close to the border with France and the Pyrenees mountains. His mother was Marina Sáenz and his father was Bertrán de Loyola. Both his father and his mother came from families that were known to be not only very fine, but also known for their great renown.

Saint Ignatius had 7 brothers and 3 sisters, he was the youngest of them all. Already during his adult life, he was the founder of the company of Jesus, through it he sent some of his companions on a trip throughout Europe, this with the purpose of creating a large number of educational centers such as universities and seminaries. where later the European leaders would be formed.

By 1548 his spiritual exercises had become so famous that the decision was finally made to print them. Many of these exercises and prayers are indicated for all kinds of people, no matter what age and no matter what kind of person you are, everyone can resort to his prayers.

Their prayers are usually highly recommended for children who are starting a spiritual life, this because through them they could enter the paths of faith with deeper prayers than usual, in addition to being deep they are easy to understand for any young person. who does not have as much knowledge of the world and is walking the paths of his faith for the first time.

Characteristics in the personality of Saint Ignatius such as his kindness, his courage or the purity of his soul are details that young people admire and share with each other, therefore, they see him as a role model. All the prayers that were written by him have great weight in the entire community of practicing Catholics in the world, but where he concentrates more followers is in the Spanish-speaking community.

Saint Ignatius was known for having as main characteristic having led a life totally and deeply based on faith in God, he was always committed and linked to the gospel and gave his heart, his will and his life to God without hesitation, without any of doubts Saint Ignatius quickly became an idol and role model for many.

Prayers of Saint Ignatius of Loyola

Here we will list some of the most popular prayers of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, we will start with:

Prayer of surrender to Saint Ignatius

Take sir and receive all my freedom, my memory and my knowledge. Take my will, my belongings and what I have. Lord you gave me your presence, Lord I give you my everything, everything I have is yours, dispose of my things as you please. Oh Lord! give me your love, give me your grace, that alone is enough for me Amen».

Soul Of Christ Prayer

I ask you, soul of Christ, sanctify me, I ask you, body of Christ, save me, I ask you, blood of Christ, intoxicate me, I ask you, water from the side of Christ, wash me, I ask you, passion of Christ, comfort me. O Jesus! I ask you to hear me, within your wounds, I ask you to hide me, never allow me to separate from you, from that evil enemy, I ask you to defend me, at the hour of my death, I ask you to call me. Please make me come to you, let me with your saints praise you for ever and ever. Amen”.

Prayer to Saint Ignatius

“Oh Lord! I ask you to prepare me for good at this time, I totally want my being to be alert and ready for you. Lord I ask you to help me make my intentions clear, Lord I have many desires that contradict each other, Lord I worry about things that are not of value. Lord I know that if I give you my heart no matter what happens, I will follow a new heart.

Lord, in all that I am, in all that I try to do, in my findings and in my reflections, even in my frustrations, in my failures, especially in these moments of prayer, in all of this, Lord, make me leave my life in your hands. Oh Lord! I am totally yours, do with me everything you want, Amen».

Prayer Lord you who know me

«Lord, you who know me better than I know myself, cover with your spirit all the moments of my life. Lord, thank you for the love you pour out on me. Thank you for your gentle and frequent invitation to let you into my life. Lord forgive me for all those times I have rejected your invitation and walked away from your love. Lord help me on this day that is to come to recognize your presence in my life, to open myself to you, so that you work in me, for your glory, Amen».

The prayer that drives away bad people

The Prayer of Saint Ignatius of Loyola  , known for warding off negative people for our lives, is the so-called  Soul of Christ prayer. This prayer has been shown throughout history to ward off people with bad intentions and protect anyone who makes use of it, it is advisable to do it every day before leaving the house.

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