Discover how to read the Bible chronologically, to better understand its history

Discover how to read the Bible chronologically, to better understand its history

The Bible is the most important set of books that has been made historically in the world. That is why many wonder how to read the Bible chronologically. Well, due to its complex content, there has to be a method to read it without it becoming heavy and difficult to understand. It is usually read among the books from higher to lower hierarchy.

How to read the bible chronologically?

It is extremely important to mention that to read the Bible correctly, without any problem of understanding, one must know the chronology that each event has embodied in the variety of books it has.

This is because not all the events that recount the word of our heavenly father are in the order that was placed in each book found in the Bible.

That is why the best way to read the Bible chronologically is through a breakdown in which all the events stand out in order to order them. The best way to do this is to first break down the remaining Old Testament in this chronological order:

Old Testament

The first book of the Old Testament to be read chronologically is Genesis. Position is in this where the creation of man and all the other elements that exist in the world that is known today are described.

After that, it begins with the reading of Job, despite the fact that there is no date specified that specifies the period in which he lived. If it is understood that he lived long before the call that our Lord made to Abraham.

This belief is due to the fact that the story is set between chapters 1 and 12 that contain the book of Genesis.

After these stories that are reflected in the bible, you start with the exodus, and then take the Leviticus and the numbers. When you finish reading these books you start with the psalms in chapter 90 and 91..

Then you go on to read Deuteronomy, after that with Joshua, Ruth and the so-called first book of Samuel. Then going through all of these starts with the psalms in chapters: 23,11,59,142,17,34,35,52,109,140,31,64,54,22,63,12,57,120,141 and 58. When you finish reading this , begins with the book of Samuel chapter 2.

Then we go on to read the psalms: 139,101,78,96,15,24,68,132,133,106,105,16,2,110,97,108,98,117,60,118,20,6,9,32,33,38. The psalms are read at different times, since they are found at different chronological moments of the stories embodied in the bible.

It is for this reason that then begins with the reading of psalms 39,21,40,41,51,103,104,2,55,7,3,4 and 42. To later start with chapters 43,5,8,28, 61,62,69,70,71,89,143,122,26,27,141,65,29,30,131 and 18.

After reading the psalms every day according to their chronological way, it begins with the first book of kings, to later read the psalms again, this time the 72, 145, 99, 100, 127,128.

When you finish with these readings, you start with the books of Proverbs, and then move on to Ecclesiastes, then the songs and finally the second of the kings. After going through this, they proceed to read Joel, Jonah, Amos and Hosea, which are stories that contain fundamental teachings for learning.

Then the psalms are read again, in this case 44,73,92,93,46,75 and 76, after this we must start with the book of the prophet Isaiah. Where the stories and prophecies related to the Messiah are shaped.

Then it begins with that of the minor prophets of Micah, Nahum, Zephaniah, and Habakkuk. These books are considerably short and therefore easy to read as well.

Then proceed to read Psalms 74, 79, 94, 88. It is important to read the Bible chronologically. This is because it will be easier to understand how each historical event evolved.

Later we proceed to read the books of Obadiah and Jeremiah to culminate with Psalms 13,14,36,37,49,53,77,89,123,25,50,67,102,130. Afterwards, the lamentations made by the prophet Jeremiah begin to be read, followed by the first chronicles and then the Psalms 82, 83, 47, 48, 115 and 80 are read.

It then begins with a reading from the prophets Ezekiel, Daniel, and Ezra. In the book of Daniel faith stands out, that is why it is so recommended to read, since it will teach you to act as a good Christian.

Then go on to read Psalms 85, 126, 137, 111, 121, 119, 107, 111, 112, 113, 114, 66, 84, 116 and 125. When this is finished, go on to the minor prophets Haggai and Zechariah.

Then he goes on to read Psalms 138, 81, 134, 135, 136,146 and 87, then begins with the reading of the books Esther and Nehemiah. Subsequently, it continues with psalms 147, 149,150 and 19. After this, it begins with the reading of the prophet Malachi, it is just at this moment that the reading of the old testament culminates.

New Testament

The new testament is conditioned under a simpler and quicker chronology to read. This is because it has fewer books and in turn do not have as much content as is the case with the Old Testament.

At the moment when you start with the reading of the gospels. The first that was written is that of Matthew. It is for this reason that the chronological reading begins with this apostle. Also read about praying to Jesus for work.

Then it begins with the reading of the gospel of the apostle Mark, to later move on to Luke and then John. When you finish these readings, you start with the book of the Acts of the Apostles.

After that, the reading focuses on the reading of the epistles, which are recorded to have been written by the apostle Paul, also known as James. This was addressed to the church from the Galatians, as well as the epistles of the first and second Thessalonians.

Then he begins with the epistles of the first and second Corinthians. Then it goes to that of the Romans, along with the Ephesians, the Philippians, Colossians and Hebrews. When these readings are finished, it begins with those of Philemon of the first and second of Peter, together with the first of Timothy, Titus and the second epistle of Timothy.

After that, we proceed with reading number three of the epistle of John and Jude. It ends with the reading of the apocalypse.


This is the best way to make a correct and simple reading of the Bible, under its two divisions, the Old Testament and the New Testament. This simple and easy way allows you to know the written testimonies of the word of our Lord.

This way of reading is preferred by many, since it allows you to read the sacred scriptures in an orderly manner in relation to the events reflected in it. This also allows you to learn extensively about sacred history and its important events, which marked a before and after.

There are people who do not find the chronological reading of the Bible comfortable. Well, there is something for all tastes. The important thing is that the bible is read with an open mind and above all with a lot of faith.

Normally it can be read completely, depending on the time you have, from about six months to a year. The most important thing is that you keep the word of God present in your heart.

The Bible

The bible is considered a library. This is because it has multiple books in its own book. It begins with the book of Genesis, which is the story of creation, to later develop with the other books that make up both the old and new testaments. Where reference is made to the development of humanity.

This contains the sacred word of our Lord and is the most important of all in reference to the religious aspect. Due to its condition it is complex to read. That is why daily reading methods are used.

The most common of the methods is the chronological one. In this way, a clearer perspective of the events is maintained from the beginning of the Old Testament until reaching the messianic prophecies. To later go to the new testament that is mainly related to our messiah Jesus Christ and his divine actions.

Why should it be read?

The bible is of importance because it contains the word of God. That is to say that it is composed of scriptures that are inspired by our Lord. This is of great help to teach and correct all aspects related to the instruction of justice for our Lord.

As the word of God is embodied in each book that compose them. That is why each chapter it contains has messages that are important to read and analyze, to execute in daily life.

It should be mentioned that understanding the word of God is not that simple. That is why you must ask our Lord for wisdom and understanding to easily find the message that is embodied in the writing. In addition to this, it allows us to prepare ourselves for a good work of our actions, since they are guided by God.

The Bible is considered one more of the actions that God performs in its many facets to communicate with his children. That is why a panoramic reading of the power and love that our Lord feels for us must be obtained. In addition to this, understand his wisdom, intelligence and much mercy from him.

It is when the reading begins that it is understood that God is the same from the book of exodus as the one who speaks about his beloved son. When you read the bible you go through a wonderful process that speaks of the love that humanity possesses and who created humanity.

In addition, it is explained how God Jesus Christ incarnate is. As stated in the new testament. That is why this composition of books must have a prominent place.

This is the best way to study the majesty of our Lord and to understand all the revelations that come out in the Old Testament and in the New Testament. And in turn start with a clearer thought of what he wants with us.

Reading the bible is considered a pleasure. Post contains a diversity of literary genres such as history, poetry, proverbs and literature. It also offers a stupendous delight to be read carefully.

In addition to this, the Bible should not be taken as a monotonous action since it contains great degrees of emotion and inspiration. On the other hand, speaking and reading about the word of God allows our lives to be transformed for the better, since our Lord enters our lives.


The Bible is a positive reading that has the word of God, since they are scriptures inspired by our Lord. This is because these words were developed under the tutelage of the holy spirit.

That is why our Lord is with us every time we read it. It should be read with an open heart, looking for the holy spirit to guide us and thus find the key of importance when applying the word of God in daily life.

In addition to this, this helps us to open our minds to the truth. It is recommended that before starting the reading we pray, seeking that our Lord help us understand each word and in this way be applied correctly in our lives. It is recommended to also read the most powerful prayer in the world

It is important to take time out of our lives to quietly read the Bible. It is recommended that it be at the beginning of the day. This is considered by many believers a daily appointment with God. In each reading, you will always get a new message, good for our lives.

All attention must be paid to his word and immerse himself in each story embodied in it. The events described in each book are the best teaching method that our Lord has.

Sometimes it is recommended to use help elements such as Bible dictionaries, maps and commentaries. These types of factors are essential to enrich studies on the reading of the Bible.

It is very common not to understand certain passages that are reflected in it. It is advisable to continue reading to find the meaning or seek help from another party, to understand.

There are experts who still discuss issues related to these writings. That is why it is so requested that you ask for the guidance of the Lord in this complex moment.

reading plan

To start with a reading of the bible, it begins with the book of genesis and ends with the apocalypse. However, many do not consider it the most correct method.

Since this method is the longest and the arrival at the actions carried out by Jesus Christ are made under a longer period of time. That is why it seeks to have a balanced reading that includes both the old and the new testament. The most common ways to do it are the following:

The best way to do it is through one chapter per day. It is important to note that the Old Testament is read once and the New Testament is read twice. This is done in a few months approximately.

When a chapter of the Bible is read per day, the copy can be read in approximately three years and two months.

When you want to read the Bible in less than a year, you should read three chapters from Monday to Saturday and five on Sundays, which are the days with the most time.

From January to February read from Genesis to Deuteronomy. Then from March to April, read the entire New Testament. From May to June, start with Joshua until reaching Ester. July and August will be focused on Job and reaching out to songs.

From September to October start again with the new testament. Then, from November to December, finish with the reading from Isaiah to Malachi, in search of having a good plan. This new way of reading the Bible is for a year.

plan per book

It is positive for the soul to read the bible book by book, the best way is the following:

The easiest to do is through the exchange of the old testament with the new testament.

Every context, style and purpose is intended to be approved by God. To complete in this way with what was done by the author.

It is important to read the book with all the information, since it is a good book. And it is also necessary to read bit by bit in isolation.

It is considered positive to read the beginning and the end, that is, once upon a time, they left happily ever after. In search of better understanding.

Another way to do it is through the complete reading, not by chapters. This is determined because the complete ideas of the bible are considered to be read in this way as part of the inspiration. This allows topics to be shortened.

Otherwise, it’s covering every topic and idea in its entirety. This allows the book to be finished more quickly. Position gives more freshness to the reading and to each idea that must be completed. You may be interested in reading about the  Miraculous Prayers to heal diseases

Don’t I have time?

The current life that has various demands is usually the excuse that people make for not reading the Bible. Since they consider that there is always some activity to do or an important commitment.

When the person sits down to meditate and is honest with himself, they realize that this type of common excuse is not variety.

In the course of our days, idle hours should be taken and stop taking it in unimportant elements to start them with reading. The inspiration to perform a special reading.

Any element that improves the conditions of life and decreases the probability of victory of the main enemy of God should be prioritized. Since satan is the main cause of you not being able to read the bible.

It is common to fall for this ruse of evil. Among the negative consequences that develop when the Bible is not being read, the negative consequences are the following:

  • Not having the ability to know God.
  • Because the bible is not read, there is no criterion of its own and what anyone says about biblical reading is believed.
  • That leading a religious life does not have a true connection or conviction with the word of God.
  • When you pray, you don’t know if your request is outside the truths of God.
  • Life expectancy can be lost. Since it is not known what information our lord expresses in his sacred writings.
  • There is no correct image of who our Lord is.
  • It makes it easier for you to fall into false doctrines that prevent a true love for our Lord.
  • Having a bad personal relationship with our lord.
  • Being a weapon for those who influence the development of behaviors promoted by satan.
  • A spiritual death occurs.

If, on the other hand, you really have a very busy life and little time. This is a good method to read the bible for those who have a very busy life. It is the following:

Read a chapter of the bible a day. It is recommended to start with the Gospel of John, and then continue with the order embodied in the New Testament. The reading of John is because he had a closer relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

It then begins with the New Testament books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and the others who influenced this testament. It culminates with Luke and then begins with Acts.

Take the confidence every day to talk to God. When you read the bible on the other hand it diminishes the word of the bible.

These actions can be performed in the morning or during the rest of the day. Just at the moment you have dead hours. This is a natural way to change your days to a calmer one.

It is important to be persistent and in this way the enemy of our lord is finished. For this reason, it is sought that the action be voluntary and not forced by a religion. Read article prayer to Jesus for work

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