Discover how to pray to Jesus, the only one who can intercede for you

Discover how to pray to Jesus, the only one who can intercede for you

Prayer to Jesus is a miraculous way to connect with the Lord as well as with our Savior Jesus Christ, through petitions full of faith and trust in them. For they are the only ones to grant any divine miracle that glorifies our lives and in turn allows us the opportunity to connect in spirit with our Lord and Savior. In addition, the prayer to Jesus allows us to give ourselves body and soul, allowing us to be forgiven for all the sins committed throughout life.

Prayer to Jesus

The prayer to Jesus is an extremely necessary way to connect with our Savior and in turn with our Heavenly Father. By doing this we show our love, trust and faith.

This is one of the best ways to obtain miracles, glorified by their divine interaction with us. In addition to that, this is the best way to connect our spirit with the Lord and in turn surrender our body and soul to his will.

It is thanks to the prayer to Jesus then that we obtain God’s forgiveness for all the sins committed throughout our lives. Bringing with it, the beginning of an eternal life in the kingdom of God.

A good way to connect with him is through prayers that allow and teach us to achieve miracles, by speaking and connecting from the heart with the Savior, below is an example of it:

Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, today I undress before you from my heart, presenting you my purest form. With this I ask you to forgive me for every sin committed throughout my life. Today I sincerely express to you that I am sorry for every wrong I have committed.

I beg you to forgive me and forgive everyone who has insulted your will. In this way I renounce any proposal or temptation that Satan has for me, freeing myself from all his evil and from all those who are accomplices of his misdeeds. I leave behind all evil and cruel acts that aim to destroy, offering you all of my being.

My Lord and my Savior, I implore you to be a guest of my heart and lead my life to a good path. I accept your will, heal me, transform me and strengthen my physical and spiritual strength.

You are my good shepherd, the one who leads my life on the path to your will, bathe me in your majestic and miraculous blood and fill my soul with the Holy Spirit.

Today I express myself to you, praising you and loving you my Lord Jesus, today I express to you that I will faithfully follow you for the rest of my life. Thanking every awakening for your radiant love for me, Amen.

sentence 2

You are my dear Savior Jesus my only true friend. You are with me in every suffering and in every happy moment of my life. You know each one of my secrets and in turn you are the one who helps me to solve each difficulty.

I thank you because it is you who always listens to me with kindness, you listen carefully to my bitterness and soften my attitude in bad situations. You are with me at any time, you never leave me.

You always follow me wherever I go, you never get tired of listening to me or being with me to make my life good. With you I have a requited love. You do not need to acquire my things, much less do you impoverish yourself by donating part of your gifts that bless the world.

No one can steal your friendship from me, because I have faith, trust and love for you. No evil entity will be able to get away from you. Well, I will never enjoy your presence so fully, my dear Jesus.

I will not distrust your closeness even at times when it seems that the evil one is conspiring against me. It is you who supports my virtues and defects and I must always be grateful.

I must also thank you because you forgive my infidelities and ingratitude even though they offend you. Despite this, you always give me grace, love and blessings (See Article: Miraculous prayer of the Holy Spirit )

Sentence 3

My dear Lord Jesus Christ, allow my faith to be pure and increasingly stronger, that no kind of evil enters my thoughts, do not let me judge any kind of divine act directed at humanity.

Let my faith be free from any evil, let this love for you be true. Allow the Holy Spirit to enter my being and lodge in my soul. May you be a guide with your light in my life.

Give me the strength my Lord Jesus Christ to assume all the situations that develop in my life. May your truth be irrefutable, do not allow evil to dominate humanity with its selfishness.

My faith enjoys your love, peace and joy, my spirit, disposes of you every day through prayer to Jesus. With you I wish to talk always my Lord. Activate my heart to be with you always and open my soul to help all those deceived by Satan, Amen.

How to pray to the Savior Jesus

First you must pray in the name of the Father of the Son and the Holy Spirit, to pass after Psalm 63 every day, then proceed to make a prayer made for Jesus Christ exclusively.

It is also recommended to carry out a biblical reading every day, on the other hand, together with this it is positive to carry out a constant meditation of your own together with it, also the ninth psalm. (Learn more about high-level intercessory prayer to ask for God’s mercy )

The prayer to Jesus is combined very well with the prayer of homage to the Lord of Miracles, joys and final prayer, in order to be blessed by our Lord Jesus.

The best way to give your life to Jesus is through prayer and for this there are many techniques that make this divine action much easier to execute. In the same way, you must be aware of where and when you can pray, these are important issues to correctly execute this connection with God.

This is embodied in the patterns that Jesus left us in the Bible on how to pray. In addition to this, praying correctly helps you manage your emotions in a very healthy way for your life. The steps are the following:

Pray the Our Father

The main thing to perform the Our Father is to know its context. Bearing in mind then that prayer is addressed exclusively to God, however, we must bear in mind that Jesus is God, they are one.

This prayer appears in Matthew, also in these passages there is the sermon on the mount and also the blessed. The sermon talks about the importance that God has in our lives and in blessed the tears and consolation.

Importantly, Jesus condemns religious authorities who presume their righteousness but are not really with our Lord. True righteousness comes from the lower classes, those who suffer.

That is why you must pray fully, not be like those hypocrites who pray before synagogues and on street corners, without having a real connection with Jesus.

go to your room to pray

The best way to pray and pray is in the comfort of your room in private, as it is the best way to connect in body and spirit with the Lord. Just as Jesus expressed according to Matthew, because the Heavenly Father wants you to connect with him from the heart, not to get followers.

This is a simple and easy way to talk constantly with God, he is the only one who will reward you. Feel every time you pray comforted by the arms of the Lord, who is the only one who sees you in secret.

However, this is not the only place to pray, there are many others like the temple of God, because as long as you want to open your heart to Jesus, your prayer will be heard. Similarly speaking in tongues is a good way to pray.

Keep the recitation of the Our Father consistent

It is important that you do not make meaningless repetitions as some Gentiles do who believe that they are more likely to be heard for their words, rather than for the love towards the Creator Father. It is not necessary to pray through rituals, recitations or incantations to speak with Jesus.

On the other hand, it is not necessary to talk to God while reciting the Our Father of the problems that are being presented to us. This because the Lord knows what happens to us and what we want before we ask for it, because he is the Creator who knows everything. (See Article: The power of prayer )

When reading or reciting the Our Father, either out loud or to yourself, it is good to do it slowly. Well, this way it is much easier to understand the meaning of each word that this prayer has and in turn has the opportunity to enter our hearts.


It is important to talk to Jesus about complex emotions and those that generate a certain type of anger. Jesus through prayers is the one who allows us and guides us towards the solution of the situations of our life.

Prayer then is a benefit that allows us to control emotions related to frustration and pain. It is a good way to transmit and drain all the anger before doing it in life with someone. Jesus through prayer is our emotional support.

When something bad happens in your life, the best being that can be with you is Jesus through prayer. It is he who helps you process emotions. With you there is relief towards elements that cause stress.

Jesus is a good outlet to talk and vent frustrations, this also relieves anger and fear of lost factors.

The psalms are essential collaborators that are combined with the prayers of Jesus to guide people to the right path in difficult times. An example of this is Psalm 4, it asks God to relieve his anguish.

You must be sure that Jesus loves you

It is important that you keep in mind that God made you in his image and likeness. In addition to this, Jesus loves you and the Holy Spirit, he is always with you, accompanying you on your way. He wants you to choose repentance in your life. (See article: Prayer to succeed at work  )

God wants you to seek to please him, he also expects you to recognize him in every way and in this way choose the plan that God wants to save our souls. For this you must also love yourself.

Jesus came to earth and died for you, because of the great love he feels for the children of God on earth. His mercy and grace surpasses all existing levels. No one has greater love for us than our Savior.

Understand the difficult things that happen to you

When you start the habit of praying to Jesus, he gives you the opportunity to reconsider why certain events have happened in your life. In this way, on many occasions you understand how God has been able to use something bad in your life and transform it into something good.

An example could be that you lose a job, but that results in you spending much more time with those you love, such as your children. On the other hand, it is good that you consider the Sermon on the Mount, where the blessed cry because they will be comforted.

Focus on your connection with Jesus

In the hard moments of your life, it is positive that you truly focus on Jesus, you must go to Jesus through prayer, in those moments that you go through with complexity, he is the only one who can protect you from negative emotions.

When you have bad moments you should take a moment and focus on Jesus again and in this way he gives you comfort and strength with his presence. You must feel that he is your primary support to move forward and in turn combine it with the support of others.

It is important that you accompany those who are with you, share their routines, enjoy with them and suffer from pain. (Do not stop learning about spiritual liberation )

Think how Jesus would act

It is extremely important that you begin to weigh how Jesus could act, he is the best model, with his practices full of love and compassion. In this way, you can also understand what you need to face in life.

When you pray in any circumstance of life, be it good or bad, life is much easier to face. You also manage to consider more quickly the ways in which Jesus answers your prayers.

If you have difficulty in your daily life with people who hinder your personal development, it is positive that you begin to think about how Jesus could have acted in the face of the event when he was on earth.

Techniques for praying

The most important technique for praying to Jesus is to do it daily and in a regular area and on a regular schedule. This is important, because in this way you can rest through prayer in your free time.

It is good that you find a quiet place where you can pray for a long period of time. Nature or the comfort of your home is a good option. It is also recommended to set a time to get along better with prayer.

In addition to this, a daily alarm can be set to keep in mind what time we can pray. When you go to the place where you constantly pray, it is positive that you sit down to meditate and connect with the place so that in this way you are more influenced by the harmony of Jesus.

Take the best posture

It is important that you use the posture that makes you feel most comfortable. Many kneel and cross their arms, others also close their eyes, it should be mentioned that it is this posture that is usually recommended.

Depending on where you are you can also try various types of postures, among others, if you have a large space you can cross your legs and place your hands on your knees.

express gratitude

Gratitude should be expressed when talking to God, for the Lord is your father and therefore loves you. You should not demand things, you should ask him for help, in order to have his guidance that allows us the necessary peace and relief. (You can perform the high level intercessory prayer )

The moment you pray to God through our Savior Jesus. It is important that the prayer in the name of Jesus be finished. In addition to this, you must pray for your family, government officials, educators, the poor and for yourself, in search of a better world.

ways to pray

It is recommended to experiment with various ways of praying so that you know which one works best for you. It is also good that you set goals and use music that relaxes you and rids you of all the ills of the day before praying.

These elements are the biggest contributors to praying with peace of mind. Another thing that can be done depending on your conditions is to pray while looking at a painting if you are a visual person. Likewise, reading a book or writing works quite a bit.

It is important that you are clear that you do not seek to adapt to any type of style, you have to mark your own. Sometimes, for example, there are people who feel good about using their hands when praying, which is why they use rosaries, flowers or notebooks. In the same way you can sing the prayers.

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