Prayer to the Three Archangels Against Enemies

Prayer to the Three Archangels Against Enemies

The Prayer to the Three Archangels is considered one of the most effective prayers that exist today, since by performing this prayer the faithful devotees manage to completely ward off their enemies and can also enjoy the peace and well-being that they so much desire. . Here are some prayers to the three archangels that are very powerful.

Prayer to the three archangels to ask for abundance and prosperity

Oh great and beloved archangels, you who are full of light and shine in the sky, from the beginning of creation were designed to carry light to the father and creator of heaven and earth, to the almighty God who with his infinite mercy take care of us and free us at all times from evil.

That is why with great faith today I raise this prayer to Saint Michael, Saint Gabriel, and Saint Raphael, so that they illuminate the path of their faithful devotees at all times and fill every area of ​​our lives with abundance and well-being.

I also ask that you give me your protection against my enemies, that you free me and mine from the bad energies that manifest around me, I pray with faith that you give me the wisdom to achieve well-being and that good luck and prosperity be present. Oh Saint Michael, I ask you to take care of me from every hidden enemy, only you can free me from envy and bad energies, thank you for each of your granted favors, always continue to guide my path.

Saint Gabriel, I beg you on this day to listen to my humble prayer, I ask you with faith to fill every area of ​​my life with harmony and well-being, so that I can achieve each of the goals I want to achieve, give me victory at all times, surround my being of good energies that the businesses that I undertake can be prosperous.

Great and powerful Saint Raphael, you who are considered the archangel that helps heal any kind of ailment, I ask you to free your faithful devotees from all harm, bring health, joy and happiness at all times, may the love of God be with you. present at all times filling our lives with his grace and power. Therefore, through this prayer I thank the Three Archangels and the Blessed Virgin Mary, for their valuable help and each of the favors granted, I know that this sincere and pure prayer will be answered in due time, Amen.

It is recommended to pray 3 Hail Marys accompanied by 3 Glorias, the prayer and the prayers are made three days in a row, in this way excellent benefits are obtained.

Prayer to the Three Archangels to open the paths of Love, Luck, Prosperity, Work 

Almighty God, only you are worthy of glory and honor, on this day I approach your beautiful and holy presence to request that your archangels provide me with the help that I need so much, allow Lord that the Archangel Saint Michael, the Archangel Saint Gabriel, and the Archangel Saint Raphael, fill each of my steps with light, at this moment I make this prayer to the archangels for the love and goodness that only they can provide.

Oh Glorious Archangel Saint Michael, I raise my sincere prayer to you, I know that with your holy power you can protect me from each of the dangers that are in the environment, keep away from my life all those who only want to hurt me, I know you can protect me from each of my enemies.

Archangel Saint Gabriel, you considered by your faithful devotees as a worthy heavenly messenger, with faith I beg you that my requests may be answered by the creator God of heaven and earth, and that his mercy reaches me at all times.

Archangel San Rafael, I ask you to fill my walk with wisdom, give me the strength to move forward and that I may achieve the happiness and well-being that I so desire, I pray to the three archangels to fill my businesses with abundance and prosperity, also I ask that love and kindness manifest in my whole being.AMEN.!!!

Three Archangels miraculous prayer for a very difficult request  

Oh great and powerful Creator of heaven and earth, you great God who are full of pity and mercy
I ask you to guide me at all times and that your faithful Archangels of Heaven,
manifest themselves with their kindness, that Saint Michael, Saint Raphael, Saint Gabriel
Fill my life with peace and love.

On this day I raise this sincere prayer to the three powerful archangels, I pray that Saint Michael, Saint Raphael, Saint Gabriel, free from people who show themselves with false piety, also from those hidden enemies that are around me.

Oh dear and sacred Archangel Saint Michael, Archangel Saint Gabriel, and Archangel Saint Raphael, I beg you to fill my life with love and kindness, only you can give me strength and wisdom at all times, for that I give thanks for each one of you. favors granted.

I know that you will take my request before the throne of God and I will be able to emerge victorious from the difficult trials that are continually manifested, that is why I trust that this prayer opens paths , and that it provides me with the blessings that God has for my life and mine. . So be amen.!!!

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