Precious prayer of the faithful for the Eucharist

Precious prayer of the faithful for the Eucharist

The prayer to the faithful, is also called the universal prayer, and is part of the culmination process of the liturgy, it contains a meaning of great spiritual relevance that every Catholic should know, find out more about this topic by reading the following article.


It consists of an important prayer that is performed at mass during the Eucharist, the priest is the main representative to say it, he is the one who also determines its form and structure, the moment that is going to be said at mass and how long it can last.

The word in the liturgy ends with this prayer, after which the mass takes another course. It is considered the most important part of the ceremony, the beginnings of the prayer of the faithful is unknown, but there is a similarity with the prayer that takes place in the liturgy of Jewish synagogues.

There the prayers are expressed in the form of litanies, which are similar to those of the Catholic tradition, the tradition as Saint Paul expressed at the time, these were carried out with the aim of bringing the prayers to all men, but above all that they will arrive directly to the rulers.

According to Saint Paul’s own words: ” God our Savior wants all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth “, meanwhile a few centuries later Saint Justin stated that prayers and prayers represented love and passion towards others brothers and for all human beings who are in different places.

This prayer of the faithful is part of the learning that every priest must show when officiating any Eucharistic religious service, especially if it is used to a greater extent during the celebration of masses.

Making a brief account of how the universal prayer in the Eucharist has evolved, some data show that in certain Eastern churches, the prayer took the form of a litany of the intersection type, which were related by the deacon, the faithful listened and generally responded immediately with the so-called Kyrie eleison, which translated into Spanish means ” Lord have mercy”.

In the West, this type of prayer was directly adopted in all Catholic religious services, including in most European churches and services, so that they establish this type of litany with the completion of the phrase ” Lord have mercy “.

Saint Augustine in Africa interprets the meaning and makes it a relevant moment within the mass, especially in the homilies, where he also raises them as a form of petition to God, ending the faithful in choir with an ” Amen” .

The moment of location in the liturgy was at the end of it, in a compulsory way throughout the 5th century, where it is even related to the solemn prayers that were carried out during Holy Week.

At present, the universal prayer represents a prayer where all men are prayed for and it is suggested to every priest or bishop to carry it out during the celebration where the people settle voluntarily and massively, almost always on Sundays and important celebration dates. in the Catholic calendar.


It is called the one in charge of saying the prayer of the faithful, it is generally the priest who officiates the service, on very few occasions a layman or a parishioner can be assigned, it is considered a very relevant act for the religious office.

The celebrant is granted only to the priest who officiates the mass, otherwise calling a faithful or layman by that name would not be the most appropriate, the assignment of prayer to the faithful is generally carried out by the priest.

The universal prayer presents several alternatives and its content expresses requests and thanks to various factors that inhabit it, for example, this prayer involves petition for the bishops, parents and priests as well as everything related to the church, for the family , the sick, the socially helpless and for everything that can be cared for by the grace of Jesus.

universal prayer

Its content relates various topics and implies very specific requests that seek to help the most needy human beings, as well as establish and seek protection and light for those who are developing everything related to the Church.

for holiness

By asking the Father for the intercession of all those involved through prayer, it is requested that all pastoral activities have His Holiness Pope Francis as their main goal. God is prayed so that the bishops and monsignors are full of spiritual light towards humanity.

They present prayer as an element to obtain God’s grace through baptism, considering it as one of the ways to reach God. Likewise, the prayer for holiness establishes that the Eucharist is a complement to spiritual growth together with the Holy Spirit and the guidance of Holy Mary.

At the end of this part, the celebrant mentions “ Let us pray to the Lord ” and the faithful respond “ We ask you, Lord ”, and ends by saying: “Almighty Father, protect your people in prayer, so that, comforted by your grace, they may come to enjoy the future goods in the All Saints company. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen”.

for the holy father

In this part the prayer includes requests and gifts to the Holy Father, the building of the Church that Jesus entrusted to Peter is recalled, indicating a prayer and elevation of prayer towards the blessing of Pope Francis, as vicar of Christ and successor of Saint Peter.

In this part, the prayer changes at the end and the faithful repeat in each paragraph ” Lord, listen to us” , then a prayer is made for the Holy Church, asking for peace, unity and freedom throughout the world, Jesus is asked for the accompaniment of the Holy Father where May your strength be sustained by the grace and love of God.

May the perpetual light illuminate the Holy Father so that he may help liberate many peoples from war, injustice and barbarism, may he lead them to the path of reconciliation and peace, may the light of the Lord illuminate all the faithful and may give him strength to achieve the goals proposed by Jesus Christ.

The end of this part of the prayer culminates with: “ Hear us, God of goodness, and protect Pope Benedict XVI, whom you have chosen as universal pastor of your Church. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen”.

Ask the Lord for salvation

The prayer is structured in such a way that the faithful must have a spiritual conscience for it to be carried out, within it it must be established that the blood of Christ is offered by Christians in order to forgive sins, in the case of the Church , considers prayer a structural element of the universal sacrament of salvation.

That is to say, the prayer of the faithful is a means of salvation for all men, through the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, especially if they are Christians or their action is moderately spiritual, which determines the inclusion of any person regardless your belief.

This relationship seeks to promote the way in which Jesus healed, directly with physical contact or through distance. The true disease of man (According to the Christian Catholic tradition) is sin, which is redeemed through conciliation with the Church, prayer to the faithful in the Eucharist and communions.

How to wait for the kingdom of God?

The prayer is carried out by the lay faithful who are united to Christ through communion and the baptismal priesthood, they seek to intercede before God for the spiritual needs of men, as well as the needs of a material type, which although they are not the priority allow to have a spiritual value of importance.

According to the philosophical criteria of the Catholic Church, the action and teaching of prayer to the faithful together with the Eucharistic sacrifice, form the basis that keeps the world in constant stability, Christ is offered nemorous material and spiritual goods, preventing falling into the complete ruin.

Christians in the world represent the soul of the people, and the petitions for mass help to obtain the kingdom of God, where the liberating soul is established above the flesh, the renunciation of pleasures, but it is not contemplated to desert to the mandates of God, that is why the devotion of the laity is important, the faith and surrender of spirituality in the conviction that the prayer of the faithful offers them.

When an infidel makes a universal prayer, he is aware that the blood of Christ is offered in order to forgive the sins of man, but not as a kind of magic wand, but through a series of spiritual values ​​among which they include awareness of prayer to the faithful.


This process contemplates the structuring of the adoration of the faithful, determines its form and time, allows establishing various prayers that help reinforce the faith of the faithful, the general content of the prayer that is also accompanied by petitions for the Eucharist is made up as follows:

First part.

The prayer is made based on the salvation of man, the position of Jesus Christ is established, based on his suffering on the cross, expressing the grace of salvation, asking for his help regarding the danger of temptation and continues with the following requests :

  • A call to the pope, bishops and priests is immediately suggested, so that they pay attention to the commands of the Lord and obtain the wisdom to preach the gospel of Christ to all the faithful and non-faithful.
  • It is requested by all the rulers of the world, so that it can enlighten them when making decisions that help and do not harm the people.
  • He intercedes for all those who live alone, the marginalized and those isolated from society, so that the Lord grants them the goodness that allows them to cope with their situation.
  • For non-believers and deniers of God, those far from Jesus, so that God calls them and can attend to them and listen to their situations.
  • It is asked in prayer for families, so that they may be the basis of the entire Christian society in the world.

The second part

It establishes the form of how the kingdom of the Lord should be expected, taking into account the current era and the difficult times that humanity is experiencing, the absence of peace, freedom and union, faith, love and hope are invoked, from there part of the importance of the Our Father, when he expresses “Your kingdom come to us.” Setting the following:

  • Pray for the entire Church of God, which must be persevering in the search for the kingdom.
  • Wisdom and grace are requested for the Pope, who with his deep knowledge establishes the path to show towards the kingdom.
  • For all social components, such as educators, and professionals who help everyone is to show the true kingdom of God.
  • For the people isolated from this unjust society, which does not provide the basic necessities to live, and know that for them it is the kingdom of God.
  • We pray and ask for all of us, each member of our environment, which allows us to establish a universal prayer that allows us to recognize the kingdom of heaven.

The conclusion of the prayer of the faithful must culminate in the following way, “ Through Jesus Christ our Lord”, “Amen ”.

The Holy Trinity in prayer to the faithful

In the universal prayer, the holy mother is included as an element and pillar in the form of the requests, each small phrase of the prayer must be interspersed with the phrase ” Let us pray Lord “, later the spiritual meaning of the requests is expressed.

In the case of the Holy Trinity, it is included in all prayer through various ways, it can establish the requests towards the Eucharistic activities that allow obtaining the spiritual strength for evangelization.

Asking through the Holy Trinity implies placing Christianity and values ​​at the order of Catholic spirituality, where the function of love seeks to solve each problem situation, where communion with God is present.

Expression of love for Jesus Christ

It is important to mention that in each prayer that we are detailing they are not carried out on the same day, this process is carried out during the most important dates, it involves Holy Week, the time of Corpus Christi and Easter, that is to say that for a week they are established the dates to officiate within the mass each prayer to the faithful.

In the case of the prayer that corresponds to the expression of devotion and love for Jesus Christ, it is usually performed on a Thursday of Holy Week, there it is described in a very elegant way what Jesus represents for the Church, he is considered the highest priest.

The mediator between God and man, the eternal father who directs the lives of human beings based on love. The prayer recalls the process of passion, death and resurrection of Christ, through very emotional paragraphs, which end with “Let us pray to the Lord” or the variant of “Let us pray to God”.

The tireless service of parents and Archbishops towards Jesus Christ is requested, which is inexhaustible and perennial, intercedes in prayer so that priests have a healthy life consecrated to the communion of the Lord, giving them strength to continue bringing the peace that Christ promoted. 

Invoke the strength of Jesus to enter the hearts of young people who are willing to follow the word. They involve the community and the towns in the operation so that they are part of the spiritual sacrifice in the name of the Eucharist.

Encourage the intervention of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of souls that do not find shelter and peace, where every human being can offer their services to the Lord’s gratitude. “The prayer ends with the celebrant saying: Moved by the Eternal Spirit, in which your Son Jesus Christ consummated his priestly oblation on the cross, we ask you, Father of goodness, to sanctify your people and hear our prayer. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen”.

prayer for the family

This prayer of the faithful begins with the Celebrant expressing: “Let us pray to the Lord our God, Father of the great human family. And let us say with faith and trust” , there all the faithful say: “Lord, renew our families in your love”.

The intervention of all the parties involved in the archdiocese is requested so that dedication to strengthening the family becomes a priority, an act of faith that allows the values ​​transmitted by Jesus to be consolidated.

At each end of the paragraphs of the prayer, the faithful express the following: “Lord, renew our families in your love . ” It is requested for marriage, fidelity, love, the solution of problems, through common efforts of the couple.

The rulers of the country are required to create legislation that protects the family nucleus and all its components, motivates the grace of human and spiritual values ​​granted by God. The request in prayer for every Christian father to assume the moral responsibility of raising his children in good hope and faith.

The strength of Jesus is invoked in order to provide for all Christian and Catholic families, in attendance at the activities of the Eucharist, Sunday mass, and the rest of the actions that the Church carries out annually. The elderly are sought protection where they can live their last years of life in peace.

The prayer, which is usually held on a Thursday, ends with: “O God, in the Holy Family of Nazareth you have left Christian families a wonderful example; renew in all homes the wonders of your love so that they always experience your presence. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen”.

prayer for the sick

This prayer begins with: “Let us pray, beloved brothers, to Almighty God, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, for our sick brothers and for all human needs “, in each petition and prayer paragraph the faithful say: “Let us pray to the Lord” or “Let us pray to God”.

The requests in the prayer are based on the purification of the Church so that it can give spiritual help to people with health problems, a kind of call is made to all the people who live near the parish in order to open their heart and intervene in helping the sick.

Thanks are given and praise is given to the work of those who fight day by day alongside the sick, the dying and the most needy, who need the communion of the Lord so that their spirit may be at ease.

Requesting prayer as a tool of power that can alleviate the ailments of people, this prayer concludes with the Celebrant saying: “Almighty and eternal God: kindly listen to the prayer of your faithful and deign to visit our sick brothers with your consolation. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen”

In memory of Holy Virgin Mary

Considered the queen of the apostles, the prayer to the faithful dedicates some beautiful lines to the mother of Jesus Christ, and begins as follows: “In this memory of the Holy Virgin Mary, Star of the New Evangelization, we present our prayers to God the Father ”

It is requested by the parish archdiocese, in order that the holy mother bless all the hearts and souls of the faithful, as well as all the people of Jesus, fulfilling her son’s goal of bringing peace and love to all human beings.

The mother is asked to protect the country, that faith moves all the spiritual force to have peace and harmony among all the inhabitants, asking her to intercede before Jesus to fill the emotional and spiritual voids of each citizen.

Ask Our Lady to offer a Eucharist full of vitality and fervor, so that Christians can feel identified with her Catholic life, involving young people through her beautiful goodness in all the activities of the Eucharist.

The Universal Prayer concludes when the Celebrant expresses: “Father, may the prayers of your children be pleasant to you, because with great love they honor today the Mother of your Only Begotten Son, as their Mother. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen “.

Prayer to the body and blood of Jesus

This prayer is usually performed on the last Sunday of Holy Week or when a relevant date in the Catholic calendar ends, the prayer begins like this: “United in faith, hope and charity, let us pray to the Lord so that our Christian life has in the Eucharist its source, its center and its summit .” The end of each paragraph is accompanied by “Let us pray to the Lord”, which the faithful say in unison.

It is asked for the church, that it can celebrate the news of the risen Jesus, the kindness of the priests and its entire structure, where the Eucharistic mystery of Jesus can be known. Where the resurrection is a reason for hope for many, let communion and baptism be encouraged.

It is prayed for the fidelity of the priests towards the Lord, and that they can fulfill the mission entrusted by Jesus Christ, the end of the prayer concludes with this beautiful paragraph: “O God, who does not stop feeding your Church with the mysteries of the Body and Blood of your Son Jesus Christ; she hears our prayers and make us always find our joy in the richness of your gifts”.

“Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen”.

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