For good luck and riches, prayer to Buddha

For good luck and riches, prayer to Buddha

Buddha is the name given to that person who reaches spiritual enlightenment or the complete awakening of the spirit. That is why many people make a prayer to Buddha to achieve a specific favor.

If you want to know some of the prayers addressed to him, be sure to read this article.

prayer to buddha

Even though the best known is Gautama Buddha or Siddhārtha Gautama, this is not the only Buddha, however Buddhism was founded on his teachings and lessons.

Its different doctrines and practices try to guide the person to achieve enlightenment or awakening.

It is very common for Buddha to be attributed certain gifts and powers that favor those who trust him, so there are various prayers that are made to achieve certain favors.

It is common for Buddha to be asked for happiness, prosperity and health. However, you will be able to verify for yourself that other intentions can be requested.

buddhist prayer for peace

O Buddha! May those desperate and tormented beings in the world, due to the ailments of the body and spirit, be promptly freed from their torments and evils.

Let all who are frightened, frightened and imprisoned by fear be released.

That those who feel they have no power find it and that men rather than dominate think about becoming friends.

That those who feel alone, with their hearts isolated in desolate and disturbing deserts, find peace. 

May all children, old or defenseless people, be cared for and helped by benevolent angels,

May everyone on earth quickly attain Buddhist wisdom. 

to attract love

Wise enlightened and kind, today I come to your feet to ask you for the happiness of all beings that inhabit this planet, that all small and large, animals and plants, be today and always loved and happy.

May all beings in the universe, that exist, existed or will exist, be filled with light and joy, be blessed and protected by you.

May the human race be the channel of universal love, a love that surrounds each and every one of the living beings, so that we can live in happiness and joy.

That we be multiplying agents of love and that it spread throughout the world so that there is not a single corner where this noble feeling does not flourish, I ask that the love that lives in all of us multiply and expand.

Buddha I ask that many positive thoughts exist within me and that love flows freely through my body and mind and expands to others. I ask that love come into my life, that it be real, pure and true, cleanse all hatred that may be in me and in the whole world around me.

I ask that love and happiness come to me and to all beings in the universe. May we be happy, and may love be the feeling that guides us towards our destiny.

Prayer to Buddha for health

 Great Buddha, you came into my life and my home to benefit my luck, my afflicted heart calls you and embraces you with fervor, because from today it needs you to be its protector and guardian, to help me in everything I ask of you.

You who dedicated yourself body and soul to seeking people’s liberation and happiness, being showered with great privileges, divine servant Buddha, help me.

You give a roof to the homeless, you give light to those who are in the dark and cannot see, you give words to the dumb and you bring peace to homes, give me health, good luck, happiness and fortune, free my home from any setback, scarcity or illness.

May your light and your healing energy enter my home and surround all of us who live there, so that nothing can harm us, cause us pain, illness or danger.

Prayer to Buddha for luck

Great Buddha, you have come to me through the work of an immeasurable power, to totally change my luck for my good.

To separate and remove everything that hinders my path, because I know that you will come to my help when I ask you and you will watch over my fortune. 

Give me protection and joy in the name of God and for his eternal and great mercy.

Reveal to my imagination what I must put into practice
and that allows me to overcome obstacles.

Guide my steps along the path of prosperity, abundance and fortune, lead me along paths of honesty and abundance
to achieve my goals and desires.

Buddha, may good luck always be with me, attract wealth and may my investments multiply.

May the businesses and jobs I start be blessed with abundance and growth. 

Big Buddha! You are an elevated, enlightened and pure spirit, I ask you to send light from your abode in infinity and grant us the favors we ask of you.

Give us good luck and with it fortune, abundance and light for our path. 

Prayer to Buddha for forgiveness

Great Buddha, today I want to apologize to those I have hurt consciously and unconsciously, many times and in some way with my own confusions. I apologize!

I forgive those who have harmed me consciously or unconsciously, in some way through their confusion. I forgive!

I forgive myself if I have a situation to forgive and I’m not ready to do it yet, also for the times when I hurt myself due to my confusion and when I am a cruel judge with myself. Today I forgive myself!

There is another prayer to Buddha to learn to forgive, it is a little shorter, but remember it all depends on the strength and confidence that you put into reciting it:

Buddha, sage of life and love, you are a being who has awakened to truth and light, today I ask you to help me also to awaken to love and compassion.

Help me to forgive and love others, whether they love me or hate me, want to hurt me or harm me. I ask you, Buddha, give me the power of the earth to forgive them.

Buddha of life and light, loving and of great compassion, you who have kept the path of morality and generosity, help me to be generous, to endure trials, to maintain and strengthen your doctrine in me, in order to extend it to others.  

O Great Buddha, allow me to have a long, humble, peaceful and serene life, where I bear no grudge or hatred.

Prayer of thanks to Buddha

Great Buddha, today I am here to thank each and every one of the things that I live.

Today I am grateful to those who hurt or harm me because they give me strength and determination. I am grateful to those who contradict me, because it deepens and strengthens my knowledge and knowledge.

I am grateful to those who abandoned me, because I learned to be independent and free. I am grateful to those who hit me or trip me up because I feel empowered and capable.

I am grateful to those who slander or slander me, because they make me wiser and more focused.

I am grateful for those who have underestimated me and have not valued me, because they have made me more firm and determined, getting closer and closer to my achievements.

Thank you, Great Buddha, for your teachings and commitment to our reaching enlightenment. I thank you!

Prayer to Buddha to request his favors.

Great Buddha, you who led a simple and measured life, leaving behind all wealth and power.

That with your gift of patience and wisdom you were able to awaken and reach the light, I ask you, Buddha of light and masters, to direct your gaze towards me and see the situation I am going through, please see how I am and have compassion from my.

I come to bow before you, so that you have the kindness to grant me the desire that my heart yearns for, this favor that is so important to me (mention what you want to ask for) and to be able to give my life another direction.

Many shortcomings do not give peace to my mind and my heart, which are very tired of so much worry, that is why today I come to you, magnificent Buddha, appealing to your kind and loving heart, help me and give joy to my life .

For protection against evil spirits

Great Buddha of light, love and compassion, I come to you to ask you to give me sanity and make me a transmitter of love and charity.

Buddha of life, light and peace, you are an enlightened, elevated, loving and compassionate being, I ask you to remove from me all bad energy or power that prevents me from advancing, prospering, healing and being happy.

I ask you to protect me from the evil spirits that may be stalking me and keep my spirit in the six worlds and thus achieve peace.

Great Buddha of light and life, being enlightened, loving and compassionate, protect me against all evil spirits or energies, and illuminate our path and our lives so that there is no room for darkness. I thank you!

Prayer to inspire others

This prayer to Buddha is usually done when we want our life to be an example or inspiration for others :

Powerful Buddha, you who are wise and you are light, help me to be the lamp of those who seek light, the beacon that serves as a guide to those who need to be guided, that can be the home of those who need shelter.

Oh great Buddha of life and light, you who have an enlightened, loving and compassionate heart, I ask that the people around me find happiness through my actions, but above all that they do not suffer or feel fear because of my attitudes. and my proceeding .

Buddha, today I beg you from the bottom of my heart, to help me be a guide, light and support for others.

The Seven Branches in Tibetan

It is a prayer that is performed daily and that summarizes the seven fundamental practices or principles of Buddhism:


Prayer to Buddha to find employment

There is a well-known little prayer addressed to the Buddha by people looking for a new job or because they want a better job:

“Powerful Lord of the distance of the 7 mental powers grant me the divine grace to find an honest and decent job that allows me to live in harmony and be very happy with my family.”

In the prayer, the Lord of the seven powers is mentioned. Remember that in Eastern traditions and doctrines such as Hinduism or Buddhism, what we know as mental powers have been studied for millennia.

These are generally mental achievements that are achieved or perfected with certain practices and a lot of discipline, so they have little to do with magic. Buddha is considered the lord of these mental abilities.

However, when it comes to employment, as in any other case or need in your life, you can resort not only to this prayer, but you can also resort to the use of mantras.

A mantra is a Sanskrit word whose sound, when pronounced, has powers or effects on the mind and spirit.

This word is sung or recited, with the main objective of focusing our thoughts and emotions to establish control over them and of course harmonize them, thus modifying our consciousness.

The use of mantras is ancient and there are many who use them to cleanse negative energies, find employment, among other things.

Here is a widely used mantra for job seekers that may be the option you are looking for to empower your prayer:

Prayer to the Buddha to win the lottery

Mysterious Buddha Spirit! come to my humble abode and enlighten me, so that through the chances of the Lottery fortune may come to me, so that it may contribute to family happiness and well-being.

Prayer to the three Buddhas

The three Buddhas come from an ancient legend that was originally based on three monkeys and was later adapted to the figure of three sages or monks.

Both are very similar and come from areas surrounding Tibet, keeping even with certain differences the same message and philosophy.

The story says that the gods sent three wise men with the mission of revealing and punishing the wrong and evil actions of humans.

They say that each monk had a defect and two virtues:

KIKAZARU , was the deaf monk who saw bad actions and communicated them to Mizaru, with words.

MIZARU , was the blind wise man, his mission was to communicate with words what Kikazaru told the last wise man, who was Iwazaru.

IWAZARU , the third and last monk, was mute. He listened to what Mizaru told him and decided what punishment the human being should receive, observing that it was fulfilled.

The text keeps a valuable message, speak first, criticize less, cover your mouth before saying something that can hurt, always be careful what you say.

Don’t always listen to negative things, love the beautiful, the productive, what makes you a better person. Nothing lets live surrounded by gossip, intrigue, slander, disasters and death, invest time in nurturing your spirit, and your mind.

And perhaps a very important lesson, to close our eyes and see our interior very often, because it is what we must cultivate.

Do not dedicate your life to seeing things that do not contribute anything or only the negative part of situations, let’s learn to close our eyes to that.

Well then understand well: do not criticize, do not see only negative things and do not dedicate yourself to destroying with your words, if you have nothing good to say, do not say it.

Here is a short prayer of the three Buddhas:

O kind and benevolent trio of protective Buddhas, I come to you today to make a very special request of you.

I ask you, venerable gentlemen:

To the wise blind buddha, let no one with the intention of harming me see or find me, let nothing investigate, investigate or find that I do not want to give him.

To the deaf Buddha, may I not listen to hurtful words that want to harm or harm me and may those who care about me never lend their ears to slander, gossip or rumours.

To the mute buddha, help me to be silent when my words want to destroy, harm or harm or when what I have to say is harmful to me too.


The term “Buddha” designates a person who is awake , someone who has woken up from lethargy, who has left behind ignorance and unawareness, who sees things as they really are.

A Buddha is considered to be a person who after much discipline manages to get rid of all the failures, blockages and obstructions that our mind has.

Many people long ago have become Buddhas and perhaps many others in the future will also transform after reaching enlightenment.

Buddha does not ignore anything, he knows everything, because he has awakened, he does not walk the path of ignorance and he knows everything about the things that have happened, that are happening and will happen, all at the same time.

Furthermore, Buddha is a person of great compassion who is completely impartial and respects, cherishes and values ​​all living beings without discrimination.

the first buddha

The first and perhaps best known Buddha was Siddharta Gautama, presumed to have been born between 563 and 483 BC, into an aristocratic family in the city of Kapilavastu.

Gautama was one of the important classes of Sakya, in the southern Himalayas, in Hindu lands, son of Śuddhodana and Maya who died when he was a child.

It is said that he was a young man surrounded by luxuries typical of his class, refined, highly educated and attractive.

It is said that his father, in the hope that his son would become a great King, kept him far away from any religious teaching, thus trying to prevent the famous prediction of the learned priests from coming true, who affirmed that he would become a great King or in a saint.

He was surrounded by luxuries, he was prevented from knowing suffering and any religious teaching, however, Gautama considered that wealth and luxuries was not the goal of his life.

It is said that the well-known four encounters were decisive in his transformation , which was when he saw an old man, a sick man, a dead man and an ascetic very closely.

It was when he decided to give up everything and go to meet a new life, an awakening where detachment, cessation, calm and knowledge were his goal.

At the age of twenty-nine, Prince Siddhartha leaves his family for Magadha, a city rich in culture and philosophy.

He changed his appearance, cut his hair and left behind his fine clothes and jewelry, dedicating himself to practicing meditation, yoga and asceticism, however, despite all the knowledge he could not find the secret to calm the sufferings of the world and that kept him unsatisfied.

He traveled to Bodh Gaya, in India, where he devoted himself to meditation and concentration for six years.

One full moon day of the fourth month of the lunar calendar, he decided not to give up meditation until he reached perfect illumination at the foot of a tree.

He achieved the much sought after enlightenment, which he considered to be a state of lasting and limitless happiness that is the full development of the potential of body, speech and mind.

The Buddha taught for forty-five years in India, in a particularly rich and evolved cultural context.

During his constant travels, he met different types of people and gave general and specific advice for each life situation.

His teachings try to make human beings brave, cheerful and kind individuals, and represent the main religious belief in several East Asian countries.

Since the early 1970s, the profound Buddhist insight, with its wide variety of methods, has inspired and attracted a growing number of free and independent-minded people from different Western cultures.

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