Do you know what the most powerful prayer in the world is?

Do you know what the most powerful prayer in the world is? Find out all about her here

Sometimes we need to make a special and forceful prayer to God to ask for his favors. In this post we present what has been considered the most powerful prayer in the world: Psalm 91. We will see what it is about, we will make a brief analysis of its verses and we will point out some aspects to consider to make a prayer powerful.

the most powerful prayer

For Christian believers, the most powerful prayer is the one that, when prayed, produces peace, hope, protection and, also, the certainty that what we need and ask for will be achieved. These sensations fill us spiritually as each of his words is pronounced.

This is what many devotees experience when praying Psalm 91 of the Bible, because from it emerges a serenity that flows to the praying person. It is said that she generates a feeling of warmth and shelter for the person who prays to her and who needs calm.

That is why it is known worldwide as the most beautiful, complete and intense prayer of the Holy Scriptures and is recognized as the Protective Psalm.

The text of this psalm can be used for any need or purpose and at any time in life. They are words of great power that generate great energy when heard or pronounced.

These words help to cope and overcome the difficult moments that we have to go through in our lives, so that we have the due resistance, courage and faith.

We can turn to this psalm when we feel that we must renew our faith in God and we can use it in many circumstances, such as when we are seeking to recover lost health, when we want to get a permanent job or when we need divine help.

It is such an intense and inspiring prayer that it could be repeated night and day from memory, until everything that is said in it is achieved and made a reality.

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Brief Analysis of the Verses

The prayer offered by the text of Psalm 91 constitutes a kind of spiritual protective cloak against any evil that may lie in wait for us. Through the invocation of God in this prayer, he will send angels to guard and guide us.

We review each of the verses below to detail the meaning of each.

  • Verses 1 and 2 : A resemblance of the Almighty God is made with a castle, since both are great, strong, beautiful, safe and give protection to those who inhabit it.

God is considered, then, as the place of shelter, which gives confidence, in which the Almighty is, who has King Jesus, his guardians, the angels, and the Holy Spirit as the sanctifying energy.

  • Verses 3 and 4 : Reference is made here to the intercession of the Lord to deliver us from the evil one and his snares, who seek our destruction. However, thanks to the protective mantle of God, all the tricks and evils that the devil sends us remain without any effect.

Emphasis is placed on trusting in the Lord all the time, because he will protect us and shelter us under his wings, as any father would do with his children. Only in Him must we put our faith, because He is the one who has the absolute truth and that is what we must believe and follow.

  • Verses 5 and 6 : We are reminded that the Almighty God encourages us not to fear the darkness, which is where the devil attacks the most, because he uses that darkness to commit his misdeeds and make us fall into his evil hands.

However, the Lord encourages us not to give in to that fear, because He transforms the nights into moments of peace, rest and calm. Do not let fear enter our hearts, let us, on the contrary, fill it with the love of Jesus.

We are told that by day we are assailed by the many difficulties we face daily and by night we are haunted by the pestilences and dangers of darkness. However, following the will of God and protected by the Holy Spirit, we are protected from any evil that wants to disturb us.

  • Verses 7 and 8 : In these verses we are told that despite all the difficulties that we must face in the world, whether they are chaos or global crises, as well as personal problems such as illness, death, economic and social situations, God’s light will always be there to illuminate and guide us.

We must not reject the grace of God, which is what protects us and frees us from all evil or adversity and leads us to victory in the name of Jesus, our Lord.

  • Verses 9 and 10 : In this part we are recognized and encouraged for having placed our trust in the Lord, which infers that no evil can affect us, if we have God as a refuge.

Our being and our home will be sealed under the protection of God and no evil will touch us.

  • Verses 11 to 13: Here God puts at our disposal all the angels to protect us, guide us and guide us in the things we must do according to the will of the Lord.

So we have the support of guardian and protective angels, who watch over us all the time, in the name of the Lord. They help us not to fall, and if we fall, they lift us up and help us to move forward.

Thanks to Christ Jesus we are winners who triumph over the evil destroyer, because we have the strength that God gives us, to crush and defeat him, if we trustfully surrender to the Lord.

  • Verses 14 to 16:  The Lord tells us here that when we invoke him, He answers us, that he will be with us in times of anguish, that he will deliver us and glorify us, he will give us many years of life and he will show us salvation .

He reiterates that we must place our trust in Him and know that He keeps His promises.

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Aspects to consider for a prayer to be powerful

We have already seen that prayer is a powerful tool that we can use to please God and ask for help at all times and in all places, and is even considered the key to salvation.

This was also expressed by Saint Alphonsus Maria de Ligorio, a Neapolitan religious, bishop of the Catholic Church, who affirmed that whoever prays is saved and whoever does not is condemned, but whoever prays little calls into question his eternal salvation. So the call is to pray.

Now, how can you make a powerful prayer?

Well, there are certain aspects that we must observe to achieve this goal. Let’s see what they are:

  • Have the Holy Spirit as an inner teacher: Be aware that when we pray we can ask the Holy Spirit for inspiration and energy so that our message reaches the Almighty God, just as Mary and the Apostles did, who prayed for nine days and fasted as a tribute to the Holy Dad.

The Holy Spirit rewarded them by pouring out His blessings on them, just as He can on us. Therefore, the Holy Spirit must be invoked at the beginning of our prayer, so that it enlightens us and fills our hearts with love.

  • Time, place, will and silence: It is important to reserve a certain time to pray properly and conscientiously. Likewise, it is required to locate an appropriate place to do it and, in addition, to have the will and to ensure due silence.

Doing so in compliance with these aspects can make prayer a habitual practice, which is perfected over time.

  • Spiritual direction:  Having the support of a spiritual guide who guides and offers knowledge about the traps that the evil one sets for us, how to face them or avoid them, as well as how to continually grow towards holiness through deep prayer.
  • Conviction or determination:  We must always have conviction or determination to always pray and have it as a natural habit in our daily lives and thus achieve the goal of pleasing God and obtaining His favors.

We know that to be successful personally or within an organization you need to have and demonstrate a strong determination. Such is the practice practiced by athletes, musicians, writers, entrepreneurs, who achieved their goals out of a firm conviction of what they were going to achieve.

If we know the powers that flow from prayer, we should make it our goal in life to constantly grow in prayer.

  • The study, reading in prayer: Constantly reading about literature of prayer and its exponents, since this serves as a model and inspiration, as well as provides us with valuable material to support our prayers.

Part Four of the Catechism of the Catholic Church is recommended.

  • Do penance:  It is pointed out that in order to lead a spiritual life in accordance with the precepts of God, two fundamental aspects must be fulfilled: prayer and penance.

Regarding prayer, we have already seen its characteristics and to fulfill penance it is necessary to carry out certain acts, which are usually simple at first, such as fasting for a few days and praying, and then progress to other more complicated acts, such as such as going on pilgrimage or carrying out evangelization missions, which will make prayer have the desired effects in a more explicit way.

And, as in everything, let yourself be guided by the Holy Spirit.

  • Confession and prayer:  This is a very important aspect, since reconciliation with God is fundamental, to free us from guilt and a dirty conscience.

Through confession, our soul and conscience are cleansed. This is how Matthew expressed it in 5:8, who also asserted that those with a clean heart will be able to see God.

  • Prayer and action: Prayer and action  are required to grow spiritually. Hence, the constant practice of the virtues that have been granted to us by the Holy Father is indispensable; namely: faith, hope, charity, humility, service and kindness, coupled with love of neighbor and salvation of the soul.
  • Retreats:  Through them it is possible to deepen the way to make powerful prayers, thanks to the meditation and reflection that is practiced in them.

These spiritual retreats can be of different lengths, which can range from a weekend to a month, depending on the need of the person praying to deepen their faith in prayer.

It is suggested to reserve a few days in the calendar to make the withdrawal.

  • Our Lady and prayer:  It is also recommended to ask for the intercession of Mary so that she prays for us at the moment in which we dedicate time and effort to prayer. She can inspire us and make our prayer an effective means of carrying our message to God.
  • Finally, we must thank the almighty Lord for letting us be under his shelter, where no one can harm us and for every day watching over my care and that of my family.

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Advantages of reading and knowing this psalm

Psalm 91 is considered the “great prayer of power”, since it has a strong spiritual impact on the lives of the people who pray it, and tells them that by faith any difficult circumstance can be changed.

That is why it is suggested to take advantage of praying with this psalm, such as:

  • It is possible to attract the goodness and love of God, as the best way to live under the shelter of the Blessed Sacrament, which implies being able to have an intimate communication with God.
  • It allows us to develop and deepen faith and trust that God will give the answer to the circumstance for which we request his attention.
  • It protects us against any disease, contagious or infectious, physical and spiritual, and by praying it at night, it helps God keep us safe from the enemy while we sleep.
  • Likewise, it makes us intensify our love for God, alleviates anguish and guarantees that we count on Him to save us, deliver us and glorify us.
  • It is addressed directly to the heart and through it the person is reiterated that God never abandons his children.
  • It transmits to the one who prays or listens that no matter how long he has been away or disoriented, the Lord receives him with equal love.
  • It confirms God’s promise that He will be with us forever.
  • The psalm tells us that although we do not see the solution to the problem that we pose, God does have it, because for Him nothing is impossible.
  • It helps to strengthen the spirit, faith and trust in God.

It should be noted that there are many biblical quotes that convey beautiful messages of faith and love, but this psalm is really one of the most beautiful in the Bible because of the inspiration it awakens in those who read it. This is because it is a declaration of absolute dependency between God and his children.

The prayer is presented as a whole, as it contains phrases and expressions that speak to us of the wonders that the Lord has in store for us and of the protection and well-being that he can provide us in our lives.

We, as faithful children of the Holy Father, must recognize him as the Almighty and that he is the only one who without a doubt can help us in everything we need.

In compensation, God expects his children to adore him above all things, to do what pleases him, just as Jesus Christ his Son transmitted it to us through the Holy Scriptures and that we are not afraid of the evil one, because depending on Him, we need not feel any fear.

What does God ask of us?

From God we receive so many gifts and benefits, apart from the favors and answers to our requests. But what does He ask of us in return?

Well, He only asks us, after granting us all the things we have requested:

  • Full trust in Him, in his Word, in the message he sends us.
  • Absolute faith in the promises he made to us.
  • Obedience as if we were small children towards their parents, because that is what a father requires of a son, in order to guide him and lead him along the path of good.
  • Compliance with the mandates that he has left us so that we may always continue within the faith that he preaches to us.
  • Love towards the neighbor who are our brothers from God.
  • Permanent prayer towards Him.
  • Spiritual life following the divine precepts expressed in the Bible.
    divine precepts of the bible
  • Always invoke the Holy Spirit when we feel faint and our faith weakens.
  • Give ourselves time to pray before making any important decisions and ask him: “Lord, what do you want me to do?”
  • Reconcile ourselves with Him, through confession, when we feel that we have failed and have offended Him.
  • Ask ourselves before executing any ordinary action: what would Jesus have done? and look for an answer in the Bible, that surely there is the appropriate advice to carry out the action that we must follow.
  • Be attentive to its signals and signs through which God may be sending us a message or revealing to us what we are looking for or investigating.

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