A prayer to make a woman fall madly in love

A prayer to make a woman fall madly in love

You are looking for a prayer to make a woman fall in love , you came to the right place in this article we will show you everything you need so that the woman of your life falls madly in love with you as soon as possible. With the prayers that we will describe here you will achieve what you want, do not stop reading the post that will be to your total liking.

Prayer to make a woman fall in love

Being in love is the most beautiful thing that can happen to you, being by the side of the loved one and sharing their lives until death do us part, however, everything in love is not rosy, we can be given the case that that person that we love and care about so much does not correspond to us as it should, but do not worry about it below you will find an effective prayer to make a woman fall in love.

And in this way to be able to form a family by your side as you so desire, for this prayer to work you only need; a lot of faith and a lot of positivism and that at the moment of praying her you project everything you want with this woman and always keep in mind that everything they have in mind will come true because you already decreed it:

Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel to make a woman fall in love

OH, archangel Saint Michael, heavenly prince, my guardian angel! I humbly ask you to listen to my voice and put in my heart the sweet peace that I long for. I cannot live in peace and my soul is full of restlessness. I can only cure my ills and remove my sorrows by getting the love of.

“Woman’s first and last name”. OH, archangel Saint Michael, heavenly prince, my guardian angel, listen to my voice! In the name of the Father, in the name of the Son, and in the name of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Oh, lofty and divine trinity of the Creator Father, the Redeemer Son and the glorifying Holy Spirit! Alpha and Omega! O mighty Adonai! This creature “your name and surname” humbly comes and prostrates to your infinite goodness, and wholeheartedly asks you to. “name and surname of the woman” always love me and be happy by my side.

Oh, powerful angels of Love! Watch over my beloved “name and surname of the woman” and make her soul be generous with me and that her heart beats with love only for me “your name and surname”. Listen to me and help me. So be it. Amen

Prayer to conquer a woman with the spirits

 In the name of God I invoke you and on this day Lord I come to you so that through the spirit of Dominion, restless spirit, spirit of despair, spirit of Don Juan de la Conquista, spirit of Love, spirit of Don Juan de los Caminos, spirit of San Juan Minero, spirit of San Juan de la Calle, spirit of the 4 winds, paths and places, spirit of Enchantment, spirit of San Marcos de León, spirit of Santa Martha and Santa Elena of Jerusalem, spirit of San Salvador de Horta, spirit of Santa Inés del Monte Perdido, spirit of María de la Cabeza, all beneficial spirits. On this day I conjure each and every one of those already named so that by their great kindness and mercy they can help me to completely dominate all the senses of (say the name of the woman), so that I can dominate hers; thoughts, her judgment,

What I conjure today is your living spirit, your mind, your body, your sexual apparatus, your hands and feet, each of your thoughts, your judgment and your will (repeat your name one more time). Lord, I implore you that the spirits of the domain can grant me that this woman cannot be calm if she is not by my side every day, that she cannot conceive of not being by my side as my wife, that she can neither eat nor drink , nor sleep because he is not with me.

Spirits of the domain that from now on that woman cannot be if her thoughts are directed only to me (say your name), and that in this way she arrives at my side declaring her infinite love for me and frees all interest that only her move the desire and the desire to see me and love me that her desperation to have me is greater than the one I feel right now for not having her by my side.

I implore you to come to my side dominated, attracted by my sex and offering me yours, to come to my side; wishful, in love, humble and flattering me with kisses and caresses. May that woman who comes so much to me declaring her love to me that she comes to my side pleading and tender, being me her only owner (say her name) With two I see you, with three I tie you, I drink your blood and I break your heart, Christ help me and give me peace.

Come (say his name again) dominated in body, thought and will, you can no longer look at anyone but me, your love and affection are only for me, my presence is attractive to you, my gaze suggests you, my voice dominates you, my eyes blind you and my will is yours, so be it, so be it, so be it, so be it, Amen.

Mooring prayer to make a woman fall in love

Almighty Lord on this day I come before you to ask you to teach me how to act correctly, all my heart goes into me and I ask Lord that I can feel the sincerity of finding true love, I come before you beloved father because the need I have to be able to feel love in my life is great sir, I want to be able to feel that emotion that everyone talks about when they see the loved one arrive. I want to learn to see life in different ways, I want a pure and true love, that makes me a better person, a good person, I want to be able to feel love in my life.

My father, I ask you and make me in your image and likeness, so that I can be a kind man, full of love, affection, respect, chivalry and in this way be able to make the woman of life fall in love, the one who has me. completely trapped help me Lord so that at all times I can feel your presence both in the mind and in the heart. Make me the instrument and transmitter of your love.

Only you lord can instill in me; peace, love, trust and all aspects that help me find love first with myself to later fall in love with that woman I love so much, and thus be able to have the presence of true love in my life sir, I implore you to listen to my prayers do not forsake me never my father.

That woman that I love so much in my life is a person with good feelings and a good heart, so I ask you, Lord, to come into me and make a totally different man who can be worthy of her love. With all this I ask you to tie that woman completely to me, that she arrives full of love, courage, grace and kindness towards this man who wants her so much by her side forever.

Lord, I know that I am not perfect, so I am not going to ask you to eliminate my mistakes, I just want you to give me a new opportunity, to correct the bad things that I have been able to do, and in this way to be able to live each day and have good experiences based on in my new life to demonstrate the positive change in my life.

Pompa Gira I know more than anyone about your strength and your power, my queen, that’s why I ask you from the depths of my soul to touch the heart of (say the woman’s name), make her think of me 24 hours a day, help me to have eyes for another man who is not me.

Tie her life to mine that she only thinks that my wife will make her, that I conquer her day by day with details and fill her with love eternally, hail pomba tour queen of the 7 crossroads I blindly trusted in your power I ask you to; (repeat her name) be affectionate, loving, dedicated, think of me, (say your name) all the time.

I implore you Pompa tour that from this moment only I be the only man in her life, in her thoughts, and in her heart. And in exchange for your kindness, I am going to spread your name to the 4 corners of the world, I trusted you, help my request, do not abandon me and with the interception of Almighty God that woman will be my wife very soon, and she will be madly in love with me and his life will be tied to mine eternally

So it will be, so it will be and so it is Amen

Prayer to Santa Marta for a woman to return

Santa Marta virgin by caramanchel you are going to consume today for the flame with which this candle is lit and for the cotton with which the holy oils were cleaned my needs help my miseries and overcome all the difficulties as you overcame the wild beast that you have at your feet For you there are no impossible things, give me luck and money to cover my miseries and needs.

So, my mother, grant me that “Name of the woman” cannot be or live in peace until she comes to my feet, so, my mother, grant me what I ask of you to alleviate my sorrows for the love of Jesus, Santa Marta virgin who entered the mountain You scared the wild beasts with your ribbons and tied them with the hyssop you tamed them to yourself.

My mother, if this is true, grant me that “Name of the woman” return to me forever Santa Marta that you do not leave him sitting in a chair or lying down in bed or have a moment of tranquility make him come to my feet Santa Marta listen to me shelter me for the love of God. Amen.

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