Prayer for the husband who needs a job

Prayer for the husband who needs a job

Prayer for the husband , consists of a series of various requests and thanks intended to help husbands in love, get a job, improve their character and increase the connection with their wife, get to know her better through this article.

prayer for husband

When you feel in your husband some sentimental distance, depression, sadness, or it is difficult for him to get a job, we recommend you to perform some of the prayers that serve as a tool to solve your husband’s imbalances, and that are causing concern in your life. 

These prayers are loaded with great spiritual power, which helps the relationship of couples to balance those situations that are created for some reason, whether sentimental or emotional, generally when there is a problem of this type, people do not they know how to deal with it.

The best way to solve it is with the help of God, and to reach him, you need to establish communication through the connection that gives us the power of prayer. God manifests himself when his faithful speak to him, communicate with him and thank him for all his actions.

A prayer for my husband is a tool that allows us to connect the energies of faith and hope with our Lord, He gives us the opportunity to achieve the recovery of the couple when problems are considered to exist.

The first thing a wife should do is to inwardly request that she is determined to change her husband’s attitude through establishing and performing a prayer, which will allow her husband’s spiritual gifts to be strengthened again, in a way that only God knows. 

Then we invite you to know how to pray to God for a husband , if you are in trouble to get a job or to be that man who at first used the most romantic tools to fall in love. They manage to give you the desired balance.

Prayer to be my companion and my best friend

The following sentence is made in order to have a relationship of trust and friendship with your sentimental partner, it begins by saying the following:

Lord, You who know the hearts and scrutinize the depths of each soul, today I want to ask you for my husband, who is very loved by my heart.

Then the name of the couple is said, in this case the husband, and they pray as follows, always thinking of God:

Whom I chose as my partner thanks to you, in order to be my partner and my best friend, I preferred him and chose him from the pages of my life, that’s why I want to ask you for his heart, look at him tenderly and caress his wounds more deep, cure his memory of painful memories and give him ever new joy for his lips.

Fill his heart with love, so that his words, his gestures reach those of us who are by his side and he can give us his company and security that we need so much.

Strengthen his hands, so that his work is worthy and lasting, focus his thoughts so that the steps he manages to take are blessed by you, do not allow his gaze to wander from his days, and that he feels that he is loved by me.

Bring him closer to the source of the energy of your love, if at any time he manages to get away, join him to you, Tie him to you, so that he clings to your love, take him by the hand and take him every day towards the path of fidelity and commandments, so that with your presence, you can inspire strength, courage and security.

May your family feel protected, may it be your spiritual support, strength and help in any situation. That your children respect and admire you as a father and as a friend, that you be a model of love for the whole family. Amen.

This prayer can be done two or three times a week, when the situation is very unstable, the place where to do it is indifferent, only you must be alone and invest about 15 to 20 minutes that allow you to plow with peace of mind, that all the senses They are focused on prayer.

Prayer for my husband and my marriage.

The following prayer is very similar to the previous one, in this case Jesus is asked to intercede for the glory of the Lord to keep intact the spirituality, feelings and emotions within the marriage nucleus, this beautiful prayer can be performed in the Church or particularly in a quiet and lonely place.

The prayer intends to give tools to the husband, in order to achieve security and trust in all members of the family, this prayer is even recommended for the angry husband, it begins as follows, let’s see:

Dear Lord, Thank you for such a loving and kind husband, he is my partner who I consider to be a great blessing in my life. It’s more than I could ever ask of you. I know that no human being is perfect, but together we make the imperfection that allows us to be useful to you.

Lord, protect and help my husband to be successful in his work, that he can fulfill all his activities successfully, give him all the necessary help that inspires him to maintain his work ethic and a positive attitude.

Lord, make him see the fruits of his work, and that he can remember in difficult times that you are the one who has control of everything that exists in the Universe, that his heart be filled with joy and that it can be transmitted within of home.

Give us a marriage as solid as a rock, that continues to be built on firm foundations of faith and hope, where forgiveness is a weapon to solve problems, that love between us is a testimony of your presence in our home.

Give us the tools to work together as a team, which allows us to raise our children in the best possible way, help us to give them education and training, tell us which way we should guide them so that they may be fertile citizens of faith. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

The 31 day prayer for your husband

The depth of the following prayer is based on various biblical passages that express and describe the situations between couples, the biblical references are taken from Ephesians, Proverbs and Corinthians, where on each of the days a prayer related to the scriptures must be made biblical

In the sacred book there are thousands of phrases and stories that allow them to be brought as a prayer to obtain the emotional and spiritual balance of the husband, in Ephesians 7:18 the following is stated: “Bless your husband, praying for him! The apostle Paul instructed Christians to pray for one another.”

Here it seemed like the responsibility and duty that wives have to pray for their husbands, also in Proverbs it says the following: ” Prayer for your husband is good for him, for you and for the spiritual health of your home.” satan’s intentions are to alienate and disunite the family, through various temptations.

Prayer clears away those temptations that can cloud the mind and heart of the husband. Hence the importance of praying the “31 days for the husband”, this allows to strengthen the spiritual values ​​of the husband and consolidate the marriage relationship.

  • First day, a short prayer is made so that the husband grows spiritually and assumes his responsibility before the Lord and has spiritual discipline, the reading of Peter 3:8 and Proverbs 5:23 is recommended.
  • Second day, on this day the prayer focuses on the husband’s relationship with God, that the word is full of wisdom and intelligence, recommended reading Proverbs 3:17, 9:18 and Psalms 112:1.
  • Third day, pray for the humility of the husband, that they learn to recognize their sins, recommended reading Psalms 51 _:4 and Micah 7.8.
  • Fourth day, the prayer is dedicated to the abilities of the husband, so that he can develop them and obtain the desired leadership in the home, reading Ephesians 5:25 and Colossians 3:19.
  • Fifth day, pray for the fidelity of the husband, the fulfillment of the marriage vows are not broken, recommended reading Prov. 20:6; Gen. 2:24.
  • Sixth day, the prayer is dedicated to asking for the husband to be just and to reject evil, recommended reading Prov. 27:12; John 17:15.
  • On the seventh day, the prayer is dedicated to protecting the heart of the husband so that he does not fall into inappropriate relationships with the opposite sex, readings from Proverbs 6:23-24.
  • Eighth day, prayer is dedicated to the husband working hard to support the family, Ro readings. 12:11; 1 Cor 15:58
  • On the ninth day, pray that the husband may have the aptitude to manage finances wisely and intelligently, readings from Proverbs 23:4-5 and Hebrews. 13:5.
  • Tenth day, it is recommended to pray so that the husband can cultivate integrity and not compromise his convictions, recommended readings Proverbs 20:7; 1 and Ephesians 6:10-12.
  • Eleventh day, to promote the humility of the husband, Prov. 15:33 and Eph. 15:33 and Eph. 6:6.
  • Twelfth day, the prayer is directed that sexual desire be controlled by god alone, readings from Proverbs 5:15, 18; 1 Corinthians 7:3 and Song of Solomon 7:10.
  • Thirteenth day, Pray for your husband to take advantage of his practical knowledge to build his family and make the right decisions, recommended readings Galatians 5:13.
  • Fourteenth day prayer is for relationship building through rewarding words, readings Proverbs 18:21 and Ephesians 4:29.
  • Fifteenth day, the prayer is dedicated to the husband regarding knowing how to select his friends, readings Proverbs 13:20 and 27:17.

Starting on the 16th, prayers are made based on the health and spirituality of the husband. Until the 31st, it is recommended to make various prayers that can promote the teachings of Christ, the knowledge of the eternity of God, and seek faith through the sentence.

These prayers are usually very similar and are related and invoked, naming what needs to be granted to the husband, among the requests in the prayers, favors are asked of the husband such as:

  • patience and peace
  • Submission to God
  • rejoice in the glory of the lord
  • Avoid immoral thoughts
  • Learn to practice forgiveness and remove resentments.
  • Being a good father and husband
  • Learn to discipline children
  • Ignore the vices and stay away from them
  • May protect wife and family.
  • Have courage to face the most difficult problems
  • May they learn to offer all their dreams to God.
  • That take care of your body, and can dominate the emotions.
  • May I also pray to seek peace.
  • Invest time to serve God and be able to know your spiritual gifts, in order to give them to the Lord.

These 31-day prayers are performed with passion and love, they can be done at a specific time of the day and they do not have to be very long, always start by praying an Our Father and a Hail Mary, and the same for the end.

One way to bless your husband is to pray for him, give him to God so that he can give and demonstrate all his masculine faculties of hope and faith, towards his wife, children and family, when you feel that there is a problem with your husband. Do not hesitate to perform these prayers with great faith.

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