Spell to write me on WhatsApp effective

Spell to write me on WhatsApp effective

At some point in our lives we have wondered, is there a spell for him to write to me on WhatsApp? and the answers is yes. In this article we are going to present you with a series of effective spells so that the person we long for writes to us so soon, do not stop reading the post that is very interesting.

Spell to write me on whatsapp

You want that special person for you to think a lot about you to the point of writing you a WhatsApp message, here we will describe a powerful spell, fast, easy and simple to perform, for this spell you will only need a few materials and a lot of faith and positivity when doing it and you will see how it turns out to be very powerful and effective.

The first thing to do before starting the spell is to predispose the energy and you will see that it will be very effective and powerful, and as fast as a rooster crows, as the saying goes, the desired person will already be delivered writing to you for the reason. to be.

The effectiveness of this love spell will depend primarily on the energy that is put into performing it, if you are a person who is closed to receiving love and you do not connect with magic, it is very difficult for the spell to work, which is why the first thing to work on is the energy. Any type of white magic that you perform, and especially if it is related to feelings, requires that you fully involve yourself in it. Therefore, before starting you should:

  • Prepare your home during the day: the day before performing the spell you must open the windows so that the air can flow, your house must be cleaned with herbs, and you must also light an incense to release all negative energy. You must turn your house into a place where you can feel totally comfortable and connect with your interior.
  •  To perform the spell you must find a good place where you feel at peace, connected (o) and most importantly free of distractions since to perform the spell you must be 100% concentrated (o).
  • Before starting the spell you must keep in mind that it is essential that you be able to perform a series of exercises and breathing and relaxation, because as mentioned above the most important thing is to be 100% focused on the spell.

It is important to keep in mind that this spell will only work if the person you want to write to you on whatsapp knows you personally, it is also important that the person has your phone number but even more importantly if they speak even from time to time. If for some reason you are getting to know the person, this spell for him to write to you is not the right one for you, rather you need a spell to attract love.

Materials to use in the spell

  • A picture of yourself
  • A photo of the person you want to write to you on Whatsapp
  • red thread and needle
  • Scissors
  • Sugar (preferably brown, although white can also be used)
  • A small glass container with a lid (a jar is perfect)

Step by step of the spell 

  • The first step to perform this spell is to take your photo and place it on the photo of the person you want to write to you, both looking at each other, that is, face to face.
  • Later you must proceed to cut the photos so that both are the same size, you can cut them in the shape of a circle or in the shape of a heart as you prefer.
  • After that you must use the red thread and the needle, to sew both photographs and in this way join them both and be completely inseparable.
  • Once the photographs are completely cooked, you must proceed to fill the glass container with the sugar you have chosen, when you reach half of the jar, place both photos on top of the sugar, and then you must recite the following three times: that this spell make him think of me and write me on Whatsapp.
  • After repeating the phrase three times, it ends with a loud amen, in this way the container continues to be filled with sugar until it is completely full, cover it and leave it in a safe place, as far as possible away from hands or eyes from other people in the house.

Ideally, the spell works the same day it was performed, if not that night, place your cell phone next to the spell bottle, you should place it as close as possible to the container so that the spell can transmit its energy. the phone and that person writes now.

If after 7 days the spell has not worked, it is most likely that during the spell something went wrong in the process, in this way the recommendation is that you use the same photo and the same jar, but repeat the process with new sugar.

Spell with the sole of the foot so that he writes to me

This spell is extremely simple to perform, you will only need a pencil or pen, what you proceed to do is write the name of the loved one on the sole of your left foot, in this way you proceed to hit said foot against the ground and while hits the foot must repeat the following phrase this must be done, three times in a row:

“Under my left foot I catch you, tie you up and keep you. That you (say the name of the loved one) come back to me in 24 hours and say that you love me and want to stay with me forever. As long as you don’t come to me, you won’t feel like staying with anyone other than me. So be it and so it shall be! “

Spell to call me on WhatsApp

Like the spell described above, this one is also very simple, you are only going to occupy half a glass of water and then proceed to lie down totally relaxed (or) in your bed. With your body totally relaxed, you should think or imagine what you most want to happen and in this case it is that the person you love so much calls you via WhatsApp and in this way you should imagine that person calls you instantly.

The next day when you wake up, the first thing you should do is drink the other half of the glass of water that you had when you imagined what you wanted so much.

If the spell is performed to the letter as it is indicated, it is most likely that the spell will work shortly, but the most important thing at the time of performing it is the energy that you have at the time of performing the spell.

Prayer to Aphrodite to write me on whatsapp

Aphrodite, Aphrodite, Goddess of love, Goddess of sensuality, Goddess who governs my life, I ask you at this time to intervene between (name of person) and me so that you unite us, so that he cannot get out of his mind, that always want to talk to me, take care of me and love me, that you want to write to me, do it now, that you can’t be calm if you don’t talk to me, that you don’t get to sleep if you don’t write to me. This one here (say your phone number) is my number, have him dial it and find in me the voice of the love of his life. Amen.

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