Miraculous prayers to heal diseases in the name of Jesus

Miraculous prayers to heal diseases in the name of Jesus

The Holy Father offers his children effective tools to communicate directly with him. These tools are miracle prayers. In this post we will talk specifically about the miraculous prayers to heal illnesses that we direct to Jesus, some examples and how to pray to achieve a miracle.

What are miraculous prayers to heal diseases?

Miraculous prayers to heal illnesses are those prayers that are raised to God the Father to obtain his intercession and help in difficult situations, mainly in which personal health or that of a loved one is compromised.

Above all, we turn to them when it comes to serious illnesses, in which the human being no longer has the power to achieve healing.

In general, we make these miraculous prayers to God directly in the name of Jesus Christ, however some people address them to one of the saints and archangels, whom they consider to be very close to the Almighty, who listens to them and grants them immediately. the remedy that has been requested.

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The important thing to note about these prayers is that they are heard by the Lord as long as they are done with absolute faith and great humility on the part of the one who prays, since these are the qualities that please God.

We must remember that faith is powerful and it is a virtue that the Almighty has granted us so that, with his coming, we can obtain favors, pardons and healings, for this reason it is the first step we must take to obtain what we want: pray with faith. .

On the other hand, prayer not only gives calm and peace to the one who formulates it, but also gives the necessary strength to not give up and continue fighting until the desired is achieved. Just as Jesus expressed it to us in John 14:27, in which Jesus leaves us his peace and asks us not to be afraid.

Directing our prayer implies, in turn, that the person, in addition to praying, must carry out all the actions that are necessary to achieve what he is asking God for.

Of course, God guides what should be done, so we must be attentive to those messages that he sends us.

If we put all our faith in God about what is being requested, He will help us in those moments of life when our strength weakens and we think that things cannot get better.

In this specific case, we will review some miraculous prayers that we can send in the name of Jesus to obtain his help and intercession before God the Father to allow the healing of the illness that afflicts us personally, or a family member or loved one.

miraculous prayer examples

Nobody likes to suffer or see someone we love suffer. We do not like to have a sick person in a hospital or at home, that is why we present some ways to address a prayer to Jesus Christ so that he heals us or heals the person who is suffering.

For this reason, thanks to the Lord and for his glory, there are prayers that are raised to Jesus Christ, in which he is asked to intercede before God, in whose hands we place everything so that he does not allow anything bad to happen and seeks the healing that by faith , fervor and with great anxiety we are waiting.

Below, we point out several miraculous prayers to heal some of the most common diseases, serious or not.


This is a prayer that we hope will serve as an inspiration so that everyone can make their own, according to their feelings and regret. With it, it seeks to give calm and peace to those who suffer from such a terrible disease.

It is an aid for them to increase their faith in the infinite mercy of the Lord and that He allows them to endure the entire process that they have to go through and thus also be able to definitively expel that evil from their body and pray that it does not happen again.

In James 5:15, the healing power of a prayer made with due faith is pointed out and even how it also serves for the forgiveness of sins.

That is why it is so important that people have a fervent faith when praying, as well as a lot of perseverance when going to the Word of God, clinging to it and not giving up their call to Jesus.

Let’s look at the following model healing prayer.


Holy Father, creator of the entire universe and of all your children on earth.

I prostrate before you today to ask for the definitive healing of my loved one [insert full name of the person], who suffers from this terrible disease of cancer.

I know that this family member has fallen several times into faults that you do not like and that he has made mistakes due to his pride. But I also know that he has repented for disobeying you and I also know that his remorse is genuine.

He has made, and You know this better than anyone, many attempts to redeem his sins and he has duly confessed his faults.

Heavenly Father, I ask you with all my heart to heal him, in the name of your beloved son Jesus Christ and for his precious blood, forgive him, heal him and give him the opportunity to show you his faith, his repentance and his desire to dedicate himself to you as a son. obedient and fervent of your glory.

But if it is your Holy Will that he should leave by your side, since his mission on earth has already been fulfilled, alleviate his pain, give him the peace and conformity he needs in these difficult times.

In the same way, give the conformity and integrity to all your relatives so that they accept what you consider should be, in the name of Jesus and that your will is always done and not ours. Glory to you, Lord.Amen.

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Serve the following prayer as a model that is done collectively to request the intercession of Christ Jesus before God for diabetes patients, who gather together and pray and cry out for the healing of this disease that they suffer for a long time.


We come to you at this time, Blessed Jesus Christ, Son of the Holy Father, to send you our prayer for the healing of all diabetes patients who are confined in this hospital and we cry out for our healing.

We want relief from our ailments so that we can rebuild our lives normally and thus no longer be a burden for our relatives, who are suffering just like us.

We ask you for your Holy Wounds, intercede before the Almighty God, to free us from this evil that has afflicted us for so long. Just like you did with Bartimaeus, who was restored to his sight by a healing miracle of yours, according to what we read in the Bible in Mark 10:51-52.

We implore your help, comfort and assistance and we all trust that you can help us to heal, because God the Father grants you what you ask of him.

We know of your great power and infinite mercy, so we beg you to listen to us, oh good Jesus!

We promise to redeem our sins, ask for forgiveness, be eternally grateful for your immense goodness and be now more consecrated to you, venerable Son of the Omnipresent God and the loving Holy Mother Virgin Mary.

Thank you Blessed Jesus for hearing our prayers and for giving us the opportunity to be worthy children of God.

We ask this with the most fervent faith that we can profess and because we know that the Holy Father is pleased to know that his children trust only in him as the only True God.

Grateful for everything you have done, do and will do for our lives.Amen.


This prayer asks for comfort and help for people of adult age, who have lost their strength, reflexes and some of their senses, due to the terrible Alzheimer’s disease.

This does not allow them to function properly, or fend for themselves, because this disease leads them to forget everything. It is very difficult for their relatives to be able to live with them due to their physical and mental deterioration.

That is why we present below a very pious prayer model directed by an Alzheimer’s patient to the miraculous Jesus Christ, so that he intercede before his Father for his comfort and healing.


I pray to you, dearest Jesus Christ, to ask our Almighty Lord for me and help me get out of these terrible times that I am going through because of the Alzheimer I suffer from.

I ask you, my Lord Jesus, to heed this plea and be merciful to me now that I need you so much.

I ask forgiveness for all the faults, faults and sins that I have committed.

Remember that I was a selfless mother dedicated to my children in the years that they depended on me.

Thus, I also tried to be the best wife, I did everything that I considered was right, even though I know that I failed on many occasions due to my bad character and distrust towards my husband.

This led to the breakdown of our relationship, for which I deeply regret. Forgive me!

Send me a Word of encouragement, I am ready for your call, even if I don’t understand what you are saying, but I know that with a sign, I will know that you hear me.

I beg your consideration in these days of struggle that I must face and I still have feelings and I can feel pain.

You will remember that before Alzheimer’s disease, I was full of life, hopeful, laughing, loving my children and spending time on religious things. Perhaps not in the quantity that should be, but in quality, since he fervently invoked the Holy Spirit.

But now this disease distorts my way of thinking, of interacting with my loved ones. It has also impaired my feelings and my ability to respond, because I do not control my reactions and live in total disorientation.

I need you to understand me and not blame my despair, but it’s the fault of Alzheimer’s. I turn to you taking the same words from Psalm 28:2.

I need your compassion and, above all, I need you to love me and know that you think of me and that you help me before your Father to achieve my quick relief.

I know that with your infinite love and your blessings I will achieve the help and peace that I long for.

Always dedicated to you.Amen.

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As we know, Parkinson’s disease is a condition that progressively deteriorates the person’s nervous system.

This affects the movement of the patient, who begins with slight tremors in only one hand, but gradually affects other limbs and organs, causing stiffness or decreased mobility of the person.

It is a degenerative disease, for which we pray to the Holy Father, who will respond by alleviating the pain and tremors of the patient. Here is a model that can serve as inspiration for those praying.


Today I come to you, kind Jesus, first to praise you and thank you for all the love you gave us in the name of your Loving Father.

Also, I pray at this time for the health of [patient’s name], who, as you know, suffers from that unfortunate Parkinson’s disease, which has been afflicting him for a few years and has recently worsened.

I want to intercede for him and in your name, Jesus Christ, so that you put your pious eyes and hands on him and relieve him of his sorrow.

I ask you, together with the Holy Spirit, with which you illuminate our souls, to bless each one of the diseased organs of [patient’s name] and heal him of such painful illness.

You know his heart and you know that he is a charitable person, always ready to serve others, for which I consider that he well deserves to heal his suffering.

I invoke you just as it says in Psalms 50:15.

You know his entire career, everything he wanted to do and has done, but you also know his faults and mistakes, with which he may have offended you, disobeying your precepts.

I ask you, on his behalf, to forgive him, because I am sure that it was not his intention to hurt such a good God.

Today, my Lord Jesus, he requires your help and mercy so that you heal his ills, traumas and complexes in his life.

Because of the great and immense love you have for the Blessed Mother the Virgin Mary, I beg you to pour out your Holy Spirit on him, and protect him with your healing love.

Heal him now in body, soul and mind. Enter him, Lord Jesus, and give him the healing he longs for and needs, give him the peace he longs for and fill him with love.

I pray for his life and healing.

We know, Lord Jesus, that you always grant what we ask with great faith and fervor. Make the Holy Spirit free him from so much hardship so that he can be a healthy being again, to the glory of God the Father.

Allow your ailments to be relieved as much as possible and you can live as healthily as possible in the company of your family and friends.

I have nothing left but to thank you, My Jesus, because I know you will respond positively to my requests for [patient’s name], because you love us and therefore you do not wish suffering for any of God’s children.

Eternal thanks for the love you give us all, for the faith that the Holy Spirit gives us and because you are great Lord Jesus.

Blessed and praised be forever!


This is a degenerative disease that causes inflammation of the membrane that feeds, protects and covers the cartilage of the joints and surrounding tissues.

It is responsible for the pain, swelling and feeling of stiffness  that patients often feel in the morning and for the loss of joint mobility.

We wish through this prayer to offer an example of how to pray for these people so that their pain is relieved, they are healed and they can return to having a normal life.


Beloved and heavenly Father, I come to you at this time when I am suffering from the severe pain of rheumatoid arthritis that afflicts me.

I pray to you because I know that you listen to my desperate pleas and because I know that, in the name of your Beloved and Kind Jesus Christ, you will relieve my pain and I fully trust that you will totally heal me from this illness.

I know that, through the kind Jesus, you will work a miracle in me because of how great and merciful you are to all your children.

Forgive me for my mistakes, clumsiness, carelessness and sins that I have committed, which I know have hurt you. I should not have done them and I am deeply sorry!

I want to redeem myself before you, I want to be your most faithful devotee, I want to follow your path, so I implore you to enlighten me and allow the Holy Spirit to act in me, guiding me, taking me by the hand and teaching me everything I need to know and do for your Holy Will.

I know that at this precise moment Jesus Christ is here with me, because He wants my good, He wants me to heal and He intercedes for me before you, my Great Almighty Lord.

Jesus Christ has come to forgive me, to help me sin no more and he has come to save me. That is why I put all my trust in Him, because I know that He will appear before you to ask you on my behalf to heal my joints, to deflate the swelling, that I no longer have any pain and that the disease disappears, so that He can work for me, for my relatives and for all your glory, my Great Lord.

Jesus is my savior, my healer and he is present here alive, because he wants to forgive me everything and save me. For this reason, I open the door of my heart to Jesus, who is calling, and I let him in so that he may work in me his Holy Healing.

As Matthew said in 11:28: ” Come to me, all who are tired, burdened, afflicted, I will relieve you .” Therefore, come Jesus, come to me, come to heal me, I wait for you… I trust in you!Amen.

Flu and fever

This is a common disease, not serious, but since it is very recurrent in many people, prayers are also raised in the name of Jesus for its healing, since if the person is not careful, it can get worse.


Jesus Christ, most loving Son of the Eternal Father, I ask you to take away this disease, with all its discomfort, that so often afflicts [name of person].

I beg you to fully and definitively recover from this illness that does not allow you to get out of bed and lead your normal life.

I don’t like to see her prostrated in that bed, without the courage to get up or eat, which has made her weaken even more, causing the general malaise and the fever to worsen.

Keep away, please, the evil that has harassed her health and makes her lose the desire to recover, so I fervently ask for your help so as not to have to admit her to any hospital if her health continues to decline.

I raise this plea instead of my niece, because she has lost faith and hope. That is why I want to intercede for him before you and I promise you as soon as he is healed that I will work hard with her so that she comes closer to you again, prays to the Father again and is your daughter.

I know that You do not wish any evil for the children of God, so I trust in their prompt healing that they will obtain through your holy intercession before Your Beloved Father.

That is why I dare to declare my niece a totally healthy person, with the joy of living and with the desire to do what the King of Kings likes in everything he undertakes from now on as a sign of gratitude for having her. cured of this evil.

In your holy and venerable hands I leave the health of [name of the person], because only in you I trust, because I know that you listen to me.Amen.

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pray efficiently

God’s mercy is infinite and there are numerous witnesses and facts that support it, as well as the miracles that He grants when he is passionately asked for a favor.

He always shows us a way so that we can reach Him and open our hearts to Him. He has given us the gift of prayer, which is one of the reliable and expeditious ways we have to communicate with Him.

Through prayer we can transmit our praises and prayers to Him and address Him with pleasant, sweet and sincere words to create a direct contact of reflection with Him.

When we pray looking for the solution to a problem, we can choose to make a miraculous prayer that goes straight to the heart of the Lord.

Prayer is a powerful weapon through which we can ask our Lord Jesus for the healing of a sick brother, relative, friend, neighbor or colleague.

With this prayer we place in God’s hands all hope and faith that our brother will be healed by the grace of Jesus Christ, who will perform a miracle like the thousands he did on his pilgrimage through the earth when he cured lepers, revived the dead, healed the sick and He expelled demons from the body of sick people.

Is there any use in praying?

Prayer is effective, if it is done with absolute faith, conviction and certainty that it will be fulfilled and in doing so, if we are sensitive enough, we can feel how our spirit or higher consciousness rises in the form of vibration or energy towards the Supreme Being, who, full of love, listens to our prayer.

It is for this reason that if we have prayed with fervent faith, we will feel confident and happy, because we have reached the Omnipresent and that makes us “feel” his message. For this we must learn to carefully perceive the positive vibration that emanates confidence, peace and spiritual tranquility because we have been heard.

To achieve this, we must be humble, perceptive and attentive to the signs that the Lord subtly sends us. Hence, it is important to silence the mental noise and external distractions that do not let us “feel” what God the Father tells us.

As for whether or not prayer works, some doctors, including Dr. Larry Dossey, a physician at the University of Texas at Austin who served as a surgeon in the Vietnam War, have found that by combining prayer and medicine, achieve better results of recovery and healing of the sick.

This happens because when praying for a sick person, invoking the energy of the Holy Spirit, the mobilization of positive energies is achieved that undoes and destroys the negative ones, freeing the parts or organs affected by evil. All this because of the energy flow that emanates from prayer, because we know that the entire universe is basically energy and the Holy Spirit is energy.

Some non-believers talk about it being suggestion, but if it is and it works, what’s the problem? It is the suggestion that comes from the Holy Spirit.

We can summarize, then, that it is useful to pray, since it makes us think positive and relaxes us, with which we calm any anguish that we may have.

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