Prayer to Saint Ramón Nonato to get pregnant

Prayer to Saint Ramón Nonato to get pregnant

San Ramón Nonato was a saint who was born in Spain, his life story is well known since he was extracted from his mother’s womb by cesarean section after he had already died, which is why he is considered the patron saint of women pregnant. In this post we will describe the prayer to Saint Ramón Nonato to get pregnant .

Prayer to Saint Ramón Nonato to get pregnant

The patron saint of pregnant women and parturients was born in the year 1204 in the city of Portell, very close to the Lérida region in Spain, he was part of a family at night and with a good economic position, his first name is Ramón, but since the moment of his birth they begin to call him Non natus.

This nickname was adopted for San Ramón once he was born and they called him that since his mother died in labor and the child had not yet been born, which is why San Ramón was extracted from the womb of his deceased mother by means of a caesarean section for this procedure they used a hunter’s dagger.

From an early age, that is to say from his youth, Saint Ramón was a shepherd, one day he decides to take his flock of sheep to the hermitage or mountain where the virgin of which he had always been a faithful devotee of her was venerated, being in the hermitage with all his herd. A young Christian named Pedro Nolasco is present and listens to him talking about how he was looking for people who will have great values ​​and principles, so that they would be part of the order of the Knights of Mercy.

Basically, this order had as its fundamental objective for the time to capture or recruit people who of their own free will were willing to work to rescue and cultivate Christian values, which had been lost at the hands of the Muslims who were in captivity and in danger of apostasy.

Since San Ramón Nonato was still very young, he asked his father for permission to enter the order of the Knights of Mercy, which was granted shortly and once he obtained the same beginning to be instructed to begin with such a noble work. that carried out said order of the Mercedarios. Due to the great charisma, kindness and humility that characterized the saint of pregnant women and women in labor and above all his infinite faith, from the first moment he managed to convince many innocents in captivity who were in the Moors (Muslims).

And in this way he managed to free them from the captivity to which they were subjected and guide them along a path of faith, once he entered the order his commitment and dedication was total to achieve the mission entrusted to him, so much so that he traveled to Africa to rescue many people who were also prisoners, and on this trip he manages to rescue around 350 Christian people who were in captivity respectively.

When in the midst of rescuing the prisoners the money ran out, the same was offered in exchange for one of the prisoners, a barter that was accepted and he managed to rescue the prisoners, however, while he was in captivity he was subjected to strong and extreme work. .

While San Ramón was in captivity, he dedicated himself to preaching the gospel to the rest of the people who were also still captive, an action that cost him to be tortured repeatedly, to be more specific in that he was captive in Algeria, but at the time he was released and then After 8 months, he was rescued by his great co-worker Pedro Nolasco, who is also the founder of such an important order.

After his rescue and everything I had to live during that time, San Ramón Nonato returns to Barcelona and is respectively appointed cardinal by the pope of the time (Gregory IX). San Ramón Nonato died in the year 1240 in Cardona, a city located a short distance from Barcelona. However, after 416 years, San Ramón Nonato was included in the Roman Martyrology by Pope Alexander VII.

Due to the complications and difficult circumstances that arose during the birth of San Ramón Nonato, he is considered the patron saint of all pregnant and giving birth women. Although his mother dies in labor as mentioned above, miraculously the child survives and gives time for him to be extracted from his mother’s womb and is born safe and sound, the celebration of the saint of all pregnant women and parturient is August 31, that is to say, it is her Santoral day.

As you know, San Ramón is the patron saint of pregnant and giving birth women and that is why many women come to him through various prayers and prayers to commend their pregnancy and ask for his protection at the time of delivery and that everything goes very well. , there are many very beautiful and miraculous prayers dedicated to this saint, below we will describe some of them:

Saint Ramón Nonato you who are the illustrious saint, you who were not born from the womb of your deceased mother, you who were also saved from death, but you were also consecrated since when she died she gave you the light of salvation.

Lord just as when you were in the order of the knights of mercy, and you dedicated yourself to saving many lives of men and women of your time, please I ask you with all my heart to intervene before the father so that in this way by your arbitration Heed our pleas that we so humbly make to him and that in this way he can grant us the son that we love so much, I ask you to give me your consecration, admired Saint Ramón, and along with it, fertility to my womb.

Lord I ask you for my pregnancy to be carried out, until the end without any difficulty or obstacles, I also want to ask you to protect the birth of my son or daughter sir, that all labor be carried out full of strength but above all of a lot of health and that in this way you can store it until the end of your days.

Oh! Prestigious Saint Ramón, whose power God subdued the earth and the compendiums, robustness and suffering, existence and death, finding in your active mediation, attorney for the maidens. Continuation of married women, protection of those who are dishonored, in search of cultivators, anchorage of the shipwrecked, liberation of the subjugated, panorama of the blind and termination of all evils;

For your ardent ambition to collect the Blessed Sacrament, which required Jesus Christ to offer you Holy Communion from his exalted hands, I give you my word to give you a full life, instructing as a good believer and educating favor and love towards your communities.

I demanded it, San Ramón Nonato, give your help as a Saint, and execute the prodigy of giving life in me, for the well-being of me and my husband, and more enchantment of you and of God, our Paradisiacal Progenitor.Amen.

Prayer to entrust yourself to San Ramón Nonato

Blessed Saint Ramón Nonato, you who are the father of goodness appointed by God our Lord, You who have granted me the immense gift of being able to engender a son or a daughter, I thank you infinitely, Lord, thank you for giving me such a beautiful blessing of participating. in motherhood and give life to a new being that in a short time will come to this world to make us the happiest and happiest family.

Holy blessed shortly after the birth I come before you, to implore your protection at the time of the birth of my baby, you who are my lawyer San Ramón Nonato intercede for me so that this fruit of my entrails comes to a happy end.

I hope so for the infinite merits of our Lord Jesus Christ your Son and those of his Most Holy Mother Mary. Amen.

Prayer to ask for your protection

God the Father of Kindness, Glorious Saint Ramón Nonato, whose power God subdued the earth and the elements, health and illness, life and death, finding in your powerful intercession, advocate of the maidens, succession of the married, defense of the who see themselves slandered, harvest the farmers, port the shipwrecked, redemption the captives, sight the blind and an end to all evils; Because of your ardent desire to receive the Blessed Sacrament, which forced Jesus Christ to give you Holy Communion from his blessed hands, I beg you to intercede for me so that I deserve to attend this heavenly feast, and receive it through Viaticum at the end of my life, and above all everything that can obtain the special grace that I ask of you and the eternal happiness of glory. Amen.

Prayer for a happy birth

Oh! Glorious Saint Ramón, you who are the faithful example of charity towards the poor and the most needy, here I am exalted patron humbly on my knees before you, to earnestly ask you for help in the face of all my needs and adversities sir, just as you had the said to help all the poor and needy of the earth in those times I ask you to please listen to me and help me Lord do not abandon me I beg you, oh glorious Saint Ramón, in this my affliction.

Saint Ramón Nonato, you who are the great protector of pregnant and giving birth women, today I come before you, with the purpose of begging you to bless the baby that I carry in my womb, so that you protect him and me, and since the delivery is near, sir, I ask you to ensure that the entire delivery goes well and there are no complications, and I promise to educate my baby according to the laws and commandments of God.

I implore you to listen to my prayers, Lord, do not forsake me, my patron, Saint Ramón Nonato, you who are kind, I ask  you to make me the happiest mother, I am waiting for the birth, that is why I ask you, through your powerful intercession, for everything come out very well and without any complications or problems.So be it.

Special novena for pregnant women

Not only can you dedicate the prayers described above to the patron saint of pregnant women and women in labor, there is also a very special novena for the saint which you can dedicate and pray with great devotion. It is essential to have a lot of faith when praying the novena to the patron saint, so that he may accompany you and protect you throughout your pregnancy. This very special novena dedicated to Saint Ramón Nonato is described below:

Oh San Ramón Nonato prodigious. I come to you moved by the great kindness with which you treat your devotees.

Accept , my Saint, these prayers that I very willingly offer you, in memory of your so meritorious prayers, which reached from God that you have become a special patron of pregnant women.

Here it is, my Saint, one of them humbly placed under your protection and shelter, begging that, just as your patience was always preserved undefeated in all those eight months in which you were so singularly martyred with the padlock and other pains that you suffered inside the dark dungeon and in the ninth month you came out free from all those prisons, so Holy and my lawyer, I humbly ask you to obtain from my God and Lord that the creature that is locked up in my entrails be preserved in life and health for space of eight months.

On the ninth I will go free into the light of this world, making you, my Saint, that just as the day your soul left your body was a Sunday, which is a day of joy and rejoicing, so the day of my birth be of all contentment and joy, with all those circumstances that you know are most convenient for the greater glory of God and yours and the salvation of my soul and that of my son.Amen.

Our Lady of the Sweet Wait

One of the experiences that a woman can experience is being pregnant, but just as a pregnancy fills you with joy, it can also fill you with fears and worries due to all the situations that may arise, which is why many women turn to protection and just as they commend themselves and ask for protection from San Ramón Nonato, they also go to the Virgen de la Dulce Espera to ask for her divine protection.

Many women through prayers and prayers ask for divine protection and in the case of our lady of the sweet wait is no exception, then we are going to know a beautiful prayer through which pregnant women ask our lady of the sweet wait for her protection throughout the pregnancy process but especially at the time of delivery so that everything goes very well, both their babies and they are safe and sound:

Mary, mother of beautiful love, sweet girl from Nazareth, you who proclaimed the greatness of the Lord, and saying “yes”, you became the mother of our Savior and our mother: heed today the pleas I make to you.

Inside me a new life is growing: a little one who will bring happiness and joy, worries and fears, hopes and happiness to my home.

Take care of it and protect it while I carry it in my bosom. And that, in the happy moment of birth, when I hear his first sounds and see his little hands, I can give thanks to the Creator for the wonder of this gift that He gives me.

That, following your example and model, I can accompany and see my son grow. Help me and inspire me so that he finds in me a refuge where he takes shelter and, at the same time, a starting point to take his own paths. Also, my sweet Mother, look especially at those women who face this moment alone, without support or affection. That they can feel the love of the Father and that they discover that each child that comes into the world is a blessing. Let them know that the heroic decision to welcome and nurture the child is taken into account.

Our Lady of Sweet Waiting, give them your comfort and courage. Amen

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