Quotes and inscriptions for February 23 for Instagram for a photo

Quotes and inscriptions for February 23 for Instagram for a photo

How nice that there is a day in the year on which men, the support and protection of the family and the whole state, are congratulated. The warmest words are sent to sons, fathers, husbands, and social networks literally explode with colorful pictures and posts with congratulations and poems. What to write for the post in the February 23 part is described in the article below.

We have prepared for you a selection of beautiful, original, funny captions and quotes that you can use in posts for congratulations and wishes on Men’s Day!

Category Number of pcs.
1 Cool and funny congratulations 10
2 Pape is 23 10
3 Beloved man 10
4 Congratulations in prose, in your own words 10
5 Short Wishes 10
6 original and beautiful 10
7 In verse 10
8 Colleagues 10
9 Children’s congratulations on February 23 10
10 From songs 10
11 Quotes of famous people 10

Cool and funny congratulations

  1. Congratulating from the bottom of my heart, I give you socks! I give you a machine and a wonderful piece of soap!😛
  2. Defender of the Fatherland Day is a small rehearsal of the big International Women’s Day!
  3. On February 23, men can drink and they will not get anything for it.😎
  4. There is such a sign: as you celebrate February 23, so you will spend March 8.😂
  5. Meat, vodka, beer, gin! God, where can we get so much strength? Together, gathering our courage, we congratulate the men! After all, they are the only ones!🍾🎉
  6. On the day of February 23, men would like to wish affordable prices for gasoline and women!
  7. Do not be sad, do not be sad, but pour cognac into a glass! Since February 23, with your day, gentlemen!😉
  8. I wish you to celebrate the holiday so that tomorrow you remember it only by photographs!😅
  9. I wish you good luck, I wish you love, so that you can and want to always and everywhere! So that nothing fails, it was always full of strength! Since February 23!
  10. Do not grieve, do not be sad, it is better to splash vodka! So that in the morning you are already free, drunk and cheerful!😜

Pape is 23

  1. Dad! Daddy! Daddy! Be always hardy and cheerful! Be our strong foundation! Happy Defender of the Fatherland!😘
  2. Beloved Dad! On this day, I wish you to stay healthy and cheerful! Always remain our serviceable defender, and we will be your solid rear!❤️
  3. The family is a small Fatherland. Thank you, dad, that you are our reliable protector!
  4. When dad is around, we are protected. We congratulate our dear daddy on Defender of the Fatherland Day and wish him health and strength!😊
  5. Dad is an example of masculinity and reliability for me! I congratulate him on Defender of the Fatherland Day and wish him athletic health and grace! Let the sparks of a smile more often ignite his strict features!
  6. Congratulations on February 23 to the most courageous person on earth, my father! Stay as wise, strong, my dear dad! Know that you are an example for me in everything!💪
  7. Let sorrows and sadness bypass you, and a smile often appears on your face. Happy Defender of the Fatherland Day, with your day, dad!
  8. Dear Dad! I hasten to congratulate you on this significant day and wish you health, luck and good luck in all your most daring endeavors! We, as the most reliable rear, will support you in everything!😉
  9. On February 23, I want to congratulate my beloved dad and the head of the family! I wish you reliable friends, good luck in doing business and luck in everything. Family will always be there!
  10. Our brave, strong dad! Happy Defender of the Fatherland! We wish you to be healthy and strong as flint! May your words never diverge in deeds, may everything go according to plan, and God will help you with this!🙏

Beloved man

  1. I don’t need Superman! After all, my hero is you, my beloved! I hasten to congratulate you on February 23 and thank you for the fact that with you I feel under the most reliable protection!❤️
  2. Only with you did I finally understand what reliable protection and confidence in the future are! Thank you my love! Happy Defender of the Fatherland!😘
  3. You are my man with a strong will, reliable hands and a broad back! Your word is stronger than stone! Stay always the same, may luck accompany you in everything! And I will wait and love you always!😍
  4. My gentle, but such a strong man! I congratulate you on this holiday! May every day bring you only good news, and we, your loving family and true friends will be nearby!😊
  5. I would like to wish my beloved man success at work, good luck in business and the fulfillment of his wildest dreams.
  6. Beloved, I congratulate you on February 23! I want to wish you that everything in life works out and that you are always on a horse!🏇
  7. There is no more reliable person than my man! Today I am happy to congratulate him on Defender of the Fatherland Day and thank him for always being there!😘
  8. I am not afraid of any hardships and troubles as long as there is a man like you, my beloved! I congratulate you on February 23 and wish you to always remain as strong and reliable!💪
  9. My favorite! Congratulations on Men’s Day! Thank you for the reliability and peace of mind! You are a worthy role model for our son!❤️
  10. Thank you, my love, for our peaceful sleep and measured life! Thank you for being a support for our family and a faithful defender for many years! Since February 23!

Congratulations in prose, in your own words

  1. Our dear men! Let your families and the whole country be proud of you! Be brave, courageous and devoted defenders!
  2. Let your valor and courage be a reason for pride! May happiness and luck go with you! Congratulations, dear defenders!
  3. I wish you to attract good luck like a magnet, and let adversity bypass you.
  4. I wish you to remain purposeful and true to your word! Be devoted defenders of the Motherland, and we will create a strong rear for you!
  5. I congratulate you on February 23 and wish you true friends, mutual sincere feelings, close people nearby. Be brave and persistent on the way to your goal!
  6. You are our hope and support! Stay strong and brave always! We rely only on you!
  7. Our brave, daring defenders! I congratulate you on Defender of the Fatherland Day and wish you courage, wisdom, patience and strength in everything!
  8. Dear men, Happy Holidays! Know that we cannot do without you, without your valor and courage! You are the pride of our families and a worthy example to follow!
  9. Be strong but kind! Brave but wise! Let your hearts burn, but your head always remains cold! Happy holiday, our dear men!
  10. I wish that on your life path there are no difficulties that you could not cope with. May fortune smile on you always and in everything!

Short Wishes

  1. May you be lucky in everything, but the enemy will not pass!👊
  2. I wish you a lot of money and family happiness!
  3. Be worthy defenders not only on this day!😎
  4. Easy service, reliable rear!
  5. New achievements and victories!😉
  6. Move only forward! Not a step back, brave defender of the Motherland!
  7. Love, dream, live and protect!🙃
  8. Rest today, but protect tomorrow!
  9. With the most masculine day of the calendar to you!2️⃣3️⃣
  10. Do not lose height, and keep the tail with a gun!

original and beautiful

  1. May fate generously endow you with millions of chances and opportunities, all roads will be straight, and the strength of the spirit is strong and inexhaustible!
  2. I wish you heroic strength, the dexterity of a cheetah, the lightness of a bird, good luck for a pirate, love like in a fairy tale! Happy holiday!
  3. New feats to the evil of envious people and to the joy of all charmers! Let only words of admiration speak to you on this day!
  4. Our precious irreplaceable men! Without your skills, we would be lost: we would live without light to the sound of a leaking tap.
  5. Our Defenders! You have only a day to rest for the year ahead and again bear the heavy male share.
  6. Today you are all so beautiful, in new socks, clean-shaven! Is it possible then to organize February 23 more often?
  7. Let the fish be caught, the mammoth be killed, money be earned, women themselves undress not only in a dream, but also in reality! For dreams come true, gentlemen!
  8. I wish you great prospects and new victories! Live beautifully, live long, men!
  9. So that life does not beat, but loves! I wish that the beloved is loved, that she gives, and you could! Happy holiday!
  10. May the spirit be fighting, the will be strong, the body strong, and the soul beautiful!

In verse

  1. If it’s hard – you’re not whining,
    Don’t be depressed and don’t be sad!
    You confidently go,
    With honor, carry the peasant’s share!
  2. I hasten to congratulate you,
    Be brave, you are always brave!
    Be healthy and beautiful!
    Be always my love!
  3. The whole country congratulates
    Men in the morning!
    Well, I wish
    not to get sick, not to grieve!
    Serve with honor to the motherland!
  4. May the wind not bend you,
    May adversity not break you!
    Be strong, be brave!
    Just be a man!
  5. Don’t lose your steering wheel!
    Set your priority!
    You take everything from life!
    Enjoy the day!
  6. Let luck not bypass,
    Strength, valor does not pass,
    Life will be full of moments,
    Well, women’s compliments!
  7. Success, cheerfulness and happiness,
    Laughter and fun,
    lose heart, Rake up a sea of ​​money!
  8. You are men, you are eagles!
    Strength, courage, courage!
    Don’t lose height!
    Keep your target in mind!
  9. Sleep well, do not grieve!
    Grief we do not know!
    All because you are a mountain for us!
    Hurrah, hero, hurrah!
  10. Have fun from the heart,
    Smile, guys!
    Today is your legal day!
    All for you today, all!


  1. I want to congratulate my team, which, regardless of gender and age, fulfills its duty with honor and valor!
  2. There is a special atmosphere in the office today! It is so nice to see a shy smile on the always serious faces of men. Since February 23!
  3. Although we do not often get to say words of gratitude to you, today we sincerely thank you for the fact that in the harsh working days you are always with us, strong and sympathetic!
  4. Dear colleagues, I wish you that your work is always and everywhere appreciated! May all peaks submit to you!
  5. On Defender of the Fatherland Day, I would like to wish our men to be the strong foundation of our friendly team, so that there will never be misunderstandings, insults and quarrels in it!
  6. Dear colleagues, friends, associates! Happy Defender of the Fatherland! Let the service be easy, let the sky be clear, and the salary be decent!
  7. Dear Colleagues! I want to serve and not grieve! Remember the great honor and responsibility entrusted to you!
  8. Success in service, a decent salary, new awards and stars on shoulder straps!
  9. Be carefully kept by the love of your relatives, children and loved ones! May God accompany you on the path of your difficult service!
  10. It doesn’t matter what rank you are! You all have one worthy title – the title of a man! Carry it with honor through life!

Children’s congratulations on February 23

  1. We want to wish girls to grow up as worthy defenders of your mothers, sisters, grandmothers and friends! Grow strong, strong, fast and agile!
  2. Both at school and in the garden, congratulations to our boys sound! How nice to see these proud faces and such serious eyes!
  3. In the garden, guys, we have a holiday! We congratulate the boys! Although they are still small, they have courage from the heart!
  4. We wish our guys at school to be role models! Be the protector of the little ones and the support of the girls!
  5. Both adults and children know this holiday! Well, we want to wish the boys to be brave, smart and please their parents with their success!
  6. You are brave heroes and role models! Our brothers, our dads – this is our support always!
  7. On the holiday of the defenders of the country, accept congratulations from the youngest generation! We are proud, we strive, we promise you to grow up as a worthy successor and protect you with honor and courage!
  8. On this snowy winter day, we congratulate our beloved dads and brothers on Defender of the Fatherland Day and say “thank you” to them for being there!
  9. We wish you not to be afraid of obstacles, to achieve success, to respect and protect the elders and not to offend the weak!
  10. We wish you courage and courage despite your age! Love and protect your families and homeland!

From songs

  1. We praise the heroes who protect the world.
    Those who value honor, not uniform.
    Before all the warriors of fiery times
    We bow our heads, low bow to you!
    Defenders of the Fatherland, song for February 23 )
  2. On a winter day, on a February day,
    We are walking down the street.
    The day is girded today
    With a strong leather belt
    And medals ring on it,
    Orders burn on it.
    February holiday )
  3. We are growing up as brave boys,
    The time will come, we will all go to the army:
    We will reliably protect the Motherland,
    So that people in it can sleep peacefully.
    We march like soldiers )
  4. I want the boys to serve in the army,
    I want the boys to accomplish a feat.
    Eh! Left! Left! To serve in the army,
    I want the boys to accomplish a feat.
    Good soldiers )
  5. What remains to us as a legacy
    From our grandfathers and fathers?
    Of course, a loving heart
    To the native land – the basis of all foundations.
    Heirs of Russia )
  6. You and I are destined to serve Russia,
    to serve Russia – an amazing country,
    Where the new sun rises in the blue sky
    Shoulder to shoulder Russian troops go.
    Serve Russia )
  7. When ice lies on the river
    And the blizzard rushes into the distance, A
    wonderful holiday brings us
    Thoughtful February.
    Happy Army and Navy Day – song for February 23 )
  8. Orderly ranks under the clear sky –
    These are our glorious regiments.
    I am with you, tankers and gunners,
    Pilots, riflemen and sailors.
    my army )
  9. Today is a special day,
    because the holiday is February 23!
    Meet in every city
    And every family knows it.
    Defenders of the Fatherland )
  10. The boy is a future soldier
    And there is no turning back for him.
    The boy is a future hero
    And always a mountain for friends!
    Future Soldier )

Quotes of famous people

  1. “The motherland demands a service so sacrificially pure that the slightest thought of personal gain darkens the soul and paralyzes work” (P.A. Stolypin)
  2. “If a Russian tells you that he does not love his Motherland, do not believe him, he is not Russian” (F.M. Dostoevsky)
  3. “Who does not have love for his native country, those are crippled at heart” (T.G. Shevchenko)
  4. “Only the nation that honors its heroes can be considered great” (K.K. Rokossovsky)
  5. “Honor is dearer than life!” (Count M.I. Platov)
  6. “It is not only possible, but also necessary, to be proud of the glory of your ancestors, not to respect it is shameful cowardice” (A.S. Pushkin)
  7. “The main strength in a person is the strength of the spirit.” (Yu.A. Gagarin)
  8. “The winner is the one who feels less sorry for himself” (A.V. Suvorov)
  9. “If the holy army shouts: “Throw Russia, live in Paradise!”, I will say: “Don’t need Paradise, give me my homeland.” (S.A. Yesenin)
  10. “Only empty people do not experience a wonderful and sublime feeling of the homeland” (I.P. Pavlov)

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