December post and content ideas for Instagram

December post and content ideas for Instagram

December has arrived, and with it the holiday season. New Year’s Eve and winter holidays are just around the corner. It’s time to prepare an interesting content plan for Instagram, which will help you not only get likes and comments, but also expand your target audience. Below are ideas for submitting events to Instagram, from which each content manager will select something for himself. A good content plan includes up-to-date stories, posts, and publications.

December 1

First day of winter

This in itself is an informational occasion for embodiment in stories, posts and videos. Suitable topics related to the first snow, winter sports and fun, discussion of gifts and plans for the holidays.


  1. Post a selection of winter photos featuring you from the past few years. Invite your followers to do the same.❄️
  2. Every day, keep a personal blog about the unusual traditions of different peoples associated with the New Year and Christmas.
  3. Start a series of posts about popular winter resorts and winter holiday destinations in Russia. Tell interesting stories related to them.⛷🏂

All-Russian Hockey Day

Hockey is one of the most beloved sports in our country, which includes both the players themselves and the coaches, fans and admirers of this game.


  1. Launch a hockey-themed flash mob among your subscribers: these can be photos of your favorite hockey players of the past, stories with facts from the history of Russian hockey, or dates of high-profile matches of the Russian team.🏒
  2. Do a poll among your audience on the topic “Me and hockey” to find out the attitude towards this sport.
  3. Publish a post about the famous goalkeeper of the USSR team Vladislav Tretiak and tell us about him as the initiator of this holiday.🥅

December 2nd

Day of fluffy tenderness

This is the day when your furry pets should be given special attention. Once you bring home a kitten or a puppy, you get a true friend for life.


  1. Arrange a poll among subscribers on the topic “My favorite pet.”🦊🐮🐷🐸
  2. Start a flash mob of photos with pets.
  3. Write a post about friendship between a person and a pet.

Day of a bank worker in Russia

Although this day is not an official holiday, it is worth mentioning it in your content. Many people work in the banking sector today, and it is difficult to imagine our life and business without the banking system.


  1. Write a post with congratulations to everyone related to banks and wish them success and prosperity in their business.💼
  2. Publish a story about the origin of banking in the Russian Federation.
  3. Tell in stories about where to go to study to get a job in a bank.👩‍🎓

December 3

Day of positive answers

On this day, everyone who asks a question wishes to receive a positive answer. It doesn’t have to be “yes” – the answer should be as expected.


  1. Ask subscribers in the story what the answer to which question is the most desired for them at the moment.❔
  2. Record a video about what it would be like if everyone heard only positive answers.
  3. Post stories with the word “yes” in different languages ​​​​of the world and wish your subscribers to receive only positive answers.🇮🇹🇯🇲🇯🇵🇱🇷

Lawyer’s Day in Russia

On December 3, all lawyers, whose work is of great importance in society, celebrate their professional holiday.


  1. Write a post – congratulations to all legal workers and wish them career growth.💼
  2. Create a survey for your audience on the topic “Have you ever had to seek legal help?”
  3. Ask your story followers what legal reference books they have in their home library.📜

December 4

Day of ordering gifts and writing letters to Santa Claus

It is difficult to find a child who does not believe in Santa Claus. Children already with the first snow, hoping to receive the desired gifts, write letters to Dem Moroz. Even adults are waiting for some kind of miracle with the onset of winter.✉️


  1. Create a survey and ask your audience what the most unusual gifts they received for the New Year.
  2. Record a video about how you yourself write a letter to Santa Claus and ask your subscribers to guess what you wrote there.🎅
  3. Write a post about New Year’s miracles and the tradition of writing letters on New Year’s Eve.

international hug day

Hugs warm us sometimes better than anything. They energize us and lift our spirits.


  1. Create a poll and ask your page followers how many times they’ve already hugged today.😉
  2. Post a photo of yourself hugging someone and tell them what hugs mean to you personally.
  3. Run a contest for the cutest hug photo among your followers😍

5th of December

World Volunteer Day

Kindness and unpaid labor are some of the concepts on which our world rests. At all times, the mercy of people who help just like that, and sometimes to the detriment of themselves, has been praised and appreciated.


  1. Poll your audience and find out how they help other people and whether they helped themselves.📄
  2. Write a thank you post to all volunteers for their noble work.
  3. Post the names of the most famous volunteers in the world and their photos in stories.🙏

Sacher Cake Day

Sacher Torte is a popular world dessert with an interesting history.🎂


  1. Try baking a Sacher cake according to the classic recipe by recording the process on video and posting it on your page. Complete the post with a brief history of the appearance of this cake.
  2. Make a poll about favorite cakes among your followers and give away the cake with the most votes on your page.🍰
  3. Post a couple of low calorie cake recipes for those on a healthy diet.

December 6

Walt Disney Day

It is difficult to imagine a person who has never heard of the cartoons of Walt Disney, a world-famous animator. More than one generation of children has grown up on his amazing feature-length cartoons.


  1. Write a post with quick facts about Disney and ask your audience which of his cartoons are their favorite.🧞‍♂️🧜‍♀️🧚‍♀️
  2. Make a selection of Disney cartoon characters and celebrities who look like them.
  3. Write a post about what the modern generation of people can learn from Disney cartoon characters.

Birthday of Santa Claus (Sinterklaas)

Santa Claus is a kind wizard, famous all over the world. Magic grandfather – that’s what they call him. It is he who brings magic and gifts on New Year’s holidays.


  1. Create a survey among your subscribers to find out who is more important than Santa Claus or Santa Claus.🎅
  2. Organize a flash mob of funny photos with the participation of Santa Claus.
  3. Record a video where you tell what you think about the difference between Santa Claus and Santa Claus. Share what gifts you expect for the New Year.🎁

December 7

Sleepers Day

Who doesn’t love to sleep? Probably just kids. The older a person is, the more he loves to sleep, and many are ready to devote every free minute to sleep.😴


  1. Conduct a survey among your subscribers on the topic “How much sleep do you need to be happy?”🛌
  2. Write a post describing the most comfortable and correct sleeping positions.
  3. Make a selection of funny people in a dream and publish it in stories.

Kissel Girls Day

It is believed that kissel girls – fairies appear when kissel is cooked. They are tasty and very healthy, help with colds, treat the stomach and liver, and also relieve fatigue.🧚‍♀️


  1. Tell the story of the holiday on the video and whether you like jelly. Ask your followers to share jelly recipes with you.
  2. Briefly tell Nestor’s story about oatmeal jelly. Find out if your followers have heard this story and if they can share similar ones.
  3. Share in stories unusual recipes for making jelly from vegetables, rice, buckwheat, milk and peas.🥣

December 8

international day of the artist

This is a day not only for artists, but also for all those whose professions are related to art and culture.🎨🎭🎬


  1. Offer your followers a drawing template that they can continue with as they see fit. Arrange a competition among drawings, and give a prize to the winner.
  2. Tell us in stories about the most unusual artists of our time.
  3. Publishing your own children’s drawings, drawings of your children and launching such a flash mob among your audience.

Time Traveler’s Day

The essence of the holiday is that everyone pretends to be a time traveler for a day. But people should never talk about it.😅


  1. In the blog, give an example of time travel and tell subscribers how it ended.
  2. Create a poll and ask your followers what time they would like to travel and why.
  3. Record a video of what you would show a visitor from the past in your city.

9th December

Christmas card day

The first mention of a Christmas card dates back to the early 1840s, when an official in England, Henry Cole, decided to wish his relatives a Merry Christmas in an unusual way. To do this, he asked the artist John Horsle to design a postcard for him depicting the Cole family. A great informational occasion to promote entertainment content.


  1. Add the story of the first Christmas card to your blog and ask your followers to share their family photos at the Christmas table.☃️
  2. Post some beautiful Christmas cards from different periods in stories.
  3. Publish a selection of the most expensive and most ornate postcards and recommend online postcard making courses.

Computer mouse birthday

On December 9, 1968, the talented designer Douglas Engelbart invented the computer mouse, which today is presented in many models and performs a huge number of functions.


  1. Post photos of the first computer mouse and the most modern models of computer manipulators in stories.🖲🕹
  2. Create a survey among subscribers and find out if they use mice.
  3. Tell us in the video how many computer mice you had and which one was the most comfortable.🖱

The last trip of the double-decker bus “Routemaster”

On December 9, 2005, the symbol of London, the red double-decker bus, left for its last run. It became famous not only for its bright color, but also for its unique design and lack of doors.🇬🇧


  1. Post a double decker story and ask your audience if they’ve been to London.
  2. Make a selection of photos of this bus and publish it in stories.
  3. Make a survey among your subscribers on the topic “The most unusual type of public transport in my life.”

December 10

world football day

Football is one of the most spectacular and large-scale sports that has won the hearts of people all over the world.⚽️


  1. Make a selection of highlights from famous football matches and congratulate everyone involved in this game.
  2. Tell us on your blog what clothes are best for playing football.⚽️👕👟
  3. Do a poll among your followers and find out if there are many football fans among them.

Christmas Sweater Day in England

It is believed that the fashion for Christmas sweaters in the UK was introduced by the famous presenter Bill Cosby in the late 1980s. Since then, every clothing store has been striving to fill its windows with sweaters with the theme of Christmas and New Year on the eve of the Christmas holidays.


  1. Arrange a flash mob in Christmas sweaters among your subscribers.
  2. Post a selection of the latest Christmas sweater trends.
  3. Review a few sweaters on your blog and give one of them to your audience.

December 11th

International Day of Mountains

The mountains. So many stunning landscapes behind these simple short words. It is difficult to find a person who would not want to see them with their own eyes at least once. A marketer can use this newsbreak to increase the activity of his audience.🏔


  1. Make a selection of photos of mountain landscapes and ask your subscribers if they have been in the mountains.🏞
  2. Tell us in your blog about one famous mountain expedition and its significance. Congratulate all those whose lives and work are connected with mountain peaks.
  3. Write a post about how to survive in the mountains in case of unforeseen situations.🏕

International Tango Day

Tango is a dance of fiery passion and freedom that has won the hearts of people all over the world. 💃

  1. Make and publish a compilation of beautiful tango moments.
  2. In stories, ask the question “What color do you associate with tango?” to your subscribers.
  3. Recommend online tango training courses to your subscribers.💃🕺

12 December

Constitution Day of the Russian Federation

On December 12, 1993, the Constitution of the Russian Federation was adopted, the most important and main act that is in force throughout the territory of our country and guarantees the rights and freedoms of each of its citizens.📜


  1. Conduct a survey and find out if your subscribers have the Constitution of the Russian Federation at home, and also congratulate everyone on this holiday.
  2. Publish the most important articles and excerpts from the Constitution of Russia in your opinion.🤔
  3. Tell us in the video what would happen if the Constitution did not exist.

world day of lit candles

This day is dedicated to all the dead children. Exactly at 1900 all over the world people light a candle and put it on the window. The earth literally shines with its lights, symbolizing love and memories of children.🕯


  1. Light a candle and put it on the window, recording it on video. Post the video to stories.🕯
  2. Write a post about the history of this day.
  3. Post a selection of baby photos.

December 13th

Belly Feast

On this day, it is customary to eat and not deny yourself anything. Gourmets go to restaurants and cafes to taste different dishes and have fun. If you have branded content, then this newsbreak is for you.


  1. Dine on camera and sample a couple of delicacies from well-known food brands.🍔🍟🍕
  2. Ask subscribers in stories what is on their menu for today.
  3. Post a couple of recipes for simple meals to cook at home.📃

December 13, 1642 New Zealand was discovered

On this day, a green island was discovered in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, which is today an independent state.🏞


  1. Publish the story of the Kiwi bird as a symbol of New Zealand.
  2. Make a selection of New Zealand landscapes.🏞
  3. Find out in a survey if your followers were in New Zealand.

December 14

Monkey Day

Started as a joke among a group of Michigan students, today this holiday is global in nature and dedicated to all primates.🙈🙉🙊


  1. Congratulate all zoo workers on this day, because their work is related to primates, including.
  2. Make a selection of funny photos of monkeys.
  3. Ask your followers if they have monkey pets at home.🐒

December 15

international tea day

Tea is perhaps one of the most beloved drinks in the world and it is difficult to find a person who has never drunk it. There are countless varieties of tea, and tea ceremonies sometimes turn into sacred rituals.


  1. Ask subscribers what kind of tea they prefer.
  2. Tell us about the basic rules for brewing tea in the video.
  3. Write a post about the healing and other properties of this drink.🍵

cupcake day

Each pastry shop offers its customers cupcakes for every taste. On this day, it is customary to enjoy this sweetness and not think about the figure.


  1. Post a diet cupcake recipe.
  2. Ask your followers which pancakes they prefer.
  3. Publish a post about the appearance of the first pancakes in America.

December 16

Summit day

All life is overcoming. We all conquer peaks every day, and therefore this is a holiday for every person.⛰🥇


  1. Record a video congratulation for your subscribers and wish them strength and patience.
  2. Write a post about a challenge you have faced in life.
  3. Make a selection of celebrities who have overcome any obstacles in life.

December 17

The first episode of The Simpsons aired in 1989.

The clumsy and funny characters of this animated series fell in love with almost everyone.


  1. Ask in stories which Simpsons character your followers associate themselves with.
  2. Surprise your audience. Go to a beauty salon and do your hair live like one of the heroes.
  3. Launch a yellow flash mob.

December 18

Snowflake Appreciation Day

What is a winter fairy tale without sparkling snowflakes? They are what make winter a magical time of the year.❄️


  1. Post a selection of pictures with quotes and poems about snowflakes.
  2. Record a video where there is snow on your palms and wish your subscribers that their problems disappear as quickly as melting snowflakes.
  3. Take a poll and ask your followers if they ate snow as a child.😄

On December 18, 1892, the premiere of The Nutcracker took place in St. Petersburg.

The Nutcracker ballet is a permanent symbol of New Year’s miracles and Christmas.🎭


  1. Tell us more about the premiere of the ballet and attach a couple of photos.
  2. Ask your followers if they like classical music and who their favorite composer is.🎼
  3. Tell your subscribers where you can watch The Nutcracker ballet.

December 19th

International Day for the Poor

Nearly a quarter of the world’s people are in distress today. On this day, it is customary to launch campaigns to help the poor and needy. It’s time to do good deeds and improve your reputation among subscribers.


  1. Write a post about the importance of helping the poor.🙏
  2. Organize a collection of things and money for those in need with a video report.
  3. Post a selection of photographs of poor people from around the world and highlight the global scope of the problem.

December 20

International Day of Human Solidarity

Day of unity of beliefs, mutual assistance and support.🤝


  1. Tell your followers about this day in stories.
  2. Write a post about how and who supports you in life. Express gratitude to subscribers for their support.👍
  3. Make a selection of books and stories about mutual help and support.

Chicken Christmas Day

Holiday of the Balkan countries, traditionally celebrated in the countryside.🐔


  1. Write a post about the history and customs of this holiday.
  2. Ask subscribers about other similar customs in the countryside of our country.
  3. Make a selection of photos with the traditions of this day.

21 December

Winter solstice

It is considered the day of the beginning of astronomical winter.☀️


  1. Publish a post with the signs of the day.
  2. Make a photo selection of winter sunny landscapes.
  3. Tell us in a video post about this day in the culture of different peoples.

basketball birthday

This dynamic game has become no less loved and popular and has found its fans all over the world.🏀


  1. Make a selection of photos of world basketball stars and congratulate your subscribers on the holiday.
  2. Ask in stories if your followers like basketball.⛹️‍♂️
  3. Write briefly about a couple of high-profile basketball games.

December 22

Day of nightfall

Gradually conquering its time, the night fully came into its own. The longest night of the year lies ahead.🌉


  1. Poll “Are you a lark or an owl?” for subscribers.
  2. Make a selection of photos with nighttime winter landscapes.🌌
  3. Tell a poem about a cold winter night in the video.

December 23

snow angel day

It is believed that these creatures monitor the presence of snow in winter.


  1. Arrange a photo flash mob in the snow.
  2. Write a post about the history of this holiday.
  3. Make an angel out of white materials live.

December 24

Mitten Day

Day of a true winter garment.🧤


  1. Start the flash mob “My collection of mittens”.
  2. Arrange a poll and find out who knows how to knit mittens.
  3. Write a post about the history of mittens.

Catholic Christmas Eve

Catholic Christmas Eve, one of the most anticipated holidays among Catholics.🎄


  1. Congratulate all subscribers for whom this is an important holiday.
  2. Tell us about the traditions of this day in Catholic countries.
  3. Make a photo compilation of pictures of Catholic Christmas Eve.

December 25

Christmas tree balls giving day

On this day, it is customary to give each other Christmas balls of all sizes, colors and designs.


  1. Ask your followers to share a photo of their favorite Christmas balls.
  2. Write a post about the history and traditions of this day.
  3. Tell us in your story about the most expensive Christmas balls in the world.

December 26

Boxing Day

Day of gift giving and total Christmas sales in Catholic countries.


  1. Write a post about this holiday.
  2. Make a survey “What is the best gift to give to family and friends for Christmas”
  3. Show a master class on making a beautiful gift box.

27th of December

Seduction Day

Everyone can seduce, both men and women. At the same time, we are talking not only about external seductiveness, but rather psychological.🤤😍


  1. Tell us in a post what seductiveness is for a psychologist.
  2. Write some tips that a beautician gives to women in order to be seductive.
  3. Give a review of the movie “The Temptation” in stories.🎬

December 28th

International Cinema Day

Cinema is able to move us into a magical world in a couple of moments.


  1. Tell us about the history of cinema in a post.
  2. Ask the audience how often they go to the movies.
  3. Ask your followers to recommend movies for you tonight.

December 29th

Day “So much more to do!” (Still Need To Do Day)

A day in which you urgently need to finish and buy everything.🌪🏃‍♀️


  1. Give some tips on how to get things done.
  2. Ask subscribers if they completed all the cases and bought everything on New Year’s Eve.
  3. Make a selection of funny photos of the New Year’s fuss.😵

December 30th

Gift wrapping day

Wrapping gifts for loved ones is even more fun than buying them.


  1. Show a master class on gift wrapping.
  2. Tell us about fashionable colors and packaging trends this year.🎁
  3. Write a post about this holiday.

Dec. 31

New Year’s Eve

A day filled with expectation of miracles.🎄


  1. If you have a working business page, then make sure your most important customers are congratulated in person.
  2. Write a thank you post to your followers.
  3. Post photos of the most important moments of the past year for you.

Champagne Day in the USA

This festive drink is dedicated to a separate holiday in the United States.🍾


  1. Ask your followers what kind of champagne they like.
  2. Make a photo selection of champagne glasses against the background of the New Year’s table or Christmas tree.🥂
  3. Congratulate all your story followers with a glass of champagne in your hand.

Implement and use these ideas in your content plan to expand your audience and increase sales.

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