Prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua for a beautiful boyfriend

Prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua for a beautiful boyfriend

The prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua allows Christians to obtain a particular grace towards God, that Saint is considered a miracle worker and serves to locate lost objects, reconcile couples, families and heal the sick, learn about it through reading this article .

Prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua

Also called the prayer of Saint Anthony, it is used by many people to recover lost objects, missing persons, reconcile couples, cure the sick and even to obtain a nice boyfriend, among other favors that Christians usually request, the spiritual benefits of Saint Anthony of Padua are obtain through this sentence.

Praying this prayer with devotion allows you to obtain the requested favors, either private or referring to another person, and although requests take time to arrive, God manifests himself through Saint Anthony to give his children what they ask for, so that if you want obtain or recover something lost, make this prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua :

“Oh Saint Anthony, the most merciful of all, your love for God and all the living beings on the planet earned you so that you could perform miracles. I beg you to intercede on my behalf and whisper to the holy child of God that you sheltered so many times in your arms so that”….. (The request of the situation is made).

“Oh Saint Anthony, saint of miracles, your great heart is full of human compassion, I beg you, I ask you, grant me my prayer and I will be forever grateful. Amen.”

Other prayers and resources towards Saint Anthony of Padua

There are various prayers and prayers dedicated to San Antonio de Padua, which allow Christians to use various spiritual resources to obtain favors, one of the most emotional Prayers is the following:

“Oh, glorious Saint Anthony! friend of the Child Jesus, dear son of the Immaculate Mary, it has never been heard that someone has turned to you imploring your protection, has been abandoned. That is why I come with all the confidence that you inspire to beg you to grant me as a afflicted being that I am the next favor…” (The request is made).

“ Do not discard, my pleas, you who are so powerful and close to the heart of Jesus, listen to me and allow me access to him to obtain all his goodness, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen”.

This prayer is one of many that Christians usually do when they need the recovery of something or the cure of a family member, it is based on flattery, requests and promises, of a spiritual nature. Some other prayers can also be used to invoke the favors of Saint Anthony of Padua, these are:

  • Novena to Saint Anthony of Padua
  • Prayer to Saint Anthony on his feast day – June 13
  • a short prayer
  • The thirteen Tuesdays to San Antonio
  • Daily prayer for devotees
  • Effective prayer to Saint Anthony for any need
  • Prayer for the poor.

They make up a long list of prayers worldwide that can help at any time to resolve a situation in which hope has been lost, suggest to your nearest priest, which prayer you can perform when you are involved in an uncomfortable situation or problem.

Special to San Antonio de Padua

This great preacher was a Portuguese priest of the Franciscan order, who dedicated almost his entire life to fighting against the injustice of the most needy, the poorest, the sick, for many years he was involved in helping the homeless.

He was canonized in the year 1232, and his festivity takes place on June 13, which is his date of birth, most Christians request favors for the sick, locate lost animals, eradicate poverty, avoid sterility, protector of fishermen, elders, sailors and crops.

Many faithful have promoted prayers where they involve Saint Anthony of Padua, these prayers have been welcomed by the Church, and are used in various parts of the world, he is considered one of the most revered saints in the Church, due to his historical life full of humility

Saint Anthony of Padua has prayers and interesting prayers all over the world that have been formed by the impulse of the Christian faithful, in Latin America, for example, he has a large number of followers who keep the devotion alive, we have, for example, the following:

  • “The infallible prayer to San Antonio de Padua”, is used in many regions of Latin America.
  • “Intercession prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua”, serves many people in requesting forgiveness of their sins.
  • “13 minutes with San Antonio”, is a sentence that lasts approximately that time.
  • “To San Antonio”, a beautiful response dedicated to the saint.
  • “Rosario a San Antonio”, is performed a lot in Mexico and Colombia
  • “Novena to San Antonio”, which consists of performing for nine consecutive days or failing that for nine consecutive Sundays, prayers related to the biblical readings related to Jesus.

Never leave God aside, nor leave the solution of spiritual problems in the hands of man, if you want a nice boyfriend, look for Saint Anthony of Padua through this prayer, the joy you will feel for his presence is important, remember that God never abandons his children.

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